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Best Psychic Reading Websites for ACCURATE Spiritual Advice - 70% OFF + FREE Mins Feeling overwhelmed? Here are the best online psychic reading websites. FREE minutes and discounts with 300+ gifted psychics to help you get back on track.

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Getting an online psychic reading can be a fun and encouraging thing to do.

After all, psychic readers who are good at what they do can help us see our lives in new ways and show us how to be the best versions of ourselves.

This is exactly why we took the time to review the best psychic websites with 100,000+ reviews, millions of customers, 100s of psychics, as well as free minutes and 50-90% discounts.

But before we start, it's important to remember that online psychic readings are unique to each person.

This means that the best online psychics for us might not be the best for you and vice versa. And that's just fine. It just means we have to give you a number of different options from which to choose.

So whether you prefer video or phone readings, if you’re on a budget, or if you just want the best of the best no matter the cost, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s get started.


Best Psychic Readings - In a Hurry? Quick Look

  1. Kasamba − Best psychic readings (70% OFF)

  2. Psychic Source − Most experienced psychic website (FREE mins)

  3. Keen − Best psychic app (10-mins for $1.99)

  4. AskNow − Strictly vetted phone psychics (5 mins free*)

  5. Oranum − Best VIDEO readings (10,000 FREE coins)


Got Time? What is the Best Psychic Reading?

Before we cover where to get the best reading, first you should know that the best reading for you is whichever uses the method of communication that makes you feel the most connected to your psychic.

When you use a psychic service, usually you can choose to talk to a psychic by chat, email, video, or phone. But the method of psychic interaction that works best for you depends entirely on your preferences.

  • Do you find it easier to talk to people than to type? Then get a phone psychic reading.

  • Do you need to see who you’re talking with? Then get a video reading.

  • Are you super busy and always on the go? Then get a chat reading from your phone.

Now let’s look at where you’ll find the best online psychic readings .


1. KasambaBest Website for Love Psychic Readings 


  • 300+ psychic readers to choose from

  • Known for insightful love advice

  • Handy “Favorites” feature

  • Money-back guarantee

  • Starting rates: as low as $2.49/min

  • Best deal: 70% your first reading

  • Free CHAT minutes with each new psychic


  • Some psychics are expensive

Kasamba has made it its mission for more than 20 years to provide excellent online psychic readings via email, live chat, and phone.

To give you an idea of how popular they are, they’ve helped millions of customers and their psychic advisors have received 100,000+ 5-star reviews.

70% OFF + Free Minutes for New Clients

You get a 3-minute free psychic reading with your first psychic and any other psychic until you find the right one. Then, once you’ve found the right psychic reader to have a longer session, you get 70% OFF.

What’s more, every transaction is private and comes with a satisfaction guarantee so you don’t take any risks.

>> Get 70% OFF your first psychic reading on Kasamba <<


Psychic Readings Available

When you start looking at the profiles of different spiritual advisors to see what they specialize in and how much they charge, you will quickly realize how many different categories psychic readings can be set up under.

These categories include:

  • Aura Reading

  • Crystal Reading

  • Rune Casting

  • Love Readings

  • Tarot Reading

  • Angel Card Readings

  • Cartomancy

  • Fortune Telling

  • Dream Analysis

  • Astrology Readings

  • Horoscopes

  • Career Forecasts

  • Psychic Medium Reading

  • Life Readings

  • And more

With several sub options to choose from and 240+ love advisors, many consider Kasamba’s love & relationship category to be it’s best online psychic reading available.


Private Chat & Phone Readings

Kasamba’s platform is quite modern and easy to use.

For example, the real-time chat feature lets people see what each other is typing in real time, so you’re not left wondering whether your psychic is actually giving you their full attention or not.

Speaking about getting their full attention… You can also use the voice chat feature if you'd rather have a more personal conversation over the phone.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

>> Get a FREE psychic reading at Kasamba <<


Helpful Begginner-Friendly Psychic Search Filters

First, you have to find a psychic. But fortunately, that’s quite easy to do with Kasamba’s handy search filters. You can narrow down psychic readers, tarot card readers, etc. based on specialties, price, psychic tools, and more. And once you find the right psychic, just add them to your Favorites list.


Do you want to remain anonymous?

Anonymous Psychic Email Readings

Then email readings are what you’re looking for. Sure, you won’t get answers as fast as with phone or chat readings, but the psychic reader won’t know your face, your voice, or even your name if you don’t want them to.


No Hidden Costs

The fees are discussed with each psychic counselor and agreed upon before the session starts, so there is no need to worry about hidden costs.

It's easy to sign up, and all you have to do after that is choose a psychic and ask for whatever reading you want - be it a tarot reading, aura reading or even a palm reading.


What else makes Kasamba stand out?

Convenient App for Psychic Readings On-the-Go

Well, besides offering experienced psychics who meet strict quality standards, they also let you have chat readings with an easy-to-use app.

This lets you make the most of the three minutes you have to spare, whether you're on the bus, at the mall, or sipping an Americano at your favorite coffee shop.


A Psychic Reader for Every Reading (300+)

With more than 300+ psychic readers to choose from, it might take a few minutes to choose the one you like the most for your first psychic reading. Luckily Kasamba is the only psychic reading site we know of that gives you 3 FREE minutes with each psychic you try.

>> Chat for FREE with each new psychic on Kasamba <<

This is thanks to their “Best Match” policy and is a great way to make sure you find a psychic with whom you can feel a true connection.


2. Psychic Source Most Established Online Psychic Reading Network 


  • 30 years of experience

  • Personalized readings: wise, direct…

  • Phone, chat, and video readings

  • PayPal or credit card accepted

  • Money-back guarantee

  • Best deal: $1/min introductory packages

  • 3-min FREE online psychic reading


  • Some online psychic readers are quite new

Founded in 1989, Psychic Source is one of the oldest and most established online psychic reading websites.

But fortunately, they have kept their psychic site up to date, which allows you to get online psychic readings with true professionals without wasting too much time.

We also like the fact that Psychic Source gives a portion of the money to charity.

$1/min Introductory Psychic Sessions for New Clients

Speaking about money… The site offers pretty good 10-minute, 20-minute, and 30-minute packs for only $1 a minute, which equates to an 80-90% discount depending on the psychic advisor you choose.

>> Get $1/min rates at Psychic Source <<

Psychic Readings Available

Like our other top picks, Psychic Source offers many specialties, including:

  • Astrology Readings

  • Crystal Readings

  • Love Readings

  • Career Readings

  • Numerlogy Readings

  • Medium Readings

  • Reiki/Healing

  • Tarot Card Readings

  • Angel Card Readings

  • Cartomancy

  • And more

Thanks to their tailored reading options: wise, thoughtful, expressive, direct, Psychic Source is well-known as the best online psychic reading network for more perzonalized sessions.


Easily Find the RIGHT Psychic Reader

When it comes to looking for online psychics, Psychic Source gives you 4 options.

  • Use the quick “Find a Psychic” feature

  • Use the detailed search filters

  • Choose one of the highlighted psychics on the home page

  • Browse the “Staff Picks” readers

Users who have a hard time finding the “right person” will also appreciate the site’s handy “Find a Psychic” feature, search filters, and “Staff Picks.”

And yes, you can also see each psychic’s detailed profile, rates, and extension number for a direct call.


Cheap Rates + 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Also, besides the $1/min introductory offer we talked about, the online psychic reading site offers cheap psychics, with average rates of only $5 per minute. In other words, this is a site you can come back to again and again even if you’re on a budget.

Finally, we like their 100% satisfaction guarantee which covers up to 20 minutes of time and is probably the best in the industry.

>> Get FREE minutes with your first paid reading <<


Intimate In-person VIDEO Readings

While not a “specialty” per se, what we like about Psychic Source is that, unlike Kasamba and Keen, it does offer video readings.

So if you want a more personal face-to-face meeting with your advisor, this site is the first place you should consider. This is especially true if your go-to-psychics are tarot readers. During a tarot reading, you’re going to want to see the reading unfold, right?


Anonymity & Affordable Prices

The cheap $1/minute introductory deal lets you have a very detailed 30-minute session at a price that almost anybody can afford.

The site also lets you have a free psychic reading session for 3 minutes and you can also pay anonymously through PayPal.


3. Keen 1000s of Real Psychics Online (Cheap Rates) 


  • Handy search filters and “Find a Match” feature

  • Convenient mobile app

  • 1000s of cheap psychics

  • Satisfaction guarantee

  • Starting rates: $2/min (before discount)

  • Best deal: 10 minutes for $1.99

  • 3-min FREE psychic reading


  • No video readings

Keen stands out for variety. Besides having many gifted psychic readers, they offer 24 types of online psychic reading services, from online tarot readings to mediumship all the way to chakra cleansing, and more.

Like Kasamba, they’ve been offering top online psychics for more than 20 years, and they also give a 3-min free psychic reading online to new customers.

10-min Psychic Reading Online for $1.99

But perhaps more importantly − they let you have a longer 10-minute reading for only $1.99, which is great not only to find a psychic but to get some detailed answers as well.

In other words, if you just have a few quick questions and you’re on a budget, Keen is worth considering.

>> Get a 10-min reading for $1.99 >>


Psychic Readings Available

As mentioned above, Keen psychics specialize in 24 categories:

  • Tarot Psychic Readings

  • Spiritual Readings

  • Life Questions

  • Astrology Readings

  • Past Life Readings

  • Numerology Readings

  • Fortune Telling

  • And more

240+ Gifted Love Psychics

But to be honest, it’s the site’s 240+ love experts that are the most popular. In fact, some of them have conducted over 140,000+ readings and received 33,000+ reviews.


Quickly Find the Right Psychic Reader

One of the things we like most about Keen is that it lets you quickly narrow down your search. If you’ve looked around a little, you probably saw that many online psychic reading sites are disorganized and messy.

But Keen is not one of them.

You can narrow down your search based on price, category, talents, availability, communication methods, specializations, or all of these.


Detailed Psychic Profiles + Customer Reviews

Then, once you’re faced with a few options, you can check each psychic’s detailed profile, including a biography, user reviews, the number of psychic readings they’ve done, as well as their areas of expertise.

Not good enough?


“Find a Match” Online Psychic Quiz

If you want to find a psychic or tarot reader even faster, you can use Keen’s “Find a Match” feature. Just answer a few questions and the psychic reading platform will suggest the right match for you.


Connect However You Like: Phone, Chat, Email

Finally, Keen Psychics also offers many options to talk to your psychic reader, including phone readings, chat readings, or email readings. If the psychic advisor you’ve chosen isn’t available at the moment, you can schedule an appointment with just a few clicks.


1000s of Cheap Indepenent Psychics

I’ll be honest − if you want a strict screening process, I think Kasamba is better overall, as Keen is a platform for independent psychics.

However, if you need a longer 10-minute reading on the cheap, it hardly gets better than Keen. Many reviewers (us included) consider Keen the best psychic reading site for cheap psychic readings.

>> Get a 10-min reading for $1.99 >>

Considering some of the best psychics normally charge $5-10 per minute, getting 10 minutes for $1.99 can equate to a 96-98% discount.

Finally, you’re also covered by Keen’s satisfaction guarantee in case your reading doesn’t work out.


4. AskNowTalk to a Strictly Vetted Psychic Reader 

📞 Call AskNow at 1 (888) 815-1999 📞


  • Incredibly strict hiring and vetting practices

  • Reliable, experienced phone psychics

  • 24/7 availability

  • Chat and email readings available for privacy

  • Best deal: $1/min introductory offer + 5 free* minutes

  • Free daily horoscope readings


  • Need to buy a discounted package to get the free minutes

AskNow has been in business since 2005, and in that time, its advisors have helped more than 2.5 million people learn more about themselves.

You can talk to their online psychics over the phone or through online chat, and some of them even speak Spanish.

It’s also worth noting that AskNow has a money-back guarantee, which means that calling the service for the first time is risk-free.


5 FREE Minutes + $1/min Introductory Rates

On top of that, the company is upping the ante by giving you a 5-minute free psychic reading session.

But there is a catch. Before you can get those extra 5 minutes of psychic reading, you will have to buy a (discounted) package. These discounted packages only cost $1 per minute, and you can purchase 10, 20, or 30 minutes.

>> Get 5 FREE* mins on AskNow <<


Psychic Readings Available

You may notice right away that this site has fewer well-known online psychics than some other psychic sites on our list:

  • Love Readings

  • Money Readings

  • Career Readings

  • Tarot Card Readings

  • Spiritual Readings

  • Numerology Readings

  • Astrology Readings

  • Past Life Readings

  • Dream Analysis

  • Psychic Mediums

But once you’ve found a psychic with whom you feel a connection, there’s still many things you can talk about such as dreams, relationships, jobs, money, among other things.


Psychic Profiles Boost Impressive Credentials

Each psychic seems to have a more impressive resume, and some of them also seem to be experts in things like psychology, life coaching, and the occult.

Some of their best online psychics have unique credentials, like a Master's Degree in Counseling, Certification as an Auric Healer, and other similar certifications.

When it comes to giving phone psychic readings, AskNow’s psychic mediums don’t just use their psychic powers, they also show empathy and hold your hand as a life coach would.


$1/min Rates + FREE Horoscope Readings

A free reading of your horoscope can also be sent by email. The real upside, though, is how cheap psychic readings are for people who call for the first time (as mentioned above, only $1/minute).

>> Get a FREE horoscope reading by email <<


Straightforward Psychic Filter Tools + Detailed Profiles

Even though AskNow's filtering options may not be as complete as Keen's, you can still filter results based on availability, communication mode, price, and reading emphasis. This is enough to find the best online psychic for you.

Also, each psychic's profile has information about their years of experience, credentials, areas of expertise, languages they speak, and even their Zodiac signs, which is a nice touch.


What else should you know about AskNow?

Incredibly Strict Screening & Vetting Process

Well, all of their online psychics have been vetted to ensure they are both accurate and dedicated to helping people. So, you can be sure that the response you get during your psychic readings will be real and kind.


30-min Psychic Reading Online for $30

As we’ve already mentioned, AskNow gives you a good opportunity to have a very detailed 30-minute psychic reading for only $30, and you also get 5 free minutes with any psychic advisor of your choice.

>> Get a 30-min reading for $30 on AskNow <<


24/7 Support & Spiritual Guidance

Even though there aren't many online psychics, AskNow still offersphone psychic readings 24 hours a day. This means that there is always someone available to answer your questions when you call.

Speaking about “calling”… You should know that phone psychic reading generally feel more personal than email readings, which also helps you make the right decisions to change your life. This is especially useful if you know that you need to act now.


5. Oranum – Free Online Psychic Readings (Live Video Chat) 


  • Platform optimized for video readings

  • See psychic readers answer other people’s questions live

  • Turn your webcam off for privacy

  • Subscribe to weekly content updates

  • Best deal: 10,000 FREE coins

  • Free live chat room

  • Ask a FREE question (using coins)


  • No proper search filters besides categories

Oranum has focused on one way to connect with people: live video readings. They have become experts in their field by focusing on just one format.

Oranum is happy to show the faces of all of its online psychics live via webcam. Many other psychic websites, even the ones with the best psychics, choose to keep this information secret.

Psychic Readings Available

Visitors who are checking out the site for the first time can choose from a wide range of options. You can look for online psychic readers who specialize in any of the following:

  • Career

  • Numerology Readings

  • Fortune Telling

  • Sound Baths

  • Pet Psychic

  • Astrology

  • Dream Analysis

  • Guides

  • Family

  • Love

  • Tarot Readings

  • Clairvoyance

...and a number of other fields. You can also see a picture of the psychic advisor, even if they are not active, along with suggestions that are based on what you are interested in.

Join LIVE Video Sessions for Free

Once you’ve chosen a psychic, you'll be able to watch a live video feed of them while they chat with other users.

When you’re ready to get a psychic reading, you can simply ask the advisor to do it privately if you don’t want other people to watch.

>> Join FREE Psychic Streams on Oranum <<

Subscribe to Your Fave Online Psychics

By the way, you can even see recorded videos when they’re not available, and some psychic mediums offer a membership option that includes exclusive weekly or monthly content only available to their customers.


Control Your Spending with a Helpful COIN System

Unlike other psychic websites, Oranum works with a coin system. Instead of paying psychics directly, you have to buy coins and use those to ask questions or get an accurate psychic reading.

While this may seem confusing at first, it’s actually a good way to control your spending.


10,000 FREE Coins for Joining

Also, you’ll get 10,000 free coins for entering your credit card details (you won’t be charged). You can trade these points for many online psychic reading services. For example, you could ask a free question or get a free psychic reading online.

>> Get 10,000 FREE coins on Oranum <<


Better Connect with Your Psychic Reader via VIDEO

If you want a more personal touch, Oranum’s video readings and numerous psychic readers are a good option.

You’ll be able to connect with your psychic and potentially get more accurate readings since they’ll be able to see you. Video readings are also perfect for tarot readings since you’ll be able to see your tarot cards.

Finally, you can have a free psychic reading online just by entering your card details and using your 10,000 coins.


Get the Best Psychic Readings Online − Beginner’s Guide

There are so many online psychic services and psychic advisors that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. So, how do you pick the right one?

Even before you find the best psychics to answer your most important questions, you have to find the best psychic reading sites.

After all, gifted psychic mediums don’t hang out on bad websites, and those psychic reading sites generally don’t even offer you good deals.

Anyway… here are the main factors you should look out for…


Real Customer Reviews Don’t Lie

The first way to tell if an online psychic reading platform is good is to look at customer reviews, especially on Reddit, Trustpilot, and other independent sites. After all, if previous customers have had a great psychic reading, you also stand to have a good experience.


Security & Safety is Non-negotiable

Then, you have to think about safety. For example, do they handle their payments in a secure way? When dealing with third parties, you must keep your payment information secret.


Screening Your Psychics Please

After that, check if the psychics that work for the online psychic reading platform have been verified or not. Some online psychic reading sites like Kasamba are known for their strict screening process which ensures they only offer verified professionals.


Customer Experience is Crucial

Can you get psychic readings 24 hours a day? Can you contact psychics in different ways (chat, phone, video…)? Do they have a satisfaction guarantee? Is the website easy to use? Etc.


Prices Affect Everything

Needless to say, price is also an important factor. This is why we’ve tried to select only psychic reading sites with great introductory options and even free psychic readings so that you can get help without breaking the bank.


The More Specialities, the Better

Last but not least − always try to pick a psychic reading site that offers many specialties, or at least that offers the one you need, whether that’s a career or love reading, or if you want them to use tarot cards.


Find the Best Psychic Reading Online − FAQ

Got questions about finding the best online psychic readings? Read on.


Are Psychic Readings Real?

Yes, psychic readings are real. But, you must understand that your definition of “real” may differ from an experienced psychics definition.

First off, if you’re wondering whether a psychic reading can predict next weeks lottery numbers, think again.

That’s not how they work because nothing is set in stone. Things change and therefore certain predictions are impossible to make.

But that doesn’t mean a psychic cannot possess psychic abilities beyond our physical plain to offer insight and spiritual guidance that normally we’d miss.

Psychic readings are real if what you’re looking for is connection, clarity, guidance and spiritual healing to help you change for the better or move on from past difficulties, among other things.

>> Speak to a Real Psychic on Kasamba: 70% OFF <<


What Are Spiritual Readings?

Spiritual readings are a way to gather information by using heightened senses.

Psychics are people who can get information that most people can't get through their normal senses. Offline and online psychic advisors use these skills during a psychic reading to discover their clients' truth.

Don't worry if this makes you feel uncomfortable. Psychics have no desire to talk about your private life in any way. Instead, they use the information they learn to teach wisdom and point people in the right direction.

You might be at a turning point in your career or have a hard time finding someone to share your life with.

No matter the problem, getting a psychic reading can help you solve it so you can move on with your life.

But even though all online psychics want to help you, they may do so differently. Some psychic advisors can give psychic readings by using tools like tarot cards or runes, and others by talking to their guardian angels or spirit guides.


What Happens During a Psychic Reading Online?

What generally happens during an online psychic reading is that you ask questions or talk about your problems, and the psychic helps you find the answers as well as potential solutions.

However, the first time you talk to a psychic online, they will probably take a few moments to get to know you before giving you a reading. During this time, they will try to make you feel comfortable and talk to you about why you are calling.

Then, they will use their skills to focus on the energy that is uniquely yours. This is how they can connect with you psychically.

As soon as you connect, your online psychic reading will begin.

What happens next will depend on the type of psychic reading you scheduled and the tools the online psychic reader uses. For example, they might talk to their spirit guides to find out about your one true love, your family, or the career path you want to take.

Or, if you make a decision to see a psychic medium, they might be able to start talking to the spirit of a loved one who has died.

But no matter what kind of psychic you decide to go with, never be afraid to ask more questions if things are unclear.

>> Learn more with Kasamba’s FREE articles & media resources <<


What’s the Benefit of a Psychic Reading Online?

There are many reasons why you should have an online psychic reading that is unique to you and your life.

There are times when life is hard. You might not know the answers to some of your most important questions, whether they are about love, work, money, or success.

In this way, a psychic reading online could be helpful. It helps you see things from a different point of view, which in turn helps you find direction in a certain area of your life.

If you're here to know why your ex-partner broke up with you, where your career is going, or how your finances will be in the future, you might want to see a psychic.

You might also want a psychic medium to look at your dreams or talk with your ancestors or other loved ones who have passed away.


Are Online Psychic Readings Different from In-Person Readings?

No, psychic readings online are exactly the same as in-person readings, at least from a spiritual point of view.

It doesn't matter if a psychic helps people in person or online; they are still psychics. Psychic readings are the same. They are pretty much the same in every way, so it doesn't matter if you get them in person or online.

The simple reason for this is that a psychic can connect to your energy no matter where you are. Online psychics will feel your energy the same way whether you are tens of thousands of kilometers away or in the same room.

This helps to explain why online psychic readings have become more popular than traditional ones.

>> Get 70% OFF your first reading at Kasamba <<


What Questions Can I ask a Psychic Online?

You should ask open-ended questions during an online psychic reading.

Indeed, while you can ask just about anything to a psychic advisor, you don’t want the answer to be a simple “yes” or “no” as that won’t help you much.

Here's a simple formula you can use to help you ask open-ended questions. We'll call it the "five Ws."

  • What

  • Why

  • Who

  • When

  • Where

Here are some examples of questions you could ask during a psychic reading online, based on the five Ws:

  • What does my future career look like?

  • Where can I find someone to date?

  • Why did our relationship end?

  • When will I meet the right person?

  • What should I do to improve my financial situation?

How Often Can I get a Psychic Reading Online or Offline?

You can get a psychic reading as often as you want, depending on how many problems you need to solve.

Most people get online psychic sessions once a month or less frequently, while others get a weekly psychic reading to help them improve their lives faster.

That said, price is obviously an important factor to consider. While it’s true that online psychic readings can help you reach your goals faster, you might not have the financial means to get an online psychic reading session every week.

To sum it up − the more psychic readings you get, the faster you should be able to solve your problems and improve your life. But ultimately, only you know how frequently you want to do this.

>> Get FREE chat minutes with every new psychic on Kasamba <<


Do Some Psychic Websites Scam Clients?

Yes, some psychic reading websites scam clients, it’s true. Unfortunately, it's too easy to fall for a scam on the internet, and psychics are no exception to this trend. Con artists will jump on you when you least expect it and try to take advantage of the situation.

Not all people who offer psychic services can be trusted, but if you think about it, that’s probably one of the reasons that you’re here.

The online psychic reading sites we’ve selected (especially Kasamba and Psychic Source) carefully screen their talented psychic readers before allowing them to sell their psychic reading services. And on the few psychic reading sites that have a more “loose” vetting process, you can still look at customer reviews to see if a psychic is good or not.

Additionally, some of these online psychic reading platforms offer a satisfaction guarantee, which is another good way to make sure you don’t get scammed.

All that said, if despite all that you still think that your psychic reader wasn’t genuine, you should contact support immediately.


How to Get the Most Out of Psychic Readings Online?

To get the most out of an online psychic reading, here are a few things you can do.

You need to do some research to get started. By doing this, you'll have a better chance of talking to a genuine psychic who is accurate and kind.

We strongly suggest using one of the online psychic reading platforms on this list, as well as reading the reviews of each psychic to learn more about their reputations.

Secondly, prepare some questions. When getting a psychic reading online, it can be hard to think of things on the spot. Having a list ready might help you feel more in control of the situation.

After that, take it easy! Find a quiet, pleasant place, and then take a few deep, slow breaths. Your psychic reading online is all about you, so do your best to enjoy it.


Where to Get ONLY the Best Psychic Readings Online − Verdict

All the psychic reading sites we’ve talked about in this article provide accurate psychic readings online at reasonable costs, with good deals for newcomers.

However, if you’re still not sure which one to pick…

We recommend Kasamba. They have the best online psychics overall with 100,000+ reviews, and you get 3 free minutes as well as 70% off your first session to avoid taking any risks.

Keen Psychics is also a good option if you need a more detailed reading on a tight budget, with its 10 minutes for $1.99 offer.

If you've never talked to a psychic before but want the best experience possible without spending much, this is where we recommend you start.

That said, we’d also recommend not overthinking it. Just go with your gut and pick a psychic reader that calls to you. (As long as they have good reviews, obviously).

  >> Get 70% OFF + FREE Minutes at Kasamba <<


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