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How to Bet on the Final Four: March Madness Betting Guide

Acroud US

March Madness is almost over now that the Final Four has arrived; this is the last stop before the championship round. The final field consists of No. 5 San Diego State, No. 4 UConn Huskies, No. 9 Florida Atlantic, and No. 5 Miami. Top legal sportsbooks are offering up to $3,450 in welcome bonuses for new users during the 2023 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. <<Click-To-Collect DraftKings Promo>> <<Use BetMGM Bonus Code NDBONUS for $1,000 Value>> <<Use Caesars Promo Code NDFULL for $1,250 Value>> 21+. Gambling Problem? Call or text 1-800-GAMBLER March Madness Final Four 2023: IntroductionSan Diego State Aztecs (current moneyline) vs Florida Atlantic University Owls (current moneyline) Time: April 1, 2023 6:09 EST Location: NRG Stadium - Houston, TX TV: CBS Florida Atlantic has made history as the first No. 9 seed in the Final Four since 2016 and they are narrow underdogs to the Aztecs entering this game. This is their fourth game as underdogs in tournament games and so far the Owls are 3-0 ATS as such. The Aztecs have covered in their last six games. With a two-point spread and a 132-point over/under, oddsmakers are predicting a defensive-heavy game from both squads. UConn Huskies (current ML) vs Miami Hurricanes (current ML) Time: April 1, 2023 8:49 EST Location: NRG Stadium - Houston, TX TV: CBS The Huskies are the favorite in this game, and now the leading favorite to cut down the net on April 3. But they first have to outlast a talented, hardworking Miami team that upset a very talented Texas team in the Elite Eight. Free throws were crucial for the Hurricanes in their win last round, having made 28 of the 32 total. Free throw rate allowed is a weakness of UConn, as they rank 319th in the country in that category. This will be something to watch. Still, the Huskies are strong 5.5-point favorites over the Hurricanes. They have covered in nine of their last 10 games and four straight heading into this game. Best Sportsbooks, Bonuses for the Final Four You can bet on sports in many states across the nation, but only 24 states offer online sports betting legally. Eligibility varies from state to state, but as a general rule you must be 21+ and physically present in the state where you’ll be betting. Residency is not required. Here are the best offers from some of the top rated sports betting apps. DraftKings Sportsbook Review & Promo Code DraftKings has established itself as one of the top sportsbook options in the U.S. Along with its extensive sports wagering catalog, its DFS platform is wildly popular as well as its casino platform. <<Click-To-Collect DraftKings Promo Code>> You don’t need a code to claim the DraftKings bonus. Instead, use a link on this page to head to the DraftKings Sportsbook site and sign up for an account. Once you do, you’ll qualify for the welcome bonus. After you sign up and deposit money into your account, DraftKings will provide a $50 bet if your initial deposit is for $5 or more. Also, DraftKings will match your first deposit in bonus funds at a rate of 20% up to a maximum of $1,000. For example, if you deposit $100, DraftKings will provide $20 for the deposit match along with the $50 bonus bet. In addition to the above promotion, new customers can also receive $150 in bonus bets if their first moneyline bet at DraftKings Sportsbook is a winner. Place your first bet of at least $5 to be eligible for this bonus. If your selection is a winner, you’ll receive the bonus in the form of six bets for $25 each in addition to your winnings. If you are located in Massachusetts, you are still eligible for the initial $1,050. You can also bet $5 and redeem $200 win or lose, paid as eight $25 bets. BetMGM Sportsbook Review & Promo Code BetMGM of MGM Resorts is home to an extensive online sports betting catalog in addition to several brick-and-mortar casino locations around the U.S. BetMGM is home to tons of promotions, including the one below with BetMGM bonus code NDBONUS.. <<Use BetMGM Bonus Code NDBONUS for $1,000 Value>> Once you’ve signed up using the code, deposit at least $10 into your account. Then place a wager of your choice on any sport that BetMGM offers odds on. If that bet loses, BetMGM will provide a refund for the full amount of your wager, up to $1,000, in bonus bets that you can then wager at the online sportsbook. Note for users in Massachusetts: If you redeemed the BetMGM Massachusetts pre-launch promotion, you are not eligible to redeem this offer. Caesars Sportsbook Review & Promo Code Caesars has established itself as a frontrunner in both the sports betting and entertainment spaces. It too has several retail establishments in addition to an online platform. It’s known for its extensive rewards program, Caesars Rewards. <<Use Caesars Promo Code NDFULL for $1,250 Value>> To claim the welcome bonus at Caesars Sportsbook, sign up for an account using the Caesars promo code NDFULL. Then, place a wager of your choice. If that first bet loses, Caesars will issue a refund for the amount of your wager as a single bonus bet, up to $1,250. You will want to use the bonus bet within two weeks of the online sportsbook issuing it to your account, as it expires after that. If you are located in Massachusetts or Ohio, you can redeem this same offer up to $1,500. If you or a loved one is experiencing problems with gambling, call 1-800-327-5050 or visit to speak with a trained specialist for free, 24/7 OH only. 21+. Gambling Problem? Call or text 1-800-GAMBLER How to Bet the Total on Final Four Games Betting totals, or the over/under, is one of the most popular wagers that sports bettors make. In essence, oddsmakers set a projected total points to be scored between the two teams playing. As the bettor, you decide whether you think the total points will be over or under that total, hence the term “over/under.” An example of this type of bet is as follows: DraftKings Promo Code Bonus Bet Example: UConn Huskies vs. Miami Hurricanes Moneyline Odds If you sign up on this page, you can a bet $5 win $150 bet. If you were to place this on the Miami Hurricanes moneyline and the Miami Hurricanes were to win, you would get six $25 bonus bets. These odds are drastically improved as currently the Miami moneyline is at +205. A $5 bet on Miami to win, only earns a total payout of $15.25. Note that you can use this DraftKings promo of Bet $5 get $150 on any of the moneyline’s for the Final Four to change the odds to +3000, but paid out in bonus bets. How to Bet on March Madness: Moneyline Betting Moneyline bets are one of the most common and simple ways to bet on sports. When you (the bettor) pick a team’s moneyline, you are simply picking that team to win outright, no matter what the score is. The team with minus odds (-) typically indicates the favorite, and the team with plus odds (+) typically indicates an underdog. An example of this type of bet is as follows: BetMGM Promo Code Example Bonus Bet: UConn Huskies vs. Miami Hurricanes Moneyline Odds When you use BetMGM promo code NDBONUS, you can ensure that your first bet with BetMGM is refundable as a bonus bet worth up to $1,000. You can place your first bet on March Madness and if you lose, you can still use that bonus bet to wager on the UConn vs. Miami game. For example, BetMGM has UConn as moneyline favorites (-250) and Miami as moneyline underdogs (+210). So oddsmakers are giving UConn the edge to win outright in this game. If you think UConn will win, you can place a $10 bet on the Huskies’ moneyline that would payout $14, if they do in fact, win. However, if you think Miami will win, a $10 bet on their moneyline would payout $31 because the odds of them winning were longer. The higher payout is typically associated with betting the underdog. Should you choose to bet either team’s moneyline ahead of their game on Saturday, BetMGM will refund your stake if your bet loses. So, if you bet $50 on Miami’s moneyline and UConn wins, BetMGM will refund you $50 in the form of a bonus bet to bet on anything that BetMGM offers odds on. The maximum it will refund you is $1,000. How to Bet the Points on NCAA Tournament Games An oddsmaker will signify the balance between two competitors with a points spread. The underdog is marked by a “+” sign followed by the number of points an oddsmaker believes they might lose by. The favored team would be marked by a “-” sign and the number of points the oddsmaker believes they might win by. This is not a bet on whether a team will win or lose, but a bet on whether a team will cover the point spread that an oddsmaker lays out. An example of this type of bet is as follows: Caesars Promo Code Bet Credit Example: UConn Huskies vs. Miami Hurricanes Point Spread Use the Caesars Sportsbook promo code NDFULL to sign up with Caesars and your first bet will be refunded (up to $1,250) if it loses. You can use either your first bet or your bonus bet to place a wager on the Miami vs. UConn point spread. Caesars Sportsbook has Miami at +5.5 and UConn at -5.5. This indicates that UConn is “giving” 5.5 points to Miami. A bet on Miami +5.5 means that the bettor thinks that Miami will lose by fewer than 5.5 points or win. A bet on UConn at -5.5 means that a bettor believes that UConn will win by 5.5 points or more. If your team does not win/lose by the point spread, your bet would fail to “cover.” The standard odds for this type of bet is -110 so the payout is the same. For example, if you bet UConn at -5.5 and the final score is 75-72 (UConn win), then your bet would not cover the point spread, and therefore, would not win. If UConn wins 80-72, then it would cover the point spread because they won by more than 5.5 points. Your bet would win. How to Bet Responsibly on the Final Four March Madness brings everyone together, basketball fans or otherwise, and for sports bettors it's an exciting opportunity to bet on the country’s top basketball programs. That being said, it should be entertaining and for fun and not a way to make a living or chase debts. Here are some tips on how to ensure you have a fun time, under control: Responsible Gaming Tip 1: Use legal, regulated operators The use of offshore sports betting sites is not only illegal, but they are unregulated, which means the money you bet is not 100% secure. If something were to happen to it, there would be no way to get it back. With March Madness being such a popular time to bet on sports, either casually or with an operator, make sure that you are in a state where sports betting is legal, when you participate. Responsible Gaming Tip 2: Set spending/time limits Several sportsbooks allow bettors to place spending or time limits on their account. Limits like this are useful to prevent you from spending money that you don’t have or chasing your losses. Once you have hit your limit, the sportsbook won’t allow you to place any more wagers until the allotted time period is up. You can set this within your settings in the sportsbook. This is especially important with so many March Madness games to bet on. There are a lot of opportunities to place wagers, but you don’t have to use every opportunity. It’s okay to be a spectator in some games and a bettor in others. Responsible Gaming Tip 3: Know your resources If you do find yourself in trouble, know that you have free resources available to you to help. You can call the National Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-800-522-4700 24/7 or check out organizations like the National Council on Problem Gambling. They are dedicated to helping people overcome gambling addiction and problems. Contact Details Sports Betting

March 31, 2023 06:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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DeeLance Crypto Presale Launches to Bring Freelancing & Recruiting to Web3

Finance News

Web3 freelance and recruitment marketplace DeeLance launched its presale, raising more than $27,000 in its first 24 hours. This disruptive new platform seeks to revolutionize how companies hire contract employees and freelancers. Thanks to DeeLance’s use of blockchain technology, it’s simpler, faster, and cheaper to hire the right person for every job than ever before. Early investors have 15 days remaining to lock in the lowest price for DeeLance’s native ERC-20 token, $DLANCE. The project is planning an initial exchange offering at a list price of $0.035, representing a 40% increase from today’s presale price. DeeLance takes aim at the $761 billion recruitment industry DeeLance is making waves among analysts and investors because the potential size of its disruption is enormous. The global human resources (HR) and recruitment services industry is worth an estimated $761 billion according to research firm IBISWorld. DeeLance is going toe-to-toe right from the start with publicly traded companies like Upwork and Fiverr. However, DeeLance brings significant advantages for employers and freelancers compared to these legacy recruitment platforms. First, DeeLance makes it significantly cheaper to hire. Its 2% fee for employers is the lowest of any existing marketplace. Its 10% fee for freelancers is also highly competitive. On top of that, DeeLance doesn’t hold up payments for days on end. The platform’s blockchain-backed escrow accounts protect both employers and workers from loss, but release funds instantly once work is transferred and approved. Payments can be made in cryptocurrency as well as fiat, ensuring that there are no payment delays or costly foreign exchange fees. Visit DeeLance Presale Leveraging NFTs to manage ownership over work One of the biggest challenges that existing freelance marketplaces face is transferring ownership from contract workers to employers. Contracts rarely specify who gets to keep the intellectual property rights associated with any piece of content. DeeLance cuts through the confusion by tokenizing work as NFTs. When an employer purchases work such as a piece of written content or software code, they receive an NFT representing their ownership over that work as a deliverable. This ensures that there are never questions about who owns a piece of content and there are no limits on how companies can use the work that they’ve paid for. DeeLance metaverse offers new ways to work and hire Alongside its Web3 marketplace, DeeLance is developing the first metaverse built specifically for recruitment and freelancing. The DeeLance metaverse is an integral part of this platform, not an afterthought to take advantage of the latest trends. In DeeLance’s metaverse, employers looking to hire and freelancers looking for work will be able to interact freely as avatars. Employers can set up offices to hold meetings and interviews or even purchase virtual advertising to supercharge their hiring process. Freelancers can advertise their services and network with clients to encourage repeat work. The $DLANCE token plays an essential role in this metaverse. While contracts on DeeLance can be paid in fiat or a variety of major cryptocurrencies, offices and advertising in the DeeLance metaverse can only be purchased with $DLANCE. This means that employers and freelancers who purchase $DLANCE during the presale can lock in a discount on future office space and advertising in the DeeLance metaverse. It’s an investment not only in $DLANCE itself, but also in the future of their own businesses. Visit DeeLance Presale Limited opportunity to invest in the future of hiring DeeLance is bringing together blockchain, NFTs, and the metaverse to redefine how companies hire and how freelancers find work. It offers a major leap forward over existing recruitment platforms and holds competitive advantages in price, transparency, and speed. Investors, employers, and freelancers can lock in the lowest price for the $DLANCE token during the first stage of the project’s presale. For a limited time, $DLANCE is priced at $0.025 USDT. The price will increase to $0.027 in Stage 2 of the presale and to $0.030 in Stage 3. The presale has allocated 30% of the total $DLANCE supply and has a hard cap of $6 million. Investors can purchase $DLANCE through the DeeLance presale site using Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), or a credit card via Transak. Visit DeeLance Presale DISCLAIMER: This is not to be taken as investment advice. Crypto is a volatile asset, do your own research before investing and only invest money you can afford to lose. We may receive commission for clicking links in this article. Contact Details Finance News Alex Brown

March 31, 2023 02:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Uno Pizzeria and Grill Introduces New $1000 pizza

UNO Pizzeria & Grill

Uno Pizzeria and Grill, the inventor of the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, has announced that it has developed a new pizza variety – the $1000 pizza known as the “UNO Grand”. This deep dish pizza features some trendy and expensive toppings that elevate the price tag of this unique offering. The new pizza is topped with delicately sliced Japanese Wagyu beef, thinly shaved white truffle mushrooms medallions and is capped off with real gold flakes. The toppings sit upon a standard large classic Uno’s deep dish cheese pizza with its flaky and tasty crust, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. This delicacy was the brain-child of new executive chef, Llewes Eki, who joined the Unos Restaurants executive team in January of 2023. “We were striving for a pizza the likes of which have never been seen. The Unos legacy is for innovation and trail-blazing and we are advancing that tradition with the introduction of this one-of-a-kind blend of ultra-premium toppings,” boasted Chef Eki. “Who else can compete with this pizza? We like to say it is large and in-charge”. Uno Restaurants CEO Erik Frederick added, “Chef Eki is certainly making a statement with this premium pie as it is his first dish introduced since he came on board”. Prime A5 Miyazakigyu Japanese Wagyu beef currently sells for around $450 per pound. The $1000 “UNO Grand” pizza contains about 4oz. of the prime in-demand beef. Even more incredibly, Italian white truffle mushrooms sell for around $4,300 a pound. This premium pie features about 2oz. of the exquisite white truffles. The gold flakes add a touch of flair to this bold offering. “We think we are far ahead of the trend on this pizza,” continued Chef Eki. “We anticipate the demand to be ridiculously high once people get to try the pizza. The taste symphony is one that dances on your taste buds and completely elevates your palette. While we know our current guests love their pepperoni and sausage pizza toppings, we think we can attract a whole new level of guest with these ultra-premium toppings. We’re exploring new avenues of distribution such as on private jets, exclusive boutiques and maybe even the White House.” The $1000 “UNO Grand” pizza is available at most Uno Pizzeria and Grill locations and is expected to have a limited time run with the chance to make the regular menu if sales boom as the company expects. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Uno Restaurant Holdings Corporation includes approximately 80 company-owned and franchised UNO Pizzeria & Grill restaurants located in 18 states, and the District of Columbia, India, and Saudi Arabia. UNO is all about connecting people over awesome pizza – from its famous Chicago Deep Dish, which UNO invented in 1943, to its Chicago Thin Crust, to its gluten-free and vegan pizzas to its new Detroit Style Pizza. For more information, visit Contact Details Chris Dellamarggio +1 339-613-7641 Company Website

March 31, 2023 01:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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BioRestorative Therapies (NASDAQ: BRTX) Is Targeting The Global Obesity Epidemic With Its Recent IP Portfolio Expansion

BioRestorative Therapies, Inc.

By Julian Richard, Benzinga BioRestorative Therapies Inc (NASDAQ: BRTX) is expanding its ThermoStem® intellectual property portfolio for treatments targeting obesity, diabetes and other indications related to metabolic syndrome with another patent notice of allowance from the United States Patent Office, adding to its already 19 issued patents under the ThermoStem® patent family. BioRestorative’s ThermoStem® program is a novel cell-based therapy program using cells that have metabolic activity, that once transplanted may be able to regulate the bodies metabolic homeostasis (balance) and potentially induce weight loss and a better metabolic state. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions, such as obesity often times resulting in elevated cholesterol (fat) and glucose levels in the blood, these conditions increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Pioneering research conducted by Biorestorative Therapies demonstrated that brown tissue burns rather than stores energy. This work was published in Stem cells and was performed in a collaboration with the University of Utah. Increased levels of brown tissue support weight loss by increasing metabolism and reducing glucose and cholesterol in the blood. Thus, increasing brown fat levels and activity may be a powerful way to treat metabolic syndrome's significant mortality and morbidity. The ThermoStem® program is unique in that it pioneers the use of cell-based therapy to treat a global unmet medical need. The obesity and metabolic syndrome management space is the subject of intense clinical development and interest in the medical community. ThermoStem® will provide physicians with a therapeutic alternative to drugs with a different mechanism of action currently on the market. with Altimmune (NASDAQ: ALT), Eli Lilly Co (NYSE: LLY) and Pfizer Inc (NYSE: PFE) looking to emulate the success of Semaglutide, marketed by Novo Nordisk A/S (NYSE: NVO) for the treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Semaglutide was FDA-approved in 2021 for “chronic weight management” and was the first drug approved for this indication since 2014. Because ThermoStem® is a biologic rather than a synthetic drug, it might be a safer alternative to drugs currently under development that have demonstrated safety issues, such as Altimmunes (NASDAQ: ALT) weight loss drug that demonstrated gastrointestinal side effects when used. Obesity: A Global Epidemic Type 1 and type 2 diabetes are two distinct forms of the same disease. Type 1 is an autoimmune disease, whereas type 2 is linked to lifestyle factors such as poor diet and lack of exercise resulting in obesity. Type 2 diabetes is caused by excess weight, poor diet and lack of exercise, leading to too much glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream. Cells in the body cannot respond as they would normally by removing glucose from the blood, a condition called insulin resistance. Type 2 diabetes can often be managed through diet and lifestyle changes such as eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight. However, some people with type 2 diabetes may also need medication or insulin injections to manage their condition. Regardless of the type of diabetes, increased blood sugar can cause diseases of the heart, eyes and kidneys and may result in infection and amputation of the feet. The health economic burden of obesity and type 2 diabetes is profound. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 37 million Americans have diabetes (about 1 in 10), with up to 95% having type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes has historically been considered a disease of adults; however, given the current obesity epidemic, it is becoming more common in children, adolescents and younger adults. By 2030, over one billion individuals will be obese, with 1 in 7 men and 1 in 5 women living with the condition. The World Health Organization has designated obesity as a global epidemic. The total annual cost of diabetes in the United States exceeds $327 billion. This includes direct medical costs, such as hospitalizations and medications, and indirect costs, from lost productivity due to illness or premature death. The burden of obesity and type 2 diabetes is not limited to economic factors alone. The impact of these conditions on the quality of life for patients and carers can be immense. People living with obesity and diabetes are at greater risk for physical, mental, social and emotional difficulties stemming from their condition. Mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression are common among people living with these conditions, partly due to the discrimination they can experience. Physical disability is also an issue for many people living with these conditions. The emotional toll of living with a chronic illness can be immense, leading to feelings of isolation, fear and frustration. ThermoStem® could potentially help with this burden through its novel approach. The novelty of the ThermoStem® technology was acknowledged by the United States Patent Office’s The Notice of Allowance was issued on February 24th of 2023. By expanding the ThermoStem® patent family with another issued patent, BioRestorative is positioned to further strengthen and secure its novel cell-based approach to treat obesity Visit for more information on the company and its product candidates. This article was originally published on Benzinga. BioRestorative Therapies was founded by scientists and researchers committed to developing stem cell therapies to address unmet needs in patients with highly prevalent conditions.Our advances in stem cell biology and delivery protocols harbor great promise in conditioning our bodies’ own regenerative potential to treat major diseases more effectively than current interventions.Today, BioRestorative is actively developing programs that aim to dramatically increase quality of care for both (i) chronic back pain caused by disc degeneration, as well as (ii) metabolic disorders including obesity and diabetes. This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Investor Relations Company Website

March 31, 2023 08:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Anthony Joshua vs Jermaine Franklin Betting Offers

Acroud Media

Anthony Joshua returns to the O2 Arena in London for the first time in seven years on Saturday night when he takes on American Jermaine Franklin. The 33-year-old is looking to rebuild after twice losing to unified heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk and losing his WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO heavyweight titles in the process. Joshua is a big favourite with betting sites in the UK to emerge victorious from the bout as he looks to improve his record to 8-0 at the O2 and inflict a second professional loss on Franklin, who was controversially beaten in a majority decision by Dillian Whyte last time out. There are plenty of betting offers featuring free bets that can be claimed ahead of this fight and used on Joshua vs Franklin markets. We have listed the best of these offers below from some of the best UK bookmakers. 18+ Gambling Can Be Addictive. Please Play Responsibly. BeGambleAware GamStop Gambling Commission Best Joshua vs Franklin Betting Offers Betfred The first betting offer available for Joshua vs Franklin comes from Betfred, who has a bet 10 get 40 promotion on offer for new customers. Betfred is one of the most generous betting sites that we have come across, which is highlighted by the size of their welcome bonus. Just place your qualifying bet on a selection at minimum odds of evens or greater to trigger the free bets. CLAIM BETFRED OFFER HERE William Hill William Hill is one of the best boxing betting sites in the industry, regularly producing exciting promotions at the time of big fights such as Joshua vs Franklin. Enhanced odds are regularly seen on their promotions page, so be sure to keep an eye out for what they are offering this time around. New customers are able to claim William Hill’s bet 10 get 30 welcome offer today. CLAIM WILLIAM HILL OFFER HERE bet365 Another UK bookmaker offering new customers a bet 10 get 30 welcome bonus is bet365. One of the biggest betting sites in the UK, bet365 has a loyal customer base thanks to the quality of its online sports betting product. Mobile players can also take advantage of their fantastic mobile app, which is free to download and also enables you to claim their bet 10 get 30 offer. CLAIM BET365 OFFER HERE BetUK One of the best new betting sites in the UK is BetUK, which is also offering bet 10 get 30 to new players that create an account ahead of Joshua vs Franklin. Simply place your first bet with BetUK, ensuring to match the T&Cs of the qualifying bet, and wait for it to settle before receiving your free bets in return. New betting sites are renowned for having valuable betting offers for customers and that is certainly the case with BetUK. CLAIM BETUK OFFER HERE How To Join If you are interested in betting on Saturday night’s showdown, you will first need to know how to sign up to a betting site. To satisfy customers, they have made it a quick and easy process to create an account that can be completed in just a matter of minutes. Follow each of these steps to create an account with one of the listed brands above. Click the link/s above to be taken to your chosen bookmaker’s sign-up page Enter personal details where required on the registration page Enter promo codes if they are stated in the T&Cs Choose a unique username and password combination Provide ID to have your account verified Once you have completed these steps, you will then need to follow the individual terms of the welcome offer. Be sure to follow these to the exact detail, from the minimum deposit amount to the minimum odds on your qualifying bet if that is also required. You May Also Be Interested In Contact Details Acroud Media

March 31, 2023 04:52 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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How To Bet On Anthony Joshua vs Jermaine Franklin

Acroud Media

Anthony Joshua’s highly-anticipated return to the ring will take place this Saturday night when he takes on American heavyweight Jermaine Franklin at the O2 Arena in London. The 33-year-old is coming off the back of two successive defeats for the first time in his professional career after being unable to get the better of Oleksandr Usyk. This upcoming fight will be the first of Joshua’s career that hasn’t been for a world heavyweight title since he defeated Dillian Whyte — Franklin’s previous opponent — back in December 2015. As such, it is no surprise that the best UK betting sites have Joshua as the overwhelming favourite to win the fight. Joshua’s fights regularly bring plenty of activity at sports betting sites and that is expected to be the case once again for this comeback fight. There are a vast number of reputable UK bookmakers that will allow you to place bets on this weekend’s bout between Joshua and Franklin and we have found the best destinations for you to bet on the fight. All of these Joshua vs Franklin betting offers must be claimed in time for the fight on Saturday night. 18+ Gambling Can Be Addictive. Please Play Responsibly. BeGambleAware GamStop Gambling Commission Best Anthony Joshua vs Jermaine Franklin Betting Sites bet365 bet365 is one of the biggest and best betting sites in the industry, regularly offering some of the best betting odds on all sports, including boxing. They are offering new customers the opportunity to earn 30 in free bets when they sign up ahead of Joshua vs Franklin on Saturday night. These bet credits can be claimed by placing a qualifying bet of 10 on any sports market. CLAIM BET365 OFFER HERE William Hill Another giant within the industry is William Hill, which have one of the best online betting platforms, particularly for mobile players. New customers at William Hill can also claim a bet 10 get 30 welcome offer on the site, with the free bets being available in time to use on Joshua vs Franklin markets this weekend. CLAIM WILLIAM HILL OFFER HERE Betfred Betfred boasts a very generous bet 10 get 40 new customer offer, making them a very viable destination for new players to use to bet on Saturday’s big fight. This bookmaker is renowned for offering exciting promotions around the biggest sporting events, making them one of the most rewarding operators around. CLAIM BETFRED OFFER HERE BetUK New customers at BetUK are eligible to claim their bet 10 get 30 welcome offer ahead of Joshua vs Franklin. One of the best new betting sites around, BetUK has a vast range of sports for their customers to bet on, as well as an excellent depth of markets. Sign up today to get your free bets in time for the fight. CLAIM BETUK OFFER HERE How To Place a Bet Online Once you have decided which UK betting site you are interested in signing up with, you will need to complete the process of registering with them. This begins by clicking the link to the betting site you wish to visit above, from which you will be taken to the registration page. Here, you will be asked to provide a number of personal details such as your name, date of birth and address. Remember only players aged 18 or older are able to gamble in the United Kingdom. Choose a unique username and password to create your account before making a first deposit. You will be able to see your bookmaker’s accepted payment methods when you go to make your deposit. Once you have made your first deposit, find the event and market that you are interested in betting on. Add your selection to the betslip before entering the stake amount that you want to place on the selection. If you are placing your first bet as part of a new customer offer, be sure to read all of the terms and conditions first to ensure you follow each of the steps correctly. Each of the betting site bonuses above requires your first bet to be a qualifying bet before receiving the free bets after this settles. Be sure to read the T&Cs to look for factors such as minimum deposit and stake amounts and minimum odds for qualifying bets. You May Also Be Interested In Contact Details Acroud Media

March 31, 2023 03:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Poker Utan Svensk Licens - Pokersidor Utan Spelpaus

AM Europe

Att spela poker på online casinon utan svensk licens är ett populärt tidsfördriv för många som vill åt den genuina känslan från ett riktigt casino, men dra nytta av friheten i att kunna spela när och var som helst. Svenska pokerspelare är för närvarande rätt begränsade i sina valmöjligheter på grund av strikta regler, men spel på icke-svenska casinon ger generellt sett tillgång till ett bredare spelutbud, bättre bonusar och fler möjligheter att vinna stort. I den här artikeln kommer vi att utforska de olika typerna av pokerspel som finns på online casinon utan svensk licens, hur man spelar dem, hur vinster beskattas, tillgängliga betalningsmetoder samt för- och nackdelar med att spela på icke-svenska nätcasinon. Spela Pokersidor Utan Svensk Licens 5 Bra Pokercasinon Utan Svensk Licens Låt oss direkt gå in på några av marknadens bästa pokercasinon utan svensk licens. Här nedan följer en lista över fem casinon utan svensk licens som uppfyller kriterier för att klassas som ett bra icke-svenskt casino. Du kommer alldeles strax att få koll på vilka dessa kriterier är! Mount Gold Casino Detta casino är licensierat av MGA och har ett varierat utbud av spel från toppleverantörer. Det erbjuder säkra och bekväma betalningsmetoder och har ett rykte om rättvisa och transparenta bonusar. X Casino Detta casino är licensierat av Malta Gaming Authority och erbjuder ett brett utbud av spel från populära mjukvaruleverantörer. De har ett bra urval av betalningsmetoder och erbjuder konkurrenskraftiga bonusar med rimliga villkor. Casino Detta casino är också licensierat av Malta Gaming Authority och erbjuder en mobilvänlig plattform med ett stort utbud av spel. De erbjuder säkra betalningsmetoder och har ett rykte om sig att ha utmärkt kundservice. Manga Casino Liksom de två föregående är detta casino licensierat av Malta Gaming Authority och erbjuder en unik spelupplevelse med en mängd olika spel, såsom poker, från toppleverantörer. De erbjuder bekväma betalningsmetoder och har ett rykte om rättvisa och transparenta bonusar. 32Red Casino Låt oss även avsluta med ett pokercasino som är licensierat av Malta Gaming Authority. Detta casino verjuder omsättningsfria bonusar, vilket gör dem till ett populärt val bland spelare. De erbjuder ett varierat utbud av spel och smidiga betalningsmetoder. Viktigt Att Tänka på då Man Väljer ett Pokersidor utan Svensk Licens Först och främst vill vi gå igenom några kriterier att titta efter när man väljer ett online casino utan svensk licens. För det första är det viktigt att leta efter ett casino som är licensierat av en välrenommerad jurisdiktion, såsom UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority eller Curacao eGaming. Ett licensierat casino är mer benäget att följa rättvisa spelpraxis och garantera spelarnas säkerhet. För det andra bör man i sitt val av casino överväga de olika spel och mjukvaruleverantörer som finns på casinot. Ett bra online casino bör erbjuda ett varierat utbud av pokerspel från branschens främsta leverantörer som NetEnt, Microgaming eller svenska Evolution. För det tredje, leta efter pokercasinon som erbjuder säkra och bekväma betalningsmetoder, såsom kredit- och betalkort, e-plånböcker och banköverföringar. För det fjärde, kolla in de bonusar och kampanjer som finns på casinot. Ett välrenommerat online casino kan mycket väl erbjuda rättvisa och transparenta bonusar med rimliga villkor på sina olika pokerspel. Läs slutligen recensioner och feedback från andra pokerspelare för att få en uppfattning om casinots rykte och kundservice. Det är viktigt att notera att det kan vara riskabelt att spela poker på online casinon utan svensk licens, och det är viktigt att vara försiktig när du väljer casino. Typer av Pokerspel Det finns många typer av pokerspel tillgängliga på online casinon utan svensk licens, varav vart och ett har sin egen unika uppsättning regler och strategier. Några av de mest populära pokerspelen inkluderar: Texas Hold'em: Texas Hold'em är den mest populära typen av pokerspel i världen. Spelare får två kort och använder sedan fem gemensamma kort för att göra bästa möjliga hand. Omaha: Omaha liknar Texas Hold'em, men spelare får fyra kort istället för två. Spelare måste använda exakt två av sina egna kort, och tre av de fem gemensamma korten för att göra den bästa möjliga handen. Seven Card Stud: Seven Card Stud är ett klassiskt pokerspel som är populärt på både online och offline casinon. Spelare tilldelas sju kort, varav tre är med framsidan nedåt och fyra med framsidan uppåt. Målet är att göra den bästa möjliga femkortshanden med valfri kombination av de sju korten. Razz: Razz är ett så kallat lowball pokerspel, vilket innebär att den lägsta handen vinner. Spelare får sju kort och måste göra lägsta möjliga hand med fem av sina kort. Five Card Draw: Five Card Draw är ett enkelt pokerspel som är populärt bland nybörjare. Spelare tilldelas fem kort och har sedan möjlighet att slänga och ersätta vilket som helst av sina kort för att få bästa möjliga hand. Hur Man Spelar Poker på Online Casinon Att spela poker på online casinon, oavsett om det är med eller utan svensk licens, är väldigt likt att spela på ett traditionellt casino. Det första steget är att välja ett välrenommerat online casino som erbjuder ett brett utbud av pokerspel, enligt kriterierna som vi listade i början. När du har registrerat ett konto och gjort en insättning kan du välja mellan de olika varianterna av pokerspel som finns och börja spela. För att börja ett pokerspel måste du lägga en insats, även kallad ante. Storleken på insatsen kommer att variera beroende på spelet och casinot du spelar på. När alla insatser har lagts kommer dealern att dela ut korten och därefter börjar spelet. Varje spelare kommer att ha möjlighet att göra ett drag, som att satsa, checka eller lägga sig, beroende på de kort de har fått och vilken strategi de vill använda. När alla spelare har gjort sina drag, kommer dealern att avslöja de gemensamma korten, och spelarna kommer att ha ytterligare en möjlighet att göra ett drag. Målet med spelet är att ha den bästa möjliga handen, baserat på de kort du har fått och de gemensamma korten som har avslöjats. Vinnaren av spelet kommer att få potten, som är summan av alla insatser som spelarna gjort under spelet. Beskattning av Pokervinster på Icke-Svenska Online Casinon En viktig faktor att tänka på när du spelar poker på icke-svenska nätcasinon är hur dina vinster kommer att beskattas. I allmänhet kommer alla vinster du får från spel på ett icke-svenskt nätcasino att beskattas i Sverige. Det betyder att du kommer att behöva redovisa dina vinster på din skattedeklaration och betala skatt på dem i enlighet med detta. På så sätt skiljer sig icke-svenska online casinon från svenska, eftersom svenska casinon erbjuder skattefria vinster. Den exakta skattesatsen du kommer att bli föremål för beror på hur mycket du vinner och din totala inkomst för året. Det är viktigt att du är noggrann med att registrera alla dina spelaktiviteter, inklusive vinster och förluster, för att deklarera korrekt. Du kan alltid läsa mer hos Skatteverket. Betalningsmetoder När det kommer till onlinespel är en av de viktigaste aspekterna att tänka på de tillgängliga betalningsmetoderna med vilka du kan göra insättningar och uttag. Online casinon utan svensk licens erbjuder en mängd olika betalningsalternativ, alla med sina egna fördelar och nackdelar. Som svensk spelare är det dock möjligt att man saknar svenska Swish, men det finns flera andra värdiga alternativ. I det här avsnittet kommer vi därmed att utforska några av de mest populära betalningsmetoderna på nätcasinon, inklusive de som finns på icke-svenska nätcasinon. Läs mer: Casinon utan BankID-uppgifter Kredit- och betalkort Kredit- och betalkort är en av de vanligaste betalningsmetoderna som accepteras av online casinon, såväl svenska som utländska. Visa och Mastercard är de mest accepterade kortleverantörerna, men vissa casinon kan också acceptera andra kort som American Express. Att använda ett kredit- eller betalkort är bekvämt och enkelt, eftersom det gör det möjligt för spelare att enkelt göra insättningar och uttag med en välbekant och allmänt använd betalningsmetod. Det finns dock några potentiella nackdelar med att använda ett kredit- eller betalkort för onlinespel. Vissa banker kan blockera transaktioner till och från onlinecasinon, så spelare kan behöva kolla med sin bank för att säkerställa att deras kort fungerar. Dessutom kan det vara riskabelt att använda ett kreditkort, eftersom spelare kan frestas att spendera mer än de har råd med, och kan bli föremål för höga räntor. E-plånböcker E-plånböcker är en annan populär betalningsmetod på onlinecasinon. E-plånböcker är onlinekonton som möjliggör för användare att förvara pengar och göra inköp eller uttag utan att dela med sig av sina uppgifter. Några populära e-plånböcker som accepteras av många pokercasinon online inkluderar PayPal, Neteller och Skrill. Att använda en e-plånbok erbjuder ett antal fördelar för pokerspelare online. E-plånböcker möjliggör snabba och säkra insättningar och uttag, och många casinon erbjuder exklusiva bonusar för att använda e-plånböcker. Dessutom erbjuder e-plånböcker ett extra lager av säkerhet, eftersom spelare inte behöver dela sin ekonomiska information med casinot. Det finns dock några möjliga nackdelar med att använda en e-plånbok för pokerspel online. Vissa e-plånböcker kan ta ut avgifter för insättningar och uttag, och vissa casinon kanske inte erbjuder bonusar för transaktioner via e-plånböcker. Dessutom kommer spelare att behöva skapa och hantera ett separat konto för sin e-plånbok. Kryptovalutor Kryptovalutor är en nyare betalningsmetod som blir allt populärare hos många icke-svenska online casinon. Kryptovalutor som Bitcoin, Ethereum och Litecoin erbjuder snabba och säkra transaktioner och är inte föremål för samma regler och restriktioner som traditionella betalningsmetoder. Många online casinon accepterar nu kryptovalutor som betalningsmetod, och vissa erbjuder till och med exklusiva bonusar för att använda dem. Kryptovalutor möjliggör snabba och anonyma transaktioner och är inte föremål för samma avgifter och restriktioner som traditionella betalningsmetoder, och spelare behöver inte dela med sig av privata uppgifter med casinot. Kryptovalutor kan dock vara volatila och deras värde kan fluktuera snabbt, vilket kan göra det svårt för spelare att budgetera och beräkna sina spelutgifter. Att använda en kryptovaluta kräver dessutom en hel del kunskap och förståelse, till skillnad från mer etablerade fiatvalutor. Banköverföringar Banköverföringar är en annan betalningsmetod som är allmänt accepterad av de icke-svenska online casinon som erbjuder poker. Banköverföringar tillåter spelare att direkt överföra pengar från sitt bankkonto till sitt casinokonto, och används ofta för större transaktioner. Banköverföringar är en säker och pålitlig betalningsmetod och är ofta gratis. De kan dock vara långsamma, vilket kan vara en nackdel för dem som vill att det ska gå snabbt. För- och nackdelar Att spela poker på online casinon utan svensk licens är populärt hos många spelare, mycket tack vare bekvämligheten och friheten. I Sverige regleras spel på nätet av Spelmyndigheten, men svenska spelare kan välja att spela på nätcasinon utan svensk licens, vilket kan erbjuda vissa fördelar men också medföra vissa risker. I den här delen kommer vi att utforska några av fördelarna och nackdelarna med att spela poker på ett online casino utan svensk licens. Fördelar Större utbud av pokervarianter: Online casinon utan svensk licens kan erbjuda ett bredare spelutbud, av såväl pokervarianter som andra spel, än svensklicensierade operatörer. Detta eftersom licensierade operatörer är skyldiga att följa strikta regler och endast erbjuda spel som har godkänts av Spelmyndigheten. Icke-svenska nätcasinon, å andra sidan, kan erbjuda ett bredare utbud av pokerspel från en mängd olika spelleverantörer. Större bonusar och kampanjer: Icke-svenska online casinon kan erbjuda större bonusar och kampanjer för att locka nya spelare. Detta eftersom svensklicensierade operatörer är föremål för strikta regler vad gäller storlek och typ av bonusar de kan erbjuda, medan utländska operatörer har större frihet i detta avseende. Snabbare uttag: Icke-svenska nätcasinon kan erbjuda snabbare uttag än licensierade operatörer. Detta beror på att svensklicensierade operatörer är skyldiga att följa strikta regler angående behandling av uttag, vilket kan resultera i längre väntetider för spelare. Anonymt spelande: Icke-svenska online casinon kan erbjuda anonymt pokerspelande, vilket kan vara tilltalande för vissa spelare som föredrar att hålla sig “mer i bakgrunden”. Detta eftersom icke-svenska operatörer inte omfattas av samma stränga regler för spelaridentitet och verifiering som svensklicensierade operatörer. Det är dock oavsett riktigt viktigt att spela ansvarsfullt. Nackdelar Brist på spelarskydd: Att spela poker på ett online casino utan svensk licens kan vara riskabelt, eftersom spelare kanske inte har samma skydd som de skulle ha hos en svensklicensierad operatör. Svensklicensierade operatörer är skyldiga att följa strikta regler för spelarskydd, inklusive åtgärder för att förhindra spelproblem och säkerställa rättvist spel, såsom möjligheten till Spelpaus. Det är oerhört viktigt att spela ansvarsfullt. Inte tillgång till svensk support: Icke-svenska nätcasinon kanske inte erbjuder kundsupport på svenska, vilket kan vara en nackdel för svenska spelare som föredrar att kommunicera på just svenska. Detta kan också göra det svårare för spelare att lösa eventuella problem eller problem de kan stöta på när de spelar på casinot. Risk för bedrägerier: Pokerspelare på icke-svenska nätcasinon kan vara mer sårbara för bedrägerier, eftersom de inte nödvändigtvis är föremål för samma regler och tillsyn som svensklicensierade operatörer. Spelare bör därför vara försiktiga när de spelar på icke-svenska casinon och se till att de använder en ansedd och pålitlig operatör. Skattekonsekvenser: Vinster från icke-svenska nätcasinon kan bli föremål för beskattning, beroende på i vilket land spelaren är bosatt. Spelare bör bekanta sig med skattelagarna i deras bosättningsland för att undvika oväntade skatter. Slutsats Att spela poker på ett onlinecasino utan svensk licens kan erbjuda vissa fördelar, bland annat ett större utbud av pokerspel, större bonusar och kampanjer, snabbare uttag och anonymt spelande. Det medför dock också vissa risker, inklusive bristande spelarskydd, sällan tillgång till svensk support, risken för bedrägerier samt potentiella skattekonsekvenser. Spelare bör noga väga för- och nackdelar innan de bestämmer sig för att spela poker på ett online casino utan svensk licens, och bör endast göra det om de är säkra på att operatören är ansedd och pålitlig. Säkerställs dock detta kan roliga spelstunder vänta! Vanliga Frågor Är det lagligt att spela på nätcasinon utan svensk licens i Sverige? Generellt sett ja. Även om det inte är olagligt för svenska spelare att spela på nätcasinon utan svensk licens, har svenska Spelmyndigheten dock varnat för att spelare som väljer att spela hos icke svensklicensierade operatörer inte är skyddade av svenska lagar och regler. Hur vet jag om ett nätcasino utan svensk licens är säkert och pålitligt? Det är viktigt att göra din research innan du spelar på något nätcasino, speciellt om det inte har svensk licens. Leta efter casinon som är licensierade i andra välrenommerade jurisdiktioner, har positiva recensioner från andra spelare och använder framstående spelleverantörer. Måste jag betala skatt på mina vinster från nätcasinon utan svensk licens? Det beror på i vilket land du bor. I Sverige är vinster från svensklicensierade nätcasinon skattefria, men om du spelar poker på ett online casino utan svensk licens kan du bli föremål för beskattning av dina vinster. Vilka betalningsmetoder finns på nätcasinon utan svensk licens? Icke-svenska online casinon erbjuder vanligtvis ett brett utbud av betalningsmetoder, inklusive kredit- och betalkort, e-plånböcker och banköverföringar. Spelare bör kontrollera de tillgängliga betalningsmetoderna innan de registrerar sig för att säkerställa att deras föredragna metod stöds. Contact Details Kerstin Sjögren

March 30, 2023 10:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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OMID Posts 2022 Annual Report and Provides Update

Omid Hldgs Inc

McapMediaWire -- Today, OMID Holdings, Inc. (OTC: OMID ) posted its Unaudited Annual Report for the Year Ended December 31 st, 2022. The company is pleased to announce that its production facility in Alpha, NJ is now GMP-certified for the production of tinctures as human food according to FDA 21 CFR Part 117. "GMP certification has long been a stated goal of OMID and reaching this milestone has invigorated the OMID team. We believe that GMP certification represents a higher standard of operations within the cannabis industry and we intend to leverage our proven capabilities to take advantage of new business opportunities. As an additional note in response to broad shareholder inquiries: I would like to confirm that the financial audit is on-going with unwavering internal support and I am eager to see it completed." stated Adam Frank, Chairman & CEO of OMID Holdings, Inc. About OMID Holdings, Inc. OMID Holdings, Inc. is a publicly-traded health and wellness company which produces a variety of finished consumer goods. The company operates a facility in Alpha, NJ which is GMP-certified in the production of human food according to FDA 21 CFR Part 117. OMID concentrates its efforts on research, design, development, production, and marketing. Most of the products manufactured by the company include cannabinoids derived from hemp and other herbal ingredients. Acts 2:12 For more information about the company, please visit or follow us on Twitter: @OMIDHoldingsInc Safe Harbor Act: Forward-Looking Statements are included within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. All statements regarding our expected future financial position, results of operations, cash flows, financing plans, business strategy, products and services, competitive positions, growth opportunities, plans and objectives of management for future operations, including words such as "anticipate," "if," "believe," "plan," "estimate," "expect," "intend," "may," "could," "should," "will," and other similar expressions are forward-looking statements and involve risks, uncertainties and contingencies, many of which are beyond our control, which may cause actual results, performance, or achievements to differ materially from anticipated results, performance, or achievements. We are under no obligation to (and expressly disclaim any such obligation to) update or alter our forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. Contact: Adam Frank Phone: +1 908-386-2880 Email: Contact Details OMID Holdings, Inc. Company Website

March 30, 2023 09:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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One Media iP Group "very pleased" after "year of consolidation"

One Media iP Group PLC

One Media iP Group (AIM:OMIP) chief executive Michael Infante speaks to Proactive after releasing the company's annual financial report. Infante says he's "very pleased" after a "year of consolidation", and highlights the growing importance of the company's SaaS platform TCAT, which can help reduce the losses incurred by music rights holders in unpaid or fraudulently claimed royalties. Here's the story from earlier: One Media Digital media saw a 17% year-on-year revenue uplift with underlying earnings (EBITDA) increasing 9% to £1.8mln, according to the music rights and copyright protection company’s 2022 financial results. Operating profits declined from £1.1mln to £900,000 resulting in an earnings-per-share distribution of 0.2p compared to 0.24p in 2021, partially due to group-level investments into its anti-piracy software subsidiary TCAT. The group also allocated £1.2mln into new rights of artists including José Carreras, Jo Jo Adams, Irish Tenor Trio and Alexander O'Neal. Contact Details Proactive UK Ltd Proactive UK Ltd +44 20 7989 0813

March 29, 2023 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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