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Next Generation DFS Platform GameBlazers Signs New Partnerships with Full Moon Sports Solutions and Raging Moose Emerging startup fusing the best of fantasy sports, collectibles and gaming joins forces with industry-leading consultants to amplify business development and game design

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facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon NEW YORK | July 25, 2023 10:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time

 GameBlazers, a sports gaming platform empowering sports fans to create and manage their own experience, today announced the company signed partnerships with two industry-leading and best-in-class consulting companies, Full Moon Sports Solutions and Raging Moose. Both companies will help accelerate GameBlazers’ business objectives as it brings its revolutionary product to the Beta Test phase and eventual launch.

 Full Moon Sports Solutions is a strategy consulting firm specializing in business and product development for the fantasy, gaming and sports betting industry. Full Moon is aiding in developing strategic partnerships and licensing opportunities with professional sports leagues and associations.

Raging Moose is a technology consulting group specializing in game design and gameplay mechanics. The group is assisting GameBlazers in developing a proprietary Item Distribution Framework that assigns the Athletes, Multipliers, Rarities and other forms of metadata, to the in-game Items. The firm has experience working on FIFA Ultimate Team, as well as other major video games with similar mechanics to those on the GameBlazers platform.

“In any start-up environment, surrounding yourself with the smartest minds in the industry and creating a network of strategic partnerships is the cornerstone for success,” said Rourke Sturthers, CEO of GameBlazers. “GameBlazers is unlike anything the daily fantasy market has seen, so bringing in Full Moon Sports Solutions and Raging Moose was paramount to making sure our vision for the platform was met. From both companies’ previous work, we know that GameBlazers will bridge the gap between the modern and future worlds of fantasy sports, and live up to its unique user experience.”

GameBlazers is set to launch before the 2023 football season. For updates and information about the platform, check out


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GameBlazers is a new sports gaming platform bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds into a first-of-its-kind user experience. GameBlazers blends the best elements of fantasy sports, sports gaming, and collectible in-game items to create a more sustainable and more engaging gameplay. GameBlazers enables innovative gameplay mechanics that give Players the opportunity to be the Owner, GM and Coach of their Fantasy Franchise. For more information or to join the beta, please visit:


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