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American Center for Cures Co-Founder Appointed by President Biden to National Cancer Advisory Board

The American Center for Cures

The American Center for Cures (ACC) today announced its long-time partner and co-founder Dr. Richard Boxer has been selected by President Joseph Biden to the National Cancer Advisory Board. In this role, Dr. Boxer will use his years of medical expertise to help guide the Director of the National Cancer Institute in the development of the organization’s national cancer research. Along with venerated entrepreneur Lou Weisbach, Dr. Boxer co-founded the ACC as a bipartisan initiative that aims to unite medicine, science, pharmaceuticals, business, and government to seek out new treatments and cures for Alzheimer’s, diabetes, Parkinson’s, mental diseases, many forms of cancer, and several others. “Richard Boxer and I have worked together on this important endeavor for more than a decade. It’s an honor to see him elevated to the National Cancer Advisory Board,” said Lou Weisbach, CEO and Co-Founder of ACC. “I’ve been working in a bipartisan way with leaders of both parties and the quote from Tom Price, former Secretary of Health, tells you all you need to know about our mission: ‘When this plan is approved it will rival the greatest achievements in US history and offer the sense of urgency that all American families yearn for and deserve when battling disease.’” Dr. Boxer, a UCLA Clinical Professor and Co-Founder of the American Center for Cures added: “I’ve dedicated my professional career to compassionate and uncompromising care for cancer patients and educating the public and the medical community and preventing and curing disease is a critical single issue that all Americans can agree on. As a practicing urologist treating cancer patients and cancer survivor myself, the mission of the ACC and my role in its success is very personal.” Dr. Boxer, a Clinical Professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, himself a three-time cancer survivor, has been practicing medicine for 44 years, caring for more than 7,000 patients with cancer and tens of thousands of patients with other illnesses. He represented the U.S. at the World Health Organization as a private citizen, a finalist for Surgeon General of the United States in both a Democratic and Republican Administration, and he was recently on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Clinical Oncology Conquer Cancer Foundation. Dr. Boxer has published nearly 100 journal articles and book chapters on medical research and has also written extensively on health policy in national press outlets. He helped create the initial clinical protocols for telemedicine, becoming the Chief Medical Officer of numerous telemedicine companies. In April 2021, he was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award by the University of Wisconsin’s Medical School, its highest honor. “This is a critical single issue that all Americans can agree on, whether they be black or white, rich or poor, Democrat or Republican,” declared Weisbach. “With kudos to all medical breakthroughs of the past, we still haven’t gotten the job done in a business-like fashion as a nation when it comes to prevention and cures. That ends today. We are not asking congress or both parties to move forward on this initiative, we are insisting that it be passed unanimously. This issue impacts all 335 million Americans in the same way, including everyone in The White House, as well as members of Congress and their families. If we cannot unite on this issue as Americans, then I submit there are no issues on which we can unite.” About American Center for Cures The American Center for Cures (ACC) initiative is a fully funded mission to prevent, treat or cure diseases that plague every American family. The initiative will be funded by the sale of $750B bonds by the Federal Reserve, providing the capital needed to accelerate the current trajectory of medicine. Annual interest will be paid through the licensing of new compounds and drugs to pharmaceutical companies. The principal will be repaid by savings provided to the United States Government through successes in the areas of prevention and cures. The ACC business model will cost the government and taxpayers nothing, making this the single most impactful investment on behalf of the American people in the nation’s history. For more information, please visit Contact Details Jenna Beaucage +1 508-340-6851 Company Website

March 15, 2023 02:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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NuggMD Launches Leading Marijuana Telemedicine Service in Georgia


NuggMD, the nation's leading medical marijuana telemedicine platform, has launched its service in Georgia. For $139, Georgians can now use NuggMD’s platform to connect with a medical professional who can recommend cannabis for treatment of the state’s qualifying conditions. The launch comes amid a tense political, legal, and regulatory climate in Georgia for cannabis businesses and consumers. In 2019, Gov. Brian Kemp (R) signed into law HB 324, which legalized low-THC medical cannabis oil in the state. However, that law has yet to be successfully implemented, with only two production facilities having been awarded licenses in the subsequent four years. While newly proposed legislation, HB 196, seeks to allow more cannabis licenses, its political fate is uncertain. Additionally, Georgia remains one of the dwindling states that still impose jail time for simple possession of unlicensed cannabis. Despite lacking a single legal cannabis dispensary and the fact that no provision in Georgia law suggests how a patient might lawfully obtain cannabis, an estimated 25,000 medical cannabis patients currently reside in Georgia, and the overall demand for legal cannabis is far greater. Alex Milligan, co-founder and CMO of NuggMD, said, "Georgia still has unfair criminal statutes for the simple possession of cannabis, which runs counter to the 2019 law that legalized some forms of the substance. As one of the only services Georgians can rely on to lawfully access cannabis, the irony of this contradiction is not lost on us. One way or another—and in accordance with state law—the availability of legal cannabis will soon be a reality in Georgia. We’ve expanded our operations there so that Georgians can prepare for this eventuality by receiving cannabis recommendations from credible, licensed medical professionals.” NuggMD's platform is available from 8 am until 10 pm local time, seven days a week. No appointment is needed, and patients who are deemed not to qualify for Georgia's medical cannabis program won't be charged for their evaluation. Since its founding in 2015, NuggMD has helped more than 1,000,000 patients access medical marijuana in nearly half of the nation's states. About NuggMD NuggMD is the nation's leading medical marijuana technology platform, serving patients in California, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia. They've connected over 1,000,000 patients face-to-face with their new medical marijuana doctors via their state-of-the-art telemedicine platform. They believe every human being has the right to explore the benefits of medical cannabis and are fully committed to helping each patient explore every option in their journey to wellness. For further information, visit Contact Details Andrew Graham Company Website

March 15, 2023 02:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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WagerWire Launches Media Network


WagerWire, a first-of-its-kind marketplace for active sports bets, announced today that it has formally launched it’s media division in tandem with a new Community Page on its website, which will be home to unique insights, viewpoints and written commentaries created by members of its rapidly growing community. The site will also host proprietary tools like its “Bet Value Calculator,” which instantly calculates the fair market value of any bet. The mantra of WagerWire’s Community is to create content “for fans, by fans.” Through a platform built on mutual support between creators, @WagerWire attracted a talented and rapidly expanding base of micro-influencers bringing tens of millions of impressions per month to the brand’s platform. The company’s newly launched Community Page hosts video, audio and written content covering game previews and recaps, hot storylines in sports, wild betting action, and fan pontifications. WagerWire’s live Twitter Spaces shows have a fresh spontaneous quality, with Hall of Fame athletes regularly making surprise pop-ins, such as recent guests Lavar Arrington, Cardale Jones, Ed Latimore, and more. During these audio shows, community members interview athletes and other notable personalities in the sports industry about their careers, and discuss insights and stats, while swapping sports takes and betting picks. WagerWire’s current slate includes “Executive Football Talk” hosted by former NY Jets General Manager Mike Tennenbaum and legendary sports executive David Meltzer, multiple NBA, NHL and MLB shows, as well as the “Mental Health Zone” and “Queen’s Round Table.” The company is also rolling out their Bet Value Calculator tool engineered with their proprietary technology to show users the real market value of their bet, and allowing them to compare these values to the cash out offer from their sportsbook. WagerWire logs this data to chart the pulse of the landscape. They have found users regularly reporting cash out offers in the 50% range of market value, which they feel further demonstrates the need for a free and open marketplace. WagerWire is also leveraging its in-house data team to supercharge content generation by finding narratives within the numbers, turning each bet into a story. The WagerWire community has quickly grown to over 20,000 active participants and become one of the most engaged communities on social media. So far in 2023 their Twitter has garnered 8.5M impressions and 2,100 daily profile visits. Their TikTok videos have captured 500k views and 75k likes in the first two weeks of March alone. “The new movement in social media is all about community,” said WagerWire’s content manager Nick Davis, known as @spoonofzeke on Twitter. “Recent years have isolated sports fans and bettors and sent them to the internet in search of something. What we have found is that users are looking for mutual engagement. We have put a significant amount of time into the community letting them know that we see them, we want to know more about them and we want to elevate their content.” The network is headed up by WagerWire's Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer (CXO) Travis Geiger. Prior to co-founding WagerWire, Geiger graduated from the UCLA film school and spent more than a decade in Hollywood TV and film production. “The current sports betting media landscape is uninspiring for sports fans and bettors. The status quo is basically a stale sea of so-called experts telling people what to do. WagerWire is disrupting this monotony by injecting some democracy,” Geiger said. “People want to be invited to be a part of something. They want to engage and to be engaged with. They crave an interactive and honest way to connect with the brands with whom they choose to spend their time and money.” Geiger sees a unique opportunity for the company to educate and empower the millions of people who will begin their gambling journey over the next few years as the tidal wave of legalization continues. “When it comes to educating bettors, sportsbooks have an inherent conflict of interest in the eyes of the public -- because they’ve built their empires on losses,” Geiger said. “WagerWire is different. We are proud to have been embraced by sports fans and bettors of all experience levels. We are excited to platform the explosive creativity of our grassroots community across all mediums including our app and newly launched site.” WagerWire first came onto the scene when announcing its seed round in July 2022 from the likes of Miami Marlins co-owner Roger Ehrenberg (IA Sports Ventures and Eberg Capital), Betr & Simplebet founder Joey Levy, and NBA All-Star Richard Jefferson, among others. For more information on WagerWire and to sign-up for early access visit Join the community on Twitter @WagerWire and on TikTok @WagerWireLive. About WagerWire WagerWire believes that all bettors should have proven, confident options at their disposal. WagerWire empowers you to take control of your actions and view your bets as a portfolio of assets that can be bought and sold at any time. Seamlessly sync your favorite sportsbooks to track the real-time value of your bets, stack rewards, and play with celebrities or friends. Contact Details Bailey Irelan Company Website

March 15, 2023 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Spring Cleaning Your Brain Health


Spring is almost here and it’s time to clear out the cobwebs and rethink and re-energize your health and wellness routines for the rest of the year. And while many people focus on physical health, it’s also important to think about your mental and emotional well-being. Recently, Nutrition Expert, Mia Syn, teamed with The Vitamin Shoppe on a nationwide satellite media tour to help boost your health and wellness going into Spring. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: Staying Hydrated Brain health is a critical piece of your overall health that can not only improve your physical health but can also create positive cognitive and emotional impacts that contribute to overall well-being. One thing many people forget about is proper Hydration. Hydration is essential as it assists blood flow and oxygen to the brain, which helps both brain and memory function. Waterdrop is a great way to drink more water and reach your daily hydration goals. Made from natural plant and fruit extracts for flavor, Waterdrop cubes are just dropped into a glass of water and provide you with energy from caffeine, plus essential vitamins and hydration – all without sugar. They come individually wrapped so you can bring them anywhere and just drop into your refillable water bottle! Impact of Stress on the Brain Stress can have many effects on brain health and our overall health, including physical symptoms like headaches and pains, but also things like memory, mood, anxiety levels, and social behaviors. Solaray’s SHARPMIND line of supplements is formulated with clinically studied nutrients, adaptogens and nootropics, to support mental and emotional well-being. The SHARPMIND Mood formula is formulated with holy basil and reishi mushrooms to support stress and mood levels. SHARPMIND Focus has Lion’s Mane mushrooms and Bacopa to support memory and cognitive health. There are also other unique formulas for sleep, energy, and stress, to support different areas of your well-being. Optimizing Physical and Mental Performance Like other parts of your body, your brain needs proper nutrition to perform at its best whether at work, home, or on-the-go. So, whether you want to improve cognitive function, or simply feel healthier and more energetic, we need to make sure our brains are getting what they need. Focus Factor from Synergy CHC contains a clinically-tested and patented combination of neuro-nutrients plus vitamins and minerals. This formula not only helps boost your memory and focus, but it can also replace your everyday multivitamin, making it an excellent 2-for-1 supplement option to help optimize your performance throughout the day. Sleep and Aging Many of us struggle to get the quality sleep we need, and after a night of tossing and turning, we often lack the energy, confidence, and clear thinking we need to accomplish our goals. Somnapure Sleep Gummies from Force Factor can help. Their 100% drug-free, non-habit-forming formula contains a 10 mg dose of melatonin which helps you relax before bed, so you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. And finally, as people age, our physical and mental performance may require more support. But there are ways for us to address these deficits and maintain our edge. Forebrain Advanced from Force Factor is formulated with brain-boosting herbs and advanced nootropics that can help you achieve better cognitive performance and improve memory and recall. For more information, visit About Mia Syn Mia Syn, MS, RDN is a nationally recognized nutrition expert and founder of Nutrition by Mia, a popular online wellness destination frequented by millions of readers around the globe. She holds a Master of Science in human nutrition from Columbia University and has been featured by dozens of major media outlets including Women's Health Magazine, Cosmopolitan and SHAPE. As one of the most recognized and trusted young nutritionists in the country, she has helped hundreds of her clients and millions of her readers lose weight, improve their health and develop better sustainable eating habits for life. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

March 15, 2023 09:37 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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GEMXX Corporation purchases a 50% equity stake in gold-bearing assets in British Columbia, Canada


McapMediaWire -- GEMXX CORPORATION (OTC: GEMZ ) ("GEMXX" or the "Company"), today announced that it has acquired a 50% interest in the Canadian exploration company Crazy Horse Mining Inc. (“CHMI”) (the " Transaction "). Crazy Horse Mining Inc. assets include 100% percent interest in two gold projects, Snow Creek, and Rosella Creek, covering more than 700 acres. "The acquisition of the Snow Creek and Rosella Creek gold asset portfolio enhances the Company’s long-term asset expansion plan and helps to derisk revenues, but most importantly, it complements our Ammolite production with the world’s most sought-after commodity. This will provide GEMXX with a significant reduction in the cost of goods for our entire gold jewelry product line and will bring the Company one step closer to our goal of becoming vertically integrated" said Jay Maull, GEMXX’s Chief Executive Officer. “To date, there have been 33 test holes drilled and three separate one hundred cubic yard (100 yd3) bulk tests. From our initial testing, indications are that the properties could yield over 100,000 ounces of easily recoverable gold, which will be verified by an S-K 1300 compliant Resource Report this summer," added Mr. Maull. Under the terms of the Transaction, GEMXX has acquired 50% of Crazy Horse Mining Inc., including its mineral assets located in British Columbia, Canada. CHMI’s principal Canadian gold exploration assets include the Snow Creek and Rosella Creek projects, as well as additional options on mining claims located in British Columbia. The Snow Creek project includes 498 acres with approximately 80% being mineable and the Rosella Creek project includes 240 acres with an estimated 90% being mineable. Three (3) initial one hundred cubic yards (100 yd3) test runs have been completed on the Snow Creek project and returned results of 1.07, 1.08, and 1.12 ounces respectfully. The Snow Creek project contains well-defined mineral resources with a 0.94:1 overburden-to-pay ore ratio. In connection with the Transaction, GEMXX and CHMI have completed the 2023 mining plan. Under the Agreement, GEMXX and CHMI will share costs and gold produced from the project. ABOUT CRAZY HORSE MINING INC. Crazy Horse Mining Inc. is a Canadian Junior resource company with mining properties in British Columbia, Canada. CHMI’s 498-acre Snow Creek claim is located adjacent to the infamous Christie’s Lead gold deposit, which in 1876 was described as “the richest piece of ground in the Cassier gold fields”. The 240-acre Rosella Creek property has had limited exploration work completed to date; however, it is reported the adjacent property produces 200+ ounces per season with a small single-operator operation. CHMI is looking forward to doing further testing on the Rosella Creek property during the 2023 season. ABOUT GEMXX CORPORATION GEMXX Corporation is a publicly traded, mine-to-market Gold, Gemstone and Jewelry producer with global reach that owns mining resources, production facilities, and operating assets. GEMXX controls each stage of its production including gold mining, gemstone production, jewelry manufacturing and global distribution. GEMXX is a leading producer of top-quality finished Ammolite and Ammolite jewelry. The Company’s world-class gemstone cutters and jewelry designers are continuously leading the Ammolite industry in new and exciting directions. Our management team is made up of the industry's leading experts with a combined total of 160 years of Ammolite gemstone and jewelry business experience. Visit for more information. SAFE HARBOR STATEMENT This press release contains forward-looking statements that can be identified by terminology such as "believes," "expects," "potential," "plans," "suggests," "may," "should," "could," "intends," or similar expressions. Many forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual results to be materially different from any future results implied by such statements. These factors include, but are not limited to, our ability to continue to enhance our products and systems to address industry changes, our ability to expand our customer base and retain existing customers, our ability to effectively compete in our market segment, the lack of public information on our company, our ability to raise sufficient capital to fund our business, operations, our ability to continue as a going concern, and a limited public market for our common stock, among other risks. Many factors are difficult to predict accurately and are generally beyond the company's control. Forward-looking statements speak only as to the date they are made, and we do not undertake to update forward-looking statements to reflect circumstances or events that occur after the date the forward-looking statements are made. For more information, press only: GEMXX Corporation PR CONTACT: Richard Clowater Contact Details Jay Maull Company Website

March 15, 2023 09:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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How Technology Is Helping Frontline Workers Get Healthy Food


By Faith Ashmore, Benzinga Interested in investing in Blendid’s campaign? Click here to get started! Consumer demand for healthy food options has skyrocketed in recent years; COVID-19 put health on many people's minds and changed consumers’ standards as well as their priorities. A recent study showed that 54% of all consumers care more about the healthfulness of their food in 2020 than they did in 2010. Healthfulness is now the biggest determining factor in purchasing food, even more than taste and price. However, healthy food is not always accessible, especially for frontline workers or individuals who work overnight shifts. While McDonald’s and other fast-food chains of the world operate on a late-night or 24-hour model, you would be hard-pressed to find a health food store that is open late and can serve populations of workers like nurses, truck drivers, and more. For these late-night workers, their only real option is often unhealthy fast-food, and even fast food has become less of an option in the post-pandemic world. COVID-19 and labor shortages have resulted in fewer retailers with 24/7 service. Because of this, more and more previously 24/7 establishments like McDonald’s are closing early and leaving overnight shift workers without any options. Blendid, a robotic and AI-enabled food automation solution company, is creating clever solutions to this problem. The company has seen firsthand the success of a fully autonomous robotic kiosk for smoothies. Their kiosks operate in universities, travel centers, retail stores and hospitals across the country. The kiosks can operate 24/7, which gives consumers access to healthy and affordable food around the clock while the company is able to maintain low operational costs. Blendid’s 24/7 kiosks provide healthy alternatives for workers when they need them most. The company has kiosks at two Love’s Travel Stops in California and a location at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, among others. A truck driver who frequents one of the Love’s Travel Stops shared, “That juice-making robot is awesome. I loved watching it. Truck drivers need raw nutrition." The company’s robotic model enables fresh food to be offered where it previously hasn’t been and during all hours of the day, not just traditional daytime working hours. Not to mention, all Blendid locations offer the capability of ordering ahead and customizing ingredients to fit customers’ needs and nutritional wants. The company has seen a 267% revenue increase year-over-year which is unsurprising given the consumer demand for healthy and sustainable food. Not only is the kiosk model contactless, but also being open 24/7 increases the accessibility of healthy food. For college students or late-night workers, who typically have limited access to healthier foods, Blendid is giving people options they didn’t previously have. If projections are to be believed, the food robotics industry is only going to continue to grow. The global market for food robotics was estimated at $2.1 billion in 2022, and the market is projected to reach $4B by 2026. Companies like Blendid will be instrumental in the industry by providing unique experiences and options for consumers on the go. Technology is helping bring healthy and affordable food where people need it most. Blendid is currently hosting a raise to further expand its ingenious concept. The company is currently working on expanding to 10 additional geographies in the near future and has 500+ kiosks in contract. Previously, it raised more than $26 million which translated into significant revenue growth. Blendid could be well-positioned as an industry leader and seems eager to meet the consumer demand for on-the-go 24/7 healthy food. Interested in investing and being a part of their growth story? Click here to read more about Blendid’s raise and how to invest! This article was originally on Benzinga here. Sunnyvale-based Blendid is revolutionizing the future of food service with its proprietary food automation platform (foodOS™), which efficiently and safely prepares and serves a range of healthy, fresh, and delicious food. A pioneer of the future of food service, Blendid's first concept in the market is an autonomous, contactless kiosk that uses robotics, machine vision, artificial intelligence, and healthy ingredients to create delicious smoothies that are customized to meet the unique health and dietary preferences of each consumer. Founded in 2015 by seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Vipin Jain, Venki Avalur, and Vijay Dodd, Blendid is improving the consumer experience by offering safe, cost-effective, and personalized food on-demand, while also reducing complexities and costs for the operators. Blendid has raised more $20M to date from a mix of venture and crowdfunding investors and is currently raising its Series B investment round. Visit for more information and to invest in the future of food service automation. This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice. The preceding post was written and/or published as a collaboration between Benzinga’s in-house sponsored content team and a financial partner of Benzinga. Although the piece is not and should not be construed as editorial content, the sponsored content team works to ensure that any and all information contained within is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge and research. Benzinga may receive monetary compensation from the issuer, or its agency, for publicizing the offering of the issuer’s securities. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice. This is a paid ad. Please see 17b disclosure linked in the campaign page for more information. Contact Details Erica Camilo Company Website

March 15, 2023 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Cheltenham Festival Queen Mother Chase Free Bets and Betting Sites

Acroud Media

Cheltenham is one of the world’s grand horse racing celebrations spanning four spring days and featuring 14 Grade 1 National Hunt races, including the Queen Mother Champion Chase on Day 2 at the Cheltenham Festival. You've come to the right place if you’re searching for information on Queen Mother Chase Free Bets. Read on to learn about the top Queen Mother Chase betting sites, Free Bets, and how to take advantage of some incredible offers. Queen Mother Champion Chase Top Bookmakers Bet365 William Hill BetUK Betfred Paddy Power 888 Sport Betfair 18+ Gambling Can Be Addictive. Please Play Responsibly. BeGambleAware GamStop Gambling Commission Best Champion Chase Betting Sites for Cheltenham 2023 The Queen Mother Champion Chase has had a different winner in eight of the past nine years, which speaks of the race's difficulty and the competition's quality. Punters love this race but are always on the prowl for Queen Mother Chase Free Bets to enhance their position. Here are the best Queen Mother Champion Chase Betting Sites and betting offers to make the most of this prestigious race. bet365 If you’ve been waiting all year for the Queen Mother Champion Chase at Cheltenham 2023, your wait is almost over. To enhance your experience, why not take advantage of bet365’s outstanding Cheltenham offer. Just open a new account, place a qualifying bet of 10 and receive 30 in Free Bets. William Hill This year William Hill is upping its game by offering new customers a fantastic offer of 30 free bets when 10 is staked. It's a straightforward offer to give you the best Queen Mother Chase Free Bets just in time to enjoy this year's Cheltenham Festival. BetUK Bettors can rely on BetUK, a reputable and trusted bookmaker, to give them the greatest Cheltenham Festival experience possible this year. With BetUK's brilliant bonus, customers can wager 20 and receive 60! Betfred It is no surprise to see Betfred on this list of best Queen Mother Champion Chase betting sites, and here they are with a Free Bet offer worth shouting about. Just open a new account, place a qualifying bet of 10 and receive 40 in Free Bets to stake on the Queen Mother Chase. Paddy Power Paddy Power will reward new customers at this year's Cheltenham Festival by offering a fantastic bonus of 40 Free Bets when 10 is staked on a qualifying bet. Click the link above to find out more. 888sport 888sport is a major partner of Racing TV and goes out of its way to provide horse racing enthusiasts with plenty of reasons to keep coming back. For Cheltenham, they're offering 30 in Free Bets for those who open a new account and place an initial qualifying bet of 10. Betfair To earn 30 in Queen Mother Chase Free Bets, open a new Betfair account and place a qualifying wager (it must be your first) at minimum odds of 1.50. When the bet is settled, you’ll receive 30 in Free Bets you can use on the Queen Mother Champion Chase or any of the 27 other Cheltenham races. The Cheltenham Festival 2023 will be here before you know it. Make sure you’re ready to rock by visiting any of the top Queen Mother Champion Chase Betting Sites listed above and claiming your share of the available Free Bets. Further Reading: What is the Queen Mother Champion Chase? The Queen Mother Chase is a Grade 1 National Hunt Steeplechase, open to horses aged five and above. The race consists of thirteen fences with a distance of 1 mile, 7 furlongs and 199 yards. Established in 1959, it was initially named the National Hunt Two-Mile Champion Chase and acquired its current title to celebrate the Queen Mothers' 80th birthday in 1980. The feature race takes place on day 2 of the Cheltenham Festival and is the leading minimum-distance chase in the National Hunt calendar. Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs What day is the Queen Mother Champion Chase at Cheltenham? The Queen Mother Chase is held on the second day of the Cheltenham Festival. This year is Wednesday, 15th March 2023, at 15:30. Who Won the Queen Mother Champion Chase last year? Energumene won The Queen Mother Chase in 2022, ridden by Paul Townend and trained by Willie Mullins. Contact Details Acroud Media

March 15, 2023 03:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Cheltenham Day 2 Free Bets and Betting Sites: Ladies' Day

Acroud Media

Cheltenham is never far from the thoughts of horse racing aficionados and in the weeks leading up to the festival, the buzz hits a fever pitch. As a result, Cheltenham is usually the single biggest week for bookmakers in the UK, attracting everyone from the avid punter to the absolute beginner. And though the experience level of those who bet on Cheltenham varies widely they all share a similar desire to find the best Cheltenham Bookmaker Offers for Day 2, which is also Ladies' Day. Bookmakers are well aware people are shopping for value in the wagering market around Cheltenham and positively trip over each other trying to rope in eager punters with Cheltenham Free Bets. And that’s good news for you, regardless of your experience level. Read on to discover the top Cheltenham Festival 2023 Free Bets for Cheltenham Day 2/Ladies Day. Cheltenham Festival Day 2 Betting Offers bet365 Betfred William Hill Betfair Paddy Power BetUK 888 Sport Mr.Play Virgin Bet LiveScore Bet Betway BetVictor Grosvenor 18+ Gambling Can Be Addictive. Please Play Responsibly. BeGambleAware GamStop Gambling Commission Best Cheltenham Festival Bookmakers for Day 2 The Cheltenham Festival 2023 is a 4-day affair that begins on Tuesday, March 14 and ends on Friday, March 17. While Day 1 revolves around the Champion Hurdle race Day 2 is Ladies' Day where you’ll see the most outrageous collection of hats this side of Royal Ascot. But all those beautiful ladies don’t just come to parade through the grounds and pose for photographers. Oh no. They’re also here to collect some winnings on the day’s racecard which culminates with the Queen Mother Champion Chase. If you’re in search of the best Free Bet Offers for the Cheltenham Festival 2023 Day 2/Ladies Day here they are. bet365 Cheltenham Day 2 Offer Bet365 are known for their competitive prices and providing existing customers with plenty of promos and bonuses year-round. For Cheltenham, they're offering 30 in Free Bets for new customers who make an initial wager of at least 10 on a market with minimum odds of 1.50. Keep in mind that only deposits made with a VISA debit card or via Bank Transfer are eligible for this Free Bet Offer. Betfred Cheltenham Day 2 Offer In the days leading up to Cheltenham Betfred are offering 40 in Free Bets for anyone who opens a new account. To claim this bonus just sign up for an account, making sure to enter the promo code “WELCOME40”, deposit at least 10 and make a first bet of at least 10 within 7 days of signing up. That’s it. When your first bet is settled your account will be credited with 40 in Free Bets. William Hill Cheltenham Day 2 Offer William Hill have been synonymous with Cheltenham for as long as anyone can remember. But that doesn’t mean they’re living in the past. This year for Cheltenham they’ve conjured up a Free Bet Offer aimed directly at mobile users. To claim it, sign up for a new William Hill account, make a deposit of at least 10 using a debit card, and make an initial bet of at least 10 with minimum odds of 1.5 and WH will provide you with 40 in Free Bets to use on the festival. Betfair Cheltenham Day 2 Offer One of the biggest and best horse racing betting sites is Betfair, who enable all of their customers to live stream each and every race at the 2023 Cheltenham Festival. All new customers that create an account with Betfair can get hold of an extremely valuable bet 10 get 45 offer to start off the week. This is one of the strongest welcome offers that we have seen coming into this year's festival. Paddy Power Cheltenham Day 2 Offer Paddy Power cut their teeth on horse racing. So you know they’re going to toss their hat into the ring of Cheltenham Free Bet Offers. Not only that, but you can be equally sure they’ll put their own spin on it. And they certainly do. If you sign up for a new account in the days leading up to Cheltenham Day 2 and your first bet loses, Paddy Power will refund you up to 20 in CASH you can then use on the festival. Or you can withdraw it if you like and buy a couple of pints. BetUK Cheltenham Day 2 Offer BetUK upped the ante for their competitors by offering new customers 60 in Free Bets in the days leading up to Cheltenham. All you have to do to claim this incredible offer is to open a new account with the bookmaker, stake at least 20 on your first bet with minimum odds of 1.80 and once that bet has been settled (hopefully before Day 2 rolls around) they’ll credit your account with 60 in Free Bets so you can take part in the Cheltenham action. 888 Sport Cheltenham Day 2 Offer This Free Bet Offer from 888sport is targeted directly at people who want to obtain some house money to use to bet on Cheltenham. Here’s how it works. Open a new account with 888sport leading into Cheltenham, deposit 10 into that account, and place a qualifying bet before the festival opens of at least 10 and 888sport will credit your account with 40 in Free Bets to be used exclusively on Cheltenham. Mr.Play Cheltenham Day 2 Offer There is plenty of action available at Mr.Play, who have offered their new customers a solid welcome offer when they create an account ahead of the 2023 Cheltenham Festival. You can earn a 10 bet token with Mr.Play when you register an account with the bookmaker at any time across the week of this year's Cheltenham Festival. Virgin Bet Cheltenham Day 2 Offer Virgin Bet is one of the best new betting sites in the UK and they have a solid offer ahead of day 2 at the Cheltenham Festival. New customers that join at this time can get their hands on 20 in free bets if they place a 10 qualifying bet. You can also live stream all 28 races at the 2023 Cheltenham Festival with Virgin Bet. LiveScore Bet Cheltenham Day 2 Offer Another one of the best new betting sites is LiveScore Bet, which also has a bet 10 get 20 welcome offer for new customers ahead of the Cheltenham festival. Their site is regularly packed with horse racing promotions and that is set to continue over the course of the week at Cheltenham. Betway Cheltenham Day 2 Offer Betway are one of the favourites of UK horse racing punters thanks to their various horse racing offers that are made available across the course of the year. The new customer offer at Betway is one of the more unique promotions that you will find on the list. New players can get up to a £30 matched free bet if their first bet loses and be rewarded with 50 bonus spins to use too. BetVictor Cheltenham Day 2 Offer BetVictor has one of the easiest-to-use online horse racing betting sites within the industry, making them a perfect fit for new customers. If you are a new player at BetVictor you can get your hands on their exciting welcome offer that enables you to get 40 in free bets when you place a 10 qualifying bet on a selection at minimum odds of 2.00 (EVS) or greater. Grosvenor Cheltenham Day 2 Offer Although known by many for their online casino offering, Grosvenor also owns an excellent sportsbook offering. They have a new customer offer that also fits in well to horse racing, as new players can get double their odds on their first bet on any sport they want. How to Use Your Cheltenham Free Bet Offers on Day 2 Taking advantage of one of the above-listed Cheltenham Free Bet Offers is just the beginning. Once you have the 20, 30, 60 or whatever of Free Bets in your account you’ll want to use them wisely. Here are some of the best kinds of bets you’ll find related to the Cheltenham Festival. Cheltenham Ante Post Bets The Ante Post Bet is when you place a bet on a Cheltenham race several days in advance of the actual race. The idea is that you are likely to get more favourable odds when you bet on the race that far in advance. Most of the established online bookmakers offer Ante Post betting for all 4 days of the Cheltenham Festival. This is the type of bet, however, that is probably best left to experienced punters. Cheltenham Non-Runner No Bet (NRNB) Bets Those with experience betting on horses will be happy to tell you of the times they bet big on a horse only to watch as it was withdrawn from the race at the last minute. In 9 out of 10 cases, they lost their stake when the horse didn't run. In the other 10% of cases, they had placed a Non-Runner No Bet or NRNB bet. With the NRNB you get your stake back if your horse doesn't leave the gate. A good bet for novices. Cheltenham Money Back Bets Before you place any bets on Day 2 of Cheltenham make sure you peruse the bookmaker's site for any Money Back Bets. This is a special type of bet where your stake is refunded if you don't win but certain other conditions are met. Let's say your horse comes in 2nd to the race favourite or loses by less than a second. In either case, you will have your stake refunded if those were conditions of your Money Back Bet. Cheltenham Enhanced Odds When Cheltenham rolls around the big bookmakers are always anxious to promote as much activity as possible so many of them offer Enhanced Odds on some of the races, including Day 2 races. For instance, a bookmaker may artificially increase the odds on a horse prior to the race but at the same time limit how much can be wagered at the enhanced odds. The result is that if your horse wins you won't get rich, but you'll enjoy a tidy little payday. Cheltenham Best Odds Guaranteed With Best Odds Guaranteed you are assured of getting paid out at the best price even if the odds were not so great at the time you place your bet. For instance, maybe you bet on a horse in the Queen Mother Champion Chase on Day 2/Ladies Day at 4/1 and then closer to post time odds on your horse increase to 6/1. With Best Odds Guaranteed you’ll receive your payout at the better price should your horse win. Cheltenham Trainer Bets You’re not limited to betting on horses at Cheltenham. Most bookmakers will also offer odds on which trainer is likely to win Best Trainer at the Festival. Some consider it easier to cash in on this type of bet because there can be little doubt that some trainers do better at Cheltenham than others over the course of their careers. Just spend a few minutes researching the topic before placing your bet. Cheltenham Festival 2023 Day 2 Offer T&Cs There’s no such thing as a free lunch, as a wise man once said. So of course any type of Free Bet Offer is going to come with certain Terms & Conditions attached to it. Fortunately, the fine print in most cases is not deal-breaking or otherwise out of the ordinary. They (the conditions) are mostly designed to channel Free Bet activity in a certain direction so that both customers and the house benefit. Some T&Cs you can expect to encounter on Free Bets for Cheltenham Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 include: Deposit restrictions: Now that credit cards can no longer be used to finance gambling in the UK most online bookmakers have developed a definite preference for debit cards. As such, most (not all) Cheltenham Free Bet Offers will require you to fund your new account with a debit card. If the bookmaker specifies a debit card and you make your initial deposit with Neteller or PayPal instead you won’t qualify for any Free Bets. In addition, there are bound to be minimum deposit amounts that will usually fall in the 5 - 20 range. Minimum odds: In 99% of cases you will need to place and settle a qualifying bet before any Free Bets are credited to your account. Almost all bookmakers will insist that bets have certain minimum odds attached. The most common minimum odds are 1.5 (1/2). But some bookmakers will twist the screw a little tighter. Make sure you read the fine print regarding minimum odds on your qualifying bet before opening your account. Expiration date: There may be several different expiration dates attached to any given Free Bet Offer whether that offer comes from an established online sportsbook or new bookmakers on Day 2/Ladies Day. For instance, you may have to place a qualifying bet within 7 days of opening your account. Or you may have to use any Free Bets within 7 days of their being issued. Or in the case of Cheltenham, you may have to place your bet in the week before the festival starts. Cheltenham Festival 2023 Day 2 Feature Race The featured race on Day 2/Ladies Day at Cheltenham is the Queen Mother Champion Chase. The race attracts the lion’s share of the action on Cheltenham Festival Betting Sites on Day 2/Ladies Day and is open to horses 5 years and older. It is run on the Cheltenham Old Course over approximately 2 miles and has a total purse of 400,000 with the winner claiming 225,000 of that. Last year Energumene with Paul Towend aboard took home the top prize. Can they repeat? You May Also Be Interested In: Contact Details Acroud Media

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Casino utan BankID - Bästa Online Casinon utan bank-ID Inträde

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Det pratas ofta om funktionen att spela casino med BankID. Än idag finns det casinon där du kan spela utan krav på BankID, även känt casino utan BankID. Som med allt annat i branschen finns det både fördelar och nackdelar att ha i åtanke. Vi ska ta dig igenom vad det innebär att spela casino utan BankID, vad du behöver tänka på och hur du går tillväga. Lista över Casinon utan BankID list of casinos without BankID: Barz Casino Manga Casino Svenbet BetZino Rant Casino PiratePlay NineCasino Vave Casino Vad är BankID? Redan 2001 kom den första versionen av BankID. Tusentals svenskar kunde genom sin dator godkänna både deklarationen och adressändra. I en stadig takt ökade antalet funktioner och du kunde snart sköta ärenden via din bank, något som stoppade flödet till bankkontoren drastiskt. Nästa stora steg blev när mobilt BankID lanserades. Det bidrog bland annat till att betaltjänsten Swish kunde lanseras 2012. Ungefär där och då fick casinoaktörerna upp ögonen för spel med BankID och började spåna på vägar att ta för att introducera verktyget till sina spelare. Numera är BankID ett e-legitmiationssystem som används i full utsträckning både i casinobranschen och i andra sammanhang. Du kan sköta dina ärende på Skatteverket och en rad andra myndigheter och BankID är lika giltigt som mer eller mindre vilken annan legitimation som helst. Casino med Mobilt BankID med Svensk Licens Spelar du på ett casino med svensk licens kommer du stöta på BankID. Det är nämligen ett krav från Spelinspektionen för att ett casino eller ett spelbolag över huvud taget ska tilldelas en svensk licens. Framför allt enar det alla spelsajter under ett och samma system, något som underlättar i säkerhetssyfte. Utvecklingen har dock gjort att vissa spelare inte kommer åt det fina utbud som finns att hämta på den svenska marknaden. Om du av någon anledning inte har BankID eller föredrar att spela på casino utan BankID får du därför söka efter andra alternativ. Lyckligtvis är det inte bara inom det svenska licenssystemet som ett stort säkerhetstänk finns bland spelbolagen. Du hittar casinon utan BankID där du kan spela under trygga och säkra förutsättningar. Casino utan BankID Det finns ett par casinon med svensk licens där du inte behöver använda BankID. Bland annat Momang Casino, Svenska Spels egen casinopärla, ger dig möjligheten att skapa ett konto med Freja eID. Det är fortfarande en e-legitimation som gäller, även om den skiljer sig från användningen av BankID. Om du vill fokusera helt på att spela med mer sedvanlig registrering på casino får du söka dig till casinosajter utan svensk licens. Väl där finns det flera olika licenssystem att välja mellan. Du kan välja marknad och casino utifrån dina egna preferenser och kriterier. Det ska dock sägas att du bör vara något mer noggrann i ditt val då det inte är samma, genomgående höga, kvalité som när du spelar under svensk licens. Du kommer snart upptäcka att casinon utan BankID till stor del påminner om casinon med BankID. Även om registreringsprocessen skiljer sig och metoderna för insättningar och uttag kan se annorlunda ut är mycket sig likt. Ibland kan du till och med finna ett ännu större spelutbud och framför allt en bredare bonusmarknad att ta del av. Farhågor som många spelare har vad gäller casino utan BankID och utan svensk licens är främst kopplade till säkerheten. Utvecklingen på senare år gör att du hittar gott om upplevelser som ger dig den trygghet du behöver för att kunna njut fullt ut av upplevelsen. Skapa ett konto utan BankID Om du har hittat ett casino utan BankID kan du komma igång med att spela snabbt och smidigt. Det finns casinon utan svensk licens på vilka du kan spela utan konto. Då är det dock i regel med BankID som verktyg. Därför får du vänja dig vid att processen för registrering är mer sedvanlig. Du känner säkert igen stegen i att skapa ett konto från tidigare upplevelser. Ofta är det i form av ett formulär via vilket du ska ange personuppgifter, adressuppgifter och välja ett lösenord. Du kan självklart genomföra din registrering via valfri enhet och behöver inte signera med någon form av e-legitimation. När du loggar in i framtiden är det med hjälp av din e-postadress eller ett användarnamn samt ett lösenord som du väljer. Ett tips är att du efter att du har skapat ett konto verifierar din identitet direkt. På så sätt kan du i slutändan göra ett uttag direkt senare under ditt äventyr. Välj ett casino utan BankID Klicka på alternativet för att skapa ett konto Ange dina personuppgifter Ange dina adressuppgifter Fyll i din e-postadress alternativ välj ett användarnamn och lösenord Du har nu skapat ett konto Betalningsmetoder på Casinos På den svenska marknaden ser vi en utveckling där många casinon väljer att kapa antalet betalningsmetoder. Det går tvärtemot hur det ser ut bland casinon utan BankID. Där kan spelarna snarare ta del av fler alternativ för att sköta insättningar och uttag. Du kommer kunna hitta moderna betalningsmetoder via vilka du inte behöver använda BankID för att slutföra en transaktion. Insättningar och uttag med betalkort, e-plånböcker och inte minst kryptovalutor används i hög utsträckning. Du kan räkna med att ha ett tiotal olika betalningsmetoder att välja mellan. Med andra ord kan du spela på casinon utan BankID med välkända betalningsmetoder som du är van vid att använda. Som sig bör går en insättning direkt. Hur lång tid ett uttag tar beror såklart på vilken metod du väljer att använda för ändamålet. Mastercard VISA Neteller Skrill PayPal EcoPayz Banköverföring Zimpler Trustly Kryptovalutor Casino utan BankID insättningar En insättning landar på ditt användarkonto snabbt och säkert. Välj den betalningsmetod som passar din plånbok bäst och sett till vad du har för verktyg att använda. Har du spelat under svensk licens är du medveten om att det finns gränser för insättningar. Det kan finnas även på casinon utan BankID, dock med betydligt högre gränser. Själva insättningen gör du precis som du är van vid. Gå till alternativet för insättningar och välj vilket belopp du vill sätta in. Därefter väljer du din metod i listan över betalningsmetoder. Följ stegen på skärmen för att slutföra transaktionen. Har du en bonus som du vill aktivera gör du det antingen genom att ange en bonuskod eller bara genom att acceptera villkoren för ditt erbjudande. Bonusar och Kampanjer för icke-BankID Det finns som nämnt ett par olika anledningar till att svenska spelare väljer sig att söka till casinon utan BankID. Just behovet av att använda andra typer av legitimering än just BankID är en anledning, det stora utbudet av olika bonuserbjudanden är en annan. Sedan 2019 har det funnits kraftiga begränsningar i vad du kan få som bonus när du spelar under svensk licens. Det är en bonus per spelare och casino som gäller. Även om ett erbjudande brukar vara förmånligt stoppar det dig från att hämta flera förmåner längre fram under ditt äventyr. Spelar du på ett casino utan BankID och svensk licens har du ofta fler bonusar att hämta på samma casino. Det finns inga särskilda begränsningar kring vad du kan hämta i bonusväg på casinon utan BankID. Du har i regel en klassisk välkomstbonus att ta del av. Den aktiverar du antingen automatiskt genom din första insättning eller genom att ange en bonuskod. Därefter finns det, beroende på var du spelar, ett antal olika erbjudanden som du kan hitta. Det gäller att ha ett ansvarsfullt tänk och att inte bara göra insättningar för att kunna hämta en bonus. Kan du spela ansvarsfullt och hantera summorna är det en förmånlig marknad som du vistas på. Välkomstbonus Refillbonus Free spins Cashback bonus Lojalitetsbonus/VIP-bonus Välkomstbonus En välkomstbonus har du på merparten av alla casinon du hittar, oavsett om du spelar med eller utan BankID. Det är ett erbjudande som ger dig utökade möjligheter att utforska och utvärdera den sajt du spelar på. Du aktiverar en välkomstbonus i samband med registrering eller din första insättning. Refillbonus Refillbonusar finns endast om du söker dig utanför det svenska licenssystemet. Som namnet avslöjar är det en bonus som du kan använda för att fylla på din spelkassa ytterligare gånger. En refillbonus kan dyka upp vid andra, tredje och till och med fjärde insättning. Varje casino bestämmer själv hur många bonusar av den här typen en spelare får tillgång till. Free spins Utbudet av free spins blir i regel fler när du spelar casino utan BankID. Du kan mycket väl ta del av gratissnurr redan vid din första insättning, som en del av din välkomstbonus. Därtill kan du vid lanseringen av nya spelautomater eller som en gåva få fler free spins att använda för spel på slots. Cashback bonus Också detta en bonus som till stor del avslöjas av namnet. Med en cashback bonus får du tillbaka hela eller delar av din förlust under en viss tid. Det är inte ovanligt att du varje fredag får tillbaka en viss procentsats och att summan blir en egen bonus. Finns endast på casino utan svensk licens. Lojalitetsbonus/VIP-bonus Som tack för att du är ett casino trogen kan du få bonusar och förmåner med tiden. Casinon utan BankID och utan svensk licens har ofta lojalitetsprogram och VIP-program på sajten. Du samlar poäng genom din aktivitet på ett casino och belönas för det i efterhand. Spelutbud på casino utan BankID Spelar du på ett casino utan BankID är det slots, live casino och andra former av casinospel. På så sätt behöver du inte känna att du går miste om någonting i själva spelupplevelsen. Du kommer hitta en mängd spel som du känner igen från casinon med svensk licens. Även casinon utan BankID har tillgång till alla världen speltillverkare. Det innebär att du hittar speltitlar som du är välbekant med, till exempel Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest och Book of Dead. Samtidigt kommer du kunna hitta mer unika speltitlar som inte har nått den svenska marknaden. Tillsammans med någon av tidigare nämnda bonuserbjudanden som ofta finns att tillgå har du goda möjligheter att utforska utbudet av spel. Du kan på flera håll och kanter även provspela olika slots för att få en uppfattning om vad som väntar innan du satsar riktiga pengar. Slots Live casino Game shows Jackpottspel Uttag på casinon utan BankID Spelare på den svenska marknaden har blivit bortskämda med att uttag på casinon går snabbt och smidigt. Du kan göra ett uttag, verifiera med BankID och få summan på ditt konto på ett par minuter. Spelar du på casinon utan BankID är det allt mer upp till varje casino samt betalningsmetoden du använder. Valet av rätt betalningsmetod kan göra skillnad både på timmar och dagar. Det bästa du kan göra är att verifiera din identitet innan du ber om ett uttag. Eftersom du inte använder BankID gör du det istället på annat sätt, inte sällan genom att skicka in bilder på dokument som styrker att du är du. När dina inskickade uppgifter är verifierade finns det ingenting som hindrar dig från att göra ett uttag. Väljer du däremot att spela på ett casino utan BankID med licens utanför EU, till exempel från Curacao, kommer det med nackdelen att du får skatta på eventuella vinster. Säkerheten för casino utan BankID Säkerhet på ett casino är det som får och bör ha absolut störst fokus. Även om du kan njuta av smidiga betalningsmetoder, många bonuserbjudanden och ett stort spelutbud gäller det att du kan göra det under trygga förutsättningar. Att tumma på kraven kring säkerhet är inget alternativ. Det finns gott om casinon som du kan hitta där BankID inte behövs men där säkerheten trots det är på topp. Du märker snabbt om det är en seriös aktör du har att göra med. Genom att läsa recensioner, betyg och provspela på egen hand kan du avgöra om det är ett casino som du vill göra en insättning på. Bakom kulisserna på ett säkert casino finns det välsvarvade säkerhetssystem som gör att du kan spela med schyssta villkor. Kryptering skyddar dina uppgifter från att hamna i orätta händer och eCOGRA ser till att alla spel avgörs slumpmässigt i den mån det behövs. De Bästa Mobilcasinona utan Bankid Spelar du på casino med BankID i mobilen är det med mobilt BankID till hjälp. Självklart kan du spela på casino i dina mobila enheter genom andra verktyg. Spelar du på ett casino utan BankID kan du fortfarande skapa ett konto samt göra insättningar och uttag direkt i din mobiltelefon. Många betalningsmetoder är, likt casinon, anpassade för spel i mobilen. Det innebär att du sällan behöver ta till andra verktyg för att sluta en transaktion. Du kan med andra ord ta med dig hela användarupplevelsen var du än befinner dig, utan att förlora någonting gällande hur smidigt och praktiskt det är att spela i ett komprimerat format. Även verifieringsprocessen som du tar dig an när du inte spelar casino med BankID är enkel att sköta från mobilen. Ska du skicka in bilder på dokument kan du utan bekymmer ta bilderna via din mobilkamera och bifoga filerna direkt på sajten. Fördelar och nackdelar med Casinoställen utan bank-ID Ett större utbud av betalningsmetoder Fler och mer unika spel Spela utan krav på e-legitimation Spela tryggt och säkert Flera typer av bonuserbjudanden Du kan inte spela med svensk licens Alla casinon har inte samma höga säkerhet Sammanfattning Att det inte skulle vara säkert att spela casino med BankID är en myt som vi kan sätta hål i. Det finns såklart alltid anledning att vara extra vaksam kring var du väljer att spela. Däremot ska du inte låta det stoppa dig från att upptäcka den marknad av casinon som finns där BankID inte är ett vitalt verktyg. Säkerheten baseras istället på hur licensen ser ut och vad varje enskild aktör erbjuder. Numera finns det så pass många recensioner, jämförelsesajter och forum där du kan hitta allting du behöver veta om ett casino. Gör du bara din research riskerar du inte att hamna på en sajt som brister i säkerheten. Fördelarna med att spela casino utan BankID visar sig i antalet betalningsmetoder du kan använda, som ofta är betydligt fler. Spel på casinon utan BankID går hand i hand med att du spelar utan svensk licens. Det innebär att du har ett brett utbud av bonuserbjudanden att sätta tänderna i. Ha som fokus att spela ansvarsfullt. Sätt gränser för summorna du spelar för och för tiden som går åt under tiden. Välj ditt casino med omsorg om du vill bli långvarig på sajten. Det finns en väl fungerande värld bortom casinon med BankID som du kan upptäcka om du föredrar att spela utan e-legitimation. FAQ Vad är casino utan BankID? Precis som det låter är casino utan BankID en möjlighet att spela utan verifiering via BankID. Istället spelar du på ett mer klassiskt vis med användarnamn/e-postadress och lösenord. Insättningar och uttag kräver inte BankID och du spelar utanför det svenska licenssystemet. Är det säkert att spela casino utan BankID? Ja! Det gäller att välja rätt casino att spela på. Även casinon utan svensk licens har någon form av licens, till exempel MGA från Malta som är motsvarigheten till svenska Spelinspektionen. Det finns avancerade säkerhetssystem som ser till att du kan spela trygg även utan BankID. Vilka betalningsmetoder finns för casino utan BankID? Du har en uppsjö av olika betalningsmetoder att välja mellan, beroende på vilket casino du spelar på. Räkna med att hitta Mastercard, VISA, Neteller, Skrill, Zimpler, PayPal och även kryptovalutor på sina håll och kanter. Utbudet av betalningsmetoder är generellt större än när du spelar med BankID. Kan jag hämta en bonus på casino utan BankID? Ja. Det finns i regel fler bonuserbjudanden när du spelar på casinon utan BankID än med BankID, även om det snarare är kopplat till vilken licens du spelar under. Välkomstbonusar, refillbonusar, cashback och lojalitetsbonusar är exempel på olika erbjudanden som finns. Vilka olika typer av licens finns det? Spelar du utan BankID gör du det inte under svensk licens. Då är det blanda annat MGA från Malta, UKGC från Storbritannien och Curacao eGaming från Curacao som står bakom licensen. Vilken licens som gäller hittar du snabbt och enkelt på nätet samt på hemsidan för respektive casino. Hur skapar jag ett konto på casino utan BankID? Du börjar med att surfa in på sajten via din dator eller mobila enhet och fyller i ett formulär med dina uppgifter. Efter att du har angett personuppgifter, användaruppgifter och inloggningsuppgifter har du ett konto och kan börja utforska sajten. Contact Details Julian Sundqvist

March 14, 2023 11:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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