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Wishpond announces launch of Beta Program for key product SalesCloser

Wishpond Technologies Ltd.
News release by Wishpond Technologies Ltd.

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Wishpond Technologies CEO Ali Tajskandar joined Steve Darling from Proactive to unveil an exciting development: the beta launch of Wishpond's AI-powered sales platform, SalesCloser AI.

This innovative platform is poised to revolutionize sales processes by delivering personalized, round-the-clock sales calls and product demos without the need for human intervention. With several hundred businesses already signed up for the SalesCloser Beta program, Wishpond Technologies invites businesses of all sizes and industries to continue registering for the program.

During the interview, Tajskandar emphasized that SalesCloser AI addresses the critical challenge of accelerating sales and scaling businesses of all sizes and industries in a cost-effective manner. Acting as a constantly learning sales agent, SalesCloser AI tirelessly works to close deals 24x7, enabling businesses to maximize their sales potential.

Additionally, Wishpond Technologies announced that SalesCloser would be led by Kevin Ho, Wishpond’s General Manager of Brax and Viral Loops. Ho, who joined Wishpond in 2015, boasts a wealth of experience across various senior roles in sales, marketing, and customer success. Notably, as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, he spearheaded lead generation, strategic partnerships, and public relations for the company.

The beta launch of SalesCloser AI represents a significant milestone for Wishpond Technologies, underlining the company's commitment to driving innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions to its clients. With SalesCloser AI poised to transform sales processes and empower businesses to achieve greater efficiency and success, Wishpond Technologies is well-positioned to lead the way in the rapidly evolving landscape of sales technology. Stay tuned for further updates as SalesCloser AI continues to gain traction and make waves in the industry.


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