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Elevar Equity Shares Impact Report for 2021: Marking Completion of 15 Years of Impact Investing

News release by Elevar Equity

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  • Over 15 years, Elevar has raised multiple funds, and invested in 44 companies across India and Latin America (as of April 2022).

  • Elevar has been the founding investor in 41% of the companies, and the first institutional capital in 84% of the companies.

  • Elevar’s portfolio has served over 45 million households.

  • The first module of the Impact Report has gone live on a microsite launched today.

 Elevar Equity, a leading impact investor, shared their Impact Report 2021, to mark the completion of 15 years of impact investing. Elevar Equity fuels the economic resilience and vibrancy of underserved customers and low-income communities by investing early growth capital in businesses across India and Latin America.

Elevar has launched the first module of a three-part impact report on a microsite that went live today. The first module touches upon the Elevar Method of investing and their journey of building trusted brands for underserved customers who are the aspirers in the demographic, along with metrics showcasing the portfolio’s cumulative performance, impact and key milestones. This will be followed by two more modules sharing insights from the entrepreneur and customer perspectives respectively.

Elevar Equity has raised multiple funds, and as of April 2022, had invested early growth capital in 44 companies operating at the intersection of inclusivity, affordability and massive scale. With an investment thesis founded on customer centricity, the team at Elevar dedicates a significant amount of their time to spending time on the field with the underserved customer segments, trying to understand the deeper nuances of their aspirations and wallet spends. This deep understanding of the customer segment gives them the ability to identify and back potential category creators and leaders at an early stage. As a result, 41% of their investments have been as founding investors and 84% as the first institutional investor.

In its remarkable journey of 15 years, the impact of Elevar Equity’s investments on the underserved and low-income communities through its portfolio companies has been manifold. Over 45 million households have been served across Latin America and India, a number that will increase meaningfully given a number of its companies are relatively young. Breaking this down, over 6 million farmers have gained access to essential services, more than 6000 affordable schools supporting over 5 million students have been served either through improved infrastructure or through improved learning outcomes, more than 440,000 MSMEs have been reached and over 77,000 individuals were employed within the portfolio. It is worth noting that over the years, Elevar’s investment themes have evolved with customer needs - and include financial services, education and employability, agri supply chains and small business (MSME) services and access to markets.

Elevar Equity Founder & Managing Partner Sandeep Farias said, “15 years ago, before the term ‘impact investing’ was coined, we at Elevar embarked on a journey to connect traditional capital markets with underserved customers. Today, as impact investing has become more mainstream, it is critically important that we continue to authentically solve core challenges on the ground. Our 2021 Impact Report is an attempt to showcase the impact and investment opportunity inherent in serving these customer segments, for the world of capital and talent.”

We believe that designing solutions that solve issues of access and inequity is not just a social imperative but also a massive, untapped commercial opportunity. Over a 15 year journey of investing, we have not only impacted over 45 million households but also delivered funds that have consistently performed well in emerging markets. We are keen to see more entrepreneurs stepping up to solve pressing global challenges and designing solutions for our customer segment,” Johanna Posada, Founder & Managing Partner, Elevar Equity.

“We focus on a highly populous segment with millions of customers that mainstream corporations have traditionally ignored. These are aspirational, discerning customers, willing to pay for quality products and services. Even small spends by these customers at scale can result in exponential revenues and financial performance. We’ve been following our customers for 15 years now and they continue to inspire us with their incredible entrepreneurial vibrancy and resilience,” Jyotsna Krishnan, Managing Partner, Elevar Equity.

As examples of the immense scale and impact potential, three of Elevar’s portfolio companies, Samunnati (agri value chain solutions provider in India), Nuvemshop (SaaS for e-commerce MSMEs in Latin America) and LEAD (largest school focused Ed-tech company in India) have reached over 6 million farmers (Samunnati), 98,000+ MSMEs (Nuvemshop) and 1 million+ students (LEAD) respectively, yet have only penetrated the market in single digits.

Read the Impact Report 2021 here.

About Elevar Equity

 Elevar Equity fuels the economic resilience and vibrancy of underserved customers and low-income communities by investing early growth capital in entrepreneurs building at the intersection of inclusivity, affordability and massive scale. Led by an entrepreneurial emerging markets team passionate about addressing issues of access and inequity, Elevar invests in businesses that demonstrate a direct correlation between high impact and returns. So far in its 15-year journey, the Elevar Method of investing has democratized essential products and services for over 45 million households and catalyzed billions of dollars of capital into 40+ companies across India and Latin America.

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