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FEC Sued for Failure to Act on Massive Michael Bloomberg Campaign Finance Violation Billionaire Accused of Laundering More Than $18 Million - Three-Year Wait – No Action

News release by Great America PAC

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The Federal Election Commission has been sued to compel it to act on an administrative complaint filed against Michael Bloomberg’s 2020 campaign - more than three years ago. The lawsuit was filed today in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia by Dan Backer on behalf of Great America PAC. Backer has a long history of winning FEC battles, including a 6-figure fine against Hillary for America and the Democratic National Committee for lying about their funding of the Russia hoax.

The original Complaint against Michael Bloomberg (included as an Exhibit to the filing today) challenged the billionaire’s unprecedented violation of campaign finance law in which he laundered over $18 million of his personal funds through his short-lived presidential campaign account to the DNC—effectively contributing over 500 times the legal limit to a national political party committee and quite possibly tipping the balance of the 2020 presidential election.

After sitting on their thumbs for 3 years – without any dispute as to the facts – the lawsuit seeks to force action before the FEC lets the statute of limitations run out.

The lawsuit states in part, “…Despite the fact Michael Bloomberg has publicly admitted the material facts of his illegal scheme, the FEC has remained characteristically inert for the past three years, failing to initiate enforcement action against Bloomberg or the DNC…”

“The Supreme Court, since 1976, has held that candidates can spend unlimited amounts of their own money on their own campaigns. The FEC allows candidates to deposit their money into their campaign accounts to make that happen. While campaigns can generally transfer unlimited amounts of campaign contributions they receive – from other donors - to national party committees, it didn’t create an $18 million loophole for Mike Bloomberg,” explained Dan Backer. “Federal election law allowed an individual to only contribute up to $35,500 per year to a political party – and that same limit applies to Mike Bloomberg’s transferred money. It is shameful that the FEC has allowed the “Bloomberg Billionaire Loophole” to remain unaddressed for more than three years.”

“There were lots of ways Michael Bloomberg could spend more of his money that were clearly legal – including through his pet SuperPAC - but unless the FEC or courts rule otherwise this isn’t one of them. That is why we are forced to sue them, again,” Backer continued. “It shouldn’t be this easy to just buy off a political party.”

“Former President Trump is beset upon by radical leftists for every imagined slight – but Michael Bloomberg has caused real damage to our campaign finance system, to the tune of $18 MM, and we’re not going to let them get away without some accountability,” Backer said.


For more information or to interview Dan Backer please contact Gabriel Llanes at gabriel@greatamericapac.com.


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