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Unlocking the secrets of whisky investment with Fah Mai's Jacob Carter

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Fah Mai Holdings Group Inc UK head and manager of @whiskybullauctions Jacob Carter discusses the benefits of whisky as a stable and tangible asset in a volatile stock market environment.

In an interview with Proactive's Stephen Gunnion, Carter highlighted that whisky appreciates in value due to its age, scarcity, and availability, offering an independent performance from economic conditions. He differentiated between bottles and casks, noting bottles provide more flexibility while casks require longer investment periods without annual returns but with potential for substantial appreciation.

Carter also addressed the role of whisky in hedging against inflation, especially through supply constraints in the bottle market. He described bottles as more adaptable and easier to sell, providing liquidity to investors. In contrast, casks represent a longer-term investment but are less correlated to volatile stock movements.

He further explained Fah Mai Holdings' investment opportunities, including direct cask purchases, fractional cask investments through Platinum Cask, and Whisky Bull Auctions for trading bottles.

Carter stressed the importance of transparency, honesty, and investor education in their operations, especially as the company prepares for an IPO and undergoes independent auditing for international markets.


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