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Ocumetics Technology Corp. provides update on preclinical studies

News release by Ocumetics Technology Corp.

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Ocumetics Technology Corp.
Ocumetics Technology Corp.

 Calgary, Alberta - TheNewswire - January 10, 2022 - Ocumetics Technology Corp. (“Ocumetics”) (TSXV:OTC) is pleased to provide an update on the status of preclinical studies for its first product, the Bionic Lens.    


 The preclinical studies for the Bionic Lens, consisting of the lens retainer and the lens itself, commenced on October 22, 2021.  The preclinical studies are planned in three stages: 





Expected completion


Test the Bionic Lens retainer for structural integrity and ease of insertion by the surgeon.

Commenced Oct 22/21. Analysis completed in October 2021.

Study completed Oct/21.

Design improvements completed Dec/21.


Test the Bionic lens retainer with a standard lens used in a typical cataract procedure.

Scheduled to begin February 25, 2022.

Research report expected June/22.


Test the Bionic Lens retainer and the Bionic Lens optic element together.

Scheduled to begin March 25, 2022.

Research report expected June/22.


 “Our research team has planned three stages of preclinical studies to test the two components of the Bionic Lens technology - the retainer and the optic element,” said Dr. Mark Lee, President & CEO of Ocumetics. “Each of these components is considered a stand-alone medical device, which will be tested separately to meet regulatory approval requirements.” 


 “We are pleased with the learnings obtained from the first stage of our preclinical studies,” adds Dr. Lee.  “We obtained invaluable data from our Stage 1 work that we used to refine the design of the Bionic Lens technology to 1) enhance the functioning of the lens in the eye and 2) to streamline the Bionic Lens surgical procedure.” 


 Successful preclinical studies will be followed by Phase 1 human clinical trials, starting with a planned Proof-of-Concept study in the Fall of 2022.  


 About Ocumetics 


 Ocumetics Technology Corp. (TSXV:“OTC”) is a Canadian research and product development company that specializes in adaptive lens designs.  Ocumetics is in the preclinical study stage of a game-changing technology for the ophthalmic industry - the Bionic Lens.  The Bionic Lens is an expandable intraocular lens that fits within the natural lens compartment of the eye potentially to eliminate the need for corrective lenses.  It is designed to allow the eye’s natural muscle activity to shift focus from distance to near.   




 Dr. Mark Lee 


 President and CEO 


 (604) 832-6052 


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