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Stay hot!

If you have ever attended a sporting event at almost any level, you will have heard these two words at some points.

It might be when a batter steps into the box, a three-point sniper continues to rain in baskets, or a quarterback completes everything that he throws.

Maybe you call it a heat check.

Right now, the How to Bet podcast pairing of Sean Miller and Daryl Fein are, as they like to say, “En fuego!”

After a few weeks in the middle of the National Football League season where the underdogs wreaked havoc, the top teams are back to ruling the roost of late, and the How to Bet duo have shined brightly of late.

Take NFL Week 14 for an example: Miller hit his Parlay Power Play of the Week, and actually did something that was a first for the two on the show. He took the Baltimore Ravens in his original three-team play (which ended up covering by a point when the line moved during the week), but also gave out a caveat because of injuries: Miller said you could take the Kansas City Chiefs in the Ravens’ place. Well, all four of the games won, so if you took either of the three-team parlays, or even a four-teamer, you won some big money.

“Yeah, I was a little worried about that Baltimore game after I chose it early in the week, because of all the injuries,” Miller said. “I was still over in Manchester going to Premier League and UEFA Champions League games, so I was trying to check in to see the injury report in my Thursday Night Football Bets, Sunday Night  Football Bets , and Monday Night Football Bets stories.

“I decided to throw out the Chiefs in there as well to help the bettors out, in case the Baltimore team was so banged up by Sunday. It ended up working out really well! Both games came through, as well as the other two, so I won some money betting parlays this weekend.

“Hopefully, a lot of the people listening and watching the How to Bet podcast did as well. I will be honest: if I can help someone make some money, that is a pretty good feeling.”

Fein and Miller have been very good as well with the over/under totals on the NFL games, with Fein going a perfect three-for-three in Week 14, and Miller going two-for-three, missing a sweep by one point.

For Week 15, there is something new for bettors and fans of the NFL and of How to Bet: Saturday games. The next two weeks will see multiple games on the docket, with the two this week potentially huge in the AFC playoff race: Las Vegas (6-7) at Cleveland (7-6), and New England (9-4) at Indianapolis (7-6).

With the new night, Miller added another section to his ever-growing portfolio on the How to Bet website: Saturday Night Football best bets and odds. He is hoping that the new story does as well as the other primetime games have done, with the Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night pages all near the top of SEO search pages.

“This Saturday night game is going to be fantastic for fans and bettors,” Miller said. “I think it is pretty cool that the stories have been doing well in the search pages. I guess I am doing something right!”

There is also some good news on the horizon for NCAA College Football fans. Fein and Miller will be gearing up next week to start picking the bowl games, which kick off this weekend and culminate in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game on Monday, January 10, the day after the NFL regular season ends.

“It is a good time to be on the How to Bet show,” Miller said. “We are getting down to the final few weeks of the regular season, we have the bowl games, and then the playoffs. And I am hearing maybe some new stuff on the horizon as well, so keep tuning in to the podcast.”

There was also some other big news for the How to Bet team. Along with the original How to Bet YouTube channel, which shows the shorter podcasts separately, a new YouTube channel launched this week: the How to Bet podcast channel.

The longer podcast, with the accompanying shorter shows, such as the Parlay Power Plays of the Week, Top 5 Bets of the Week, and NFL Betting Lines- Odds and Line Comparison, as well as the NCAA Football and over under segment, have all proven to be big hits for much of the season.

Along with the podcasts, Miller also posts stories on the How to Bet website for the Thursday Night Football Bets, the Sunday Night  Football Bets , the Monday Night Football Bets, and an overview of the whole week’s upcoming NFL Betting Lines, including all the opening lines and the current spreads, so bettors can have up to date lines all the way up until kickoff.

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