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Sullivan County Duck Farms to Continue to Sell Foie Gras in NYC, Per NYS Court Injunction Court issued injunction allows sale of foie gras in NYC as issue plays out in court

News release by Catskill Foie Gras Collective

facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon New York, NY | September 16, 2022 05:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time

New York’s Sullivan County duck farms, La Belle and Hudson Valley Foie Gras, announced today a victory in their continuing legal battle against Local Law 202, which will ban the sale of foie gras in New York City. The farms filed suit last month to overturn the ban, set to take effect on November 25th, and asked that the law be stayed while being considered by the courts.

Today, the New York State Supreme Court issued a preliminary injunction that prevents the City from enforcing Local Law 202 while the issue plays out in the court. While the legal fight is far from over, for now the farmers and New York City restaurants will be able to continue to sell foie gras past the November 25 ban date.

The farmers believe the ban violates New York’s Agriculture and Markets Law, which protects farmers against unreasonable regulations. The farmers have also claimed that the City Council exceeded its legislative authority because Local Law 202 effectively regulates farming practices that occur outside the city.

“While the State’s injunction offers a glimmer of hope to the hundreds of people employed by the farms and the community, we are still very much focused on the legal battle ahead of us,” says Marcus Henley, Vice President of Hudson Valley Foie Gras.

The two duck farms in Sullivan County employ about 400 workers and are the economic force that drives these rural communities.

“While today’s outcome is positive, it is not lost on us just how much hangs in the balance,” says Sergio Saravia, President of La Belle Farms. “We will continue to fight to overturn the ban entirely, but in the meantime, diners can enjoy foie gras through the holidays!”

To view a copy of the injunction, click here.


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