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Ora Carbon looking to connect carbon offsets using Ora Carbon trading platform

News release by Ora Technology PLC

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Ora Carbon PLC Executive Chairman Mike Edwards joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share news about the company's latest developments.

Ora Technology is a software company focused on creating a digital carbon trading platform, called "Ora Carbon," which is poised to revolutionize the voluntary carbon market. This platform aims to enable users to buy, sell, and retire carbon credits, fostering efforts toward carbon neutrality and achieving net-zero climate goals across both the public and private sectors.

Edwards highlighted that Ora Carbon's primary objective is to provide seamless access to carbon assets within the broader carbon economy. The platform's design prioritizes simplifying the often complex processes associated with current industry practices.

With a strong emphasis on delivering a user-friendly and intuitive experience, Ora Technology aims to make participation in carbon trading more accessible and efficient. By introducing Ora Carbon, Ora Technology aspires to contribute significantly to global sustainability efforts by facilitating a smoother transition to carbon neutrality.

The platform's innovative approach aligns with the growing importance of carbon credits and offsets in mitigating climate change, making it a promising solution for organizations seeking to make positive environmental impacts.


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