Loans Like CashNetUSA in April 2024: Find The Best Loan For You Now

You are here because CashNetUSA didn’t convince you for one or more reasons. Be it their high rejection rate for bad credit borrowers and low income customers, their high interest rate, or their strict terms and conditions, we are here to recommend you better options than this lender.

That’s why we’ve built the ranking of the best loans like best loans like CashNetUSA, so you can explore companies that are better than this lender in key areas, in order to find the best loan for you in 2024. 

Best Loans Like CashNetUSA: Complete Overview

We’ve selected the top 7 lenders that offer similar loans to CashNetUSA, but they are better in several areas. Come with us to check the ranking to find your ideal loan now:

Now that you know about the best alternatives to CashNetUSA, and the areas where they’re a much better option, just click on the name of your favorite lender to apply now.

If you want to know more about each lender, then come with us to check a full explanation on why each one of these companies are a better choice than CashNetUSA.

1. Fast Loans: Best Overall Alternative to CashNetUSA

Fast Loans

Fast Loans is a better choice than CashNetUSA in not only one several areas:

  • They have a higher approval rate for all types of customers, be it bad credit, limited credit history, low income or unemployed borrowers
  • They allow you to borrow up to $50,000 USD - whereas CashNetUSA limits its payday loans at $3,500 USD
  • They will offer you a lower interest rate in the majority of cases - making your loan considerably more affordable
  • They offer you better loan terms and conditions
  • They approve applications and disburse the money much faster - making them more reliable than CashNetUSA.

As you can see, it’s a better choice in every single sense, and this is why it’s our #1 alternative to CashNetUSA.

2. Lower Interest Rate than CashNetUSA

CashNetUSA offers a competitive interest rate, but is a better choice in this area thanks to their vast network of direct lenders who offer the lowest interest rate nowadays. Be it for a quick $500 loan or a $5000 bad credit loan, they will offer you the best deal in the majority of cases.

3. CreditClock: More Reliable than CashNetUSA

Credit Clock

CashNetUSA is not available 24/7 and their website suffers technical problems every now and then, making them unreliable for emergencies. This is the area where CreditClock is a much better choice because they’re available 24/7 and their website runs smoothly without crashes.

4. Fast Money Source: Faster Approval and Disbursement

Fast Money Source

CashNetUSA is a decent lender when it comes to approving applications and disbursing the loan money efficiently, but Fast Money Source is simply better. Thanks to their better software for reviewing applications, they can approve yours instantly and disburse the money in 1-2 hours. 

5. Big Buck Loans: Higher Approval Rate for Bad Credit


CashNetUSA makes it hard for borrowers with bad credit to get approved, and this is the area where Big Buck Loans are definitely better. You can get approved even with extremely bad credit, making it an excellent alternative.

6. Low Credit Finance: Higher Approval Rate for Low Income

Low Credit

CashNetUSA is likely to reject your application if you have a low income source or if you’re currently unemployed, and that’s why Low Credit Finance is better in this area, because it’s ready to accept these types of customers without problems. And that includes customers with bad credit.

7. Heart Paydays: Better Customer Support

Heart Payday

Heart Paydays is better than CashNetUSA when it comes to the approval rate, but the area where it surpasses it is in the quality of the customer support service. This company will answer your questions and bring solutions to your problems much faster than CashNetUSA, making it a better choice for customers who are applying for an online loan for the first time, or users who value high-quality customer support.

How to Apply for a Loan at Sites Like CashNetUSA

You can apply for a loan at any of our recommended alternatives in only 5 steps:

  • Select your favorite CashNetUSA alternative from our ranking
  • Visit their website
  • Fill out the application form
  • Submit the application form
  • Wait for your fast approval and receive the loan money in your bank account!

The application process will only take you 5 minutes and they will deposit the loan amount in your bank account the same day. Take action now and get the money you need as soon as possible.

If you need help during the application process, you can always rely on their customer support to assist you.

When Should You Look for a Loan Like CashNetUSA?

Here you have the reasons why you should consider getting a loan from our recommended lenders instead of CashNetUSA:

  • If you need more than $3500 USD - CashNetUSA limits loans at $3,500 USD, making it impossible to borrow more money, whereas lenders like ZippyLoan are ready to lend you up to $15,000 USD
  • If you have extremely bad credit - CashNetUSA is known for rejecting customers with a very low credit score, but thankfully you have alternative like Big Buck Loans that will approve your application even with a credit score of 300 points
  • If you need a loan outside of business hours - They won’t be able to help you in such a situation, and that’s why you should consider an alternative like CreditClock that is available 24/7
  • If you are unemployed or have a low income - CashNetUSA has a strict minimum monthly income requirement that will make it hard for unemployed and low income borrowers to get approved, thankfully you can rely on Low Credit Finance
  • If you need the money fast for an emergency - CashNetUSA is fast but Viva Payday Loans is much faster, making it a better option for emergencies when you need the money as soon as possible.

If you’re currently facing any of these situations, then you should consider getting a loan from the alternatives we recommend.

More on Alternatives: 


Here you will find even more information about our recommended alternatives to CashNetUSA, to help you make the best decision.

Can I get approved for loans like CashNetUSA with bad credit?

Yes, our recommended alternatives have a higher approval rate for bad credit borrowers, especially when it comes to companies like Big Buck Loans, which approve customers even with extremely bad credit.

Are loans like CashNetUSA legit?

Yes, all of our recommended alternatives to CashNetUSA are registered in all the US states they do business in, they have physical addresses, they have plenty of positive reviews and they’re regulated.

Do loans like CashNetUSA allow me to borrow more money?

Yes, our recommended lenders will allow you to borrow more money than at CashNetUSA. For example, ZippyLoan will allow you to borrow up to $15,000 USD - which is 4 times bigger than the max loan amount limit at CashNetUSA.

Do loans like CashNetUSA disburse the money the same day?

Yes, as long as you match the eligibility standards, the alternatives we offer will approve your application right away and start the money disbursement process the same day.