3 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Likes In April 2024(Get Real Instant Likes)

buy instagram likes

Buy Instagram Likes: Have you ever thought of what an aspiring Instagram influencer, brand, or business does to get ahead?

The answer is simple- buy Instagram likes. 

The more likes an Instagram account has, the more it appears in the explore section and search results, which means more exposure for your business or brand.

The objective of buying Instagram likes is to give your profile a social proof boost, encouraging others to like your content and follow. 

The higher the follower count, the more opportunities you get for Instagram engagement and connection with potential customers, which is essential for anyone trying to succeed on Instagram.

3 Top Sites To Buy Instagram Likes For Your Business In 2024

#1. Thunderclap.it

👉Rating: 10/10

Thunderclap.it offers high-quality and premium likes from real IG accounts to give your content an edge and help you boost your engagement. With 24/7 customer support, and positive feedback from 3.9 million users, Thunderclap.it is best option to buy Instagram likes currently.

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#2. GPC.fm

👉Rating: 9.7/10

The major advantage of hiring GPC.fm is its ability to select the number of likes you need per photo or video and its instant delivery of likes. With GPC.fm, users feel they have more control and ensure no time is wasted waiting for likes to come in. So, why wait? Buy Instagram likes within five minutes and saves you efforts.

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#3. BuyReviewz.com

👉Rating: 8.5/10

BuyReviewz.com’s low price and money-back guarantee make it a safe investment with no risk. Here, you can find a package that fits both your content strategy needs and budget.

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The Best Platforms To Buy Instagram Likes


#1.  Thunderclap.it

buy instagram likes thunderclap

Having served more than a million customers from around the world, Thunderclap.it is one of the best platforms to buy Instagram likes. Its happy customers not only buy the likes from it but also views, comments, and followers to enhance the growth of their Instagram profile. They have been featured on Outlook, Deccan Herald for being users' choice. 

The brand specializes in offering two different types of Instagram likes, premium and high-quality. High-quality likes are the best deal considering you get real likes from active users interested in your content niche. On the other hand, the premium likes guarantee no drop-off and, ultimately, help increase brand awareness and ROI.

The company has an advanced Instagram algorithm that follows an intelligent targeting pattern, allowing the platform to target only those Instagram profiles with similar interests and your profile.

Unlike other websites, Thunderclap.it also offers a free trial so you know the quality of their services before investing. In the free trial, you get 25 high-quality likes from real profiles. You can also split likes into various pictures and videos on your account too.


  • You get a free trial to know their services before investing
  • Offers high-quality and premium-quality real Instagram likes
  • More than a million happy customers worldwide


  • Do not accept Bitcoin as a payment option (as of now)

#2. GPC.fm

buy instagram likes

Viral Instagram marketing strategies best succeed when active users like content to increase its reach further. GPC.fm offers a solution to get more Instagram engagement on your Instagram photos and videos with real users, providing high-quality likes at an affordable price.

Each Instagram like from GPC.fm comes from a real person’s active profile, making it the perfect way to boost your content's reach and get more eyes on your profile. Also, you can buy likes for specific Instagram posts, meaning you're in complete control of your social media marketing strategy the entire time.

GPC.fm also allows you to specify which countries you want your likes to come from and the gender ratio. It helps to keep your profile growth more spontaneous. Those with multiple accounts can snag discount deals for a certain percentage off their package.

And guess what! All these services are discreet, which means none of your followers will ever come to know about your purchased Instagram likes. So buy Instagram likes today from GPC.FM and start your Instagram growth journey. 


  • Discreet services
  • The option of customizing your likes is available.
  • You can buy likes specific for a post.
  • Various packages are available to buy.
  • 100% refund policy


  • Bitcoin is not accepted

#3. BuyReviewz.com

buy instagram likes

BuyReviewz.com offers the perfect opportunity for Instagram users who want to build their accounts to actualize their wishes. This leading website provides a growth program that drives a gradual, safe, and natural increase in the number of IG likes for account owners.

BuyReviewz.com's policy and unique strategy also ensure that the new likes are from real profiles, and they would even follow you if your content adds value to them consistently. So, members can always benefit from more likes and engagement.

All the likes are delivered gradually over time, so no one, even the Instagram algorithm, suspects they are purchased. It starts delivering between 2 and 24 hours after payment is made from your side. Also, their likes will stay forever on your Instagram posts and videos. 

BuyReviewz.com is quite safe since it doesn’t require you to hand in your account info, like passwords and other important credentials. The payment system is also encrypted to avoid being a victim of scams. 


  • Likes are delivered gradually over time
  • Does not ask for your password
  • The payment system is encrypted to avoid any scams
  • Offers real likes from real profiles


  • No free trial

Are Instagram Likes Essential For Social Media Presence?

If you have set up an Instagram account for yourself or your business, you need to ensure that the account has a lot of likes on the posts you make. All the sites mentioned above can help you get many real likes on Instagram in 2024.

Also, you can even use these sites to buy Instagram likes for your current and upcoming posts on an automated monthly basis. The likes are delivered on time and in an organic way to ensure your account remains healthy on the Instagram platform.

If you buy Instagram likes, you can leverage your social media presence by gaining new Instagram likes among your target audience. Many of those likes can be potential customers, so buying likes is a good investment. The websites mentioned above also sell real followers, which is a great option to consider alongside the Instagram likes.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Instagram Likes?

Although you can get organic engagement on your posts, buying Instagram likes gives you a definite advantage in many ways.

#1. Help Builds Your Brand Reputation

Instagram users are always up to associate themselves with trusted and reputable brands. Even before they check out your Insta profile, they will see the number of likes on a post. Only if they find your post popular enough they will invest in you.

Therefore, an Instagram profile with many likes will create an illusion of a successful business that will come true in time. This will help you gain the audience’s attention faster and build your brand reputation quickly.

#2. Saves You A Good Amount Of Time

Buying Instagram likes is a time saver for everyone. The amount of time you would invest in marketing yourself can instead be used in more productive things like creating unique content for your followers.

Also, it keeps you motivated and focused on developing more engaging content without worrying about likes and engagement. 

#3. Helps You In Customer Engagement

If you have a huge amount of followers and there is virtually no engagement on your post, the Instagram algorithm is smart enough to detect it, and you will be in a spot. 

People will follow you if your profile caters to a large audience. By buying Instagram likes, you are also increasing your number of organic followers. The more Instagram likes on your post, the more people believe you have a loyal base of followers. 

#4. Saves Money On Advertising

Buying Instagram likes is a cheaper version than traditional social media marketing. For example, if anyone wants to reach a maximum number of real Instagram users, he/ she would go the traditional way of advertising. However, do you realize that nowadays, people trusting advertised products is on a declining note? 

With the internet full of reviews for all products and services, people are giving much importance to other people's reviews. So when you put your hard earned cash into advertising, you can get your business going for half the amount you would have spent through buying Instagram likes.

#5. Multiply Your Growth Rate

Even if you have engaging and creative content to offer, it won’t matter much if you get less appreciation. On social media platforms like Instagram, it is wise to think about how to get likes and engagement from people, as it is one of the most important driving factors for an Instagram account to grow. 

Buying Instagram likes will help you show your targeted audience that you are trustworthy and provide them with good quality IG videos, reels, and other posts to get their entertainment going. Your profile’s integrity remains intact in the view of the customer, and they may even recommend you to others. This helps to keep the growth cycle rotating continuously.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Instagram Likes 

Consider the following factors before choosing a website to keep yourself safe from scammers and protect your Instagram profile:

#1. Reputation and Authenticity

Nowadays, reputation and brand image are everything. Before you choose the best platform to buy Instagram likes, you must read the ratings and reviews of a site. If possible, take a recommendation from your family and friends about a platform they have used to improve their social media presence and choose one after reading its reviews.

Another important factor to consider for choosing the best platform is authenticity. The sites mentioned above give you likes from real profiles. These service providers help you keep your account safe and secure from bots and engagements from fake profiles.

#2. Safe And Secure Payment Gateway

We recommend only those platforms that use advanced SSL encryption methods to protect the information of their users. This advanced encryption indicates that the site is secure and protects your payment and the information you provide to the website.

Hence, it is best advised to choose a platform with SSL encryption to keep your transactions safe and protected. Remember to always say no to any unsuspicious behavior on websites.

#3. Timely Delivery 

The delivery of your purchased Instagram likes is very important to take place as scheduled. You will know this when you read multiple reviews regarding the company’s services. Getting likes quickly is good, but not all at once. If your service provider offers gradual and quick delivery, you should consider it without further delay.

#4. Customer Service

Make sure the website you choose has a good customer support team with 24/7 availability. Live chat is always a good option for quick answers to queries. This is important because you can consult a customer representative if you don’t get likes on your account as promised.

#5. Money Back Guarantee

The best place for purchasing Instagram likes is the one that guarantees its services. A guarantee will help you make up for missed likes from your account later. Also, a money-back guarantee from the service provider will ensure you get the money back as a refund if the company fails to deliver as promised.

What Is The Cost Of Buying Instagram Likes?

Getting Instagram likes is cheap if you spend time researching the best affordable sites to buy them. Here, we have mentioned the cost of Thunderclap.it services, which is one of the most affordable rates in the industry.

Cost of High-Quality Instagram Likes

  • 50 for $ 0.99
  • 100 for $ 1.99
  • 250 for $ 4.79
  • 500 for $ 6.49
  • 1,000 for $ 12.49
  • 2,500 for $ 23.99
  • 5,000 for $ 43.99
  • 10,000 for $ 79.99
  • 20,000 for $ 139.99
  • 25,000 for $ 169.99
  • 50,000 for $ 249.99

Cost of Premium Instagram Likes

  • 50 for $ 3.39
  • 100 for $ 6.89
  • 250 for $ 12.89
  • 500 for $ 19.89
  • 1,000 for $ 34.89
  • 2,500 for $ 74.89
  • 5,000 for $ 119.99
  • 10,000 for $ 198.99

Grow Your Instagram Likes And Engagement Organically

Want to grow your Instagram likes naturally? Follow the tips mentioned below and see the increase in your Instagram likes and engagement.

  1. Post strong visual content like high-resolution Instagram photos or professional graphics created with advanced tools. If you are making videos or reels, go with the trendy ones.
  2. Think of writing compelling captions in the first sentence of your post as the hook that determines whether the audience clicks more to keep reading.
  3. Hashtags are key to success on Instagram. So, do not forget to Include up to 30 relevant hashtags at the end of your caption. Visit the hashtag on Instagram to see how many people are following it and what type of content appears in the top Instagram posts.
  4. Do not forget to promote your Instagram posts in your stories. This helps garner more views and likes.
  5. Cross-promote your Instagram account on your other social media accounts to engage fans from other networks with your Instagram content. Also, post a link to your Instagram content to boost engagement for every new post.
  6. Share your Instagram username on business cards, email newsletters, interviews, and podcasts.
  7. Add a link of your website, if any, to your Instagram profile where you promote your other social profiles. 


By now, you must have realized that there are a number of advantages to buying Instagram likes. This gives you the essential boost to your Instagram profile growth when there are millions of posts for every hashtag. It helps get your business out to more people and builds smooth rapport over time. 

Buying Instagram likes is a secret growth ladder many influencers and celebrities have utilized to perfect their business model quickly. If you want to buy Instagram likes, you can try the free trial offered by Thunderclap.it. You can proceed with their premium version if you get high-quality likes and security assurance. More than a million customers have benefitted from their service, you shall too.


  • Can I buy Instagram likes to boost my engagement growth?

Instagram is expected to grow yearly, so it would be wise for individuals and businesses to join the platform. However, everyone can't grow organically. You will have to buy Instagram likes to boost your engagement growth quickly. 

When you buy automatic Instagram likes, you go through a simple process of selecting the package you want and reviewing the pricing. If your package is within your budget, you enter your payment information to buy likes for Instagram.

Next, all you have to do is watch your Instagram likes increase. Also, your page will grow by building this foundation and uploading high-quality content.

  • How to buy Instagram likes for free?

You can get likes on Instagram for free by building a community from day one. When you buy Instagram likes, you drive more real organic users to visit your profile. The more relatable your content is, the more people will begin to follow, helping you get free Instagram likes and followers.

However, there is one secret method to buy Instagram likes for free, and that is Thunderclap.it. The company offers a free trial version of 25 high-quality Instagram likes. You can visit the website and give it a try at zero cost.

  • Can you get more likes on Instagram?

Once you buy Instagram likes, you’re opening the door to success on social media. The more Instagram likes you get, the more your profile gets exposure. And, if your content is valuable and engaging for the audience, there is no looking back. As time progresses, you won’t need to buy likes for Instagram and can reap the benefits of organic growth.

  • How to Buy Instagram Followers?

  • First, have a clear objective for your Instagram profile

  • Research, compare prices, and read reviews

  • Take advantage of free trials

  • Watch the purchased followers for dropouts 

  • Try different companies

  • Select the best performer in your budget & move ahead

  • Is it safe to buy Instagram likes?

Yes, if you’re purchasing real IG likes from real Instagram accounts. This means you are good to go with the three reputable providers we suggested earlier. They have networks of real IG users ready to like your posts and videos after placing your order. 

Buying bot-generated or fake likes for your Instagram page from random websites may make your likes count look impressive for a while, but the Instagram algorithm will quickly remove them and may penalize you for using them.

  • How many Instagram likes should I buy?

Instagram growth service providers offer packages for as few as 50 likes and as many as 50,000+ likes for your profile growth. If you’re unsure what makes sense for your account, high-end social media vendors have knowledgeable customer service representatives who can provide valuable advice.

  • Can I Get Banned For Buying Instagram Likes?

Buying likes on Instagram doesn’t mean you will get banned. Users from all over the world purchase Instagram likes, but they don’t get banned. Therefore, it is safe to buy Instagram likes for your profile. However, it is best recommended not to buy Instagram likes from any websites that promote auto likes from bots or fake Instagram profiles.

  • What are the best places to buy Instagram likes?

The best places to buy real Instagram likes are as follows:

  • Thunderclap.it
  • GPC.fm
  • BuyReviewz.com