Best Payday Loans $200 - Instant Approval 2024

$200 Payday Loans Now

If you are looking for instant $200 Payday Loans, then we have the best lenders out there, with the top number 1 being Heart Paydays. They have hit the top spot as they tick all the boxes; look at the list below to see others who have ticked the boxes.

Brand Summary Score
Heart Paydays Best $200 Payday Loan 10/10
Big Buck Loans Good for Bad Credit 9/10 Low Interest Rates  9/10
AnyDayCash.Com Fast Application Process 9/10
Viva Loans Easy Application  8/10
Zippy Loan No Credit History Needed 8/10
Low Credit Finance Fast Approval 8/10

Did you know that over 60% of Americans have less than $1,000 USD sitting in their bank account? Given the current state of the world with massive layoffs, skyrocketing inflation, and rising prices of everything, it’s not their fault, and neither is yours if you’re facing this situation.

That’s why we are here to help by recommending you the best $200 payday loans that you can claim today and get as soon as possible in your bank account.

Be it for an emergency, last-minute expense, or any other situation; our recommended lenders are more than willing to help you now.

Top 6 Best $200 Payday Loans 2024

Check out our exclusive ranking right here to choose your ideal lender and request your $200 right now:

All you have to do is to choose any of our recommended lenders, fill out the application form, and wait for approval (instantly in the majority of cases) to receive the $200 USD you need right now.

If you want more details about each of our listed lenders, then check our individual reviews below. We will bring you all the information you need to make the best decision.

1. Zippy Loan: Best Overall $200 Payday Loan



Super fast approval and release of the $200 USD

Not available in all states

Low APR and fees


High approval rate even for bad credit


Access to better loans once you become a client


Fast and easy application process


2. Lowest Interest and Fees



Lowest interest and fees for a $200 payday loan

You have to consult with different direct lenders

Thousands of available direct lenders

Most lenders only accept short-term loans

Minimal eligibility requirements


Fast approval and release


Efficient customer support


If you want to save as much as possible in fees and APR, then is the place to be. Since it’s a broker, you can navigate hundreds of different offers, and according to our research, they offer the lowest APR and fees when it comes to $200 USD payday loans.

Also, the approval and release of the funds is fast once you find a direct lender - however, keep in mind that you will have to compare different offers, and this can take a while. But if you’re determined to find the ideal offer with the lowest APR and fees, then will bring you precisely that.

However, you must consider that most direct lenders will only accept short-term loans that you will have to pay back in 7 to 14 days, or in some cases, up to 28 days.

3. Viva Loans: Fastest Approval and Release



Instant approval and the fastest release of funds

Not available in all states

Quick and easy application process

Hard to access additional loans and services

Accepts borrowers with bad credit


Fair fees and APR


Accepts low income source


Do you need the $200 yesterday? For that type of emergencies, Viva Payday Loans is exactly what you need. Thanks to having the fastest approval and release in the industry, you can get the $200 you need in 1 hour after getting your application approved.

Worried about your bad credit or low income? You can stop worrying about that now because Viva Payday Loans also accepts borrowers who are facing such problems. You can send your application in 5 minutes or fewer thanks to their easy-to-complete form, and you will stand a high chance at getting approved.

The fees and APR are surprisingly fair - especially when compared to other options. It’s a close competitor to in this category.

However, it’s not available in all states and it’s hard to access additional loans and services. But if all you need is $200 as soon as possible, then this company will be a godsend for you.

4. Big Buck Loans: Best for Bad Credit



Highest approval rate for bad credit

Higher APR

Fast approval and same day release of the $200 USD

Not available in all states

Simple application process


Flexible terms and installments


Accepts borrowers with low income


Have your applications for a $200 USD loan been rejected due to your low credit score? Then you can forget about it because you have a solution now: Big Buck Loans. With the highest approval rate for bad credit borrowers, now you stand a decent chance at getting the $200 USD you need now.

The application process is easy and fast thanks to their intuitive application form with low requirements. And since the terms and installments are flexible, you can tune it up to get the ideal $200 payday loan. If you have low income, then worry not because this lender might approve your application.

Only keep in mind that the APR is going to be higher because of the higher risk of default, and that this company is not available in all states.

5. Heart Paydays: Broker for $200 Payday Loans



Biggest pool of direct lenders

You have to browse and compare different lenders

Efficient and useful search function and matching algorithm

Not available in all states

Flexible terms and conditions


Fair APR and fees (depends on the lender)


Good customer support service


If you want to browse and compare different offers to find your ideal $200 payday loan, then Heart Paydays is the best option for you. Since it has the most significant pool of direct lenders in the US, you’ll have thousands of different options at your disposal.

Thanks to its flexible terms and conditions, affordable APR and fees, and its superb matching algorithm and search functions, you will find your ideal $200 payday loan offer reasonably quickly.

However, keep in mind that you will still have to compare different offers, and it can be time demanding. We’ve found that it takes more than at, which uses a similar system.

6. Low Credit Finance: Best for No Credit History



Highest approval rate for borrowers with no credit history

Higher APR and fees

Accepts borrowers with bad credit

Not available in all states

Easy application process


Fast approval and release


Accepts borrowers with low income


Are you struggling to get the $200 USD you need because you have a limited credit history? And even bad credit? Then you do not need to worry, because Low Credit Finance is here to rescue you. Being the lender with the highest approval rate for borrowers with limited credit history and bad credit, you can rely on them to get the money you need right now.

The application process is easy and fast - you can complete it in 5 minutes or less. And thanks to their efficient system, you can get approved and receive the $200 USD in your bank account the same day.

Only keep into account that they charge a higher APR and fees in comparison to our other lenders, but it’s a small price to pay in exchange for a higher chance of getting your application approved.

How to Request a $200 Payday Loan Online

Getting your $200 online has never been easier - here’s how you can do it right now:

  • Choose a lender from our ranking
  • Fill out their application form with all the requested information
  • Get notified that you’ve been approved
  • Receive the $200 USD in your bank account.

This is how it works - and you can complete the entire process in 5 minutes or less. You only need to input information such as your full names, address, phone number, bank account, etc. Simple details.

Since the verification and financial analysis systems of our recommended companies use the latest technology, you can expect to get your application approved instantly and to receive the $200 USD in 1 to 24 hours.

Why Trust Our Recommendations?

Because we’ve put in all the necessary work, time and research to identify the best $200 payday loans in 2024, in a market that’s full of scams and abusive offers. Our team of professionals in different areas such as loans, finance, insurance, law and tech have worked together to filter all the options available in the market to only choose the best ones.

You can trust our recommendations because we’ve wholly analyzed the history, records, and company background of all the companies you see listed here. On top of that, we’ve also analyzed their contracts, terms, fees, ratings, and reviews to verify that they are safe, fair and legit.

The Methodology for Selecting the Best $200 Payday Loans in 2024 section below will explain to you all the factors we’ve taken into account, so you can see why you can trust our recommendations.

What are the Requirements for Getting a $200 Payday Loan?

As we said, you’re not alone because millions of Americans are facing the same situation as you. Hence, our recommended lenders keep the eligibility requirements at the bare minimum:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must be a U. S. citizen or permanent resident
  • You must have a verifiable steady source of income
  • You must have an active bank account
  • You must have an active email and/or phone number.

Since we’re talking about $200 USD, even the verifiable steady source of income can be very low, for example, $500-800 per month. And it could be provided by your job, pension, dividend payments, alternative income sources, freelancing, etc. It’s easier to get this type of loan than one of the best installment loans online, for example.

Our recommended lenders have the necessary tech to verify all of this information rapidly, so you only need to take care of sending your application with all the requested information and that’s it. Once you get notified of the approval, you will receive your $200 USD in 1 to 24 hours.

How Does a $200 Payday Loan Work?

If you want to learn how this type of loan works in detail, then here you will find a clear and concise explanation.

What is a $200 Dollars Payday Loan?

It’s a short-term loan for $200 USD that you can pay the day after you receive your paycheck, or according to the installments you agreed to when sending your application. It’s similar to a $500 cash advance because it’s for a small amount and you usually have to pay it in 7 to 28 days. 

About the Credit Score and $200 Payday Loans

Since it’s a small amount and you will be required to pay higher fees and APR, the lenders in this category only perform soft credit checks (if any). Therefore, your credit score will not play a major role in getting your application approved. 

However, if you have a good credit score, then you might manage to reduce the total cost of the payday loan. It’s the same as if you were requesting any of the best short-term loans, your credit score will not get your application rejected, but it might bring you access to extra benefits if it’s in the good or very good category.

How is the $200 Payday Loan Application Reviewed and Approved?

Our recommended lenders have their own built-in system and software to review the applications. Once you send your loan application, the system will take care of verifying the data to make sure it’s accurate, and if it’s the case and you meet all the requirements, then it will automatically approve your application.

Once approved, the system will proceed to deposit the $200 USD. However, unlike the approval process that can be instant, the deposit might take anywhere from 1 to 24 hours. Our fastest lenders are Credit Clock, Viva Payday Loans, and in case you’re in a hurry.

Methodology for $200 Payday Loans in 2024

The methodology we’ve used for building this ranking focuses on all the factors to determine if a lender is reputable, legit and fair. Here’s how we’ve done it.

Lender Reputation and Background

Did you know that a lender must be registered in your state to do business in it? That’s why we check this first, because if it’s not registered and it’s doing business in your state, then we discard it immediately.

Once we’ve verified that, we proceed to check the following:

  • How long has the lender been working for in the United States?
  • Does it clearly advertise its terms and conditions?
  • What do the ratings and online reviews say about it?
  • Do they have a physical address?

If it’s been working for at least 5 years, it clearly states its terms and conditions, it has a massive number of positive ratings and reviews, and they have a physical address, then we approve it and proceed to check the next factors.

Eligibility Requirements and Approval Rate

We are aware that you need $200 USD right now for an emergency, and that’s why we’ve only selected lenders with minimal eligibility requirements and the highest approval rate in the industry. That’s why you will stand a high chance at getting approved by only meeting the following requirements:

  • Being at least 18 years old
  • Having a verifiable income source
  • Being a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Having an active bank account.

And worry not if you have bad credit, because our lenders only perform soft credit checks. Even with a low credit score or if you’re unemployed, our recommended companies are willing to help by giving you the $200 USD you need right now.

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APR, Fees and Cost for a $200 Payday Loan

Even if the eligibility requirements are easy to meet and the approval rate is close to 100% - we still need to make sure that the offer is fair for you. That’s why we proceed to check the APR, fees and total cost of the $200 payday loan you’re about to request.

We’ve made sure to select the lenders - be it direct companies or brokers such as Viva Loans - that offer the lowest APR and fees for this category. We’ve compared all the available companies in this segment of the market, to only select the most affordable options.

And you also need to know that some lenders will charge a flat fee instead of an APR. For example, they could charge you anywhere from $5 to $30 USD per every $100 USD you borrow. In this case, you will have to pay back anywhere from $210 to $260 USD. For this case, we’ve only selected the lenders with the lowest flat fee.

Application Process

The application process should be easy, intuitive and quick. To guarantee that you can enjoy this benefit, we make sure that the lenders offer the following:

  • Fast-loading website
  • Simple application form with 3-4 fields
  • Mobile friendly website
  • High tech application review system to issue a response as soon as possible.

This way you will be able to fill out the application form in as little as 5 minutes and get a response as soon as possible - to get the $200 USD you need in record time.

Customer Support Service

It’s always useful to have a competent customer support department ready to help you, because we’re talking about money, and hence, it’s vital for you to get immediate answers and solutions. That’s why we’ve only listed lenders that can provide you customer support service via live chat, phone and/or email during the 7 days of the week.

We’ve personally tested their different customer support channels, to make sure that you will get the answers and solutions you need right on the spot.


If you still have questions about our recommended $200 payday loans, then here you will find the answers you need.

Can I get a $200 payday loan with bad credit?

Yes, our recommended companies are ready to lend you $200 USD even if you have bad credit. If you meet their requirements such as being at least 18 years old, having a verifiable income source and a valid bank account, then you will stand a high chance at getting approved.

Can I get $200 instantly?

Yes, but it depends on the company you select and how well you meet the requirements of the lender. For example, if you send your application to Credit Clock and you have a verifiable income source, a decent credit score and recent credit activity, then they might approve and release the $200 instantly. However, most companies will take anywhere from 1 to 24 hours to approve and release the loan money.

Can I get a $200 payday loan if I’m unemployed?

Yes, but you will need to have a verifiable income source such as a pension, dividends, alternative income streams, etc. If you can provide enough proof that you have a regular income source, then you will have a high chance at getting the $200 USD you need right now.

How much does it cost to get a $200 payday loan?

It depends on the lender, because some of them will bill you a fixed rate of $10-30 USD per every $100 you borrow, while others will adjust to a fixed APR and specific fees. In the first case, the cost for a $200 payday loan would be $220 to $260 USD. However, we recommend you to check the terms and conditions of the lender, to see how much you will really pay, in addition to using their built-in loan calculator.

Can I get a $200 payday loan without a credit check?

It depends on the lender, but you shouldn’t worry because our recommended companies only perform soft credit checks at the hour of reviewing your application. Therefore, even with bad credit, you stand a chance at getting your application approved and the $200 USD deposited in your bank account.