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10 Best Phone Spy Apps for Android & iPhone in 2023

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Are you concerned about why your kids use their phones during sleep time? Or is it where your teenage child goes after school? Or maybe you want to monitor your staff’s productivity. For these and other reasons, a powerful and reliable phone spy app is the perfect tool.

A phone spy app is specialized software that monitors and tracks a smartphone’s activities. You can monitor almost everything to know if a spouse is faithful or safeguard your business from rogue workers. But before getting one, ensure your region’s laws allow phone spy apps.

Based on our research, here’s our list of the 10 best phone spy apps:

  1.  Spyine - Best Spy App for Android & iOS Overall

  2.  Spyic - Best Spy App for Parental Control

  3.  Cocospy - Best Smartphone Tracking App with Real-time Tracking

  4.  Minspy - Best Phone Spy App for Remote Monitoring

  5.  Spyier - Best Spy App for Comprehensive Phone Monitoring

  6.  Neatspy - Best Cell Phone Spy App for Parents & Employers

  7.  Spyzie - Best Spy Mobile App with Live Dashboard

  8.  Fonemonitor - Best Phone Spy App for Instant Monitoring

  9.  Teensafe - Popular Phone Spy App for Ease of Use

  10. Safespy - Best Spy App with Lots of Functionality

Read on for more details about the top 10 phone spy apps of 2023 and why they outshine the rest.

1. Spyine - Best Spy App for Android & iOS Overall

 Spyine is the best cross-compatible phone spy app. Its unparalleled potential allows the monitoring of almost any app on Android and iOS devices. One can access photos, videos, browser history, calendars, text messages, and call logs. Moreover, it can show what’s typed on the keyboard, track GPS location, or set up an e-map geofence.

The best part is Spyine uses bank-grade encryption to transmit data while keeping your details private and your monitoring anonymous. The targeted phone user won’t ever realize they are being watched. Spyine eliminates that risk for you with its stealth mode functionality.

Getting started is also straightforward. Simply install a 2MB app once on Android smartphones and hide it from other apps. For iPhones, everything is web-based via iCloud. The simple setup takes under ten minutes and the rest is monitored from Spyine’s online dashboard.


  • Call, SMS, browser, and Social media monitor.

  • GPS and SIM location tracker.

  • Geofence alerts.

  • Call tracker.

  • Android keylogger.


  • Compatible with iOS and Android.

  • No root or jailbreak.

  • Discreet phone activity monitoring.

  • Straightforward dashboard.


  • Mandatory to install the Spyine app on a targeted Android phone.

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2. Spyic - Best Spy App for Parental Control

Another top-of-the-line phone spy app is Spyic, famous for touting itself as a definitive parental control tool. It allows real-time remote monitoring of modern smartphone activities with excellent efficiency. Nothing is left to chance to ensure your loved ones stay safe.

Users can monitor all smartphone activities to know what their kids are up to, who they talk to, and the kind of stuff they do online. Spyic allows remote monitoring of social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and more. It also gives access to web browser history and call logs.

You will enjoy its UI simplicity and easy-to-use process. Create an account with a few clicks of a button, select a target smartphone, and start monitoring. You access Spyic’s control panel remotely through a preferred internet browser. Thanks to its stealth mode capabilities, you can follow every nitty gritty anonymously.


  • Calls and text messages tracker.

  • Web browser history reader.

  • Geofence notifications.

  • Screen time control.

  • Phone GPS locator.

  • Installed apps manager.


  • 100% secure in stealth mode.

  • 60-day money-back guarantee.

  • Excellent customer assistance.

  • Massive user base in 190+ countries.

  • Easy to work with.


  • It can be costly to monitor multiple smartphones.

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3. Cocospy - Best Smartphone Tracking App with Real-time Tracking

 Cocospy is the next worthwhile smartphone tracking app that’s popular for its real-time tracking capabilities. It is feature-packed to help you keep tabs on children and businesses remotely. You can manage installed apps, capture keystrokes, and control the screen time of a target’s phone from anywhere.

Cocospy’s advanced stealth mode allows invisible GPS tracking and discreet message reading and gives a sneak peek at Snapchat, WhatsApp, FB, IG, and Viber activities. The targeted mobile phone user will never discover Cocospy’s presence unless you want to tell them, which is okay.

Furthermore, the app works for Android 4.0+ and all iOS versions without rooting or jailbreaking. You will surely love Cocospy for having the most positive user reviews and feedback and scoring 4.41/5 based on 4420 genuine reviews. They also claim to refund you if you're unsatisfied with the product within the first two months of use.


  • Geofence notifications.

  • Phone and SIM location tracker.

  • Social media stealth monitoring.

  • Access to browser history.

  • Call and text messages tracker.


  • High customer rating and many positive reviews.

  • Super stealthy, reliable, and secure.

  • Excellent customer support.

  • Feature-rich.


  • Must have iCloud logins for the targeted iPhone’s account.

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4. Minspy - Best Phone Spy App for Remote Monitoring

 Minspy is a top-rated spy app prominent for its best remote monitoring features. It has a worldwide user base, with 96% renewing their subscription plans. But a disclaimer is that you must use Minspy for legal purposes. General laws require a phone user to be notified in advance.

Minspy offers a smooth utilization process in just three steps. Register for free with a valid email ID, receive setup instructions to install it and be ready to monitor. The app has a user-friendly control panel that you can access remotely from your phone or computer browser.

It is a great surveillance tool for employees and children because it functions without damaging their smartphones. Minspy doesn’t require rooting an Android phone or jailbreaking an iPhone. It is a complex task and could void the device’s warranty or make it vulnerable to malware.


  • Contact list viewer.

  • SMS reader.

  • WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Viber spy.

  • Geofence alert.

  • Browser history recorder.

  • Location tracker and geofencing.


  • Real-time reporting.

  • 24/7 customer service.

  • 100% safe and secure.

  • No technical experience in using it.

  • Remote monitoring.


  • An app is necessary for Android monitoring.

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5. Spyier - Best Spy App for Comprehensive Phone Monitoring

The Spyier phone tracker is renowned for comprehensive smartphone monitoring and is worth your time and money. Millions of employers, parents and those in relationships popularly use the tool to protect their interests. Everything is straightforward on the app, with online tutorials and a standby technical support team ready to help.

What separates Spyier from others is its highly-rated customer satisfaction. The phone spy app offers a free demo that users can view to determine whether the tool is worthwhile. Plus, it has a 60-day money-back guarantee for those who feel it doesn't meet their needs.

It has unique mobile spying features, such as the Android keylogger that records each keyboard entry on the targeted smartphone. This provides a surefire way of capturing vital details like social media login credentials. You will be advantaged in finding out what's in every keystroke.


  • Powerful Android keylogger.

  • Gallery viewer.

  • Geo-fencing alert.

  • Stealth mode.

  • Internet browser history checker.

  • Location and SIM tracker.

  • Social media spy.


  • Easy-to-navigate online dashboard.

  • Super safe and convenient.

  • Used in about 200 countries.

  • 96% customer satisfaction.

  • Positive reviews from iLounge, Phandroid, etc.


  • Spyier doesn’t support the viewing of deleted pictures.

 Use Spyier now and monitor your child's or business phone 24/7>>>

6. Neatspy - Best Cell Phone Spy App for Parents & Employers

When using Neatspy, knowing how someone uses their cell phone, be it an iPhone or an Android smartphone, is effortless. The phone spy app runs its surveillance covertly, preventing the targeted user from noticing it. Parents and employers rely on Neatspy for its bank-grade encryption and zero leaks.

Neatspy offers a wide range of remote monitoring features for smartphones, making it more convenient than many other spy apps. There’s no need to tinker with or jailbreak the target phone, and the setup process is quick and easy. Plus, you can access the data from any web browser, so you don’t have to be near the target device.

Neatspy provides message reading, call recording, multimedia monitoring, location tracking and more, making it a useful tool for keeping an eye on what’s important to you.


  • An intuitive user interface.

  • Online activity monitoring, including social media and browser history.

  • Phone calls and text message spy.

  • GPS location tracker.

  • SIM location tracker.


  • Real-time updates.

  • Easy to use.

  • Virtually undetectable.

  • Massive user base.

  • Jam-packed with features.


  • Covering multiple phones can be expensive.

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7. Spyzie - Best Spy Mobile App with Live Dashboard

You don’t need to break a sweat tracking your loved ones’ phone activities. Spyzie makes it a breeze with its advanced live dashboard for a one-of-a-kind remote phone monitoring experience. Countless parents and entrepreneurs rely on the tool to monitor their children and business entities.

Spyzie puts the safety of its users first by using world-class encryption to make sure that no data gets out. And like the other phone spy apps, it also stays 100% hidden to allow you to monitor discreetly without creating suspicions.

Sign up for free, configure Spyzie quickly, and start monitoring. There won't ever be a need to touch or be close to the targeted mobile phone. Anyone can use Spyzie hassle-free and enjoy 24/7 customer support to resolve problems (if any).


  • Phone book monitor.

  • Browser history tracker.

  • WhatsApp monitor.

  • Geofence notifications.

  • Android keylogger.


  • Fast setup within five minutes.

  • Straightforward user interface.

  • Affordable payment plans.

  • Great user reviews.

  • Excellent phone monitoring services.


  • Must install the Android app.

 Try out Spyzie today to monitor Android & iPhones without detection!

8. Fonemonitor - Best Phone Spy App for Instant Monitoring

If you want a phone spy app with unmatched instant monitoring potential, Fonemonitor it is. It is well known for parental control and famous for productivity management and employee tracking in businesses. Many use it to monitor text messages and track cell phone locations, but that's not all.

You can view saved contacts, check made or received phone calls, read WhatsApp chats, and peruse the entire browser history. Furthermore, Fonemonitor has newly added features for people search, reverse phone lookup, and background checks. All these are to keep your interests safe.

Fonemonitor is compatible with all iPhone and Android smartphones. Once installed, it syncs information from the targeted phone every 30 minutes. You don’t have to be online to receive updates - the app sends live alerts about events such as location changes.


  • Line carrier checker.

  • Online app activities on Tinder, Tumblr, Telegram, Badoo, Kik, Messenger, Skype, and other social networks.

  • Gallery photos and videos previewer.

  • Installed application monitor.

  • Calendar viewer.


  • User-oriented services.

  • Most widely subscribed.

  • Confidential and secure.

  • Available for iOS and Android 4.0+.

  • Free demo.


  • Limited for Android 4.0 or higher and iOS 7.0 to the latest.

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9. Teensafe - Popular Phone Spy App for Ease of Use

Here is another parental control spy app popular for its customer-friendly services and tested mobile monitoring technology. Teensafe is easy to use and widely used among parents, especially with teenage kids. Many praise it for relaying real-time location information to keep their children safe.

You can monitor all they do on their phone to discover hidden messages and social media chats. The online world is full of predators, blackmailers, catfishers, and scammers, and you surely don't want your child to fall prey. You can even set up virtual boundaries to restrict their movement to designated areas.

It also allows you to limit screen time, see which apps your kids use the most, and which are their most frequent callers. Teensafe also displays detailed data like recent phone calls, call durations, and timestamps for more accuracy.


  • Calllog checker.

  • Browser history viewer.

  • Location tracker.

  • Social media monitor.

  • SMS reader.


  • High user retention.

  • Highly popular in over 190 countries.

  • Operates stealthily and undetectably.

  • Round-the-clock customer support.


  • Relatively low user rating.

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10. Safespy - Best Spy App with Lots of Functionality

 Safespy is another leading app in the parental spy phone space with next-gen tech and remote surveillance functionalities. You can use it to curb cyberbullying, block inappropriate websites, check unwanted apps, and track whereabouts. With Safespy, there will be no more struggling to keep tabs on your children's phone usage.

Safespy doesn't save users' data on its servers or sell it to a third party. Not even their teams can learn about the information you provide on the platform.


  • Gallery viewer.

  • Phonebook monitor.

  • Location and SIM tracker.

  • Application monitor.

  • Keylogger.

  • Calendar and browser history monitor.


  • Many customers renew the services.

  • Advanced data security.

  • Unique parental control capabilities.

  • Great customer service.


  • Expensive subscription packages.

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a. What Is the Difference between Rooting and Jailbreaking?

Both mean the same thing: rooting is for Android, and jailbreaking is for iOS. Rooting gives you admin-level control of the Android OS, and jailbreaking removes manufacturer restrictions to access an iPhone’s files and apps.

b . Is It Ethical to Use a Phone Spy app?

Yes, it is ethical if you have good intentions. You can use a phone spy app for self-protection or to discover the truth. If that's the case, then there is no wrongdoing in it.

c. Does My Targeted Phone Need to Be Connected to The Internet?

Yes, it should be connected to send you real-time updates. However, it is optional to keep it connected constantly. The app will send new data each time there is an internet connection.

d. How Many Smartphones Can I Monitor at a Go?

It depends on the phone spy app you choose and the type of premium plan you purchase. A basic plan will likely allow one device, whereas the family/business plans allow multiple devices.


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