Legendary Music Exec Jerry Greenberg Says Working With Diamond Lake Minerals (OTCPK: DLMI) CEO, Brian J. Esposito On Launching Autobiography Was Like Discovering "Incredible New Rock-Star Talent" | News Direct

Legendary Music Exec Jerry Greenberg Says Working With Diamond Lake Minerals (OTCPK: DLMI) CEO, Brian J. Esposito On Launching Autobiography Was Like Discovering "Incredible New Rock-Star Talent"

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By Gerelyn Terzo, Benzinga

Legendary music executive Jerry Greenberg has inked a powerful partnership with Diamond Lake Minerals (OTC: DLMI) CEO Brian J. Esposito for the launch of his much-anticipated autobiography, “Whole Lotta Music.”

A Pioneer in the British Invasion of American Rock, as he’s known, also enlisted pro writer Dr. Joy Peters, who hails from Alabama’s “Hit Music Capital of the World” Muscle Shoals, to help pen his memoir and turn his vision into a reality. As the man behind the music, Greenberg signed many timeless acts that have helped to shape the landscape of America’s entertainment industry for decades. After making the dreams of many iconic artists come true, now it’s his turn.

Music enthusiasts can thank Greenberg for bringing iconic bands like The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, AC/DC, ABBA, Foreigner, Genesis and Phil Collins across the pond. As a drummer himself, Greenberg has played alongside the likes of Foreigner and Led Zeppelin and also worked with the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. In his new book, the music executive documents how he helped to produce Grammy winners and Hall of Fame rock stars, owing to what his industry peers have chalked up to a good ear for music.

One of the most memorable artists Greenberg has had the distinction of knowing throughout his illustrious career was Michael Jackson in the 1990s. On a podcast, Greenberg described the King of Pop as the “most creative and visionary” individual with whom he’d ever worked. Indeed, as podcaster Bob Lefsetz noted, Greenberg’s resume comprises a “who’s who” of music legends that spans over four decades.

Breaking Records For A Lasting Legacy

Greenberg’s legacy also extends to breaking records – he was the youngest president of any major record company when he took the reins of Atlantic Records at the age of 32. He knows a hit when he hears it, getting songs like Percy Sledge’s “When a Man Loves a Woman” played on the airwaves during his early days at the label.

On Greenberg’s watch, Atlantic Records produced Grammy winners, Hall of Fame rockstars, pop and R&B acts and multiple chart-topping EDM, disco and rap artists.

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that Greenberg chose Esposito to architect the promotion of his new book, as they appear to be cut from a similar cloth. Both executives share qualities that have made them into the successes that they are today – for instance, they both tout relationships as keys to unlocking doors along the way.

Esposito is also no stranger to the limelight, having launched several top celebrity and Fortune 500 brands himself, not least the perfume and beauty lines of some of the biggest names in music and entertainment. As a native of Asbury Park, N.J., which is where rock star Bruce Springsteen got his big break, music has always been a part of his journey.

In addition to running Diamond Lake Minerals, a major player in the regulated digital asset space, Esposito is a serial entrepreneur, overseeing an intellectual enterprise holding company that comprises hundreds of entities and joint ventures across over two dozen industries.

For his part, Esposito described the opportunity to work alongside Greenberg, one of his idols, as “monumental,” adding: “I know working alongside Mr. Greenberg and Dr. Peters we will accomplish one of the most successful book launches ever. These stories need to, and will be, known to music lovers everywhere and live on forever.”

The feeling is apparently mutual, as Greenberg likened working alongside Esposito to discovering “incredible new rock-star talent,” adding: “He can make our book campaign a hit because Esposito is a heavy hitter in the world of business and marketing, a top-10 CEO who will be an all-star promoting my book."

The book ‘Whole Lotta Music’ has sold out in its initial launch and is reportedly gearing up for a major launch.

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