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6 Best Male Enhancement Pills for … Sex to Remember (2023) We searched for them and we found them! We tested the 6 best male pills for the enhancement of libido and sexual performance (All 100% legal/natural/effective and non-prescription).

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Sexual health, despite the rapid development of the world, remains a taboo subject for many men.

However, sexual health is a key parameter of a generally healthier life (emotional, pathological, psychological, and spiritual).

However, problems with a man's sexual performance - especially as the years go by – become increasingly common.

On the market today you can find plenty conducted for finding male enhancement supplements - non-prescription and 100 % natural - for people feeling the need for an extra boost in their sex drive, erectile function, fertility and even in size of their penises.

This article compiled following the search of the 6 highest-selling natural male enhancement pills carried out by our team, presents those pills with the most positive reviews for the past year (2022), promising equally a lot for the coming year (2023).

1. Performer 8 | Top-selling Male Sexual Enhancement Pill (for all ages)

2. VigRX Plus | Top selection for sexual rejuvenation aiming at Men 50 plus

3. Max Performer | Top Libido and sexual performance enhancer

4. Semenoll | Massive sperm and fertility enhancement

5. Semenax | The number one selection for “rich” and explosive ejaculations

6. Prosolution Plus | Top selection for improving erectile function and fighting premature ejaculation


Male enhancement pills – what they are – what is their target group

When referring - especially in this article - to male enhancement supplements we mean exclusively the natural nutritional supplements and not to chemical products or other prescription drugs.

Therefore, we're going to talk about one hundred (100) per cent natural formulations focusing on promoting men's sexual health and boosting their performance during sexual intercourse.

Nevertheless, what does this mean and what does the action of these supplements include?

The action of the so-called "male sexual enhancement supplements" is based on the sexual stimulation of the man.

However, their action varies depending on the composition of each supplement.

In this way, you will be able to find a huge variety of male sexual enhancement supplements on the market with some of them aimed at boosting sperm and fertility, others aimed at fighting erectile dysfunction and low libido, and others at preventing premature or "poor" ejaculation.

The supplements selected for you in this list of the top 6 male enhancement pills for 2023 contain high-quality and potent ingredients backed by a wealth of scientific research.

These natural supplements have properties extremely beneficial for EVERY man over the age of 35, properties to increase sexual vitality, stamina, performance and drive.

These supplements are naturally composed of the highest quality ingredients specially selected (based on scientific research) for their significant benefits in terms of male sexual health, aiming at every man (of any age) feeling "down", tired or without sexual desire.

They can help any man experiencing sexual dysfunctions and can significantly improve sexual performance and give a new boost to the self-esteem of any man feeling "insufficient".

These pills use a combination of natural ingredients, nutrients and vitamins, and for this reason, their use does not require a medical prescription.


Best male enhancements supplements of 2023 for Men of All Ages, in brief.

#1. Performer 8 | Top-selling male sexual enhancement pill (for all ages)

● 100% natural composition of scientifically supported ingredients

● Vegan-friendly formula

● Gluten-free

● Soy-free

● No GMOs

● Lifetime money-back guarantee

● Norton Shopping Guarantee for secure transactions

● One of the strongest ingredient formulas in male enhancement supplements

#2. VigRX Plus | Top selection for sexual rejuvenation for Men 50 plus

● Successful ingredient formula supported by the medical community

● Top consumer selection for many years (since 2007)

● More than 1,200,000 packs sold to date

● Suitable for all ages (gives extra benefits to men aged 50 plus)

● Seen on : ABC | The Wall Street Journal | The New York Times | The View

● Recommended by the - best-selling author and director of NYU's Center for Men's Health - Dr. Steven Lamm

● 67 day money-back guarantee

● Now also contains Bioperine for greater bioavailability

#3. Max Performer | Top libido and sexual performance enhancer

● Natural ingredient formula with the maximum safe doses of active ingredients

● Immediate results

● Enhances sexual performance as well as penis size

● Free US Shipping

● 100 day money-back guarantee

● Fights sexual dysfunctions

#4. Semenoll | Massive sperm enhancement and fertility enhancement

● Made from only the highest quality natural ingredients

● Enhances sperm health (quantity, quality, motility, fertility)

● Improved and more controlled ejaculation

● 100 % enjoyment in every encounter

● 60 day money-back guarantee

● Visible results in less than 30 days

● It costs only USD1.20 per day

#5. Semenax | The number one for “rich” and explosive ejaculations

● Dynamic formula fighting premature ejaculation and strengthening the sperm (quantitatively and qualitatively)

● Enhances male sexual satisfaction and improves arousal

● New formula enhanced with Swedish Flower Pollen

● 17 specially selected powerful natural ingredients

● 67 day money-back guarantee

● Certificate of ingredients’ analysis forwarded by the company

● CGMP certification

#6. Prosolution Plus | Top selection for improving erectile function and fighting premature ejaculation

● Fights sexual dysfunctions

● Enhanced formula of ingredients promoting male sexual health

● Seen on : ABC | CNN | Fox News Channel | MSNBC

● Suitable for men of all ages

● Researched formula "friendly" to the organism not causing side effects

● 67 day money-back guarantee

● Free US Shipping

The “Profile” of the 6 Best Male Sexual Enhancement Pills for 2023 (*** Everything You Need to Know ***)#1. Performer 8 | Top-selling male enhancement pill (for all ages)

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Performer 8 is currently the number one selection among the top male enhancement pills for 2023, a pill for men of all ages and capacities.

It promises a significant boost to a man's general health and immediate benefits for his sexual health with a visible improvement in his sexual performance.

Users of the Performer 8 male enhancement supplement have reported experiencing positive benefits from the very first time using the pill.

Performer 8 - with its active formula of ingredients - can prevent premature ejaculation/erectile dysfunction and other sexual dysfunctions, increase sexual energy, boost libido, boost fertility and certainly give a new boost in the man's self-confidence.

Why should I select it?

Performer 8 is an unquestionably top selection for any man interested in staying sexually active and efficient at any age.

It consists of a powerful complex of botanical extracts and superfoods promoting male sexual mood (libido) and enhancing sexual performance.

The ingredients in the supplement are backed by clinical research.

The formula of the supplement is created to be 100% friendly to the organism and 100% effective.

It is one of the few supplements truly vegan-friendly, soy-free and gluten-free, so offering safe use by the majority of the users.

Finally, the Performer 8 company is the only one ensuring safe transactions with the Norton Shopping Guarantee.

Performer 8 – Most significant benefits

● sexual energy

● endurance and strength

● strong and long erections

● healthy and abundant semen

● enhanced libido

● muscle stimulation

● fights premature ejaculation

● increased sexual arousal

● more explosive ejaculations

● more intense and frequent orgasms

● improved fertility

● improved mood and confidence

Performer 8 - Composition

● Muira Puama Extract 3,000 mg

● KSM-66 Ashwagandha 500 mg

● Ferrous Bisglycinate 12 mg

Maca Root Extract 30 mg

● Panax Ginseng 6,000 mg

● Barrenwort (Horny Goat Weed) 1,000 mg

● Pine Bark Extract 300 mg

● Glucuronolactone 600 mg

● Grape Seed Extract 30 mg

Company data – Communication

  • Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited
  • 12 Payne Street
  • G4 0LF
  • Glasgow
  • United Kingdom

email: support@performer8.com

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#2. VigRX Plus | Top selection for sexual rejuvenation for Men 50 plus

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VigRX Plus is one of the few truly natural|really effective|truly science-backed formulas available on the natural nutritional supplement market today for male sexual enhancement.

It is a premium product clinically tested and - proven - delivering immediately visible results.

It is one of the few natural nutritional supplements even recommended by doctors.

Certainly, until now the first thing coming to your mind when you hear about sexual stimulation is the well-known "blue pill" (Viagra). Now what you will think about is the "red pill" setting your sheets on fire.

Why should I select it?

One of the reasons why we selected VigRx Plus in our list of best male enhancement pills for 2023 is definitely the authenticity of its natural ingredients formula and its capabilities.

Now, having included Bioperine in its new and enhanced formula, VigRX Plus dramatically increases the absorption of the active ingredients by the organism and enhances the final benefits.

VigRX Plus pills have been tested for years and now proven of what they are and what they can achieve.

It consists of 10 very powerful natural ingredients of the highest quality, offering a unique synergistic stimulating action for the male organism and male sexuality.

All the herbs in this supplement are powerful natural aphrodisiacs and libido enhancers, energy boosters and fitness and athletic performance enhancers (so you can last through intercourse without struggling and sweating).

In addition, with its natural ingredients, VigRX Plus achieves hard and lasting erections by increasing blood flow to the penis and generally to the genitals.

It is also worth noting that the ingredients in this unique red male sexual revitalization pill primarily target nitric oxide levels (helping to relax the muscle tissues of the corpora cavernosa). This is what boosts blood flow to the penis and ultimately helps you get bigger, thicker and harder erections (fighting erectile dysfunction as well).

Nevertheless, apart from nitric oxide levels, VigRX Plus also targets levels of the anabolic androgenic hormone testosterone.

Testosterone - as the pre-eminent male sexuality hormone - enhances the mood for sex (libido) and significantly improves a man's performance during intercourse.

If we want - in summary - to talk with numbers, then it is worth looking at the results obtained from a clinical trial with 75 people.

According to this research, male users' ability to achieve a harder erection and more dynamic penetration increased by 58.9%.

An increase was also observed in the sexual desire and performance by a percentage reached 47%.

Finally, an increase in sexual satisfaction was observed by seventy-one point 71.43%, an improvement in maintaining an erection for a sufficient period (and the fight against erectile dysfunction) by 62.82%, an upgrade of orgasms by 22.49% and an increase in overall sexual performance by 61%.

So simple, this is VigRX Plus and it's worth trying.

Especially loved by men 50 plus

VigRX Plus – The most significant benefits

● hard erections with a long duration

● increased sexual desire

● enhanced stimulation

● improved erection control

● more frequent and explosive orgasms

● enhanced energy

● improved sexual performance (for men of all ages)

VigRX Plus - Composition

Korean Red Ginseng (root) 200 mg

● Saw Palmetto (berry) 200 mg

● Hawthorn (berry) 200 mg

● Ginkgo Biloba (leaf) 200 mg

● Damiana (leaf) 200 mg

● Tribulus Terrestris (vine) 150 mg

● Catuaba 4:1 Extract (bark) 100 mg

● Muira Puama 4:1 Extract (bark) 100 mg

● Cuscuta 4:1 Extract (seed) 50 mg

● Epimedium macun 4:1 Extract (leaf) 30 mg

● Bioperine 10 mg

Company data – Communication

Leading Edge Health INC.

300-1095 McKenzie Avenue Victoria


V8P 2L5

Leading Edge Health Ltd

171 Arch. Makariou III Ave

Vanezis Business Center

Office 401

3027 Limassol



North America Toll-Free Phone: 1-866-621-6884

International Phone: 1-604-677-3533

Europe Phone: +49-408-740-9646

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#3. Max Performer | Top libido and sexual performance enhancer

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Sexual performance problems prevent you from living a quality, happy and full life.

Erection size, impotence, low self-confidence and lack of stamina, are problems almost every man faces at some point in his life.

However, despite the fact that - to this day - they remain taboo, there is a solution and in fact extremely simple/extremely effective/extremely safe and economical.

The male sexual enhancement pill Max Performer is such a solution, 100% safe and natural.

It is 100% effective and inspires you with strength, confidence and self-confidence.

Why should I select it?

Max Performer is a general health and fitness enhancement supplement for men (of any age).

We are not just talking about a sexual performance enhancer, but about a dynamic supplement for general stimulation of the male organism on every level.

Physical, spiritual, psychological benefits and general health and immunity benefits, hormonal benefits, even athletic benefits.

Max Performer is the ideal support system for any man wishing to have an elevated sex drive, enhanced physical stamina and renewed vigour in the bedroom.

The natural composition of the supplement enhances blood flow to the male genitals and significantly increases testosterone levels.

Performance anxiety, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual stimulation, low self-esteem, no longer has any place in your life.

Max Performer is specially designed to give you the sexual boost you need.

Max Performer – The most significant benefits

● harder erections than ever

● enhancement of penis size (length and width)

● increased sexual energy/mood/desire

● more and better sex

● more frequent and intense orgasms

● improved sexual performance

● improved fitness and endurance

● increased sensitivity & arousal

Max Performer - Composition

Horny Goat Weed 1000 mg

● Maca 1000 mg

● Cordyceps 1000 mg

● Korean Red Ginseng 1000 mg

Bioperine 15 mg

● Selenium 120 mcg 218% of RDD (Recommended Daily Dose)

● Zinc 24 mg 240% of RDD

● Pantothenic Acid 40 mg 666% of RDD

● Pyridoxine HCl 10 mg 714% of RDD

● Iron 14 mg 100% of RDD

● Niacin 32 mg 200% of RDD

● Riboflavin 10 mg 714% of RDD

● Cyanocobalamin 10 mg 400% of RDD

Company data – Communication

  • 20-22 Wenlock Road
  • London N1 7GU
  • United Kingdom

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#4. Semenoll | Massive sperm and fertility enhancement

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Semenoll is the next 100% natural dietary supplement on our list of best male enhancement products for 2023.

We easily singled it out among dozens of supplements, mainly because of the many positive reviews received from its users.

We highly recommend it.

We like it because it is a product with a "clean" formula.

For having no age limit.

For being "pure", friendly to the organism and not causing any side effects.

Its super-enhanced composition offers a multitude of benefits and not only in relation to men's sexual health.

For showing immediately visible benefits.

Semenoll can work positively for every man.

It is the ideal choice for every man after the critical age of 35 to 40 and for every man wishing to boost his sexual performance and fertility.

Why should I select it?

Semenoll is a premium male sexual health supplement assisting you to fight sexual dysfunctions or problems of reduced fertility, however, it can also help you prevent any upcoming "dysfunctions" due to age, fatigue, stress or bad lifestyle and bad habits (such as smoking and abuse).

With a scientifically supported ingredient formula and with truly beneficial natural health ingredients, the results provided by Semenoll (as admitted by its hundreds of users) are more real than ever.

A product of the leading company WOLFSON BRANDS (UK) LIMITED, it is a value-for-money option.

Semenoll – The most significant benefits

● enhanced libido

● improved erectile function

● high levels of sexual energy

● improved sperm quality

● enhanced sperm volume and “richer” ejaculations

● improved control of the decisive moment of ejaculation

● enhanced fertility

● more explosive ejaculation

● stronger climax

● improved satisfaction

Semenoll – Composition

● Tribulus Terrestris Extract 1,107 mg

● Maca Root Extract 900 mg

● Muira Puama Extract 45 mg

● Pumpkin Seed Extract 22.5 mg

● L-Arginine 44.6 mg

● L-Lysine 36 mg

● Zinc 9 mg|90.4 % of RDD Recommended Daily Dose)

Company data – Communication


12 Payne Street


G4 0LF

United Kingdom


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#5. Semenax | The number one selection for “rich” and explosive ejaculations

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Semenax is not one of the dozens of supplements making promises, without being able to keep them.

It does not belong to this category.

The Semenax supplement is a natural sperm and male sexual performance enhancement containing scientifically backed ingredients of the highest quality and delivering truly visible results.

It is the only natural supplement for men of all ages, backed by clinical research.

The results of this clinical investigation have been derived from a double blind, placebo-controlled trial (to support the reliability of the results).

Why should I select it?

The Semenax supplement is one of the very few supplements to undergo such a blind test.

Such a test is impossible to give a false positive result, and the Semenax company has simply never been afraid of the effective power of its product.

This in itself is a convincing enough reason to try it.

Nevertheless, if this is not enough of a reason for you, there are others.

Our Semenax supplement comes from one of the largest and most trusted nutritional supplement companies, Leading Edge Health.

It is a supplement exclusively designed to provide every man (regardless of age) with inexhaustible sexual energy, improved sexual performance, enhanced vitality and energy.

With one of the most powerful formulas found on the legal market - a formula of seventeen (17) valuable nutrients - it works as an "ally" for the male organism in general while stimulating the sexual power and the male reproductive system in the most natural way.

Semenax – The most significant benefits

● strengthens a man's sexual health

● stimulates libido

● increases seminal fluids by 70%

● increases prostate fluid by 25%

● increases seminal plasma

● increases the fluid of the bulbourethral gland (so the semen has a better texture)

● longer and more explosive orgasms

● arousal increases and satisfaction escalates

● ejaculation is "richer" and more impressive

● fertility is enhanced

● better control of your orgasms

Semenax - Composition

● Vitamin E (as dl-tocopherol acetate) 60 IU 200 % of DV

● Zinc Aspartate (20 % elemental Zinc) 30 mg of 40 % of DV

● Butea Superba (root) 500 mg

● L-Carnitine 500 mg

● Maca (root) 400 mg

● Pine Bark Extract 300 mg

● L-Arginine HCl 250 mg

● L-Lysine 250 mg

● Catuaba (bark) 200 mg

● Epimedium Sagittatum (leaf) 150 mg

● Muira Puama (bark) 100 mg

● Hawthorne (berry) 50 mg

● Cranberry Extract (seed) 50 mg

● Tribulus Terrestris (vine) 50 mg

● Avena Sativa Extract (seed) 50 mg

● Sarsaparilla (root) 50 mg

● Swedish Flower (pollen) 50 mg

Company data – Communication

  • Leading Edge Health INC.
  • 300-1095 McKenzie Avenue Victoria
  • BC
  • V8P 2L5

Leading Edge Health Ltd

  • 171 Arch. Makariou III Ave
  • Vanezis Business Center
  • Office 401
  • 3027 Limassol
  • Cyprus

North America Toll-Free Phone: 1-866-621-6886

International Phone: 1-604-677-5365

Europe Phone: +49-408-740-9646

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#6. Prosolution Plus | The top selection for improving erectile function and fighting premature ejaculation

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Prosolution Plus is the sixth of the best natural male sexual health enhancement supplement presented in this article/review and not by accident.

Customers/users of this natural men's health supplement (sexual and general) talk about significant visible benefits within a short period: increased arousal and erotic mood, better erection quality as well as greater sexual drive and improved performance.

Besides, even doctors recommend Prosolution Plus for the treatment of premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunctions.

According to a recent study published in The American Journal of Therapeutics - Prosolution Plus with a powerful blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutrients - offers men of all ages the unquenchable masculinity of their youth, unbridled sex drive and unmatched sexual performance so desired.

Why should I select it?

Prosolution Plus is a nutritional supplement even supported/recommended by the medical community.

It is not a medicinal product, but it practically helps to strengthen male sexual health and ensures real and visible benefits.

It does not require a medical prescription for its use.

It does not cause any side effects.

It works with the main goal of strengthening the male organism, preventing/fighting various sexual dysfunctions and surely enhancing the male's sexual performance.

All the ingredients in Prosolution Plus are natural and backed by scientific evidence.

Backed by clinical studies and approved by doctors, the Prosolution Plus pill is not going to let you down, or leave you "exposed".

Prosolution Plus – The most significant benefits

● strengthens erections (every time)

● enhances physical endurance and strength

● improves aerobic performance

● prevents premature ejaculation

● increases libido

● improves erectile performance

● boosts self-confidence

Prosolution Plus - Composition

Withania Somnifera (root) 240 mg

● Asparagus adscendens (root) 200 mg

● Asphaltum exudate 150 mg

● Curculigo orchioides (root) 100 mg

● Tribulus Terrestris (fruit) 100 mg

● Mucuna Pruriens (seed) 100 mg

● Asteracantha longifolia (whole plant) 80 mg

Company data – Communication

  • Leading Edge Health INC.
  • 300-1095 McKenzie Avenue Victoria
  • BC
  • V8P 2L5

Leading Edge Health Ltd

171 Arch. Makariou III Ave

Vanezis Business Center

Office 401

3027 Limassol


North America Toll-Free: +1-866-261-6886

International: +1-604-677-5365

Email: help@prosolutionplus.today

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Can I purchase male enhancement pills from Amazon? Is it safe?

Yes. On Amazon, you can find some nutritional supplements.

However, supplement companies advise that the purchase of their products be done - for greater safety - ONLY through their official websites.

Even Amazon, which is one of the largest and most trusted e-commerce sites - cannot guarantee you the quality of the products it promotes.

Do male enhancement pills constitute a treatment for sexual dysfunction?

In no case can any nutritional supplement replace medical treatment.

In the event that the doctor diagnoses a problem and prescribes pharmaceutical treatment, it is important to follow the treatment indicated by the attending physician.

Therefore, although these natural supplements aim to improve a man's overall and sexual health, they are not an appropriate treatment for serious medical conditions.

However, they can play a catalytic role in the prevention of various sexual problems and dysfunctions, as well as help to deal with them (when they are at an early stage).

You should never forget that early treatment and prevention is your best "weapon" to ensure your sexual health at any age.


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