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12 Best Crypto Presales & ICOs to Invest in 2023

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Presales enable investors to gain early exposure to a brand-new crypto project. Similar to a stock IPO, this offers the best price possible for early investors.

Read on to discover the 12 best crypto presales to invest in for big gains in 2023.

List of the Best Crypto Presales for 2023

After analyzing dozens of projects, here are the 12 best presale crypto listings this year:

  1.  Love Hate Inu - Overall Best Presale Cryptocurrency to Invest in Today

  2.  Fight Out - Nearly $5.5 Million Already Raised

  3.  C+Charge - Earn Carbon Credits via an EV Charging Ecosystem

  4. RobotEra - Build Virtual Real Estate and Live in the Metaverse

  5. Chain GPT - Crypto and Blockchain Analytics Fueled by Artificial Intelligence

  6. Artyfact - Web3 Gaming Metaverse With Play-and-Earn Rewards

  7. InteractWith - NFT Framework for Mobile App Developers

  8. Minima - New Decentralized Blockchain With Mobile Nodes

  9. LimeWire - Revolutionary Music Streaming Ecosystem on the Blockchain

  10. LasMeta - Decentralized Poker Community With Virtual Reality

  11. SOLA-X - Premium Liquidity Routing for Optimal Trading Experiences

  12. O-MEE - Digital Marketplace for Social Artworks

Best Cryptocurrency Presales to Invest in - Our Analysis

Cryptocurrency presales offer early investors the best price possible, before listing on an exchange. Many presales launch throughout the week, so investors will need to conduct plenty of research before proceeding.

Our research processes found that the top crypto presales this year are the 12 projects listed below.

1. Love Hate Inu - The Best Presale Cryptocurrency to Invest in Today with Innovative V2E Meme Coin

 Love Hate Inu is one of the most promising cryptocurrency projects in this space. Unlike many presale projects - which have no real-world use application, Love Hate Inu has created its own niche - vote-to-earn. This is a rewards-based ecosystem that enables people to vote on any topic imaginable, via the blockchain.

In addition to smart contracts, the blockchain solves many issues found in the traditional voting sphere. For example, votes cannot be double-counted, manipulated, or fraudulently entered. Neither can voters experience intimidation tactics from governmental bodies. Instead, Love Hate Inu enables people to vote anonymously and securely.

For example, the risk of fraud is removed in its entirety through the Love Hate Inu stacking mechanism. This means that voters will first need to deposit LHINU tokens to access the platform. LHINU is the utility token of Love Hate Inu and is currently being sold via a presale launch. More on this later.

After staking LHINU, users will earn tokenized rewards. Moreover, after casting a vote, additional LHINU rewards will be credited. The Love Hate Inu whitepaper notes that voting power is determined by the number of LHINU being staked. This will motivate the broader community to increase their exposure to the project, considering that greater rewards will be earned.

We also like that Love Hate Inu is handing the vast majority of its token allocation to the community. This is because 90% of LHINU tokens are being sold during the presale. Furthermore, anyone staking LHINU can create their own polls. In addition to politics, popular polls are likely to focus on social issues and major sporting events.

Another stand-out feature of this innovative project is that voting polls can be shared on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and even Reddit. Votes are sharable in an eye-catching manner, with bright and colorful imagery. This has the potential to attract non-crypto investors to the Love Hate Inu ecosystem and, ultimately, generate mass awareness.

This was a strategy implemented by other meme coins that went on to generate life-changing gains, such as Shiba Inu and FLOKI. Now onto the Love Hate Inu presale - stage one has just been launched and after 7 days it’s raised over $700k. The lowest price possible of $0.000085 can still be secure, before LHINU increases to $0.00009.

The exchange launch price of LHINU has been set at $0.000145. Although this offers an upside of 70% compared to stage one pricing, much greater returns are expected once trading begins. To stay up-to-date with all the latest developments be sure to join the Love Hate Inu Telegram channel.

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2. Fight Out - One of the Hottest Presales in 2023 - Nearly $5.5 Million Already Raised

The Fight Out presale is a couple of months ahead of Love Hate Inu - having already raised $5.5 million. The presale is now in its final stages, with each FGHT token available to buy at just $0.02850. Fight Out is developing a fitness-rewards app alongside a fully-fledged metaverse. The overarching concept is that through move-to-earn, users are rewarded for staying fit.

Rewards are paid to users in REPS, which is the in-app token backing the Fight Out ecosystem. On the other hand, FGHT is the main utility token that permits access to the move-to-earn framework. Nevertheless, let’s say that a user goes for a 30-minute walk. This will be tracked by the Fight Out app in real-time. In doing so, the user will receive a relevant amount of REPS.

However, a more rigorous workout, such as a 45-minute run, would generate even more REPS. As such, the Fight Out rewards system is limitless. In other words, there is no cap to how much can be earned - it all depends on the amount of exercise being undertaken. To ensure that the Fight Out economy remains sustainable, users are required to stake FGHT tokens.

In a similar way to Love Hate Inu, this keeps the Fight Out ecosystem secure and ensures that its move-to-earn concept cannot be abused. Not only does staking provide access to the Fight Out app, but it also generates passive rewards. The Fight Out metaverse is another area that is generating hype in the crypto community.

This will enable users to enter fitness challenges, competitions, tournaments, and one-on-one duals. Each user will benefit from an immersive experience, meaning fitness rewards can be earned in a virtual world. Moreover, users will have their own personalized avatar in the metaverse, backed by an NFT.

The Fight Out whitepaper notes that avatars reflect the user’s real-world fitness progress. For example, if the user regularly opts for cardiovascular exercises to lose weight, physical achievements will be mirrored by the avatar. Finally, the Fight Out presale is nearing its completion. Therefore, investors will need to hurry to catch this crypto gem before it concludes.

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3. C+Charge - Earn Carbon Credits via an EV Charging Ecosystem

Many green investors believe that C+Charge is the best ICO crypto in recent years. This sustainable project is bridging the gap between carbon credit ownership and EV charging stations. In a nutshell, by charging an EV at a partnered station, drivers will earn tokenized carbon credit rewards.

Drivers will need to ensure that the EV charge is settled in CCHG tokens. This is the transactional currency of the C+Charge network. Most importantly, CCHG has real-world applications, considering that it is required to earn carbon credits. C+Charge settles carbon credit rewards in GNT tokens.

This is the secondary crypto asset of C+Charge, developed in collaboration with Flowcarbon. Best of all, Flowcarbon has developed a liquid spot market for carbon credits. This means that C+Charge users can sell their GNT tokens in the open market. GNT will sell based on current carbon credit prices, which fluctuate like any other tradable asset.

Nonetheless, we also like C+Charge for its reflection program. This rewards all CCHG holders with voluntary credit credits - simply for storing the tokens in the C+Charge wallet. This is funded by allocating 1% of all CCHG transactions to buying carbon credit cards. This will motivate investors to hold CCHG long-term, considering the passive rewards on offer.

We should also note that the tokenized carbon credits earned by C+Charge are backed by established global entities. This includes Samsung Next, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. Taking a closer look at the tokenomics of C+Charge, 40% of CCHG tokens will be sold during the presale.

The presale is now in stage six, having raised nearly $3 million. An additional two stages will be offered, each at a higher price than is currently available. After the final stage, CCHG will be listed on an exchange. Ultimately, environmentally-conscious investors believe that C+Charge could be one of the best crypto ICOs for 2023.

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4. RobotEra - Build Virtual Real Estate and Live in the Metaverse

Whether it's land ownership, real estate development, or socialization - the RobotEra metaverse has it all. This is an early-stage project that has clear roadmap targets. One of which is to become the de-facto metaverse in both the crypto and real-world spaces. First and foremost, this metaverse project has opted for an engaging robot theme.

Each user in the metaverse will be represented by a unique robot avatar. The avatar can be personalized in many different ways to reflect the individual. This is what other RobotEra users will see when socializing in the metaverse. RobotEra also enables users to purchase their own plots of land. The user will retain ownership of their land via an NFT,

While some users will buy land as an investment, others will look to construct real estate. RobotEra has no limitations in this regard, with virtually no restrictions on what landowners can build. For example, the user might build a luxury complex of villas. Each individual villa can then be rented to virtual tenants in the RobotEra metaverse.

There will also be a RobotEra marketplace that facilitates land and real estate sales. For example, if a plot of RobotEra land has increased in value the owner can sell the respective NFT. All purchases and sales in RobotEra are made in TARO tokens. This is the utility token of RobotEra and it serves many use cases.

In addition to land and real estate ownership, this includes monetization through rentals, event hosting, staking, and more. TARO also offers exposure to the growth of RobotEra. Simply head over to the RobotEra presale today to buy TARO tokens at $0.20 each. Two more presale stages will take place, both of which will increase the price of TARO.

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5. Chain GPT - Crypto and Blockchain Analytics Fueled by Artificial Intelligence

Chain GPT is one of the best pre-ICO cryptocurrencies in the artificial intelligence (AI) industry. This is a pre-ICO, as the fundraising campaign does not start until March 20th. Nonetheless, the main concept of this project is that it generates crypto and blockchain-related analytics via AI.

The technology is derived from ChatGPT, which is currently experiencing huge hype right now. This is because ChatGPT can create anything from blogs and information guides to essays - simply by entering a question or keyword.

In the case of Chain GPT, the technology can yield blockchain and market analytics, crypto pricing analysis, smart contract deployment, and even anti-money laundering frameworks. Chain GPT has its own utility token, CGPT.

The token has a real-world use case, as it is required to access the core features offered by the Chain GPT software. Moreover, unlike the free version, paying for AI requests with CGPT will generate instant results around the clock.

6. Artyfact - Web3 Gaming Metaverse With Play-and-Earn Rewards

Artyfact is building a next-generation gaming world that incorporates several web3 technologies. This includes its own metaverse ecosystem with in-game NFTs. Moreover, all Artyfact games will offer play-and-and rewards.

This will incentivize gamers to play Artyfact games, considering that rewards are paid without needing to risk any money. With that said, the rewards earned on Artyfact can be amplified when purchasing in-game boosters.

Both rewards and in-game purchases are facilitated by the native token, ARTY. The Artyfact whitepaper notes that once the game is launched, 20% of revenues will be used to fund a buy-back program.

This means that Artyfact will buy ARTY tokens from the open market and then remove them from the circulating supply. This can artificially increase the value of ARTY, as the supply of tokens has been reduced.

ARTY tokens can also be used for staking rewards, with an APY of up to 600% on offer. The Artyfact presale is selling ARTY tokens at $0.28 each. The next stage of the fundraising campaign will increase the price to $0.38. This offers an immediate upside of 35%.

7. InteractWith - NFT Framework for Mobile App Developers

InteractWith is a new crypto ICO that is selling 13% of its native INTER tokens to early investors. This project has developed remote technology that enables mobile apps to incorporate NFTs within their ecosystem.

InteractWith largely appeals to mobile app developers that have little to no experience with NFTs and other web3 technologies. For example, let’s suppose that a popular gaming app on the iOS store enables users to buy in-game items.

Without the use of NFTs, players will not retain ownership of any items that are purchased via the app. However, through InteractWith, the app can seamlessly have each in-game item represented by tradable NFTs.

This is a win-win situation, as app developers can create new revenue streams, while players own their in-game assets. In total, the InteractWith presale is looking to reach a modest hard cap of $1.62 million. Each INTER token can be purchased at just $0.15.

8. Minima - New Decentralized Blockchain With Mobile Nodes

Minima is building its own native blockchain network that claims to offer 'true' decentralization. The unique selling point of this project is that blockchain nodes will operate on mobile phones. This comes with many benefits.

For example, the network will be highly scalable, considering the sheer number of nodes that can operate at any given time. Unlike legacy blockchain networks, there is no requirement for specialist hardware or excessive energy consumption.

Moreover, with such a larger number of mobile nodes running, the Minima network will not be controlled by centralized mining farms. This ensures that the Minima ecosystem is controlled solely by the community.

Minima has its own native token, WMINIMA, which is currently on presale. Each WMINIMA token costs just under $0.24 and the hard cap target is set at $4 million. Moreover, the presale accepts dozens of cryptocurrencies in addition to debit/credit cards and e-wallets.

9. LimeWire - Revolutionary Music Streaming Ecosystem on the Blockchain

In its current form, the music industry is highly centralized. Controlled by a small number of labels and streaming providers, it is artists that invariably lose out. For instance, streaming platforms like YouTube and Spotify keep the lion’s share of ad and subscription revenues.

This is where LimeWire comes in. Put simply, LimeWire is revolutionizing the music industry by bringing it to the blockchain. The LimeWire platform will offer decentralized access to singles and albums, where artists control their own content.

This means that artists can set their own rates and ultimately - benefit financially from their creations. Furthermore, LimeWire will have a subscription service. Fees will be paid in LMWR, the native crypto token backing the project.

Additionally, artists will also earn royalties every time one of their songs is played. The entire LimeWire ecosystem operates in a fair and transparent way, so this is a top ICO to keep an eye on. Although $10 million was raised in private funding, the LimeWire ICO is now offering LMWR at $0.16 per token.

10. LasMeta - Decentralized Poker Community With Virtual Reality

LasMeta is a newly founded project that is building a decentralized poker community. The project will enable users to play poker with players from around the world. Moreover, players can create their own poker communities within the LasMeta metaverse.

There are both free-to-play and play-to-earn poker games being created by the project. Both of which enable players to earn real-world rewards, paid in LASM tokens. This is the native token backing the LaMeta ecosystem.

Further down the line, LasMeta will also incorporate virtual reality experiences within its metaverse. This will enable players to experience a live poker game but from the comfort of home.

The LasMeta presale seeks to raise $3.2 million. So far, over $680,000 has been raised. Each LASM token is available to buy at $0.045. The presale campaign will sell 10% of the total supply, with the balance required for poker rewards, marketing, and other operational expenses.

11. SOLA-X - Premium Liquidity Routing for Optimal Trading Experiences

SOLA-X is building an exosystem that specializes in liquidity provision services. Through smart routing and front-running mechanisms, SOLA-X solves many of the issues currently facing decentralized exchanges.

For example, when there is a lack of liquidity, this often results in unfavorable levels of slippage. Through SOLA-X, however, liquidity is provided at the point of the transaction, preventing negative price impacts.

Another feature of SOLA-X is that it will host liquidity pools for investors. This enables investors to deposit idle crypto tokens and earn a share of revenues. This comes from interest on leveraged positions and borrowing, as well as trading fees.

All services in the SOLA-X ecosystem are fueled by its native token, SAX. Currently, the SAX presale is open to seed investors and the minimum investment is $10,000. After the seed phase, retail investors will be able to buy SAX tokens via the public ICO.

12. O-MEE - Digital Marketplace for Social Artworks

The final presale cryptocurrency to consider is OME, the native ERC-20 token backing the O-MEE ecosystem. In a nutshell, O-MEE is building a digital marketplace that will enable artists to auction off their artworks.

O-MEE will also enable artists to transform their work into NFTs. Each O-MEE user will have their own social profile. This enables artists to build an online following from art enthusiasts. Moreover, just like traditional social media sites, users can 'like' and share artwork.

The O-MEE presale is looking to raise $3.36 million. The initial phase will sell 8 million OME tokens at $0.05 each. Additional presale stages will result in a higher cost price. Finally, the O-MEE team have been KYC’d and have public profiles on the presale website.

How to Find the Best Crypto Presales

New crypto projects enter the market on a regular basis - most of which need to raise funds via a presale. However, knowing which presales are worth investing in can be complex.

Here’s what to consider when searching for the best crypto presales in 2023.

Create a Shortlist of Upcoming Presales

Investors will initially need to create a shortlist of upcoming presales that may be of interest.

There are several third-party websites that can help with this, including CoinMarketCap and ICODrops.

These websites will display each upcoming presale alongside details about funding targets, tokenomics, and listing dates.

Consider selecting at least suitable five presales before moving on to the research process.

Use Cases

The next step is to spend some time assessing the use case of each presale token. The key takeaway is that the token should have real-world applications.

For example, LHINU, the token that backs Love Hate Inu, fuels the project's vote-to-earn mechanism. Users must stake LHINU tokens to access the voting platform and earn rewards.

Similarly, FGHT, which backs Fight Out, is required to access the project’s move-to-earn app. By staking FGHT, users will then earn rewards for completing workouts.

If the presale token doesn’t have a use case, then it is nothing more than a meme coin. As such, it's best to avoid.

Read the Whitepaper

Investors should also spend ample time reading the project’s whitepaper. This outlines the most important factors of the project, such as its long-term goals.

The roadmap is also handy, as this offers a timeline of quarterly targets.

  • Additionally, evaluate the tokenomics of the project.

  • This explains how the total supply of the tokens will be used.

  • A certain percentage might be allocated for the presale, while the remainder is used for marketing, in-game rewards, and the team.

  • We find that a higher percentage of tokens being allocated for the presale is better for the community.

  • In other words, the community owns the vast majority of the project.

Love Hate Inu, for example, is offering 90% of its tokens during the presale. This also prevents a rug pull.

After all, there is no incentive to run away from a project when just 10% of the overall supply is held by the team.

Get in Early for the Best Presale Price

It can also pay off to invest in a presale that is in its early stages. This usually offers the lowest price possible. The reason for this is that most presales have staged pricing.

This means that as each stage passes, the price of the presale token increases. As such, early investors can often secure an immediate upside.

The best crypto presale for 2023 in this regard is Love Hate Inu. Put simply, its presale has just launched, the best price of $0.000085 can still be secured.


Overall, Love Hate Inu offers the best upside potential, with its presale still offering stage-one prices. This means that by investing in LHINU today, a 70% upside will be achieved by the time the tokens are listed on an exchange.

Post-exchange gains are expected too, with Love Hate Inu’s vote-to-earn concept set to take the crypto world by storm. Follow the link below to get in at the ground level of the LHINU presale today!

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