Transparent & Predictable Pricing

Bet you didn't expect those words on a pricing page.

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Our affordable, asset-based, flat-rate model is simple, clear, and offers unparalleled transparency and predictability.

No word count limitations.

No geographic limitations.

No surprises.

Domestic U.S. Distribution

Each piece of content is charged a flat-rate asset fee, regardless of word count or geographic distribution. 

The primary content—whether it's a news release or standalone multimedia—costs 1 asset ($550).

Any additional content in the order—an image, infographic or video—costs ½ an asset ($275).

Your assets are tracked and clearly itemized before you submit your order, so you always know exactly what you're spending.

International Distribution

We utilize the same flat-rate pricing model for all international distribution, with a fee that varies based on region or country.

Select international distribution by region or country—it's up to you!

Distribution relationships with the world's leading news agencies.

News Direct is the only wire service providing human translations for the same flat fee.

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