7 Best Sites To Buy YouTube Subscribers In April 2024 ( Real & Active)

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Are you serious about your YouTube channel but wondering how to grow it effectively? 

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Here are the top three sites best known for providing explicit YouTube services with real and active subscribers. Read them in detail and choose the best site today!

Best Sites To Buy Youtube Subscribers To Grow Your YouTube Channel In 2024

#1. Thunderclap.it

👉Ratings: 10/10

Buy YouTube subscribers in less than 30 seconds with Thunderclap.it. The site offers exciting packages to grow the reach and engagement of your YouTube channel. Bring assured growth to your YouTube channel with the awesome growth platform and go viral!

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#2. GPC.FM

👉Ratings: 9.8/10

Bring the best growth services to your YouTube channel by choosing GPC.fm to buy YouTube subscribers. Get constant support for your queries and concerns from the excellent customer support team and amplify your reach to get more subscribers.

Visit GPC.FM to buy YouTube subscribers today!

#3. BuyReviewz.com

👉Ratings: 9.5/10

BuyReviewz.com is a trusted website for buying YouTube channel subscribers. They offer several services and packages to grow more subscribers on the YouTube channel. The platforms also provide secure gateways to make hassle-free payments.

Buy YouTube subscribers today by visiting BuyReviewz.com. 

Top Sites To Buy YouTube Subscribers In 2024


#1. Thunderclap.it

buy youtube subscribers thunderclap

Thunderclap.it is a reputable platform featured as the best site to buy YouTube subscribers on Men’s Journal and Delco Times in 2024. It is a top-end platform for social media growth that is uniquely designed to deliver premium services that involve acquiring authentic users to interact with your account and help them cater to your needs.

Thunderclap’s team of professionals never fails to deliver subscribers in less time and pays more importance to customer satisfaction. You can always start with our free trial package and then buy YouTube subscribers for your channel. Our free trial package will assure you of the quality of subscribers. 

The company takes care of the client’s safety and security; thus, there is no need to provide a password or any personal details about your YouTube account. Enjoy a significant leap in popularity on your video content by buying more subscribers with Thunderclap.it. They are the best you can ever choose for your growth.


  • High-quality YouTube organic subscribers.
  • Customer satisfaction is a priority
  • 24*7 support
  • Transparent working culture


  • No cons found

#2. GPC.FM

buy youtube subscribers gpc

Are you considering investing in a reliable YouTube subscriber provider? If yes, then choose GPC.fm to complete your quest to buy YouTube subscribers. GPC.fm is an excellent website for buying YouTube subscribers with a legacy of satisfied customers. The company is well-known for providing authentic subscribers to your YouTube channel in less than an hour.

They have various affordable packages for active subscribers available on the website. However, you can also customize these packages as per your YouTube channel’s requirements and needs. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order of YouTube subscribers in less than 30 seconds. 

GPC.fm doesn’t ask for much when placing your order. They respect your privacy and confidential data and only ask for your YouTube channel’s name to ensure that they provide subscribers with the right account. The platform offers you YouTube subscribers discreetly and instantly. So, get ready to grow your YouTube channel with the excellent and genuine services of GPC.fm.


  • Genuine YouTube subscribers
  • Instant delivery
  • Customizable packages
  • Active YouTube users and robust YouTube subscribers


  • Payment via Bitcoin is not available

#3. BuyReviewz.com

When purchasing subscribers for your Youtube account, simply choose BuyReviewz.com. BuyReviewz.com is among the top social media service platforms for catering to every social media need, especially purchasing YouTube subscribers. BuyReviewz.com will boost your YouTube channel in a way you never thought. 

The best thing about the site is that they work according to the YouTube algorithm and closely keeps a note of viewers' engagement, and thus, they effectively provide genuine subscribers. Gradually, you will notice those subscribers showcase genuine interest in your content and channel, thus helping you to grow more gracefully.

BuyReviewz.com provides a wide range of packages to buy subscribers for YouTube. Another best thing about the platform is its easy and secure payment process to buy Youtube subscribers

Once you purchase YouTube subscribers from GPC.FM, there's no returning back.   


  • Cost-effective
  • Exceptional services
  • 24*7 customer support for queries and concerns
  • Active YouTube subscribers


  • Payment via Bitcoin is not available

#4. Thunderclap.com

👉Score: 7.5/10

Do you want to make your YouTube videos viral? You should buy YouTube subscribers from one of the leading platforms, Thunderclap.com. They provide a wide range of YouTube subscribers at affordable prices that can help in the organic growth of your account. There is also a trial package available for you. 


  • Trial package is available 
  • Affordable packages for subscribers 
  • Helps in the organic growth of accounts


  • Payment options are limited

#5. YouTubeforviews

👉Score: 7.5/10

While you can increase the views on your YouTube account by purchasing, you can also do so with subscribers. Youtubeforviews is selling subscribers quickly with a free trial package. You can choose between high-quality and premium subscribers for the growth of your account. 


  • Choose between high-quality and premium subscribers
  • YouTube subscribers are available at affordable rates 
  • Fast delivery on your channel 


  • Customer support team is very slow 

#6. subscribeYT

👉Score: 7/10

Another platform selling subscribers at affordable rates is subscribeYT. With genuine, quality subscribers, they aim to help your YouTube account grow. The subscribers that you receive are genuine YouTube account owners who will engage with your account. This also helps with organic growth. 


  • Grow your account organically 
  • Subscribers are original YouTube account holders
  • Affordable rates for subscribers


  • Delivery time for subscribers is longer 

#7. goYTgrow

👉Score: 7/10

If you want premium-quality YouTube subscribers, you should choose goYTgrow. With a wide range of packages available, they will deliver the subscribers instantly to your account. Moreover, subscribers will constantly engage with your videos, increasing the number of views. 


  • Various packages available
  • Get premium quality YouTube subscribers
  • Increase engagement in your account


  • Payment gateways may not be secure.

5 Top Benefits to Buy YouTube Subscribers

YouTube is one of the second most popular search engines to get more subscribers, engagement, ROI, and business to your content. Currently, people use YouTube to watch all kinds of content. 

Many individuals, brands, businesses, and communities buy YouTube subscribers to grow their channels and increase their reputation and credibility among the masses. If you want to be a famous YouTuber, buy YouTube subscribers to increase your following and reach.   

With more YouTube subscribers on your channel, you can establish your account as relevant, professional, experienced, and authorized.

Here we have listed some of the top benefits of buying active Youtube subscribers to grow your channel. Let’s explore:

#1. Gain subscribers

Your YouTube channel can benefit from gaining more YouTube subscribers in various ways. Your channel's growth and success can be improved by adding more subscribers. The following sentence highlights some of the possible advantages:

Gaining organic increases your channel's chances of growth and success, which is one of the main benefits. Your YouTube videos are more likely to be viewed, liked, and shared by larger audiences, which may result in more views, longer considering visits, and improved engagement.

#2. Generate a good ROI

The ability to monetize your channel and make money is one of the most significant ROI (return on investment) advantages for YouTube subscribers. When you gain subscribers, it generates an enormous return on investment, especially when using the platform's monetization options. 

You may monetize your channel in various ways by joining the YouTube Partner Programme as your subscriber base increases. By enabling advertising on your watch videos, you can make money based on how many impressions and clicks the ads receive from your viewers and subscribers.

#3. Increase Your Reach and Rank

The potential to expand your audience and rise in the platform's rankings is one of the significant advantages of getting to buy YouTube subscribers. Your subscribers significantly increase the visibility of your videos. Your watch videos have a better chance of being viewed by more people when you have a vast subscriber base. 

Your new subscribers receive notifications when a new video is uploaded, encouraging them to watch and interact with your content. These early increases in views, likes, comments, and shares inform YouTube that your videos are worthwhile and exciting.

#4. Makes You A Trustworthy Site

Although buying YouTube subscribers can influence how trustworthy someone is seen to be, it's crucial to remember that trust is developed in various ways. 

Possessing a sizable subscriber base can favor how potential viewers view your channel since it communicates value and support from an existing audience. This initial confidence may encourage more interest in and exploration of your topic on your target audience.

#5. Easy Promotions and Branding

Your channel's promotion and branding activities might be substantially simplified to buy YouTube subscribers. Your audience is already familiar with your content if you have a subscriber base. 

This community of existing subscribers is simple to approach and interact with when you promote new videos, resources, or services. The likelihood that they will respond favorably to your marketing communications raises the possibility of conversions and engagement.

How To Get More Real YouTube Subscribers?

Often YouTubers wonder how to get real YouTube subscribers. Well, one of the many ways is to buy YouTube subscribers instantly from a reputed website like Thunderclap.it, GPC.fm, and more. 


However, they also understand the importance of growing their account organically, which is time-consuming. Thus, they need to adopt organic strategies to grow their subscribers and create content that supports their niche and is relevant to their audience.  

Here are a few ways you can get more real Youtube subscribers:

#1. Make your content Strategically appropriate

Content is essential for any account’s success and is the only way to attract users to subscribe to your account. Focusing on showcasing it systematically should be the first step to growing your channel. 

One can feature their best content on their channel’s page so that new visitors can go through your best content and click on the subscribe button.

#2. Categorize Your Content with Playlists

A playlist can work out best to increase your channel’s watch time. YouTube playlist automatically plays a set of videos in a set sequence. Viewers don’t need to click the following video; they just sit back and enjoy the upcoming content. Playlists act as open-ended series and encourage people to subscribe to your account to watch more videos in a row.

#3. Give a CTA button for Subscribing 

Add the watermark and an extra subscribe button in the bottom right corner of your video. Another option is to provide a still image at the end of the video to remind people to subscribe to your channel. The CTA button will motivate the viewer to subscribe to your channel for more relevant content. 

#4. Add a Thumbnail

A thumbnail is a 1280 *720px still image that acts like a cover of your video. Acknowledge new viewers more about who you are as a video content creator through these custom thumbnails, as it is necessary for channel branding.  

Offer users reasons to subscribe with consistent and compelling thumbnails. They should know that they’re looking at videos on your channel.  

#5. Follow Effective Channel for branding

Effective branding lets people know who you are and their expectations from your channel. You need to work on the following areas to make your branding effective:

  • Channel description- Tell people about you on the About page in 1000 characters and why they should subscribe. Writing an adequate explanation is crucial to get started.
  • Banner art- Welcome visitors with a compelling, clean, impressive banner as they can be potential new subscribers. Therefore, create banners in such an artistic way that people come to know where they are and get solid reasons to stick around.
  • Channel icon- The logo on YouTube is usually the channel icon. Remember to represent yourself and your brand with this icon, as it is the easiest recognition method on your channel page and anywhere you comment.
  • Custom URL- Once you attain at least 100 subscribers, you can claim a custom URL by choosing Customization in the left menu, then clicking Basic Info and scrolling down to Channel URL. This takes visitors to your video directly and thus encourages them to subscribe.

#6. Interaction with your audience

You need to form a relationship with your viewers by responding to the comments and following them back. You can also include a community of peers and promote each other. You can also ask your subscribers what content they would love to see. These interactions will create a bond and eventually help you to grow.

#7. Motivate Viewers to Subscribe to Your Account

Increasing the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel requires encouraging users and your target audience to do so. Remember to prod viewers to join your channel throughout your videos. Emphasize the advantages of subscribing, such as receiving notifications of new content or obtaining access to premium videos, while you ask them to do so out loud.

#8. Verify Your Google Account For Easy Reach

Your Google account must be verified if you want to create longer content. So if you want to make your channel look professional, then Google verification is necessary. Open your Google account on a computer, follow easy steps, and get your account verified in no time.

Upgrade Your Video Quality And Generate Organic Youtube Subscribers

Increase organic YouTube subscribers to your channel with the upgraded quality of your content and catch the eyeballs of your customer. 

Here, we have mentioned a few pointers to upgrade your video quality and generate organic YouTube subscribers:

1. Good Light

Lighting makes a lot of difference in the quality of a video. Make sure to have plenty of light when you are filming a video. If you are filming in the sun, get your best footage in the morning and the evening. And for filming indoors, you can always experiment with the lights.

2. Clean Background

Always be sure of the background because nothing is more distracting than a messy background. You can always use a wall, a bedsheet, or a large sheet of backdrop paper for shooting. Also, you must not film with a window or any other reflective surface in the background.

3. Clear Voice

Clear audio is more important than video quality. A little grainy also goes well if the audio is crisp and clear. But if the audio is not good, it will take no time for a viewer to press the back button. You must invest in a good microphone for good audio quality.

4. Schedule Your Videos

Start by planning your videos. Take time to prepare your videos thoroughly before you start production. One must define the goals, write a script, and create a storyboard. Keeping your videos as brief and tight as possible is always advisable. 

5. Choose The Right Angles & Frames

Add visual interest to your videos by shooting from different angles and frames. If you are making videos on how to do videos, then this tip works.

6. Apply Rule Of Thirds To Your Videos

Imagine a three-by-three grid laid over the field when filming. For a great video, you must place the subject on the points where the lines intersect. It is excellent to adhere to the rule of thirds as often as possible.

7. Ace The Editing Game

Choose a good video editing tool that will help you to turn your raw video into something extraordinary and professional. You can always try different effects but don’t go too crazy. Eliminate the background noise and cut awkward pauses and silences.

8. Be Confident While Shooting Video

Being nervous and underconfident will distract your viewers. So practice religiously, be calm, and open up your body language. You can always use the props to keep your hand busy and slightly slow down when you talk. And finally, keep practicing.

Crucial Mistakes To Avoid While Buying YouTube Subscribers

When you choose to buy a YouTube subscribers provider, make sure to consider the following. Do not get fooled into buying fake YouTube subscribers or bots.

Here are a few crucial mistakes you should avoid while buying YouTube subscribers:

#1. Not checking replacement and refund policy

This is one of the silliest mistakes one makes by not checking the replacement and refund policy. There are a lot of fraud companies that trigger people down in the name of real YouTube subscribers. So always make sure to get your money back in case your service is not delivered.

#2. Ignoring the reviews

Reviews never lie; you can just simply Google search and get the reviews. Many channels and blogs give you honest reviews, so try going through them and choosing the best for yourself.

#3. Not reviewing the customer support

A sound support system is all you need for a seamless service. Thus, check for customer support and then decide to purchase their services.

#4. Not comparing the Prices

There is a lot of competition with third-party service providers, so go through the prices and compare their prices with different providers. Many will charge high, so be aware.

#5. Underestimating the Quality of Subscribers

Many providers sell fake subscribers and inactive subscribers. So, check the quality of subscribers before you buy real YouTube subscribers. You can always ask for accessible trails, and thus, you can check the quality of their subscribers.


If you are serious about growing your YouTube channel, investing in purchasing YouTube subscribers is a clear win-win. You only need to choose the best site to buy YouTube subscribers that solve all your issues and give you a pavement for YouTube growth.

Thunderclap.it is a well-known and reputable platform to cater to all your social media platform needs. They offer free trial packages for views, likes, and subscribers. Also, they provide refund and refill guarantees, making them unbeatable in the market.

If you are thinking of purchasing YouTube subscribers, choose Thunderclap.it and take your YouTube journey to another level.


#1. When will my YouTube subscriber order start?

Those who wish to grow their accounts quicker must purchase them, as it is the fastest way to buy real YouTube subscribers. Your YouTube Subscriber order will start within 48 hours of order placement. Once the order begins, a  specific amount of subscribers will be sent daily. Fast service and regular delivery are being ensured.

#2. Are the YouTube subscribers permanent?

Yes, real YouTube subscribers are permanent if you buy it from a reputable website like Thunderclap.it and GPC.fm. These sites offer real YouTube users, not just bot subscribers or fake YouTube subscribers. The number of subscribers won’t drop when time expires.

#3. What is the difference between Standard speed and Fast speed in buying YouTube subscribers?

The quality provided in both standard and fast speed is the same. The thing that differentiates these two from each other is the time of order completion. 

Standard speed refers to the average speed required to deliver the services, and fast speed means an option that your client demands to get the subscribers faster and achieve their targets. 

Thus, you can choose your delivery options and get the best services at affordable prices. 

#5. Can I choose which country to buy YouTube subscribers from?

Yes, you can choose the country you want to buy subscribers from reputable websites like Thunderclap.it. The site offers YouTube subscribers from all  over the world to broaden your audience's reach and make your channel popular. 

#6. Which are the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers?

Thunderclap.it is the best site to buy YouTube subscribers. They have a legacy of helping their clients grow faster by delivering high-quality subscribers at affordable prices. They offer a range of packages to suit your needs and budget simultaneously. One can quickly improve the visibility and credibility of their channel with the help of Thunderclap.it. Thus grow your YouTube channel organically and make a channel owner successful without any risk.

#7. Can I get banned from YouTube if I buy YouTube subscribers?

One basic fear that arises in a customer’s mind is getting banned for buying YouTube Subscribers. However, this is false, and YouTube can not deny your account as long as the bought YouTube subscribers are genuine, authentic and active YouTube users interacting with your uploaded videos. 

This may happen only if there are fake subscribers from inactive accounts on your YouTube channel and discrepancies in the number of views, likes, subscribers, and comments.

#8. What are the key points to remember when choosing the best YouTube subscribers to shop to boost your channel?

When you are looking to increase your subscriber count and buy  YouTube subscribers for the same. To avoid mistakes, one  must pay attention to a few crucial points beforehand:-

  • Sensitive information- Don’t share your data, such as login credentials and credit or debit card pins, as these are not required for buying subscribers.
  • Past reviews: Check if the company has a good record of positive client reviews. You can easily find reviews by Google search. Do your research before buying.
  • Payment methods- Be sure of the secured payment methods. Also, the company should have a refund and replacement policy so that you can get your money back in case you didn’t receive what was promised.
  • Customer support team- You need to know about the customer support service you will use before purchase to encounter problems quickly, as many benefits don’t have a sound 24/7 support system.
  • Quality of Subscribers- Many companies sell fake subscribers and inactive YouTube subscribers who will not help you grow your channel. This is necessarily important that the services received are from high-quality subscribers.