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7 Best Assignment Writing Services | Best Assignment Help Websites for USA Students

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Embarking on a college journey can be daunting. Piles of assignments, ticking deadlines, and late-night study sessions can often overshadow the rich, immersive learning experience that students should rightfully enjoy. Amidst this sea of academic pressure, identifying the best assignment writing service could be the beacon that guides you toward tranquility and success.

The vast digital landscape is teeming with numerous writing services, each claiming to be the savior for overburdened students. But how can you discern the wheat from the chaff? My name is Nicole Hrady, and as an accomplished academic writer and consultant, my mission is to provide you with a pathway to the best assignment writing services that will lighten your homework load and let you reclaim your peace of mind.

My expertise and thorough research have enabled me to sieve through the myriad of options, narrowing down the seven best assignment help platforms specifically designed for USA students. They are committed to ensuring your academic success without compromise. So, dive in and discover these fantastic resources which could be the answers to your academic hurdles.

How Did I Determine the Best Assignment Writing Services Online for You?

I’m deeply familiar with the ebb and flow of the assignment writing industry. Over the years, I have developed meticulous criteria for what a fitting assignment writing service should embody. Below is what I anticipate from proficient assignment writers and how I distinguish the cheap assignment writing services that offer exceptional quality.

Here are my carefully defined criteria:

Qualifications and Expertise — The writers should hold relevant academic qualifications, preferably Master’s or Ph.D. degrees in the subjects they handle. Their expertise and depth of knowledge should be evident in their writing.

Quality of Writing — The assignments produced should be high in quality, free from errors, and reflective of in-depth subject knowledge. They should have coherent arguments and clear, concise language.

Timeliness — All writers need to respect deadlines. The ability to deliver high-quality work promptly is a must.

Originality — Each piece of work should be 100% original, free from any plagiarism. An assignment writing service should provide plagiarism reports if required.

Affordability — While cheap assignment writing platforms are attractive, they should not compromise on the quality of work. The service must offer a fair balance between cost and quality.

Revisions and Guarantees — A reliable service should be willing to offer free revisions if the work does not meet the client’s requirements initially. It should also provide a money-back guarantee.

Customer Support — Round-the-clock customer support to address any issues or concerns is a must. A quick and effective response system enhances the customer experience.

Privacy and Confidentiality — The service must assure the privacy and confidentiality of the students’ information and assignments.

Best Assignment Writing Sites: Top Recommendations by Nicole Hardy

 DoMyEssay — Renowned for Expert Assignment Writers 🎓(4.87 on Sitejabber)

 EssayPro — Unbeatable in Rapid Assignment Delivery 🥇(4.83 on Sitejabber)

 EssayService — Celebrated for Wide Service Variety 🖌(4.84 on Sitejabber)

 EssayHub — Superior for Personalized Attention ⭐️(4.84 on Sitejabber)

 PaperWriter — Leading for Exceptional Customer Support ☎️(4.92 on Sitejabber)

 Studyfy — Noteworthy for Frequent Discounts 💰(4.88 on Sitejabber)

 WritePaper — Unmatched in Cost-Quality Balance 🔥(4.93 on Sitejabber)


Imagine a platform where academic acumen perfectly intersects with remarkable service delivery — that’s DoMyEssay for you. As an assignment help service dedicated to easing the academic burdens of students, DoMyEssay has made a name for itself through its unwavering dedication to quality and punctuality.

The true strength of DoMyEssay lies in its team of seasoned and proficient writers. This elite assembly of academic professionals consistently produces work that transcends expectations, making it a top choice for students across the country.

Pros of DoMyEssay:

  • Effortless and direct communication with writers.

  • A hallmark of this service is the consistent, high-quality output.

  • Each piece is composed of original content and showcases a meticulous organization of credited sources and citations.

  • The service offers free revisions and a money-back guarantee.

Cons of DoMyEssay:

  • While the service excels on many fronts, using professional writers might limit your opportunities for conducting research and self-learning.

Price List

College-level assignment: $10.8/page

Masters level assignment: $13.2/page

College-level research paper: $12.35/page

College-level coursework: $13.3/page


Here’s what a past customer, @Sammm1999, had to say about DoMyEssay online:

“DoMyEssay has been a true lifesaver during my study years. I can’t thank them enough!”

My Verdict about DoMyEssay

DoMyEssay shines as a reliable, high-quality assignment help platform. Their unwavering commitment to academic excellence and customer satisfaction makes them a top choice for students seeking assistance. Their offering extends beyond just delivering assignments. It’s about creating a seamless, stress-free academic experience.


When facing the pressure of a looming deadline or the challenge of a critical term paper, you can confidently turn to EssayPro. This assignment writing platform has carved a niche for itself through its impeccable service and delivery speed.

EssayPro’s efficiency is astounding — they’re capable of delivering a completed assignment in as short as six hours. Ordinarily, it’s advisable to allocate more time to writers, allowing them space for thorough research and crafting. However, in order to evaluate the true capabilities of EssayPro, I set a stringent 6-hour deadline.

Pros of EssayPro:

  • Detailed profiles showcase the credentials and skills of the writers.

  • There are boundless possibilities for modification once the paper is received.

  • The entire document was impeccable, devoid of any grammatical errors.

  • Prompt submission is assured, along with an option for a 6-hour deadline.

Cons of EssayPro:

  • While the quick turnaround is impressive, the rushed timeline could potentially limit the depth of research and detail in the assignments.

Price List

College-level assignment: $11/page

Masters level assignment: $13.4/page

College-level research paper: $11.7/page

College-level coursework: $13.3/page


As per an online review by a user @MorgantheWizard:

“EssayPro is my go-to solution for last-minute assignment crunches. Their quick and reliable service has saved me multiple times!”

My Verdict about EssayPro

EssayPro positions high among reliable, high-speed assignment writing services. Their quick delivery, coupled with quality work, makes them a valuable resource, especially for those grappling with tight deadlines. Their service quality and dedication to students’ academic success are unquestionable.


EssayService, a veteran in the assignment writing industry, has earned its position as a preferred choice among students. Its long-standing presence testifies to the quality and reliability of its services, and its popularity among students is indeed a testament to its efficacy.

A distinguishing characteristic of EssayService is its diverse service variety. This diversity allows it to cater to a broad range of academic needs, ensuring that students across various fields can find the assistance they require.

Pros of EssayService:

  • The author incorporated only the most current and relevant research into my paper.

  • I had the privilege of selecting a writer who specializes in the precise field I required.

  • There are abundant options for cost-saving.

  • This service maintains total user anonymity.

Cons of EssayService:

  • Although EssayService has a broad selection of writers, it might be overwhelming for students to select the most suitable writer.

Price List

College-level assignment: $11.4/page

Masters level assignment: $13.2/page

College-level research paper: $12.35/page

College-level coursework: $13.3/page


A customer @NYCVictor001 shared their experience online:

“EssayService has been my academic lifesaver. Their diverse services cover all my assignment needs!”

My Verdict about EssayService

EssayService stands out as a reliable, comprehensive assignment writing platform. Their diverse offerings and commitment to quality make them an excellent choice for students seeking assistance. Despite the potential challenge of choosing from their vast service range, their overall contribution to academic success is undeniable.


Specializing in tailored academic solutions, EssayHub stands among the top-notch assignment writing websites. It’s particularly lauded for its commitment to catering to students’ specific needs, underpinning the philosophy that each student’s academic journey is unique.

EssayHub’s writers’ outstanding level of professionalism is an element that deserves significant attention and praise. This is not just a statement; it is a consistent trait visible in the thorough and careful manner in which they manage and integrate sources. This attention to detail injects an unparalleled level of credibility and depth into their work.

Pros of EssayHub:

  • The author exhibited extraordinary professional expertise and dedication.

  • The submitted assignment met my stringent standards for complete originality.

  • Customer support is accessible around the clock.

  • The platform is user-friendly, designed with intuitive controls that make navigation a breeze.

Cons of EssayHub:

  • For those with complex assignment instructions, EssayHub might require additional time for clarification with the writer.

Price List

College-level assignment: $10.80/page

Masters level assignment: $13.2/page

College-level research paper: $12.35/page

College-level coursework: $13.3/page


A customer ’@StudiousMax’ shared this online review:

“EssayHub provides highly personalized service, making it my go-to assignment writing website. Their handling of sources is impressive!”

My Verdict about EssayHub

EssayHub offers premier, personalized assignment writing assistance. Their attentiveness to individual student’s needs and the professionalism of their writers set them apart. The quality of their service makes them an excellent choice for students seeking tailored academic solutions.


My journey with PaperWriter was marked by an impressively streamlined process. This homework help website is distinctively minimalist yet intuitive, promising a user-friendly experience right from the first click. The interface is not only responsive but also aesthetically pleasing, ensuring a stress-free navigation experience.

The commendable commitment of PaperWriter’s team is another remarkable feature. Their dedication to ensuring a convenient experience is evident in every interaction, be it during the ordering process or while seeking customer support.

Pros of PaperWriter:

  • The ordering process was incredibly user-friendly and straightforward to navigate.

  • Prompt and efficient, the support agent was quick to respond to all my queries.

  • The writer diligently and professionally executed my revision request.

  • A broad range of subject areas, catering to diverse academic needs.

Cons of PaperWriter:

  • Navigating the bidding system of PaperWriter might seem overwhelming initially, especially for those unfamiliar with such a format.

Price List

College-level assignment: $10.80/page

Masters level assignment: $13.1/page

College-level research paper: $11.7/page

College-level coursework: $13.3/page


A user, @AdamtheAchiever03, praised the platform online, saying:

“PaperWriter is my favorite homework help platform. The process is smooth, and the team’s dedication to my convenience is impressive!”

My Verdict about PaperWriter

PaperWriter excels as a homework help assistant, providing a user-friendly experience with a dedicated team. Their commitment to timeliness and exceptional customer support enhances the value they offer. Their convenience-oriented service makes them a preferred choice for many students.


Envision a platform where your academic needs are addressed in their entirety. That’s precisely what Studyfy offers. This homework help platform takes a holistic approach to providing the best assignment help, allowing students to request custom papers tailored to their unique interests, needs, and academic goals.

One impressive feature that sets Studyfy apart is its commitment to originality. During my experience, I requested a plagiarism report from the customer support team and received it promptly without any additional cost. Additionally, Studyfy demonstrates appreciation for its loyal customers and large-order clients by offering regular discounts, making its services more accessible.

Pros of Studyfy:

  • The prices are affordable and budget-friendly.

  • In less than a single day, my meticulously crafted paper was ready and available.

  • They even provided a comprehensive plagiarism report at no additional cost.

  • Moreover, they offered a broad range of formatting styles.

Cons of Studyfy:

  • Studyfy’s customer support can only be contacted via chat and email, which might limit immediate real-time communication for some users.

Price List

College-level assignment: $11.4/page

Masters level assignment: $13.2/page

College-level research paper: $12.35/page

College-level coursework: $13.3/page


A customer @Geo_rge.Lil commended the platform online, stating:

“Studyfy’s dedication to customized solutions and commitment to originality has made it my number one choice for assignment help.”

My Verdict about Studyfy

Studyfy emerges as a champion in providing holistic, customized assignment help. The company’s commitment to originality, regular discounts, and wide academic coverage make it a top choice for many students.


WritePaper stands out amongst the top assignment writing services available today. It’s a one-stop shop for all your assignment needs, regardless of length or complexity. Catering to a broad range of subjects from art to mathematics, WritePaper’s versatility makes it the best website for assignment help, allowing you to delegate all your homework under one reliable roof.

The hallmark of WritePaper is its highly-educated and professional writing team. My personal experience with their writers left no room for doubt about their competency and dedication to excellence.

Pros of WritePaper:

  • The service boasts a commendable price-to-quality ratio.

  • There are multiple secure payment options available.

  • Reliable customer support is accessible around the clock, ensuring assistance is available 24/7.

  • A fast turnaround time, accommodating even the most urgent deadlines.

Cons of WritePaper:

  • I noticed that the initial response time from WritePaper’s support team was slow, which might lead to slight delays when you need immediate assistance.

Price List

College-level assignment: $11/page

Masters level assignment: $13.2/page

College-level research paper: $12.35/page

College-level coursework: $13.3/page


A client known as @Elena.Anele stated online:

“With WritePaper, I can delegate all my assignments regardless of their complexity or subject. Truly the best website for assignment assistance!”

My Verdict about WritePaper

WritePaper has rightfully earned its place among the top assignment writing platforms. The comprehensive subject coverage, highly-educated writers, and competitive pricing structure make it an excellent choice for students seeking comprehensive assignment assistance.

FAQ on Assignment Help Services: Your Questions AnsweredWhich of the numerous assignment writing websites, in my opinion, truly stands out as the best?

In my extensive career as a seasoned professional writer, I’ve had the privilege of working in collaboration with a wide array of assignment writing platforms. In doing so, I have garnered in-depth insights into the operations, strengths, and weaknesses of each. After methodically comparing their service quality, one name distinctly rises above the rest in my estimation — the highly acclaimed DoMyEssay.

DoMyEssay rightfully takes pride in its devoted and eclectic ensemble of writers, each armed with the necessary skills to tackle a broad range of assignment challenges that you might present to them. This compelling fusion of individual talents and diverse academic backgrounds forms a dynamic force, underscoring their capacity to deliver top-tier assignment writing help. Irrespective of the complexity or the uniqueness of the task, their team is ready and willing to rise to the occasion.

However, it’s not merely the team’s expertise that impresses; it’s their consistent delivery of high-quality work that truly sets them apart. Time and again, DoMyEssay has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence, making it my personal top choice among assignment writing platforms.

Is investing in assignment writing services truly worth it?

From a broad perspective, investing in assignment writing platforms can indeed be highly beneficial. These services offer a lifeline to students who may be grappling with numerous assignments, tight deadlines, or challenging topics. Utilizing these services provides an opportunity to not only ensure all assignments are completed on time but also that they meet the high standards of academic writing.

The value of the best assignment help services, however, extends beyond the simple transaction of purchasing an assignment. They can provide a valuable learning resource. The completed assignments students receive can serve as exemplary models of how particular questions or challenges can be addressed, thereby enriching their understanding and potentially improving their own writing skills.

The decision to buy assignment online is not just about outsourcing an academic task; it’s an investment in quality, punctuality, and learning. So yes, in my opinion, and based on the countless reviews from satisfied students, investing in assignment help services can indeed be a worthwhile venture for students seeking academic success.

What options do I have if I require an assignment to be written urgently?

If you find yourself in the midst of an academic crunch, needing an assignment written with extreme urgency, don’t panic. Most assignment writing services are equipped to handle such high-pressure scenarios. They have fast writers who are trained to work effectively under tight deadlines. So, whether you need help writing assignment within a day or even a few hours, these services can usually accommodate your needs.

Getting writing help on a tight schedule does not mean compromising on quality. Reputable services have mechanisms in place to ensure that, regardless of the timeline, the final output maintains a high standard. The writers are not only swift but also skilled at delivering high-quality work within a limited timeframe.

Urgent assignment help is very much available and is often just a few clicks away. However, it’s always best to plan and manage your time efficiently to avoid last-minute pressures. But when the unexpected happens, these services can be a lifesaver.

If I engage the services of the best assignment writers, is there a risk of being discovered?

The short answer is no. When you engage legitimate and top assignment writing services, you receive drafts that are safe and intended for academic use. Rest assured, your professors or instructors won’t be able to detect the origin of the work you submit, as each assignment produced by these services is unique and tailor-made to your requirements.

The robust anti-plagiarism measures employed by these services ensure the content they produce is original and written from scratch, specifically to meet your academic demands. As such, no plagiarism detection software can flag or indicate that your submitted work originated from online writing help. The content you receive is human-written, unique, and closely aligned with your writing style.

Enlisting the help of writing services is a safe choice, guaranteeing originality and privacy. So you can confidently use these services, secure in the knowledge that your academic integrity remains intact. And besides, you can always request a plagiarism report from the service that wrote your assignment.

Among the listed assignment writing services, which one offers the most affordable rates?

While all the services mentioned in this list have comparable prices, the most economical ones would be PaperWriter and EssayHub. Both these assignment writing sites have been able to strike a balance between affordability and quality, making them an excellent choice for students on a budget.

Remember, a lower price does not necessarily mean a compromise on the quality of service. Both these platforms have earned their place in the list of top services due to their commitment to delivering high-quality work. So, despite their budget-friendly rates, you can still expect superior quality assignments.

When it comes to finding the best assignment help that offers value for money, PaperWriter and EssayHub stand out. They are proof that it’s possible to receive high-quality assignment assistance without straining your finances. Beyond their already competitive rates, both platforms frequently feature appealing discounts and promotional offers. These well-timed financial incentives serve to enhance their cost-effectiveness even further, making these services not just academically advantageous but also economically sound choices for students and professionals alike.

Are assignments procured from assignment writing services detected by Turnitin?

Absolutely not, and here’s why. Plagiarism detection tools, such as Turnitin or its equivalents, do not possess the technological ability to distinguish whether or not an online writing service was employed during the creation process of a written work. The offerings of assignment writing websites revolve around delivering unique content authored by humans.

The content produced doesn’t involve direct copying or use of ideas from other sources without appropriate attribution. The writers are skilled in accurately quoting and paraphrasing, thus ensuring the originality of their work. Notably, the best writing services also carry out rigorous double-checking to ascertain the originality of their delivered papers.

When you engage top assignment writing professionals, you should anticipate receiving writing that is 100% original. The stringent practices these services employ ensure the work is free of plagiarism and cannot be detected by Turnitin or any other software. Hence, rest assured that the confidentiality and originality of your assignments are always maintained when procured from reputable online sources.

Is it secure to buy an assignment online from the services you recommend?

Yes, absolutely. The best assignment writing services I recommend are committed to safeguarding your data and protecting your privacy rights. They have implemented robust procedures and protocols to ensure your personal information remains confidential. Furthermore, these services deploy high-end encryption technologies to protect your data from potential breaches. These services operate strictly within legal boundaries, adhering to all industry-specific laws and regulations.

Transparency is a pivotal factor in determining the reliability of these services. When you notice explicit pricing structures, quality assurances, clear refund policies, and exhaustive terms and conditions, it serves as a green signal that the service is legitimate and trustworthy.

I can assure you that every single service meticulously evaluated and subsequently listed in this article rigidly adheres to the stringent standards of data protection, cybersecurity, and transparency. Therefore, when you decide to engage with these assignment help services, you can do so with a firm degree of confidence, knowing that your personal privacy, academic integrity, and overall reputation are not only protected but always given paramount importance.

Finding the Best Assignment Assistance

I hope that these comprehensive reviews serve as a reliable guide to finding your ideal writing company. The mission is to empower you with the knowledge and insights to choose the right service that aligns with your academic requirements and personal preferences.

The websites we’ve discussed are renowned for offering some of the best online assignment help in the industry. They wield the power to transform your academic journey, turning challenges into opportunities for learning and growth. Each service is a testament to the profound impact that professional, timely, and quality assignment help can have on a student’s academic performance and overall well-being.

As you venture courageously into the vast, labyrinthine academic world, always remember that it’s not a solo mission. A robust, interwoven network of support, brimming with capable and dedicated assignment writing services, stands readily available to guide you through. In the pursuit of your academic goals, choose your allies wisely. These services are the valuable tools in your arsenal, ever-ready to illuminate the path toward success.




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