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Gregg Castano

Founder & CEO

News Direct was founded by Gregg Castano, longtime president of Business Wire, where he spent more than 32 years of his career.  This gave him an unparalelled insider's understanding of media outreach, news and content distribution and customer requirements and expectations.  During the latter portion of his tenure, he recognized that technology was changing, and with it, the news consumption habits of PR, IR and Corp Comms target audiences.  Along with the rest of the world, he knew that newswires also had to evolve. 

He quickly grasped that the focus needed to pivot to a broader definition of content, one that included not only traditional text-based press releases but multimedia as well.  He leveraged this unique perspective and insight to create a brand new, purpose-built platform for news and content distribution and amplification. 

He saw that News Direct could only be truly groundbreaking if it acknowledged and implemented the latest in rapidly advancing tech and workflow.  Thus he assembled a first-class team of skilled distribution and technology pros, each of whom had extensive industry expertise.  Together, they were able to create a platform that provides custom solutions to the specific challenges communication professionals face today. 

But they also believed that the platform needed to break free of the limitations that legacy providers had placed on themselves both technologically and strategically.  So its underlying foundation was built with custom-written software that enabled versatility, flexibility and expansion.

The result is a continuously evolving single platform, multichannel message amplification solution that gives communications professionals a growing array of relevant tools to reach target audiences in their preferred manner of information consumption – News Direct..

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