How To Sell Feet Pics - Read This 2024 Guide First

how to sell feet pics and make money

There's a lot of money to be made when it comes to selling feet pics. In addition, there's a tonne of platforms you can choose from when selling feet pics online. Here I'll give my tips on how to make the most money selling feet pics and where to start selling.

A bit about me first! My name's April. I've made a tonne of money online. Blogging, selling items, freelancing (and of course, selling feet pics), you name it, I've probably sold it!

I consider myself an expert when it comes to selling feet pics. I've used multiple platforms, tried different approaches and now use my feet as a cool side income.


1. How To Get Started Selling Feet Pics:

2. Where Should You Sell Feet Pics?

3. What Other Platforms Are There To Sell Feet Pics?

4. Platforms To Sell Feet Pics Rated

5. How Much Money Can You Make?

6. How To Take Feet Pics:

7. What Feet Pic Poses Sell Best?

How To Get Started Selling Feet Pics in 2024:

So, you want to get started selling feet pics, lets get to my special tips updated based on my experiences in 2023.

I've been there and done it all. When it comes to selling feet pics online, I've been frustrated, annoyed, amazed by the money I made, scammed and shocked at some of the requests I've had from buyers (some of which paid me very handsomely).

No matter which platform you choose, my tips below apply to all of them:

  1. Choosing a platform:

    The first step to starting to sell feet pics is to choose a reliable platform. There are a lot of options to choose from, but I recommend FunwithFeet. They’re the safest, easiest, and most secure website for selling feet pics. I've written more about these guys below. I recommend looking for a few key features when choosing a platform to sell on.

    My top picks are a user-friendly design, clear and organized categories, a chat feature for connecting with buyers, and fast and secure payments. There’s nothing worse than earning a healthy side hustle only to have your money tied up by technicalities and fine print. Choose a foot pic website that’s straightforward, reputable, and has a customer service team that actually cares and responds when you contact them. 

  2. Taking high-quality pictures:  

    Upload a minimum of 10 pics of your feet. While professional camera gear isn't necessary, ensure that the images capture the complete foot in well-composed shots, avoiding any awkward cropping or heavy editing. Most buyers want to see your feet in their natural glory and beauty (it's 2024, good quality should be an easy task!). I recommend scheduling a photo shoot at least once a week where you take dozens – if not HUNDREDS – of foot pics before uploading the best of the batch.

  3. Write detailed descriptions:

    Most buyers will find your feet pics through the search function so be as detailed as possible and avoid using generic descriptions that will match your pics with thousands of other feet pics. Be as specific as possible and add categories to your feet pics. Whenever possible, incorporate targeted keywords as well.

    This increases the likelihood that your content shows up at the top of the search results page. Even though they say a picture is worth a thousand words, the right words in your description will help create an even more detailed picture in the buyer’s mind of what they’ll get and experience when they purchase and download your flawless foot pics.

  4. Set prices:

    Start off with a mix of lower and medium prices to test the waters. I’d recommend pricing most of your pictures at around $5 and a few a little higher at $10-$15. Once you have built a customer base you can raise your prices. Consider any overhead fees when setting your foot pic prices, too. For example, if you’re paying subscription or membership fees on a particular site, if they take a cut of your pay, or if you purchased equipment and accessories that cost extra money.

    If you’re unsure of how to price speciality foot pics, check out what your competitors are doing and go from there. (PS – that’s another reason I love – their membership fees are affordable and they let sellers keep 100% of their earnings.) 

  5. Build your customer base:

    Try to build relationships with buyers. Answer their messages as fast as possible and make sure that they feel understood and appreciated. Keep your exchanges polite and professional but also fun and flirty. Even though you’re not being paid for an explicit chat service, the more personable, complementary and engaged you are with potential buyers that contact you via private messenger, the more likely you are to land steady sales and repeat customers.

    Another great way to build your brand and your customer base is by using social media outlets. Post teasers, reels, and stories to various social media platforms and drive traffic to your foot pic sales page by adding links to your bios. Promoting yourself and your foot content is a full-time job but it’s more than worth it when you acquire a healthy customer base of foot lovers that love you and your work!

  6. Sell anonymously or as yourself:

    This is one of the biggest questions I get asked by new sellers and those that know I sell feet pics on the side – can you sell feet pics anonymously? And the answer is a resounding yes! Not only can you successfully sell feet pics anonymously but this is one of the easiest industries to make money in without revealing your identity. Buyers want to see your feet in all their glory – not your face. Just be careful not to accidentally include any clues or details about your identity.

    Things like birthmarks and tattoos, street signs in the background, storefronts, or even documents in your bedroom that have your name on it could instantly blow your cover. If you choose to sell anonymously this also means coming up with a fake name, alias, or even an alter ego. This can be a lot of fun and a great way to stretch your creative muscles and embody a persona that’s hidden deep inside or no one else knows about. (Read more about my dirty feet page below!)

  7. Scope out the competition:

    In life, they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen other sellers on multiple platforms posting foot pics that resemble mine. While no one has ever gone as far as to actually STEAL my content, they have come pretty close by replicating the exact pose, position, props, and backdrop. But that’s okay! This is actually a great practice when selling feet pics. Scoping out your competition not only gives you useful insight into what you’re up against and who your biggest competitors are, but you can also learn from their missteps and mistakes.

    See which of their feet pics are selling best and which ones fall flat. You can also check out comments on their posts, their pricing structure, and how active and engaged they are. Take each of these points and learn something from them. I’m constantly looking at the profiles, bios, and sales pages of sellers who are creating similar content to mine. If you feel daring enough, you can even send your favorite competitors a message and inquire about networking or collaborating on future projects. Sometimes, two sets of feet are better than one! 

  8. Protect yourself:

    Using reputable foot pic platforms like FunwithFeet offer their own added layer of protection against scammers, hackers, and other wrongdoers. With that being said, it’s still your primary responsibility to ensure your own safety and security. This is done in various ways from recognizing the red flags of a scammer to never sharing your personal information and adding watermarks to your photos (more on that later).

    If you end up getting scammed selling feet pics and you didn’t adopt some online best practices, you really have no one to blame but yourself. So before you start posting your foot pics and exposing yourself to the world, consider a few basic safety measures like choosing a secure payment system (I prefer CashApp and PayPal), creating a new email address and new social media accounts specifically for selling feet pics), and never sharing your personal details.

    My best piece of advice for staying safe while selling feet pics is to go with your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t hesitate to terminate the transaction and find a different seller who you feel more comfortable working with. 

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Where Should You Sell Feet Pics in 2024?

The best platform to sell feet pics in 2024 is FunwithFeet. They provide sellers with a safe and user-friendly website to sell feet pics and have received an excellent 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot. 

To ensure the authenticity of its sellers, FunwithFeet has implemented strict requirements. Sellers must be at least 18 years of age and undergo a thorough identity verification process. Be assured that any information provided is strictly confidential and never shared with other users.

After I uploaded my ID, I was verified within 15 minutes, so although they have strict policies in place, its no big deal if you are a legit seller. I was able to start uploading content almost right away and started chatting with buyers within the first few days. 

FunwithFeet Pricing and Withdrawals

In terms of pricing, FunwithFeet charges a monthly seller fee of $9.99 for three months (or a reduced rate of $14.99 for six months). Despite this fee, sellers retain 100% of their earnings, offering a competitive percentage that surpasses many other feet picture websites. The fee structure also fosters a better balance between buyers and sellers, resulting in a more favorable environment for sellers to thrive.

You can rest assured that your banking and payment information are protected and safe on the FunwithFeet database. There’s a $50 minimum for all withdrawals but with how much I sell on FunwithFeet, I hit this threshold with no issues and was able to start spending my hard earned money right away. 

In terms of withdrawing your cash, mine took 3 hours. I logged into my dashboard, clicked "WITHDRAW" and entered details on where I want the money sent to.

I did have an issue where the money took 3 days to arrive. Believe me, I gave the FunwithFeet support team an earful! I quickly learnt that this was my banks fault, not FunwithFeet.... OOPPS! Sorry guys. The customer service team was extremely patient, helpful, and informative, even though the error was mine, not theirs. 

FunwithFeet takes care of transaction fees and chargebacks, simplifying the selling process and allowing you to remain anonymous. The platform is also fully compliant, ensuring the utmost safety and security of your data. 

One notable advantage of FunwithFeet is its substantial investment in advertising. This ongoing effort attracts a growing number of buyers to the platform, expanding your customer base and enhancing your selling opportunities.

Even though I still do my own fair share of marketing and promotion on other platforms, it’s clear FunwithFeet cares about its sellers and does everything they can to generate tons of traffic and attract legitimate and genuine buyers. They also have a “Recently Joined” section on the homepage that highlights new sellers. This is a HUGE plus and gives beginners a boost in exposure and visibility. 

What about dodgy buyers?

Buyers on FunwithFeet are required to provide their card information before engaging in any transactions or communication. This additional layer of security guarantees a scam-free experience for sellers. I was getting sick and tired of "buyers" of other platforms promising me that if I sent them $50 for setting up an account on some random site, they'd send me $1,000 for my feet pics (sure they will!).

On other sites, I’ve received numerous explicit messages and inappropriate requests. If you can think of it, I’ve been asked. And while there’s no way to eliminate these types of users completely, FunwithFeet’s verification process and security measures definitely cut down on the number of sketchy buyers that are looking for a lot more than just your feet pics! You also don’t have to worry about getting spam messages from bots in your inbox since FunwithFeet goes to great lengths to prevent these as well. 

To sum it up, FunwithFeet is a reliable platform that takes care of your safety and privacy, even though they charge a monthly fee. It's better to choose a platform like FunwithFeet that invests in bringing in new buyers and protects you, rather than a platform that only wants your money without providing any support. It’s also a major plus that FunwithFeet lets sellers keep 100% of their sales so you can easily budget and set your prices without worrying about exorbitant overhead fees or commissions. It’s clear that FunwithFeet cares about and invests in its sellers and that’s why this is my top-selling platform and favorite one to use. 

Some of FunwithFeet's recent Trust Pilot Reviews from Sellers

FunwithFeet has an abundance of positive reviews from sellers. Sellers in their reviews detail how quick & easy it is to create a profile plus how much money they’re making! The platform is rated 4.5 stars out of 5. Here’s a selection of FunwithFeet reviews

Funwithfeet Trustpilot review


“Since registering on Fun with Feet I’ve met a lot of great people including buyers and other sellers. It’s such a welcoming community which is great for beginners like me who don’t know too much about the foot pic industry. The website’s blog is super helpful too.” Newton, 10th June 2023

“I was totally overwhelmed by the idea of selling feet pics online but this platform has made it so easy. They literally walk you through every step of the process from registering your account to choosing a profile picture and even writing your bio. I was able to upload photos to my collections right away and received a private message within the first week. So far, my experience has been flawless.” Victor, 2nd June 2023

“I love pampering my feet with pedicures and moisturizers and now all that hard work can go to good use and offer me a return. Once I found FWF, I never looked back! This site offers the best bang for your buck and brings in plenty of traffic to sustain your sales and income.I love pampering my feet with pedicures and moisturizers and now all that hard work can go to good use and offer me a return. Once I found FWF, I never looked back! This site offers the best bang for your buck and brings in plenty of traffic to sustain your sales and income.” Erin, 3rd June 2023

“FWF has done wonders for my self-confidence and my bank account. I never knew selling feet pics was so easy and rewarding in more ways than one.” Cristy, 9th June 2023


 Reasons to Sell Feet Pics on FunwithFeet

  • A fast, simple, and free registration process
  • The ability to remain anonymous
  • Dedicate collections and categories for easily uploading your foot content
  • Fast and secure withdrawals
  • Safe and secure payments from buyers
  • Internal and external marketing for added exposure and traffic
  • Responsive and helpful customer support 
  • Low and affordable membership fees
  • Sellers keep 100% of their earnings


What Other Platforms Are There To Sell Feet Pics?

Feet pic platforms

When it comes to selling feet pictures in 2024, you need to be smart about it. You need to stay safe, have access to thousands of buyers and comply with the platforms guidelines.

With so many foot pic websites promising to be the best, it can be hard to see straight and figure out which ones are legit and which ones are just after your money.

Here’s a breakdown of the different options for selling feet pics online and my experience with each. Keep in mind, though, just because these outlets didn’t work for me doesn’t mean they won’t work for you. But, the more you know about their rules, regulations, and restrictions, the more confident you’ll be about your decision to register or move on. 

Social media

Social media platforms might seem like a good idea, but there are some problems. First, it can be hard to find people who want to buy your pictures. Plus, keeping your personal info private and making sure transactions are safe is tricky when you're doing it on your own. And if you share too much info, you could be in danger. There’s also the catch-22 of how popular and widely-used social media is. Did you know that there are nearly 5 billion social media users around the world, with the average person having at least 7 different accounts? While this may sound like a treasure trove of customers to choose from, it’s also overwhelming. The social media market is saturated with billions of users and endless content. That means standing out among other content creators – especially social media influencers – can be nearly impossible. The sheer size and popularity of social media are both a blessing and a curse. But still, these platforms aren’t without their benefits.

In the event that you do stumble upon a scammer, these social media outlets offer little to no support. It’s hard enough contacting Instagram or Twitter with a general question about your account, forget about reporting a problem or asking for assistance. I’ve sent dozens of emails to Instagram and the only response I received was that they were too busy dealing with other issues to address mine. Thanks a lot! 

Another downside to selling feet pics on social media is that you’re responsible for every step of the transaction process. This means choosing a secure payment method, vetting the buyers to make sure they’re legit, and deciding on a payment and delivery schedule. I can’t tell you how many buyers on social media expect me to send them my foot content first and then swear they’ll pay me. This is kind of ridiculous when you think about it. That would be like ordering a piece of clothing online but insisting that you won’t pay for it until after you receive it. No company would ever agree to this and as a foot content creator, neither should you! I always require the payment upfront before releasing the final copy of my feet pics. Any genuine buyer should have no issues agreeing to this arrangement. 

In addition to these issues, selling feet pics on social media means adhering to the platform’s guidelines and regulations which are pretty strict when it comes to adult material. So if you have raunchy material, you might find your profile getting banned quite quickly. Even though there are plenty of ways to sell feet pics without getting X-rated, the entire concept of feet pics and foot fetishes are considered taboo to many people. I’ve heard of sellers following all the rules, posting wholesome content, and STILL having their accounts banned. Think about how devastating it would be to invest your time, effort, and money into building a social media following only to have your account terminated without warning and with no recourse? For this reason, I use social media sparingly and carefully. Tread lightly – pun intended. 

In addition, these platforms can have strict guidelines when it comes to adult material. So if you have raunchy material, you might find your profile getting banned quite quickly, especially on Facebook and Instagram.

Reasons to Sell Feet Pics on Social Media

  • Access to billions of buyers, fans, and followers

  • Unique tools to promote yourself and your business like reels, stories, and live streams

  • Multiple outlets to choose from 

  • The ability to grow a loyal following and become an influencer

  • Some social media apps are designed specifically for visual content (like Instagram)

With these perks in mind, don’t forget about all the risks that come with selling feet pics on social media. Scammers, lack of security, and the inability to verify a buyer’s identity are all reasons to use social media more for advertising then for completing transactions. 


Some people choose OnlyFans, but there are things to consider. It's a crowded place where people expect more than just feet pictures. Over the years, OnlyFans has become synonymous with NSFW content. From nude pics to amateur porn and everything in between, the competition on this platform is fierce. Plus, most people are looking for X-rated content that goes far beyond feet pics. OnlyFans is saturated with adult content that makes it nearly impossible to get ahead as a mainstream foot content creator. 

Also, you have to promote your own account, and it's hard to do that without a big following on social media.

Another downside to the platform is that all content creators must forfeit 20% of their earnings. This commission is used to maintain the website, pay for marketing, and offer security and protection for both paying customers and content creators but it’s still a major cut from your earnings and one you need to account for. 

OnlyFans makes it easy to conceal your identity and this is especially true when it comes to selling foot pics and videos. Most subscribers and customers want to see your tantalizing tootsies, not your face or even your body for that matter. So, if you want to sell foot content anonymously, OnlyFans supports these efforts. Unfortunately, buyers may request custom content that includes other parts of your body so be prepared to field those questions and handle them appropriately. 

Reasons to Sell Feet Pics on OnlyFans

  • The ability to set your own prices

  • Multiple ways to sell (subscriptions or PPV)

  • A wildly popular platform that attracts millions of members

  • The ability to create X-rated and NSFW content (if that’s your thing) without risk of getting banned

This last point is both a benefit and a drawback of selling feet pics on OnlyFans. If you’re not comfortable selling NSFW or X-rated content, be prepared for plenty of explicit messages and requests from subscribers who are accustomed to purchasing this type of content on this particular platform. And don’t forget that OnlyFans keeps 20% of your money, so you may need to adjust your prices to compensate for this. 


FeetFinder is another popular platform. The platform works in a similar way to FunwithFeet. The platform is dedicated to people wanting to buy and sell feet pics. FeetFinder is one of the leading platforms in the industry with thousands of users from around the world and a name that’s instantly recognizable. The marketplace was developed by a college student looking to create a safe, secure platform where both buyers and sellers are verified, legitimate, and genuine. 

However it has become outdated with a lot of functionality & design not fit for purpose. For an in depth FeetFinder review, click here.

Unlike social media and OnlyFans, it's a platform dedicated to feet pics, making it easier to reach your target audience of foot lovers and enthusiasts. Buyers on the platform are likely to just be interested in Feet Pics, so you don't have to worry about showing other types of content. Customers are also visiting the site looking for exactly what you’re selling.

That means less time competing with content creators posting NSFW or adult content or other images that have nothing to do with feet. FeetFinder gives you access to a captive audience.

Personally, I found the platform difficult to use. The features aren't very self intuitive and when I reached out to their support team for help, it was very slow. The website itself looks like a child made it with its bright purple and neon pink coloring. I prefer a site that’s more professional and functional.

There are also hundreds of foot pic categories to post in, and some of them don’t even make any sense! For example, 9 toes. The sheer volume of categories and menus make it difficult to organize your content and even more difficult for buyers to find you or the types of content they’re looking for. 

I got there in the end and did make money on FeetFinder, so it can be worth joining the platform - it's just not my go to platform right now. You can always try signing up and seeing for yourself. 

Reasons to Sell Feet Pics on FeetFinder

  • It’s a well-known platform with a healthy following

  • They perform extensive background and identity checks on users

  • There are hundreds of categories and niches to choose from

  • You can create a detailed profile to attract the perfect buyer

  • The website invests its money in marketing efforts and website maintenance to enhance the customer experience

Remember, in life and in the world of feet pics, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Just because FeetFinder is a huge foot pic website with a good reputation doesn’t mean it’s the best platform for your foot content. In addition to these benefits come plenty of drawbacks. For starters, FeetFinder not only keeps 20% of your sales (like OnlyFans) but also charges a monthly membership fee. The good news is that you can choose from a basic or premium plan to fit your price point. 

I found all of the website’s menu options and categories overwhelming and confusing. Even as an experienced seller I struggled to navigate the platform so I would only recommend FeetFinder to more experienced users that are familiar with the foot pic industry and how it works. Lastly, the competition on this website is pretty stiff since it’s usually the first place sellers visit when starting out. With such fierce competition, it can take you twice as long to find buyers, land sales, and create a loyal following.

I like this platform in terms of its design and layout. However, there are a few red flags.

If you search "sell feet pics" on Google, you'll see this platform appear in the ad results. But if you search "buy feet pics", you won't see them appear.

While I signed up to their platform quite smoothly, I didn't make any money which is a shame. Similar to OnlyFans, lets you sell PPV content or subscriptions. Buyers also have to pay to message you, which I found was a deterrent for them more than a motivator. I rarely received direct messages on this site, which meant no custom orders and fewer overall sales. does let you keep 100% of your sales but you need to make them first, which proved to be quite a challenge for me. 

As a result, I can't recommend this platform for sellers. And because of that, I also can’t list any reasons why I would recommend this site. The only thing I will say is that everyone’s experience will be different so if you’re curious about and want to see if it’s worth your time and commitment, be my guest! I’d be curious to hear how it went and if you learned anything from the experience. 



I love any foot pic website where the admins invest in the success and happiness of their sellers. After all, the more we succeed as sellers, the better rated the website becomes and the more traffic we bring in. With that being said, Feetify offers a unique reward system different from any other foot pic website I’ve ever used. The best part is, you don’t even need to sell any feet pics to qualify. You just need to be an active and engaged seller who posts quality content and interacts with other members. 

Feetify gives out monthly cash rewards that range from about $5 to $100. The rewards are given to the most active members and those who produce the highest quality work on a consistent basis. Obviously, this is the website’s way of ensuring their pages are continually filled with quality foot content. It’s a smart business move on their part, for sure! In return, foot content creators are motivated to keep producing and interacting for a chance at major prize money.

The one downside to this site is that only premium members qualify for cash rewards and to become a premium member, you need to pay $49 in bitcoin or some other type of cryptocurrency. For me, this was a little inconvenient since I don’t deal with virtual currency and had to jump through a few hoops to figure it out. But, once I upgraded to the premium membership, Feetify actually extended my annual premium status by another year for free. If you want to sell feet pics on a platform that clearly cares about its sellers, I’d recommend Feetify. 

Reasons to Sell Feet Pics on Feetify

  • They care about their sellers

  • You have the chance to earn cash rewards even if you never make a single sale

  • They have helpful and hands-on customer service

  • Paying for your premium subscription in crypto could be safer

  • Some sellers are eligible for an extended membership for free

Artistic Apps and Websites

Not all foot pic platforms for selling are designed specifically for this purpose. What I mean is that with enough digging, research, and creativity, you can utilize other websites and apps to promote and sell your feet pics. 

Etsy is one of the most popular websites and apps for all things handcrafted, homemade, and artistic. From jewlery and gifts to home decor and vintage clothing, if you’re an aspiring artist or craft enthusiast, you can probably make money selling your items on this site. But what about feet pics? That’s right! I’ve sold dozens of feet pics on Etsy using a very calculated approach. 

Because Etsy isn’t designed as a foot pic platform, you need to get creative. I suggest adding plenty of keywords and tags to your photos and photo descriptions. Words and phrases like “foot pics” or “feet pictures” generate thousands of results on Etsy. The downside is that these aren’t all foot pics. You may see results for sculptures, paintings, statues, or even shoes and other foot-related accessories. It’s important to be patient when selling feet pics on Etsy.

Keep in mind that the platform does charge a small listing fee and takes 5% of all your sales. But, you have complete control over how much you charge so it’s a catch-22 of sorts. You can also explore two different types of foot content – digital downloads or prints on demand. Digital downloads work just like selling feet pics on other websites whereas prints on demand require the seller (you) to print and mail them. If you choose this option, be sure to include the shipping fees in your listing price or somewhere in the listing summary.

If photography is your artistic medium of choice, the Foap app can be a great resource for selling feet pics. Not only is it one of the most popular photo sharing apps in the world, but it has an international reach that offers unmatched exposure and visibility for your work. Registering on Foap is free but you’ll need a Facebook account or email address to sign-up. One downside is that Foap keeps 50% of all your sales and has pretty strict guidelines for uploading content. For example, your photos need to be a certain size and basically flawless. I recommend Foap to sellers with photography experience and an eye for this sort of content. 

Lastly, don’t discount or discredit using stock photo websites. Some of my favorites include Shutterstock, Dreamstime, and DepositPhotos. Although the rates on these sites aren't always the best, they offer pretty steady pay and passive income. All you need to do is create an account, upload high-quality pictures that meet the website’s requirements, and wait for millions of buyers from around the world to visit the site, search for feet pics, and download your content. Then, you’re automatically paid – no muss, no fuss! 

Reasons to Sell Feet Pics on Artistic Websites

  • They allow for creative expression

  • Most of these apps and websites have an international following

  • Designed for more generic and natural-looking foot pics (less sexy)

    Other things to keep in mind before selling on these sites are the fact that some commissions are high and because they’re not dedicated foot pic platforms, marketing your work and landing sales might take some time. Still, these artistic websites and apps are decent outlets for your work if you know how to use them.


Platforms To Sell Feet Pics in 2024 Rated

Below are my thoughts and ratings based on personal experiences.

I considered the categories that I find most important:

  • Earnings
  • Ease of user
  • Seller safety
  • Fees
Fun with Feet ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Feet Finder ⭐⭐⭐
Feet pics ⭐⭐
Only Fans ⭐⭐⭐
Twitter ⭐⭐
Insta ⭐⭐



How Much Money Can You Make Selling Feet Pics?

Make money from feet pics

It's super important to find the right balance between how much you charge and the quality of your stuff. Some people make the mistake of charging way too much for their feet pics when they’re not even that good, and then they wonder why nobody buys them. You get out of your foot pic business what you put into it, which means if you want to make a decent profit you need to invest time and effort into your work. Customers can notice the difference between quality foot content with attention to detail and random foot pics you took on your smartphone and posted without a second thought. Trying to overcharge for poor quality feet pics is also an insult to the buyer’s intelligence and a difficult hurdle to overcome. 

To avoid that, it's a good idea to offer different options at different prices. Like, have some albums that are cheaper, around $5, so people can check them out before they spend more. It's easier to get more customers if you start with lower prices instead of charging a lot right away.

You can also have albums in the middle, like $10 to $15. That way, you're giving people good stuff at a fair price, and more people will be interested. And if you want, you can even offer some more expensive stuff, like $30 or more, for really high-quality pictures or videos. Some people are willing to pay extra for top-notch stuff.

But remember, you gotta be realistic about your prices.

Think about how good your stuff is and charge accordingly. Make sure it's worth what you're asking. Focus on giving people great content that they'll be happy to pay for. If you find the right balance between price and quality, you'll have a better chance of getting happy customers and doing well on FunwithFeet.

It's important to build good relationships with the people who buy your stuff. They can send you messages and offers, so it's good to talk to them and understand what they like. Some of my biggest sales happened over private messages. I suggest you keep the conversation fun and flirtatious without getting out of hand. It doesn’t take much for a potential customer to get the wrong idea and start taking the conversation in a more explicit direction. I’ve had plenty of buyers make me feel uncomfortable by trying to engage in sexting without any real intentions on buying my content. While this is an inherent risk of the foot pic business, keeping your conversations on track and portraying yourself as a serious, professional seller can help cut down on these unsolicited and, sometimes inappropriate, advances. 

In my experience, filling custom orders for people usually makes them spend more than if you just have pre-made content on your page. So, it's a good idea to offer personalized foot pics and videos. That way, you can make more sales and keep people interested while building a positive reputation and earning more business through referrals and positive reviews.

Don't get discouraged if you don't make a sale right away. It takes time to be successful on FunwithFeet. Focus on talking to your buyers, being nice, and providing high-quality content, consistently. If you do that, you'll have a better chance of making money, hitting your goals, and expanding your business. 


How To Take Feet Pics:

How to take feet pics

The best way to ensure top-quality content that sells is to learn how to take the best feet pics, practice different poses and positions, and experiment with different lighting, backgrounds, props, and more! Foot pic photoshoots are my favorite part of selling feet pics and can be a lot of fun. 


Get the Right Equipment

When I just started out, I was taking foot pics on my phone but eventually invested in a digital camera. Both have their pros and cons and to this day, I switch back and forth depending on the type of pictures I’m taking, where I am, and what look I’m going for. Upgrading to a new camera improved my sales significantly and helped me target premium niches. 

Before you start taking feet pics you also need to prepare the area and secure adequate lighting. This will make your photos look more appealing and professional. Proper lighting ensures that every photo captures the gorgeous sexy curves and lines of your feet and whatever props or accessories you’re using. Although natural light is best, I also use a ring light and colored light bulbs, depending on the niche and the type of foot pics I’m taking.

Always use a clean background and choose a comfortable space where you can pose without distractions. I take my foot pics in my bedroom near a window with plenty of sunshine, on my bed, and outside near my pool and in the yard. There are also plenty of local beaches and parks that make great settings for capturing breathtaking feet pics.


Use Different Poses, Positions, and Angles

When you're ready to start photographing your feet, experiment with different poses and camera angles. The same way you find your best side when taking normal photos, you should also experiment with your feet pics to find the most flattering positions and angles.

This is the fun part! I usually practice in a mirror or by taking dozens of foot pics and then reviewing them. You’d be surprised at what you see and notice after you take the pics and get a little distance from them. I may think I produced my best work yet only to find that the image was blurry, my toes look stubby, or the lighting was all wrong.

Editing is another important part of learning how to take feet pics. I never post a photo without first editing it, removing any flaws or imperfections, and ensuring that I’m giving my customers the best content possible. 
Not many people know their feet on an intimate level – how they move, bend, arch, and more. If you need a place to start, check out these popular feet poses and angles:

The Sole Shot: For this pose, focus on the arch, heel, and toe-back structures of your feet. This angle showcases the beauty of the bottom of your feet when it's a close-up shot.

  • Toe Point: Extend and flex your toes, creating an elegant silhouette that highlights the contour of your feet.
  • Heel Pop: Slightly lift your heel off the ground, emphasizing the arch and shape of your foot.
  • Crossed Ankles: Cross one foot over the other, showing off the side and top of your feet with a unique twist.
  • Foot Arch: Stand or sit with one foot resting on its side, showing off the natural curve of your foot's arch.

When taking feet pics, play with different angles and perspectives as well. Some common camera angles are:

  • Bird's Eye View: Capture the image from above, focusing on the top of your feet and toes.
  • Side View: Take the photo from the side, highlighting the length and shape of your feet.
  • Bottom-Up View: Shoot from a lower angle, pointing upward toward your feet, emphasizing their curves and contours.
  • Close-Up: Zoom in to capture details like your toes or heels, creating more engaging and unique photos.

As you can imagine, some of these poses and angles are impossible to achieve with one hand using your smartphone. That’s why I use a tripod and wireless remote so I can have hands-free access to my equipment. You can also ask a friend or your significant other to lend a hand. Plenty of my photoshoots have involved my sister taking the pics from difficult angles so I can get the best shot every time. 

Create a Posting Schedule

Simply taking a variety of high-quality foot pics isn’t enough. If they never make it on your profile or sales page, you won’t make any money. Trust me, I know how hard it is to keep up with the high demand for foot content. If you work another job like me, it’s easy to let your foot pic business fall to the wayside but you can’t – not if you want to make money and succeed.

My best suggestion is to be consistent with your upload schedule to attract potential buyers.  Pick a day or time that works best for you and dedicate it to producing and posting your foot content. It can be twice a week, once a week, or every two weeks. Whatever it is, stick with it. Your buyers will get to know your schedule and look forward to seeing fresh new content on your upload days. For me, it’s every Saturday. I take pictures on Friday nights and spend Saturday morning editing and uploading. Sure, it’s a lot of work but it’s worth it when I have a foot pic inventory full of high-quality content and buyers from all over holding their breath and waiting to see what I come up with next.

When you invest time and care into your foot pic business, you can reasonably charge between $5 and $20 per image and even more for custom content. I would also recommend creating short foot pic videos if you can. 


Groom and Care for Your Feet

Additionally, consider grooming your feet and using moisturizer to enhance their appearance. Your feet are your canvas and most buyers want to see beautiful, well-maintained and well-manicured feet. This means keeping your toenails trimmed, polished, and clean and your feet moisturized and free of any unsightly imperfections. I indulge in a professional pedicure and foot massage once a month because I deserve it and it’s a tax write-off! In between these monthly visits, I perform my own at-home foot care routine that includes trimming my toe nails, pushing back the cuticles, and painting them. I also apply moisturizer every night before bed and after my shower.

This is when the skin on your feet is moist and absorbent so you’ll get the best results. Rub in the lotion, put on a pair of socks, and enjoy smooth, moisturized feet that make for some amazing foot pics.

Invest in Props and Accessories.

I started taking foot pics the same way as everyone else. Snapping barefoot pics on the beach or taking a pic of my sexy new high heels. And while these types of foot pics sell fine (more on this below), you need to expand your horizons and resources if you really want to make money selling feet pics. 

I quickly learned that I needed to use props and accessories if I wanted to compete with other more experienced sellers. I also learned that less is more. A single rose in your photo or a few marbles or shiny stones can make all the difference. Even freshly painted fingernails with your hands draped over the tops of your feet can make a subtle statement that doesn’t go unnoticed. Sexy shoes, socks, stockings, and even ribbon all make awesome accessories and add-ons to your foot pics.

I personally don’t have any tattoos on my ankles or feet but some people are into this, so you can add henna tattoos and temporary tattoos to certain parts of your feet to attract tattooed foot lovers. Jewelry is another great accessory that’s affordable and easy to use. Ankle bracelets and rings are popular choices and add a little sparkle and personality to your photos. I have a gold ankle bracelet with a long chain that runs down the top of my foot and connects to a toe ring. It’s a popular item that many of my buyers ask for upon request. 


What Feet Pic Poses Sell Best?

When selling feet pictures, it's essential to know which poses are most sought after by potential buyers.

Selling different types of feet pics falls into the same basic sales principle of supply and demand. The more in demand and sought after a certain type of foot pic is, the more people are willing to pay for it. You can also adopt the belief that the more niche or unconventional the category of foot content is, the fewer competitors you’ll have, the more you can charge, and the more money you’ll make. Just remember that appealing to these niche markets may take a little more time and effort but if you’re up for the challenge, the reward will be worth it! 

Here are a few of my favorite feet pose ideas that can help improve sales and attract more customers:

  • Feet Sole Poses: This pose focuses on capturing the bottom of your feet, from the heel to the toes. Buyers often find this angle captivating and visually appealing.
  • Nature-Inspired Poses: Incorporating nature elements, such as plants and flowers, adds a natural aesthetic to your feet pics. You can pose with your feet surrounded by flower petals, resting on a bed of moss, or dipping your toes in a pool of water with floating blossoms.
  • Cozy Blankets and Cushions: Creating a cozy vibe can be achieved by using soft blankets and cushions as props and backgrounds. This setting can make your feet pics look more comfortable and inviting.
  • Theme-Based Poses: To stand out from the competition, consider using unique themes like medieval, renaissance, underwater, pinup, and farm settings for your feet pictures. These distinctive photos can attract a wider range of customers.
  • Accessorizing Your Feet: Footwear and accessories can add balance and visual interest to your photos. Pay attention to the location and color palette while selecting the right shoes, anklets, or toe rings for your feet pictures.

Remember to use a variety of poses and themes to cater to different buyer preferences and maximize your sales potential. Experiment with these ideas to find which ones resonate most with your target audience and showcase your feet in the best possible light.

I also suggest that you stay up-to-date on current foot pic trends and other hot topics within the foot fetish community. There are countless online groups and forums dedicated to foot fetishes and the foot pic industry. Join these groups, read the threads, comment, ask questions, and learn! You’d be surprised how knowledgeable some members are about feet pics, fetishes, and even the best marketing techniques for your foot pics. I recommend going into these groups with an open mind and welcoming spirit. You can meet other foot pic enthusiasts and learn a ton about the industry. Then, apply this knowledge to your content and watch your sales soar! 


Picking a niche when selling feet pics

Speaking of niches and categories, there are countless options to choose from – with some garnishing more attention and sales than others. Understanding these niches and what experienced buyers want will help you generate quality content that sells. It’s true that most buyers have a niche and it's important you cater for that to make good money. This is also a great opportunity to flex your imagination and tap into your creative side. I love art and photography so, for me, taking and selling feet pics is a form of self-expression. And trying to create breathtaking images within popular niches is a challenge I’m always up for. 

Another great approach is to check out Google trends. See what niche people are looking for. For example, you might find "leather feet pics" are being searched for often. Therefore, you could create a profile that focuses on that niche or add a few kinky foot bondage pics to your inventory. Harness your inner dominatrix and have fun with it. 

Personally, I started off with a more generic and mainstream approach. My profile was high-quality with premium, traditional foot pics. The image quality was high and the niches were fairly basic. My feet were always well-manicured and maintained to portray a luxury persona and experience for my clientele. 

But after a quick Google search, I discovered that the phrase “dirty feet images” had a high search volume and tons of traffic, so I got to thinking – maybe I should take dirty feet pics!

So I took a pipeline of pampered feet pics for my initial profile. But I also created a new profile called "Shameless Sally" and changed my approach. For this new profile I am sad to say, I posted my dirty feet, covered in mud, dirt and whatever else I could find. My toenails were outgrown and polish chipped. And although these types of feet pics went totally against my personality and normal approach, I made money! And that’s the whole point, right?

By picking multiple niches and catered for those, I was able to create multiple streams of income when it comes to selling feet pics. You can either add these different niche topics to your current seller profile or create multiple profiles and sales pages using different user names. Both approaches are valid and should result in increased sales. Creating individual profiles for each niche does make it easier to target that specific audience and pool of buyers, whereas simply adding these niche photos to your inventory means interested buyers have to find them by chance which could take much longer. 

Is It Dangerous To Sell Feet Pics?

Selling feet pics isn't inherently dangerous, but there are potential risks that can arise when sharing personal information or engaging with certain platforms. And, as most people know, any online venture puts you at risk of getting scammed or your information being stolen. The Internet is filled with dangers but with the right knowledge and preparation, you can avoid these, protect yourself, and make money selling feet pics.

To ensure safety while selling feet pics, it's important to follow a few guidelines.

First, using reliable and legitimate platforms, such as FunwithFeet, can help sellers avoid scams and other risks that may come from unregulated websites. These websites protect user privacy and offer secure payment methods, easing many of the concerns associated with selling feet pics online. Your sensitive data is also protected and secure so you never have to worry about FunwithFeet selling it to a third-party platform. This marketplace also performs identity verification on all its users – both buyers and sellers – so you can rest easy knowing that you’re only dealing with genuine buyers with pure intentions. Using a reputable website also means less time worrying about whether or not you’re getting scammed and more time on the important things like producing high-quality content and making money! 

Some additional safety tips to consider while selling feet pics include:

  • Keep personal information private: Avoid sharing too much about yourself, such as full name, address, or phone number, to minimize potential risks. Never share your location or exact address. I’ve never met a buyer in person and find it odd for someone online to ask for printed feet pics vs. digital downloads. Whenever possible, keep all of your transactions and communications virtual.

  • Be cautious about communication: Speaking of communication, I always use a separate email address from my personal one for selling feet pics. Not only does this help me keep my personal and professional life separate but it also helps me organize my work and never miss an email, payment, or sales opportunity. You can also create an email address for your foot pic sales that coincides with the alias or username you’re using to keep things simple and streamlined. (Pro tip: Take it one step further and sync this same name on your social media accounts. This way, if a buyer knows you and is searching for you across multiple platforms, they can find you and your content more easily.)

  • Be cautious about interacting with buyers who appear suspicious or overly persistent. Some customers can get pretty pushy and aggressive with their demands. If this happens, try to redirect the conversation and let them know that their behavior is making you uncomfortable. When in doubt, block or report them and forfeit the sale. No amount of money is worth your safety or peace of mind.


Is Selling Feet Pics Illegal?

Another thing a lot of new foot pic sellers ask is whether or not selling feet pics is legal. The short answer is no! Selling feet pics on the Internet is not a crime, and by following these guidelines, sellers can enjoy the process while minimizing risks. The only thing you need to really pay attention to is the age requirements that are in place on most foot pic platforms and in most states and regions. Foot content creators and buyers have to be 18 years of age older to engage in the exchange of foot pics or videos for money.

Similar to other adult content, it’s illegal to sell or send foot pics and potentially X-rated material to a minor. Be sure that you’re only dealing with legal adults when selling feet pics online. Unfortunately, people can lie, create fake documents, and trick you into thinking they’re older than they are. This is another reason I only sell on reputable and trustworthy foot pic websites like

Because these platforms perform their own background checks and age verification, you don’t have to and you don’t have to worry about breaking the law! Never sell feet pics on social media or another private outlet where you may accidentally engage with someone who is much younger than they say they are. Knowing all of these potential dangers and the associated risks lets you sell feet pics with confidence and enjoy this safe and profitable venture.


Add Watermarks to Your Feet Pics 

Another thing I wish people would’ve told me when I started selling feet pics was to watermark my photos. I had an unfortunate incident involving some of my most beautiful and breathtaking images. I never knew about watermarking and a skilled hacker stole my photos off my personal

website and sold them for a profit! I had no idea until my sister spotted them on someone else’s website and alerted me. Unfortunately, there was no way for me to prove the images were mine and the hacker had all but disappeared! I was not only out of the foot content but I lost any potential money I would’ve made.

I considered it a lesson learned and immediately added watermarks to all my existing content. It’s simple to do and involves putting a word, phrase, logo, or image on your pictures. You’ve probably seen them on stock photo images like Shutterstock and Adobe. The lettering is faint in color and usually added to the background of a photo or one of the corners.

The most important thing to remember when watermarking your photos is that they shouldn’t take away from the beauty of your images or obscure your feet in any way. In fact, they should be almost unnoticeable! Once a buyer makes a purchase and you receive the money, you can release the final image of the photo and remove the watermarks. Ever since I added water marks to my pictures, I’ve had no issues with my content being stolen or misused. 


Request the Payment Upfront

Another safety tip that’s worked quite well for me in the past is to request payment for my work up front. This rule only applies when you’re selling foot content independently. Never release the final version of your foot pics until the buyer’s payment is verified or until the money hits your account. I’ve met some sellers that accept a partial payment before releasing their images but this still makes me a little uneasy. Most reputable buyers don’t expect you to send them your content without getting paid first. 

This is aso another bonus of using a reputable site like – they take care of all these particulars for you. You never have to worry about getting paid or scammed out of your money because FunwithFeet has its own payment system, schedule, and structure in place. A buyer sees your content and likes it, requests to download it, makes the purchase, and FunwithFeet automatically deposits the amount into your wallet. Done and done! In the event there is an issue with the payment, the website’s customer service team can help. These are all additional safeguards that you simply don’t get with other, less reputable sites or by selling feet pics on your own. 

More Advice on Successfully Selling Feet Pics and Making Money

Any website you visit or how-to guide you read online will offer similar tips for selling feet pics and making money. But as a successful seller myself, I’ve found first-hand advice and experience to be the most helpful. Who better to learn from than an experienced seller in the industry with a track record of success?

Not to toot my own horn, but, I consider myself a successful foot pic seller and currently bring in several hundred dollars per month selling feet pics – and that’s in addition to my day job! 

So, if I had to offer any advice to new sellers or even experienced sellers looking to switch things up, increase their sales, or try a new approach, it would be these 3 crucial pieces of advice.

1. Treat Your Foot Pic Business Like a Real Business

With so many people trying to sell feet pics online, the market has become saturated. A lot of people also view selling feet pics as a get rich quick scheme and it’s anything but that! It takes hard work, discipline, dedication, and consistency to make money, build a loyal customer base, and stay relevant. 

You also need to adopt other best business practices like paying your taxes, being ethical with buyers, and putting emphasis on delivering quality content and top-notch customer service. I dedicate at least several hours a week to my foot pic business and could probably stand to increase this. Basically, the more time you put into it, the more you’ll get in return. 

2. Put In the Extra Work and Effort 

I always encourage sellers to go the extra mile. When you put added attention to detail and care into your foot pics, people notice. This includes researching the foot pic industry, editing your content, joining communities and online groups to meet other foot lovers, and responding to customer requests promptly and politely. If the website I sell on has the option to turn on notifications, I always do this. I never want to miss a message or leave a customer hanging. With such fierce competition, it doesn’t take much for a potential buyer to abandon your page and find another seller. Answer promptly and keep an open mind about filling custom orders. 

Don’t get comfortable, either. Even if your foot pic sales are soaring and you’ve found a steady stream of clients, it’s important to switch things up, get creative, expand your horizons, and keep your buyers on their toes (pun intended). Putting in the extra work and effort means generating fresh new content regularly and always striving to better yourself and the buyer experience. 

3. Build Your Brand - YOU!

What many foot pic sellers don’t realize is that you’re working to build an entire brand around your name, persona, profile, and foot pic business. That’s right – selling feet pics is a form of brand building. You want people to instantly recognize your name and work. This takes time, effort, and consistency. 

You should also be more than just your foot pics. What I mean is that most buyers are looking for a personalized experience and to feel special. They want to connect with you on a more intimate level and fulfil a certain fantasy or foot fetish they have. And while I’m not suggesting you engage in online relationships with your customers or even flirt or sext, you do need to showcase your personality as beautifully as you showcase your foot pics. 

Take pride in your work, your page, and your overall image. This effort won’t go unnoticed and before long, you’ll have a brand you can successfully market and a steady flow of income as proof of your hard work.

So, there you have it! My guide on how to sell feet pics. Just remember, the industry is constantly changing and evolving so if you want to enjoy continued success and stay relevant, you need to have an open mind, continue to grow, and keep your eyes out for new and amazing opportunities. Happy selling!