Sponsored Content for Professional Content Marketers

Content Marketing pros know that the key to success for sponsored content is reaching not just a large audience, but also the right one.

News Direct's Spotlight enables high quality sponsored content to leverage the substantial organic traffic and domain ranking of the News Direct home page while also benefiting from the highly desirable demographic segments that frequent our site.

This combination creates ideal conditions for quality content to be seen and engaged with, resulting in success in meeting the objectives of professional content marketers.


Our Model


Category Exclusives

News Direct provides content marketers with their own dedicated channel on our high visibility home page, granting them sole "ownership" of their selected categories.  This prevents competition for eyeballs from others posting similar subject matter as well as insulates the keywords for those categories from vying for dominance within search engine algorithms.

Location! Location! Location!

News Direct charges a reasonable annual rate for prominent placement of each dedicated category channel within the Spotlight section of our home page, which is located in the main navigation bar at the top of the page.  This location, along with our strong SEO performance, makes content highly accessible and easy to find.

Revenue Sharing

News Direct and the customer will engage in a standard affiliate marketing agreement in which a mutually agreed upon percentage of revenue earned from the sponsored posts will be shared by the customer with News Direct.

Let us show you the power of News Direct.