3 Best Websites To Buy 50,000 YouTube Views ( Get Instant ) In April 2024

Buy 50,000 YouTube Views


Buy 50,000 YouTube Views: Did you know almost 2,500 new videos are posted every minute on YouTube? It generally takes one to five days to grab your target audience's attention. 

So, you must create something unique, relevant, and extraordinary. But what if even that fails to work? 

We might have a solution for you! Instead of worrying about insufficient views, you can quickly buy 50000 YouTube views from top trusted sites with quick delivery time at cheap prices. 

Top Websites to Buy 50k YouTube Views

#1 Thunderclap.it

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One of the most popular growth platforms with a large number of happy clients, Thunderclap.it delivers high-quality service and can help you get the desired YouTube views and gain real subscribers with its services. 

We offer genuine services to boost your YouTube video view count and channel subscriber count, along with paid comments and YouTube likes. You can buy 50,000 YouTube views from us to increase the reach and engagement of your YouTube account.

#2 GPC.fm

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GPC.fm offers quick service and one of the best paid YouTube views services in the market with a quick delivery time. It is also a trusted platform where you can buy 50,000 YouTube views from real people. Buying views from GPC.fm will help you increase your social media presence and visibility on the platform.

#3 BuyReviewz.com

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BuyReviewz.com is another trusted platform to buy 50,000 YouTube views with fast delivery time at cheap rates. A genuine platform that offers multiple services to increase your channel’s reach with paid views, subscribers, and likes and comments on the videos.

Best Sites to Buy 50,000 YouTube Views In 2024

#1 Thunderclap.it

Buy Youtube Views on thunderclap.it

Thunderclap.it is the most authentic growth website that provides YouTube views service and can help you grow your YouTube channel with paid views, subscribers, comments, and likes. 

We, at Thunderclap.it understand the importance of YouTube metrics in growing your channel and thus provide solutions to make your videos reach a greater set of audiences, helping you generate impressive revenue. 

Our organic views and likes will help in the overall enhancement of your YouTube channel’s reach and engagement. We offer different packages and schemes for the quality and number of views you want to buy. 

The platform offers various paid views packages that are divided into two categories, namely HIgh-quality views and Premium views. You can safely buy the type of views you want through a highly secure and safe payment portal. We also offer 24/7 customer service to our clients who might need our help at any hour of the day.

Our high-quality views package starts at $4.39 for 250 Views and goes up to $258.99 for 50,000 views. Thunderclap.it’s premium quality views package starts at  $7.99 for 250 Views and goes up to $349.99 for 50,000 views. Contact us today to get the best deals and grow your YouTube channel organically and fast!


  • Offers high-quality as well as premium-quality paid views.
  • Get quality YouTube views from real accounts.
  • No account passwords are required.
  • Quick and prompt delivery, so you don't have to wait.
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  • Free trial option to try.


  • We don’t accept payments in Bitcoins as of yet.

#2 GPC.fm

Buy real Youtube views on gcp.fm

GPC.fm is another top-rated platform where you can buy fifty thousand views. The platform delivers genuine, paid worldwide views and followers across social media platforms. If you want to buy YouTube organic views that are from real accounts and not from any fake accounts or bot accounts, then you must consider GPC.fm! 

By buying YouTube views from GPC.fm, you can improve the statistics of your YouTube channel by attracting more traffic to your videos and gaining genuine subscribers and likes afterwards. It will also help you improve your rankings and increase your recommendation appearances.

While platforms like GPC.fm offer enticing opportunities to boost your view count, it's essential to recognize the distinction between organic growth and purchasing views. 

Leveraging services like GPC.fm can provide a temporary lift, but it's crucial to complement these strategies with genuine content creation, audience engagement, and a commitment to building a real, lasting connection with your viewers. 


  • Get 100% real views.
  • 24/7 support for customer inquiries.
  • Safe and secure views for the account.
  • Offers multiple packages as per the client's needs.
  • High retention rate.
  • Cheap prices


  • No free trial is available.

#3 BuyReviewz.com 

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BuyReviewz.com is one of the sites that provides natural and real views on YouTube and has subscribers. If you want to grow your channel with authentic account views, BuyReviewz.com is the one for you. 

They offer various services to help you increase engagement on your YouTube videos. With their services, you can significantly grow your user engagement on the videos and simultaneously gain more subscribers for your YouTube channel.

They deliver 24/7 customer support services to their clients. They offer different packages for different numbers of views, which you can select from based on your requirements and needs. 

By buying 50k YouTube views from BuyReviewz.com, you can make your channel reach a large number of audiences, including your target audience.


  • Round-the-clock customer service.
  • Get genuine views and likes on your YouTube videos.
  • Secure payment gateway to ensure money and account safety.
  • Offers a variety of packages to choose from based on your requirements.


  • No live chat option is available yet.
  • No free trial is available.

Benefits of Buying 50,000 YouTube Views

Here are a few significant benefits that buying YouTube views can offer you!

#1. Improved engagement and traffic on the Channel

When you buy YouTube views, it will improve the engagement of your videos. The more the number of views, the better the engagement with the video. This helps in driving more organic traffic to the video, thus attracting more traffic on the channel. 

As soon as the video gets more engagement, YouTube’s algorithm starts recommending your videos to others, thus improving your visibility on the platform!

#2. Obtain a Better Ranking on SERPs

Search Engine Results Pages, both on YouTube and Google, generally display the content that has the most views or a higher engagement. To increase the YouTube ranking of your videos, buying YouTube views can play a vital role. 

With paid views, the video will start getting more engagement, thus getting a better ranking on the search results page. Better rankings will eventually increase the reach of your video further, and a wider set of audiences will be able to watch your videos as per YouTube’s algorithm.

#3. Help in Monetizing the Channel Early

YouTube has a condition of getting a certain number of minimum views and subscribers to be able to monetize the channel. Purchasing real YouTube views will also help you gain organic subscribers and engagement on your channel, along with a good amount of views. This will further help you in monetizing your channel in just a few days.

#4. Build Credibility and Gain People’s Trust

People often click videos that have a good number of views. Thus, paid YouTube views will help you gain the trust of viewers and turn them into your regular customers. It will help you build your credibility as a genuine and trustworthy channel that the viewers can look forward to investing their time in.

#5. An increase in the number of Subscribers

With all the engagement and traffic that come to your YouTube videos, with the help of paid views, you can significantly gain subscribers on your channel. Since more people will watch your content, it is sure to impress a certain percentage of the audience, who will go further and subscribe to your channel.

Tips to Organically Increase Views On YouTube

While shortcuts and tricks may promise instant gratification, the true essence of building a sustainable and engaged audience lies in understanding the art and science of organic growth.

Amidst this daunting challenge, there exists a beacon of hope for content creators: the ability to organically increase views on their YouTube channels. Below are a few tips that can help you attract organic traffic and increase views on your YouTube videos.

#1. Avoid making repetitive content 

There are times when the audiences get bored and the watch time decreases when they see repetitive content from a channel. This will hamper your growth and engagement. Thus, try making content that is distinct and hasn’t been posted on your channel before!

#2. Utilize Youtube analytics to understand your audience's behavior 

You can wisely utilize YouTube analytics to identify how your viewers respond to the content you post. What factors influence the reach of your videos, what’s working for you, and what’s not can be identified with YouTube metrics. You can use that data to pivot accordingly to get more views on your content.

#3. Use metadata to appear in popular video recommendations

When a user searches for a video, the search engine shows the most relevant videos which are optimized with the most suitable set of words matching the search. Choose tags with the right keywords and the most popular words related to your video’s niche, you can improve your chances of appearing in popular video recommendations.

#4. Create Playlists to multiply views

You can create playlists of your videos to keep the audience engaged on your channel. In a playlist, the next video plays automatically after the first one. This is a great way to keep the viewers hooked, and increase the watch time on your videos and grow organically.

#5. Add captions/transcripts to your videos

People often prefer watching videos that have transcripts or captions included. This is because many times, there are viewers from other regions who may not understand the language of the video. That’s why adding multiple languages captions and transcripts can attract more viewers and increase the reach of your video organically.

#6. Drive traffic to your other videos using cards and end screens

This is a very common and effective way to cross-promote your videos and retain the viewers' engagement on your channel. By adding cards and end screens, you can urge the viewers to click and check out your other videos, which may have gotten missed or have very less views.


Whether you have opened a YouTube channel today or years ago, buying YouTube views can be helpful for you! 

When you buy YouTube views for your videos, it not only increases the views for a new video but also helps you build your brand value, increase your visibility, and gain real subscribers on your channel. 

You can buy these views by making payments on their website, as they accept payment methods like Google Pay and Apply Pay.

Buying YouTube views from a trusted platform like Thunderclap.it can enhance your overall YouTube channel performance and help you generate good amounts of revenue from your videos. 

Especially when there is already so much competition prevailing in the industry, Thunderclap.it will ensure you remain ahead while leaving your competitors behind! After all, views are not just the number!


#1 Will buying YouTube views affect my account growth?

Buying YouTube views can affect your growth positively. If you buy YouTube views from Thunderclap.it, your videos will have more views and more traffic. 

This will help you to gain better rankings and more organic traffic on your channel. All this will help your channel grow much quicker and help you generate better revenue figures.

#2 How to increase YouTube views organically?

You can follow some of the best practices which to some extent, guarantee to increase your YouTube views. Some of these are: use metadata for your videos, don’t post repetitive content, include transcripts and captions in videos, optimize your videos properly, and alter the content as per your audience’s preferences.

#3 Does buying views from Thunderclap.it have the potential to enhance my credibility?

Yes, buying views from Thunderclap.it can enhance the credibility and visibility of your channel. With Thunderclap.it, you can buy YouTube views and enable your YouTube videos to achieve real and organic views and engagement along with new subscribers.

#4 Which is the best website to buy YouTube Views?

Thunderclap.it is the best site if you want to buy YouTube views for your channel. You get to choose between High-quality views and Premium-quality views when you buy views. 

The 24/7 customer support is an added advantage, you can buy views within a few clicks in under 30 seconds with an easy process. The YouTube views packages provide a satisfaction guarantee to the customers along with a minimal delivery time.

#5 Is it legal to buy YouTube views from Thunderclap.it?

Yes, you can buy YouTube views from Thunderclap.it without worrying about the legalities. It is completely safe to purchase YouTube views and subscribers from us since we are the leading growth platform available. 

We have been helping continent creators, businesses, and influencers in increasing their reach and engagement on multiple platforms!