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Cornish Metals hoping to kick off mine dewatering "in the next couple of days"

Cornish Metals Inc
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Cornish Metals Inc (AIM:CUSN, TSX-V:CUSN, OTC:SBWFF) CEO Richard Williams speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive about the commissioning of the water treatment plant at the South Crofty Tin Mine in Cornwall.

He says that the recent completion of construction was celebrated with an inaugural event attended by local dignitaries. The plant is set to begin discharging treated water "in the next couple of days." The South Crofty mine contains significant amounts of water that must be treated before release into the nearby Red River. Williams expects the process to last approximately 18 months.

The CEO emphasises the importance of this project in preparation for restarting the mine, targeting a return to production before the end of 2026. Between now and then the company will be deploying a recently-raised £40mln to fund a feasibility study, the ongoing dewatering efforts, and a metallurgical drill programme.

The company is also exploring a new mineral discovery known as the 'wide formation' at the South Crofty site. Highlighting the scarcity of primary tin production in both Europe and the US, Williams underscored tin's crucial role in electronics and emerging renewable technologies.


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