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Opacity Renders Surveillance Obsolete With New Encrypted File Storage

News release by Opacity Storage, Inc

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Opacity Storage, the privacy-focused cloud storage service, is proud to launch Opacity Web 2.0, available publicly at opacity.io. Users can now enjoy encrypted file sharing without having to fret about data breaches, surveillance, or other intrusions into personal privacy. Designed by free-thinking innovators dedicated to bringing the right to privacy into SaaS, Opacity’s new platform is perfect for those in search of an alternative to old school storage services.

Opacity Web 2.0: Encrypted Storage For All

The Opacity Web 2.0 platform ensures encrypted file sharing is now available to all. By anonymizing all users and prioritizing excellent encryption, Opacity’s new platform allows individuals to store sensitive information far away from prying eyes. Opacity Web 2.0 is now available to all users at a variety of competitive rates which offer different perks, ranging from $19.99 per year to $99.99 per year. Opacity’s Starter plan is a free version that offers 10 GB.

Opacity Web 2.0 features end-to-end encryption and private file sharing for all users. All users receive exclusive private handles which guarantee they can store data anonymously. Opacity’s anonymized storage prevents third-party data collection and prioritizes user privacy. Thanks to the new OPCT Token, Opacity users can now access secure data storage without sharing personal payment information which could compromise their identity.

Opacity Features Unparalleled Anonymity

Users deserve cloud storage that doesn’t compromise their personal privacy. By prioritizing anonymity, Opacity allows users to abandon old school data storage providers for a forward-thinking platform built around personal privacy. Opacity CEO Jason Coppola confirms that “Opacity won’t collect user information. The important thing for us is keeping user data out of the equation entirely.” Thanks to anonymous handles which users have exclusive access to, Opacity has rendered surveillance and third-party data gathering concerns of the past.

Opacity Web 2.0 prioritizes privacy without sacrificing ease of use. User files are private - even Opacity can’t access them - but logging in and storing data is as effortless as ever. Files are split when uploaded to guarantee maximum security is always maintained.

Users Control Their Own Files

Opacity does not control the data users store on the cloud or share with others. All files are private by default and inaccessible to those without access to the uploader’s handle. When users are ready to share their knowledge with the world, decrypted sharing allows them to quickly spread files across the web.

Opacity Web 2.0 is built to work well with social media channels like Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. Users always retain the right to revoke public access to the data they’ve shared, returning it to their own personal vault where it becomes inaccessible to others.

Opacity never needs the personal data of its users. Its encryption services provide new depths of privacy at a time when surveillance is steadily becoming the norm. Thanks to Opacity Web 2.0, users can finally enjoy a right to privacy when using the internet.


About Opacity Storage

Opacity is a next-generation cloud storage provider that prioritizes privacy and ease of use. Created by innovators who are committed to bringing the right to privacy into SaaS, Opacity permits freethinkers to quickly download and upload their files in a safe and secure fashion. Opacity is dedicated to creating a storage and exchange market focused on individual users rather than companies.


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