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5 best essay writing service where you can hire essay writer

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Nowadays, the writing market has expanded dramatically. Hundreds of new writers join companies that provide services for students to help them with college and university tasks. The demand for high-quality writing grows among students, which is why the supply among experts also grows.


Everyone knows that with new experts and writing companies, the competition comes. And surely, frauds and scams are not an exception. Nevertheless, there are some business sharks that reasonably hold the market because of their specific and unique approach to work.

Based on the research we made, we found out that there are five writing companies that lead the market. Our independent agents have ordered more than 50 different similar services. After analysis, we compared the results on the numerous parameters. The five strongest leaders showed the best statistics, which didn’t vary between each other much. So meet the finalists of our survey:


  1. 99papers.com - the most affordable prices matched the quality of the papers
  2. essaybox.org - the highest number of professional writers and college/university subjects in expertise
  3. essays.io - the fastest response and numerous perks
  4. bookwormlab.com - the most reliable service with top-notch communication skills
  5.  essayfactory.uk - the nicest web interface and variety of samples


All of those services include the characteristics of each other. All these companies meet deadlines and deliver our agents high-quality products.

Do you want to discover why we highlighted exactly these writing services? Remain with us, and let’s continue the article.

99papers - best cheap essay writing service

Reviewed by - Joshua Williams (User)

“I was chosen to make an order on 99papers.com. to find out where the best essay writers for hire are. Generally, I was impressed with the prices and the quality of the test term paper that I ordered for Psychology classes. However, here are some details:


I visited the website. I am not a big fan of reading landing texts, even if there is some crucial and helpful information. So here comes customer support. A Live Chat was available on the contacts tab or wherever, so my choice fell on it.


My next request was: “Hello! I’d like to know how much my 25-page term paper will cost. Could you help me to find it out, please?”


One friendly support worker Michele kindly directed me to the right buttons I should click. So, I placed a free inquiry and was pretty shocked by the prices. $320 only! It is a tasty price for such an amount of writing work. As 99papers claims, their fees start at $9.95, which is completely true.


I placed an order with all the set requirements for my paper, with a free plagiarism report included. And at that time, I started waiting.


My deadline was flexible (15 days and more to wait.) And one more pleasant thing about using this service - they delivered my docs in 12 days! I was kind of suspicious about that, so I immediately started checking the term paper. The plagiarism check was included, so I completed my own revision in half of the day.


And you know what - everything was smooth. I stayed completely happy with using 99papers.com service. Moreover, it is at the top of the best essay writing service reddit threads.”


Extra perks: You are able to choose a writer by yourself or leave it to 99papers’s workers. Cheap prices start at $9.95



  1. One of the most affordable prices offered
  2. Ability to choose from writers
  3. High-quality of papers
  4. Speedy materials delivery

EssayBox - professional essay writing service

Reviewed by - Ben Stapler (User)

EssayBox wasn’t a new writing service I had never heard about before, so I was glad to participate in the survey, namely with EssayBox. I knew that Essaybox is known as a best essay writing service in us, however, I needed to try their services to ensure myself.

Everything started with signing up. The registration process is deeply customer-oriented by the reason that you are suggested to put in an email only to begin an ordering process. I find it convenient, especially for people who are used to worrying about their privacy while using such services.


I decided to order an application essay for my Master’s. I chose a lot of extra perks such as a top+ENL writer. It cost me a little more than 60 bucks. Well, it wasn’t too expensive for a start, so I was only left to finish the ordering process and wait for my papers.

I didn’t want to delegate the duties and waste time choosing a writer, so I trusted this choice to EssayBox - at least, I had to test them in our global writing survey. By the way, the choice of essay writers is extremely wide, independent of the numerous requirements.

I waited a bit more than a week, and they delivered my application essay even two days earlier. I was satisfied with the on-time delivery and the quality as well. There were no grammar mistakes or typos, and the plagiarism check was passed successfully - 99% uniqueness”


Extra perks: You can choose an ENL or TOP writer or both to assign your task. Also, you can pick a writer you want, or delegate this choice to the service.



  1. Convenient signing-up process
  2. On-time delivery
  3. A lot of pre-ordering options to choose
  4. Exceptional and individual approach to clients

Essays.io - custom essay writing service

Reviewed by - Bill Watson (User)

“Essays.io is a completely trustworthy and legit essay writing help service to order from. They pay attention to the client's needs and attentively listen to their suggestions. It was one of those services I liked the most. Based on my scam-service-detecting experience, I would say that essays.io can be your “Mr.Right” among the writing services.


When I was a student at Yale, I used to order different essay-writing services and used to be scammed a lot by different frauds. However, it was a long time ago, and I didn’t know about essays.io (which is sad, because as it appeared, they are responsible workers.)

I ordered two papers with an insane deadline (3 days for each). But before I placed an order, I chatted with the Support Service. I received a crazy quick response after I sent a message to their online chat - 15 seconds to give an answer - that’s dope!


While I was waiting for my essays, I attentively surfed their Website to find out more useful information that will come in handy for every client who is going to order from essays.io. Long story short, they have solid policies and guarantees, such as a money-back guarantee that involve a significant list of cases when you can request a refund.


They cover almost all college and university subjects - from Healthcare to Religion. It is an impressive list of expertise. Moreover, they have numerous perks that possibly attract clients.

I have never seen such an offer on other writing websites, but these guys offer a FREE book that has a tutoring purpose. Basically, while ordering a paper from here, you have an opportunity to receive an e-learning book that will teach you tricks on how to become a better writer. That is what I call a professional approach to clients.


In the end, the quality of my papers was exemplary, like the essay examples they provided on their site. I was even a bit disappointed because of the fact I didn’t know about this service earlier when I was a student.”


Extra perks: Free tutoring book. Detailed information about the services they cover. Practical advice in a free access



  1. Fully unique papers
  2. They meet any deadline
  3. Video instructions of how their service work
  4. Lightning-fast responses

BookwormLab - trustworthy company where you can pay for essay

Reviewed by - Frank Hawk (User)

“One of the oldest paper writing services on the Internet, a business shark of essay companies - BookWormLab - didn’t make me upset. And there is no reason to wonder - it has the best essay writing service reviews by Trustpilot. However, first try, then trust. And I tried to order beginning with the communication with the customer support service.

What was comfortable for me, and I suppose, for users too, is that support workers are available to contact around the clock. I decided to act like a nasty-bossy client and get the most out of these guys. Stress resistance is also a factor we can judge by, huh?

I decided to send them an email and a message to their online web chat at nearly 1 a.m. They answered me faster on their website, although the email response also didn’t make me wait for a while. I described my problem: “I completely don’t know if it is possible for you, but I need amazing coursework for tomorrow. Could you help me?” And they say yes. I set a 6-hour deadline “for science” - I wondered if they could!    (A small spoiler for you: they can!)


With a calm soul, I went to sleep and waited until my coursework was done. In 6 hours I got up and received my paper in an email. I checked it and found no mistakes or something that could frustrate me. But I acted bossy, so I asked if I could get a free revision to slightly edit the layouts of paragraphs. They accepted my revision and delivered refreshed materials in a couple of hours.


By the way, about the perks. BookWormLab offers their customers to join a Rewards Club. It is a kind of membership where you gain bonuses and save more money on future orders. I know that many writing services have similar features but the fact that BookWormLab has one of such loyalty programs is definitely a strong plus.”


Extra perks: Rewards Club that saves your money, free revisions.


  1. They respond to you at night
  2. They meet short deadlines
  3. Free revisions included

EssayFactory - legit essay writing service in UK

Reviewed by - Robert Simpson (User)

EssayFactory is a popular service in the UK. Many users consider it the best essay writing service in UK. But is it as good as users write in comments? Yes. pretty sure it is. Here is a short summary of my experience with EssayFactory.


To begin with, I really liked the appearance of their website. It is bright and colorful, which is pretty attractive for Internet users.


The panel on their home page consists of a lot of useful information and real clients’ reviews. They offer to look through numerous samples on their site. As I saw, they cover a lot of major subjects.


Talking to customer support was pleasant. They quickly answered me and helped me with the steps of the ordering process. I registered on their website, easily filled out the ordering form, wrote comments about my future essay, and picked a writer for my order. It was convenient that I could choose a writer for my essay. I chatted with two writers and picked a girl that looked professional. I chatted with her and doubled the requirements in our chat. After she said that everything was clear for her, the working process started.


EssayFactory provides strong privacy protection. They accept different payment methods. I paid for my order via PayPal (a secured payment system), and the transaction was processed successfully.


Also, I was impressed with the solid privacy policy. These guys ensure users that everything in their working process is completely legit and fair. The Money-back policy is also quite transparent as well as Privacy Policy. I completely trusted this service.


Finally, my papers were done. As I checked them, I decided that they didn’t need a revision. Generally, this company is completely legit and fully client-oriented.”

Extra perks: Rewards Club, the option of choosing a writer.



  1. Top-notch quality papers
  2. 24/7 customer support
  3. Amazing website interface


After our agents reviewed numerous writing services, we can share the results with you. Choose your writing service among the five we tested above. We recommend you use certified services not to become scammed and lose your money.

We suggest you attentively search for writing services if it is necessary for you to get help with your exams. But now it is much easier because we have done research instead of you to save your time. Trust only legit writing services and receive high marks for papers you have to pass before exams. Stay smart with reliable essay-writing companies!


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