70.4 Million Americans Participate In The Gig Economy; Here’s How PayQuicker Is Making Payments Easier For These Workers | News Direct

70.4 Million Americans Participate In The Gig Economy; Here’s How PayQuicker Is Making Payments Easier For These Workers

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By Faith Ashmore, Benzinga

The gig economy seems to be here to stay. In the U.S. alone, there are more than 70.4 million freelancers, and that number has been growing for the past few years. By 2028, it is projected that there will be upwards of 90 million gig workers who will constitute close to 50% of the domestic population. Internationally, as well, the gig economy is also growing. One of the major draws of freelance work is the flexibility and freedom it enables and promotes. The rise of freelance and project or gig-based work has allowed individuals to tailor their schedules and income to their lifestyles and preferences.

The increase in this type of work is driving evolution in various areas, including how employers are paying their contractors. At the core of the gig economy, workers value freedom, flexibility and more intentional use of their earnings. A survey revealed that 46% of gig workers take on gig work to increase their income, but it goes beyond mere financial gain. They strive to be intentional with their money. As a result, many companies – both gig and non-gig – are being compelled to change their traditional payroll processes. When searching for gig work, 51% of gig workers prioritize compensation and payment-related factors, such as the frequency of pay, payment methods and payment security. This emphasis on the way they are paid highlights the increasing importance of adaptable payment solutions in the evolving gig economy.

Before the gig economy took off, the ‘original gig’ was what is today known as the direct selling industry; this is where PayQuicker’s origin story began. Today, they have become a global financial technology company that caters to businesses of all sizes across various industries. With its award-winning solutions, PayQuicker caters to over 300 clients, enabling businesses of any size to provide immediate global payouts in local currencies through secure bank accounts, prepaid debit cards, virtual cards and mobile wallets.

Companies can utilize the Payouts OS platform to streamline payouts to over 200 countries and territories, supporting more than 100 currencies – which is especially useful to freelancers who may work with international companies. PayQuicker facilitates millions of payments and billions of dollars annually, consistently empowering companies to foster growth by equipping them with superior payment options and enhancing the purchasing power of their gig workforce.

Recently, PayQuicker unveiled its Deals and Offers program for all U.S. account holders, introducing a range of new partners. This initiative allows PayQuicker's account holders to access exclusive deals on retail, travel, dining and more. Moreover, the Deals and Offers portal also provides access to health insurance and financial wellness services, which is particularly beneficial for independent workers who are underbanked or unbanked and traditionally lack such opportunities.

Speaking on being selected as a finalist in their category in the Benzinga Fintech Awards 2023, Paul Beldham, CEO of PayQuicker, shared, “It is an honor to be recognized as a finalist in the category of ‘Best Payments Solution’. We’re constantly striving to bring the best payout experiences to our clients and their global workforces, which serves as an advantage at a time when attracting and retaining gig workers is becoming increasingly competitive. The way in which people work is changing, and so too is the way they expect to be paid. This recognition is a testament to our continued commitment to understanding payees’ needs and innovating best-in-class payment solutions.”

As the gig economy continues to grow and evolve, financial institutions will need to cater to the unique needs of these workers. Companies like PayQuicker will be instrumental in facilitating the continued success of the gig economy.


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