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Goodway Group Launches Passport One™, A New People-Based Identity Solution The new proprietary database is among a suite of products that comprise Goodway Group’s Modern Marketing Toolkit, which provides brands with a competitive edge in the cookieless future

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facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon New York, NY | April 12, 2022 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

 Goodway Group, a leading data-driven and technology-enabled digital media and marketing services firm, has launched its new people-based identity solution: Passport One™. The new solution provides marketers with a privacy-forward proprietary database to reach customers, enhance existing first-party data, and create new opportunities for closed-loop measurement. Passport One™ is among a suite of products that comprise Goodway Group's Modern Marketing Toolkit, which is strengthened by Goodway Group's teams of analysts, data scientists, and strategists.

Passport One™ is the newest addition to Goodway Group's award-winning tech stack, which is designed to meet the needs of sophisticated marketers' biggest challenges, including consumer resolution, reach and engagement, insights-led measurement and strategic media investment. Amid increasing privacy legislation and platform-based restrictions on consumer data, establishing a clear first-party data strategy is critical to brands' success in the cookieless future. This requires access to tools and data that is out of reach for most brands, with digital marketers ranking cost as the second-largest challenge to using first-party data. With the launch of Passport One™, Goodway Group is now democratizing these resources to make it possible for advertisers of any size to build and strengthen their digital marketing strategies and engage them as a driver of revenue and business growth.

"At Goodway Group, we recognize that addressing identity in today's privacy-centric digital advertising space is a huge undertaking for most brands who aren't already deep into their first-party data journey," said Jay Friedman, President of Goodway Group. "Through Passport One™, we're tackling this problem with an invaluable marketing tool capable of creating and enhancing first-party data for any brand and by extension providing them with the insights necessary to position their brands for success."

Goodway Group's Modern Marketing Toolkit is a collection of seven strategies and approaches tested and approved by the agency to address brands' current identity needs, including common IDs, cleanroom environments, publisher cohorts, contextual targeting, and panel-based and decentralized authenticated solutions. Using Passport One™, marketers gain access to hundreds of attributes across the vast majority of U.S. consumers, which can be used to build their initial audience foundation or supplement their view and understanding of their available first-party data to gather new audience insights. Passport One™ also delivers to marketers access to best-in-class data, including:


  • 300 million consumer profiles

  • 126 million U.S. households

  • Coverage of 95% of the U.S. population

  • Linkage to 500 million anonymized email addresses, utilizing ID solutions

  • 1,500 individual HH level attributions


Goodway Group's Modern Marketing Toolkit can be applied individually or cohesively to address every marketer's unique business needs at scale, from targeting and personalization to measurement and analytics.

For more information on Passport One™ and Goodway Group’s Modern Marketing Toolkit please visit: 


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