2022 Saw The Most School Shootings In America Since Columbine – This Company’s Solution Aims To Help Fight This Rising Trend | News Direct

2022 Saw The Most School Shootings In America Since Columbine – This Company’s Solution Aims To Help Fight This Rising Trend

Siyata Mobile Inc.
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Sadly, recent years have shown us that the places that should be safest, aren’t. Schools across the country have seen a rise in horrific mass shootings, violence between students and violence aimed at teachers. Each day, 12 children die from gun violence in America, with another 32 shot and injured. In fact, gun violence is the leading cause of death among American children and teens, and 2022 saw the most school shootings since the Columbine tragedy. This has caused a culture of fear to become pervasive nationwide.

To address these concerns and make schoolchildren safer, Siyata Mobile (NASDAQ: SYTA) has teamed up with CrisisGo to create a solution that provides superior communication and enables a higher level of safety and security. Siyata has integrated CrisisGo’s advanced safety platform with Siyata’s latest Push-to-Talk (“PTT”) handset, the SD7.

Siyata Mobile develops and markets communication solutions for everyone from first responders to government agencies. Its handsets are designed to be rugged and highly reliable, making them ideal for situations that are less than ideal.

For school safety, one of the most critical features of the Siyata SD7 PTT handset is the SOS panic button, which provides a simple, easy-to-use solution for instant communication.

CrisisGo, whose platform is integrated with the SD7, is a leading safety platform & emergency solution trusted by over 16,000 schools.

The SD7 and CrisisGo integration provides five key features that keep kids safe:

  1. Send Alerts: Three clicks of the SD7’s SOS button will send a “staff alert” while seven clicks sends a “lockdown alert”. Users also have the ability to record up to twenty seconds of a voice message to be packaged with their alert.

  2. Receive Alerts: When an alert goes out, other users will automatically be made aware of whatever emergency is happening. The alert – and any associated voice message – is played automatically. This means that critical information is quickly disseminated to everyone.

  3. Check In: When a Check In is sent to a handset, the SD7 plays a notification tone and vibrates for 10 seconds, displaying the Check In question and one of the options on the OLED screen. Users can turn the SD7’s knob to switch to show other options for check-in questions and press down on the knob to select the option shown on the screen for submission.

  4. Receive Messages: When a text or audio message is sent to a handset, the SD7 handset plays a notification tone, vibrates for 10 seconds, and displays the message content or notification on the screen. Users can press down on the knob to play audio, stop playing, or remove the audio message from the SD7.

  5. Safety iControl Access: Users can access Safety iControl, the smart command center for school administrators to initiate, manage and monitor safety activities. This feature allows users to send alerts, check-ins and text messages, escalate and share with external first responders or communities, manage school maps and resources and view real-time situations on GIS.

The features of the SD7 handset make it a critical tool in making schools safer. It represents a huge step forward compared to the legacy devices currently on the market, making ease of use a top priority. Hopefully, these handsets will be an unnecessary precaution, but preparing for the worst means that if it comes, the best outcomes can be achieved.


Siyata Mobile Inc. is a B2B global vendor of next-generation Push-To-Talk over Cellular devices, cellular booster systems, and video monitoring solutions. Its portfolio of in-vehicle and rugged devices enables first responders and enterprise workers to instantly communicate, over a nationwide cellular network of choice, to increase situational awareness and save lives.Its portfolio of enterprise-grade and consumer cellular booster systems enables first responders and enterprise workers to amplify cellular signals in remote areas, inside structural buildings where signals are weak, and within vehicles for the maximum cellular signal strength possible.For its video monitoring system, Siyata integrates software that we license with off-the-shelf hardware providing our customers with an integrated advanced camera system for management and visual monitoring of their fleet vehicles.


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