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Crow Creek Tribal School Teacher to Team with OfficialToken for Cryptocurrency Student Donation

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When Catherine Schmidt was searching for something she could use to demonstrate her appreciation for her students as well as providing a learning experience in finances, the Social Studies teacher did not turn to the stock exchange or other traditional teaching tools to motivate and educate her students. Instead, she set her focus on cryptocurrency.

“To be honest, these kids are probably going to live in a world where crypto is more mainstream,” said Ms. Schmidt. “A lot of my students are very interested in crypto. They follow it on social media. They’ll ask me, 'Hey Ms. Schmidt, how do you become a solidity developer?' 'I had no idea what they were talking about. I had to do some research and I started to look into this during the pandemic and it was there, sometime in May, I discovered OfficialToken on Reddit’s Crypto Moonshots. Their (Official Token) platform intrigued me so I joined their community.”

The Crow Creek Tribal School, which is located on the Hunkpati Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, is made up of grades K through 12. For Schmidt, her love for her students and her motivation to give something back was the driving force behind her outreach to OfficialToken, a San Diego, Calif.-based cryptocurrency community whose mission is to create a thriving ecosystem for investors, while maintaining transparency and its goal of community charity.

“I wanted to buy some tokens and donate to my kids so they can monitor their investment throughout the 2021/22 school year. They know all about this through social media which will add to the learning experience. It seemed like the perfect match for what I was trying to accomplish,” Schmidt said, noting that 36 students will be participating. In all, she has donated 1 million Official Tokens to her students, which will be used during the curriculum.

OfficialToken Community Leader Eric Dennis said this is exactly how OfficialToken is supposed to function.

“Our primary mission is education and charity work. What Kate is doing, lends itself to what our goals and aspirations are. However, we realized that Kate’s initial investment needed some help so we decided to provide further support with an additional 10 billion Official Tokens for each of the 36 students, which is a total donation of 360 billion tokens,” Dennis said. Ms. Schmidt has already set up accounts for her students, which includes a trust wallet, which holds the tokens. A trust wallet is where an investor can send, receive and store cryptocurrencies.

While Ms. Schmidt wanted the crypto investment to be a surprise for her students when they returned in the fall, she soon found that they were already one step ahead of her. “What’s funny is we were decorating for prom and I noticed that OfficialToken spiked and I screamed, ‘Oh wow.’ One of the students asked, what wow?’ After explaining to them why she was excited, the cat was out of the bag and before she knew it, they all knew of the surprise.

“In all honesty, this could be life-changing for some of these kids. I just want to prepare them for the world. “Maybe it’s their generation. But they’re all in.” As is Rozee Drapeau, one of Ms. Schmidt’s students. “I think it’s awesome. She believes in us when no one does. She puts her time and becomes another ‘iná’ (Iná means mother in Dakota).



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