VINCUE HIGHLIGHTS NEXT-GEN PLATFORM AT NADA 2023 Inventory Management Capabilities Focused on Maximizing Profitability and Operational Efficiencies for Dealers

News release by DealerCue Automotive Corp.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: DealerCue Automotive Corp., the maker of VINCUE, the unified inventory lifecycle solutions for dealers, today announced it will roll out impressive new features at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention.

“These three new weapons will dramatically change how dealers operate in their day-to-day,” Danny Zaslavsky, Managing Partner at VINCUE and Dealer Principal at his own dealership in Kansas City explained. “Separately, each of these innovations are powerful in their own way, and combined, they’re just unstoppable in addressing critical needs for dealers to optimize their overall operations.”

VINCUE Performance Managers and Data Scientists have unlocked what dealers need to gain a competitive advantage in today’s economy, and used that insight to continually enhance and create new, intelligent, capabilities - Boost, Re // Engage, and “Highest Authentic Value” Merchandising.


  • Boost: The only automated digital advertising capability focused on promoting low-performing or dealer-specified vehicles directly to local market consumers. Boost spends less than a dollar per VDP view compared to current industry standard advertising vendors and channels, which can be three times higher or more. Boost delivers an average of a 396% lift in VDP views to low-performing inventory and an average of 435% more impressions directly to local, in-market shoppers.

  • Re // Engage: A new tool that connects active clients in a dealers CRM (leads) to fresh inventory - putting supply in front of the demand. VINCUE works with a dealer’s CRM to identify customers that either just missed out on the vehicle of their dreams or didn’t quite get a deal put together - and matches them with fresh inventory. When VINCUE notices a car similar to the one a client missed out on has appeared in inventory, that customer is alerted via text automatically. This new capability increases sales conversion rates without the need to spend additional money on marketing.

  • “Highest Authentic Value” Merchandising: To sell inventory at its highest authentic value, dealers have to be able to unlock and then present each and every vehicle’s unique value to its customers. VINCUE now has the tools to do just that, empowering dealers to differentiate VDPs with complete creative control. With Dynamic and teachable vehicle photo overlays, custom banners, fully programmable descriptions, and more - all underpinned by each vehicle’s build data - communicating the highest authentic value of each piece of merchandise.


“VINCUE exists to improve gross profits and operational efficiency for dealers,” said Chris Hoke, VINCUE Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Technology Officer. “The VINCUE next-gen platform is the only solution that encompasses all inventory management, market pricing, private party acquisition, and digital advertising capabilities, created for dealers by dealers. It is the foundation we are built on and we are committed to keeping it that way.” Hoke concluded.

In addition to the new products, VINCUE is excited to share that Zaslavsky, a highly sought after speaker and visionary, was selected by the NADA team to speak at this year’s conference. He’ll share his extensive knowledge about how dealers can compete and win in any circumstance, detailing his first-hand experience. He’ll also weigh in on the specific data dealers need to know to stay ahead of the curve.

The convention, which attracts industry leaders and dealers from around the world, is considered to be the top retail automotive event of the year with an average of 10,000 dealerships, including 65% of the Top 150, represented at the conference.

“I’m honored I’ve been asked to share my unique perspective on the automotive industry,” Zaslavsky said. “I’ve learned so much both in owning and operating an independent dealership while also providing leadership to VINCUE as we work together to develop, test, and deliver new capabilities dealers need to stay competitive.”

NADA 2023 takes place January 26 - 29 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. Those interested in attending can register here. To schedule a test drive with VINCUE at NADA, reserve a time here.





 VINCUE is transforming the retail automotive software industry by providing dealers with new, innovative end-to-end inventory lifecycle management and market pricing solutions. This gives dealers access to real-time data and tools in a single system to stock smarter, increase turn, compete effectively, and above all else — maximize profits.


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