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Tiziana Life Sciences' Alzheimer's treatment validated in new study

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News release by Tiziana Life Sciences PLC

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Tiziana Life Sciences Ltd (NASDAQ:TLSA) chief medical officer and chief operating officer Matthew Davis speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive after the clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company announced the publication of a new study into the potential use of its Foralumab nasal spray as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease.


David explains that the study has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS) journal and demonstrated significant improvements in Alzheimer's-related factors independent of amyloid beta and tau protein.


He highlights the importance of this development in the context of Alzheimer's treatmentm saying that while current FDA-approved drugs target amyloid beta and tau protein, Foralumab takes a unique approach by resetting activated microglia in the brain to a baseline state. This novel approach offers hope for Alzheimer's patients, a disease that continues to devastate lives worldwide.


Although the ultimate impact of Foralumab in the fight against Alzheimer's remains uncertain pending Phase II data, the promising results suggest it could become a vital player in the quest for effective treatments.


With personal connections to Alzheimer's, Davis expresses his dedication to advancing solutions for this devastating disease, emphasising the importance of diverse approaches.


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