$300 Payday Loans - I Need a 300 Dollar Loan Today!

If you need extra cash, then look no further; we have ranked some of the most popular $300 Payday loans in the US, with Fast Loans being the top of them all. We have found that these loans meet all criteria to match what you may be looking for when getting a $300 Payday Loan.

  Summary  Score
Fast Loans Biggest $300 Payday Loan 10/10
HonestLoans Low Interest Rates 9/10
Fast Money Source Fast Approval  9/10
CreditClock Available 24/7 8/10
Big Buck Loans Great for Bad Credit  8/10
Low Credit Finance Great for Low-Income 8/10
Heart Paydays Fast release of funds 8/10

If you don’t have $300 in your bank account to cover an emergency, you have to know that you’re not alone. This is the reality of millions of Americans, which is fueled by the current economic landscape… and it’s even worse when you have bad credit or you’re unemployed because most banks will reject your application right off the bat.

Top Choice - Fast Loans: Best Overall $300 Payday Loan

But you don’t have to face this problem any longer because we’ve built this ranking with the best payday loans $300 in 2023 - you can apply now and get the money the same day, even if you have bad credit, low income or are currently unemployed.

Come with us to check all about our lenders to apply and get your loan approved today.

Top $300 USD Payday Loans Today 2023 - Where Can I Get A 300 Dollar Loan Today?

Here you have our ranking with the top 7 payday lenders that bring the best $300 loans in 2023 - select your preferred one and apply now to get your money today:

If you want to learn more about each one of these lenders, then our individual reviews below will come in handy. Because we will talk about the pros and cons of each company and also bring you a complete description of their services and what you can expect as a borrower.

1. Fast Loans: Best Overall $300 Payday Loan



High approval rate 

Not available in all states

Fast approval and disbursement


Low APR and fees


Accepts borrowers with low credit


Accepts borrowers with low income 


Accepts unemployed customers


Spectacular customer support service


Wide range of better loans available to regular customers


If you don’t want to compare different options and simply want to choose the best $300 payday online in 2023, then go ahead with Fast Loans. It has a high approval rate for all types of customers - bad credit, low income, unemployed, students, etc. - they approve and disburse the money fast (same day), they offer fair APR and fees, and their customer support service is spectacular.

It’s the most solid choice because it does great in all areas and has remained consistently efficient according to the thousands of clients like you that they’ve already helped by bringing them the $300 USD they needed.

The only thing we criticize is that they are not available in all states, but this is something they’re working on to help even more people.

2. HonestLoans.net: Lowest Fees and Interest



Lowest cost for a $300 payday loan

Most lender will only accept a due date of 7-28 days

Hundreds of direct lenders available now

Not available in all states

Fast approval and disbursement


High approval rate for all types of customers


Vast gallery of loans and products


If you’re shopping for the cheapest $300 payday loan, then HonestLoans.net will be the ideal choice for you. It’s a platform that will connect you with hundreds of direct lenders ready to lend you $300 USD, and according to our research, they offer the lowest APR and fees in this segment of the market.

On top of that, they are known for approving and disbursing the loans fast - you can expect to receive the money the same day. And since they have a high approval rate for the majority of customers, you can rely on them to receive the $300 you need.

However, keep in mind that most direct lenders at HonestLoans.net will only accept a loan that you will pay back in 7-28 days. Once you become a regular client and create a history at HonestLoans.net, you’ll be able to access better loans.

3. Fast Money Source: Best place to get a loan today 



Quickest approval and disbursement of $300

No access to other loans

Fair APR

Not available in all states

High approval rate for all types of customers


Quick application process


Great customer support service


Do you need the $300 USD in your bank account right now? Then you should check out Fast Money Source right now because it’s the company with the fastest approval and disbursement in the $300 payday loans category.

You can fill out their application form in 5 minutes or less, and they will automatically review your application, and if approved, you can expect to receive the money in 2 hours or less. 

And you can rely on them because they feature a high approval rate for all types of customers, be it students, bad credit, low income, on benefits, etc.

However, keep in mind that Fast Money Source does not make it easy for you to get better loans, not until you become a regular client.

4. CreditClock: Availability 24/7



Get $300 at any time of the day

Strict minimum monthly income requirement

Low APR and fees

Not available in all states

High approval rate


Access to more loans once you become a client


Efficient customer support service


Emergencies can strike at any time of the day, and if it’s your case, then you can rely on CreditClock to bring you the money you need. It doesn’t matter if it’s 4 a.m; CreditClock will receive your application, review it automatically and proceed to release the money in record time.

In addition, they keep the APR and fees surprisingly low despite being an emergency service, and since they offer a high approval rate, you can rely on them to solve your emergency.

However, keep in mind that they have a strict monthly income requirement, and that they are not  available in all states.

5. Big Buck Loans: Best for Bad Credit



Best choice for bad credit

High APR and fees

High approval rate for low income

Not available in all states

Quick approval and same day disbursement


Flexible terms


If you have bad credit then Big Buck Loans would be your best choice because they’re ready to accept your application even if your score is only 300 points. And this also goes for low income borrowers - this company has a high approval rate.

In addition, they have flexible terms and conditions, to bring you more freedom at the hour of paying back the loan, and also special benefits once you become a client, such as access to better loans.

However, the APR and fees are higher than average, but it’s understandable taking into account that these are high-risk loans.

6. Low Credit Finance: Best for Low Income or Unemployed



Best choice for low income

Higher APR and fees

Best choice for unemployed borrowers

Limited access to more products

High approval for bad credit


Fast approval and disbursement


If you have low income or if you’re unemployed, then you should rely on Low Credit Finance, because it has the highest approval rate for these types of borrowers. And this also applies if you have bad credit - this company will be ready to lend you a hand.

This company also features a fast approval and disbursement process, making it ideal for attending any sort of emergency, especially since they don’t ask intrusive questions about why you need the $300 USD.

Only keep in mind that this company will charge a higher APR and fees because we are talking about a high-risk product.

7. Heart Paydays: Broker Alternative



Big pool of direct payday lenders

Terms and conditions will vary depending on the direct lender

Easy to find the best $300 payday loan offer

Not available in all states

Competitive APR and fees


Great customer support


Access to more loans and products


If you want another broker other than HonestLoans.net or ZippyLoan, then you should consider Heart Paydays. It has a pool of hundreds of available direct lenders, it’s easy to find an ideal offer, the APR and fees are competitive and they will bring you access to better loans once you become a client.

Only keep in mind that the terms and conditions might change depending on the lender you choose, and that this service is not available in all US states.

How to Apply and Get Your Payday Loan $300 Now

If you don’t know how to apply for your payday loan, then here’s how you can do it in only 5 steps:

  • Choose a payday lender from our list
  • Visit their website
  • Fill out the form
  • Wait for the notice of approval
  • Get the $300 USD deposited straight into your bank account

You can complete the application process in only 5 minutes - don’t lose more time and apply now to get your $300 USD as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about the application process, you can always contact the lender. Since we’ve only selected the lenders with the best customer support service in the market, you can expect to receive an answer immediately.

What is a $300 Payday Loan?

It’s a loan that you can pay the next day after you get your paycheck, and that will grant you a total of $300 USD. It’s usually a short-term loan with a max due date of 28 days, but it’s worth noting that this product has evolved with the passing of time, and nowadays, you can pay it over several months.

The cost of a $300 payday loan is higher than that of a traditional personal loan, but the main advantage here is that you can get it even if you have bad credit, low income or if you’re unemployed. As long as you have a regular and verifiable income source, our lenders will approve your application.

This type of payday loan has become popular in recent years because of the regulations in states like California that have capped payday loans at a maximum of $300 USD. Furthermore, it has also grown popular because it’s an adequate amount to face different types of emergencies and last-minute expenses.

It’s also worth mentioning that the cost of a $300 payday loan will depend on the state you live in. For example, in California the max you’d have to pay is $45 USD, because the new regulations have set that payday lenders can only earn a maximum of 15% of the total amount of the loan.

Finally, since they are short-term loans, the best approach is to pay them off as soon as possible, and that’s why our recommended lenders allow you to repay them earlier. Unlike other companies that will charge you extra fees, the majority of our recommended companies will allow you to repay early without consequences.

What are the Eligibility Requirements of Payday Loans $300

If you want to explore the different eligibility requirements that our recommended platforms will consider at the hour of reviewing your application, then here you have the full list:

  • You must be a U.S citizen or permanent resident
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You need to have a verifiable income source
  • You must have an active bank account
  • You must have an active email address and phone number.

You can see how easy it is to qualify for a $300 payday loan, so don’t lose any more time and apply for it now.

How Does a $300 Payday Loan Work?

The mechanism behind a $300 payday loan is surprisingly simple - and you can understand it even with a degree or background in finances. Here’s what you need to know.

The Process for Obtaining a $300 Payday Loans Today

Here you have a full breakdown on the process for obtaining a $300 payday loan:

  • You select a recommended lender from our list
  • You visit their website and fill out the application form
  • You send the application
  • The lender’s system will automatically review the application
  • The system will verify the accuracy and validity of the data you’ve submitted
  • The system will cross-verify your data with their own data sets
  • The system will approve your application if it’s been found to be accurate and to meet the eligibility requirements
  • You’ll be notified that your application has been approved
  • You’ll receive all the details of the contract and you have to agree to it
  • You’ll receive your $300 USD in your bank account the same day (1-2 hours with our fastest lenders).

Payday lenders have revolutionized the process for obtaining a loan online, because they’ve made the application process smooth and quick, and thanks to their advanced systems, the review part is usually automatic and the disbursement of the money takes 1-2 hours in the majority of cases.

The Mechanism of a $300 Payday Loan

Once you agree to the contract, you’ll have a clear understanding of the due payment date, the total cost of the loan, possible penalties, etc. You will have to pay the due amount on the agreed date to liquidate the loan, and it can be in 7 days, 28 days, 3 months or even 12 months, depending on the company and payment schedule you selected.

When you pay back the loan in full, you will be free from the contract and our recommended lenders will offer you new products. You can use this as an opportunity to build a bigger credit history and a higher credit score, because once you become a regular user, you’ll be able to claim loans with higher limits and better terms and conditions.

If you don’t have the money to pay back the loan on the agreed date, then you can opt for an extension, for which you will need to contact the lender’s customer support department as soon as possible. Some states like California forbid payday lending companies to charge any extra fees for extensions, but companies are not obligated by law to grant you the extension.

Pros and Cons

Let’s compare the benefits and disadvantages of $300 payday loans to help you make the best decision.



You can get $300 for any purpose - no questions asked

Interest and fees are higher than traditional loans

Solve any sort of emergency because you can receive the $300 the same day

Some states prohibit all forms of payday lending

You can get $300 even if you have bad credit


You can get $300 even if you’re unemployed and low income


You can pay back the $300 with a flexible payment schedule


You can improve your credit score by paying back on time


You can get access to better loans by paying back on time


The pros are notoriously more prominent than just 2 cons - and that’s why we encourage you to request a $300 payday loan from our recommended companies, because it’s the perfect solution to any type of emergency or last-minute expense.

Best Alternatives 

If you want to explore other options because a $300 payday loan might not be the best solution to your current situation, then here you have the best alternatives to solve your emergency.

$100 Payday Loan

If you’ve realized that you need less than $300 payday, or you won’t be able to afford the cost of a $300 payday loan, then you can opt for a $100 payday loan. The final cost will be much lower, making it easier for you to pay it back on time. You could also opt for a $200 payday loan in case $100 is not enough to cover your emergency expense.

$500 Payday Loan

If you’ve discovered that you will need more than $300, then a $500 payday loan might be exactly what you need. It works the same way as a $300 payday loan, the only thing that changes is the total loan amount. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the total cost will be higher.

$1,000 Payday Loan

If you need way more than $300, then Click Here for the next logical alternative. Follows the same rules and has the same requirements, but you will need a higher monthly income in order to qualify for it. You can also opt for a $2,000 or even a $5,000 payday loan - however, such loans are not available in all states, since some of them like California, have set the maximum amount for payday loans at $300 USD.

Cash Advance

If you have a credit card and you want cash as soon as possible - even faster than our recommended loans - then it’s worth it to look into a cash advance. The credit card company will transform part of your credit line to cash that you can use for any purpose, and this process is usually automatic. For example, you could opt for a $500 cash advance to cover your last-minute expenses.

Secured Personal Loan

If you have a collateral and a good credit score, then you could opt for a secured personal loan. The advantages are a lower APR and fees, higher maximum loan amount, flexible terms and conditions, early repayments, and a generous payment schedule. However, the main barrier here would be your credit score and credit history. If you do have bad credit, you can see our review of Bad Credit Loans

High Risk Installment Loan

You should request a high risk installment loan if you have low credit but don't want to rely on payday loans because they are only available in your state up to $300-500 USD and you don't want to be bound by a rigid short-term payment plan. You can often seek up to $15,000 USD and spread the repayment out over a period of 3 to 60 months.


Here you will find all the details about the process we used to build this ranking of the best $300 payday loans online:

  • Lender: The companies we recommend need to be registered in the US states they do business in, they must have a physical address, they must enjoy an excellent online reputation, and they must be free from scandals involving scams or abusive practices
  • Cost: The lender must let you know clearly what the total cost of the loan will be. We’ve only selected the $300 payday lenders with the lowest interest and fees in the market, to help you solve your emergency at a fair cost
  • Terms: The terms need to be favorable to you as the borrower, and thus our recommended companies will allow you to repay the loan early without problems, and some of them will even accept an extension without extra fees (as it’s the case for Californian customers)
  • Eligibility: Our goal is to help you get the $300 you need badly now, and that’s why we’ve only chosen the lenders with the highest approval rate in the industry, thanks to their easy-to-meet eligibility requirements. You can get approved even with bad credit, if you’re unemployed or currently with a low monthly income
  • Speed: If you need $300 then chances are you need it for an emergency or another stressful situation - and that’s why our lenders are here to help in moments of desperation with their fast approval and disbursement. Options like Viva Payday Loans can credit your account in a maximum of 1-2 hours upon approval
  • Additional Products: It’s also good to receive access to more and better loans once you pay back your $300 payday loans, and the majority of our picks will allow you to do so, to keep building your credit history and improving your credit score
  • Customer Support: Be it because you want to repay the loan early, you want to request an extension, or you simply want answers to your questions before requesting a $300 loan, our recommended companies can assist you via live chat, email or phone.

You can easily see why you can trust our recommendations, because we’ve made sure to only pick the best lenders in the market that score the highest in all the areas the matter to you as a borrower.

How to Compare and Choose the 300 Dollar Loan Today

If you’re considering 2 or more options from our ranking but don’t know which one to choose, then here we will help you to compare them so you can make the best decision:

  • Speed: You should start by filtering down the options that can disburse the $300 USD as soon as possible - because if it’s an emergency, then you should rely on an option like Viva Loans, or if you need it in the middle of the night, then the best option would be CreditClock because it’s available 24/7
  • Credit Score: Even though all of our recommended companies accept customers with a low credit score, if it’s in the range of the 300-400 points, then you should choose a company like Low Credit Finance or Big Buck Loans, because they have the highest approval rate for poor credit.
  • Employment: If you are currently unemployed and likely low income too, then you need to look for a lender that won’t take this into account. In these cases, we’d advise you to choose either HonestLoans.net or Low Income Finance, because both options have a high approval rate for unemployed borrowers
  • Additional Products: If you want to improve your credit score and get access to more loans after paying back this $300 payday loan, you should choose a lender that will make it easy for you to apply for new loans.


Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding $300 payday loans and our suggested lenders if you want to learn more.

Can I get a $300 payday loan with bad credit?

Yes, you can get approved even if you have bad credit. In fact, the majority of borrowers that apply for a $300 payday loan have a low credit score, and hence, you will stand a high chance at getting approved and getting the $300 deposited in your bank account.

Can I get a $300 payday loan if I’m unemployed?

Yes, you can get approved even if you’re unemployed. Our recommended lenders - HonestLoans.net, Low Credit Finance, Big Buck Loans and Viva Payday Loans - will glady review your application and grant you the $300 loan if you meet their eligibility requirements. As long as you have another alternative source of income that they can verify, then you will stand a high chance at getting approved and receiving the money.

How much does it cost to get a $300 payday loan?

It will depend on the lender and the state you live in. For example, if you are from California, then the maximum you will have to pay is 15% of the total amount of the loan, in this case, you’d have to pay back a total of $345 USD. In other states, and under different conditions, the lender might charge you a fixed fee of $5-30 USD per every $100 you borrow, meaning that you’d have to pay back a total of $315 to $390 USD.

Will I get a same day deposit if I’m approved for a $300 payday loan?

In the majority of cases, yes. You will get a same day deposit if you’re approved, but if you want to maximize your chances, then you need to apply for it early in the day, and select one of our fastest lenders such as Viva Payday Loans, HonestLoans.net or CreditClock. You can expect to get the money in 1-2 hours once you’ve been approved.

Are there credit checks when applying for a $300 payday loan?

For the majority of cases, there are no credit checks when applying for a $300 payday loan at any of our recommending platforms. And if they perform it, then it will be only a soft credit check. As we’ve seen before on this page, your credit score will not play a decisive factor at the hour of getting your application approved. Instead, they will focus on a verifiable source of income to evaluate your application.

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