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70% Of Americans Don’t Floss - This Company Aims To Change That With Its New Engineering Approach By Faith Ashmore, Benzinga

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Oral Care Is More Important Than You Think

While it can be easy to neglect your oral health, an unhealthy mouth can be a precursor for an unhealthy body. The mouth is filled with both good and bad bacteria, and when the mouth, teeth, and gums are poorly taken care of, bad bacteria take over. Because the mouth is the entry point for the respiratory and digestive systems, these bacteria can then spread even further and cause disease.

Individuals with poor oral health have higher risks of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, pneumonia, and other ailments. Take cardiovascular disease - inflammation in the gums will slowly travel down the body to the arteries and increased plaque build-up can cause heart attacks.

Despite these high risks, only 58% of Americans see a dentist as least once a year. Nearly 1 million Americans visit the emergency room each year because of dental pain, according to a Pew study. Oral health, or rather the lack of oral health, can have catastrophic effects on the body. The long-lasting effects of poor oral care are why it is so important for individuals to have a strong oral care routine and tools at home to maintain a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums.

Instafloss Has Engineered What Could Be A Perfect Solution

Currently, there are two options available on the market when it comes to flossing: standard floss and manual 1-jet water flossing. Both options can be time-consuming, cumbersome and painful and as a result, 70% of Americans do not floss. Furthermore, individuals who do floss often do it ineffectively. Individuals deserve better options for flossing that promote oral health.

That’s why Instafloss developed its multi-jet water flosser. Instafloss’s design aims all the jets for the user at the correct 90-degree angle, ensuring that the teeth and gums are fully covered. It only takes 10 seconds to sweep across the teeth and Instafloss uses a patented H-design mouthpiece that fits over the top and bottom teeth. Instafloss is able to clean between your teeth, underneath your gum line, and all the way around each tooth for maximum coverage.

Water flossing could be the way of the future. When compared to string flossing, water flossing is 151% as effective at reducing gingivitis, 129% as effective at removing plaque, and 200% as effective at reducing bleeding, according to research cited on the Instafloss website.

Instafloss is currently hosting a raise on Republic to propel the company forward. The company has over $2.5 million in pre-orders with another 41,000 individuals on an email waitlist. To date, they have raised over $950k in equity capital. With 5 years of testing and granted utility patents, the company is ready to become the next big thing in oral care.

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Instafloss is the world’s first 10 second floss. It is painless, effective, and fast — removing obstacles to oral health.


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