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79% Of Americans Drink 2+ Cups Of Coffee Per Day, Survey Finds

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America runs on coffee with the average US adult consuming more than one cup per day, a number which is increasing with more people working from home.

After crunching numbers sourced from Statista, the data analysts at Safe Betting Sites have found that 79 percent of coffee drinkers in the US are drinking two or more cups per day when they are at home on a weekday.

Meanwhile, 62 percent of coffee drinkers are consuming a to-go coffee at least once per week with 20 percent drinking a to-go coffee every day.

Drip coffee remains America’s preferred way to enjoy a cup of joe with 36 percent of respondents saying it was their favorite. More than half of US adults (51 percent) also agreed with the statement that “coffee is a pure pleasure to me”.

79% Of American Coffee Drinkers Are Consuming 2+ Cups Of Coffee Per Day

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, more Americans have been working from home, and for some, that means drinking more coffee.

According to a recent survey by Statista, 79 percent of American coffee drinkers are consuming at least two cups per day when at home on a weekday.

Only 21 percent of respondents said that they drank just one cup of coffee or fewer when at home.

The survey, which was sourced from Statista, analyzed the habits of 831 daily coffee drinkers in the US aged 18-74.

By comparison, 31 percent of respondents drank 4-6 cups of coffee per day while 20 percent consumed 3 cups and 27 percent consumed 2 cups of coffee per day.

62% Of Coffee Drinkers Buy A To-Go Coffee At Least 1x Per Week

Coffee lovers aren’t just drinking coffee when they are at home either.

In fact, 44 percent of Americans are drinking a to-go coffee more than once per week. That compares to 21 percent that said they drank one to-go coffee per week and 38 percent that said they drank a to-go coffee less often or even never.

Overall, 20 percent of coffee drinkers said that they drank at least one to-go coffee every day.

Drip Coffee (36%) Is America’s Favorite Way To Drink Coffee

The survey also asked Americans to rate their favorite way to brew their coffee.

Good old-fashioned drip coffee remains America’s preferred way to drink coffee with 36 percent of respondents saying it was their favorite.

Cappuccino (11 percent), Iced Coffee (10 percent), and Instant Coffee (nine percent) were among the next on the list of America’s favorite way to drink coffee.

  1. Drip Coffee — 36%

  2. Cappuccino — 11%

  3. Iced Coffee — 10%

  4. Instant Coffee — 9%

74% Of Americans Drink Coffee Every Day

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Statista polled Americans on their coffee drinking habits.

The findings confirm another Statista study from the summer.

Back in June 2022, Statista asked 1,592 Americans how often they drank coffee. A whopping 73.9 percent of respondents answered “every day” compared to 17.5 percent that responded “most days”.

Meanwhile, only 8.5 percent of respondents were occasional coffee drinkers who responded “sometimes”.

Coffee Is 2nd-Most Popular Drink After Bottled Water

Coffee is still America’s drink of choice, according to a Statista poll that surveyed over 7,500 US adults from October 2021 to September 2022.

In fact, only bottled water is consumed by more Americans as their drink of choice (63 percent).

Trailing coffee, soft drinks (56 percent), juice (50 percent) and tea (48 percent) were also among the most common beverages consumed by US adults.

When it comes to alcohol, beer (25 percent) edged out wine (24 percent) for the most popular alcoholic beverage in the US.

Here are the full results from the poll below.

  1. Bottled Water — 63%

  2. Coffee — 57%

  3. Soft Drinks — 56%

  4. Juice — 50%

  5. Tea — 48%

  6. Energy Drinks — 27%

  7. Beer — 25%

  8. Wine — 24%

For full survey data, visit: https://www.safebettingsites.com/2023/01/19/79-of-americans-drink-2-cups-of-coffee-per-day-survey-finds/ 




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