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Industries look at transition opportunities as they work towards decarbonization

Morgan Marketing & Communications

In recognition of Earth Day, Purify Fuel’s CEO, John Carroll, reports that the company’s nanO2 fuel additive catalyst is proving to be a significant contributor to companies seeking to reduce their emissions in order to meet corporate and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) goals that stakeholders and shareholders are demanding. Use as a tool for decarbonization by the mining, fracking, power generation, offshore and maritime industries using diesel fuel is accelerating leading to wholescale adoption of the technology. “In this period of increased concern about climate change impacts, industrial companies are seeking interim measures to reduce their emissions while they examine long term energy alternatives,” Carroll stated. “Purify Fuel’s nanO2 fuel additive is proving to be an effective tool to reduce emissions today, without making large capital investments in new engines or infrastructure. It is not yet clear what technologies will be adopted to reach the United Nation’s goals for limiting climate change. Until that clarity is achieved, and large-scale investments made, Purify Fuel’s nanO2 can support their desire to reduce emissions and achieve ESG goals today.” Purify Fuel’s nanO2 technology is a proprietary combustion catalyst which causes diesel fuel to accelerate its combustion process, creating 8% more power using an average of 9.2% less fuel and producing up to an average of 17% lower CO and 20% Nitrous oxide. Further, usage tests have demonstrated a 50& decrease in opacity. “We are partnering with our customers to help them achieve immediate ESG goals through reduced emissions from their diesel fueled engine use,” stated Carroll. “Especially on Earth Day, we are honored to be a transitional solution to reducing emissions and helping reverse the effects of climate change to achieve global goals.” Purify Fuel’s nanO2 is a game changing product scientifically proven to optimize fuel combustion to save fuel, reduce emissions, and protect engines without equipment modification or disruption in operations. With nanO2 fuel optimization, a practical, scalable solution to diesel energy challenges is available now. For more information, go to Purify Fuel nanO2 ESG technology. Contact Details Purify Fuel Carleen Lyden Walker +1 203-260-0480 Company Website

April 21, 2021 03:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Centre for Neuro Skills and University of Texas Medical Branch Study Indicates That Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury Patients Are Not Absorbing Needed Nutrients

Centre for Neuro Skills

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, more than 2.5 million Americans suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBI) each year. A new and recent study, supported by the Centre of Neuro Skills in conjunction with the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, found abnormal reactions between the brain and gastrointestinal tract (gut-brain axis) in moderate to severe chronic TBI patients. The result is that these patients may not be absorbing nutrients properly and treatments need to be developed to address these issues. The study was conducted at the University of Texas Medical Branch in the Department of Neurology in Galveston, Texas (under the supervision of Dr. Brent Masel) and the Centre of Neuro Skills in Bakersfield, California (under the supervision of Dr. Mark Ashley). Study Summary: The controlled study followed 10 TBI patients in Galveston, where Dr. Masel is a clinical professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch in the Department of Neurology. Dr. Masel is also the vice president of Medical Services at the Centre for Neuro Skills. Researchers had the patients fast, get their blood drawn, eat a specific meal and get their blood drawn again. TBI patients had low baseline levels of essential amino acids. Even after eating a meal, their levels remained lower than the non-injured study participants. Researchers determined that TBI patients weren’t absorbing essential amino acids. Dr. Masel and his colleagues made this determination and then wondered if it was simply the local diet or geographical location (lifestyle/exercise, stress, etc). He called Dr. Mark Ashley and suggested an identical study at the Centre for Neuro Skills in Bakersfield, California. The results were the same, so the conclusion was that this issue wasn’t related to diet, location or lifestyle. Dr. Masel’s observation: “The commonality is TBI. Essential amino acids are not being absorbed from the gut, and those molecules are critical to TBI recovery. This is amazing to me: maybe these patients are starving. I figured there must be a connection between the gut-brain axis.” After administering the fasting/eating/blood draw protocol, they added stool sample analysis. The study then focused on the microbiome and its relation to bacteria in the gut. The gut can say “OK” to a healthy system and absorb essential amino acids or can “gobble up” the same molecules depriving the human of using these critical nutrition components. That’s what was found in the fecal matter. Essential amino acids were missing; the commonality in both the Texas and California groups was TBI. This may affect the ability of patients to fully recover. In CNS’ “whole person” approach, it could affect the quality of functionality/return to normalcy. Point of distinction here – with CNS’ dedicated research team, these discoveries/research/scientists and their publications can advance treatment and expand understanding of the depth of TBI’s damage. The study’s distinction is that the two groups, thousands of miles apart, produced the same outcome and the same deficit of non-absorption. The CNS patient study group was part of CNS’ Long Term Care program, so the organization will be able to study them now and in the future. Observations: “Clearly there are abnormalities in the microbiome of the gut in TBI patients,” commented Dr. Masel. “Maybe this is a piece of the puzzle that can solve the mystery of TBI. It’s one puzzle piece at a time. Presently, the majority of what we do is treat the symptoms of TBI, as opposed to the underlying causes of those symptoms, which would be far more effective. Perhaps by correcting the malabsorption of the essential amino acids, we can advance the recovery from TBIs. We will be studying how altering the diet in these individuals may change their amino acid absorption. Our hope is that this will assist in identifying long-term risks and treatments.” Comments CNS’ Dr. Ashley, “It’s gratifying to be part of a study that in the end may help identify keys that allow us to better treat patients with TBI for the long haul. With CNS’ dedicated research team and these discoveries, we hopefully can advance treatment and expand our understanding of the depth of TBI’s damage. We look forward to the next steps.” This study was funded by the Moody Endowment (funding M.S.M.) and conducted with the support of TideWay, part of the Transitional Learning Center (Galveston, TX) and the Centre for Neuro Skills (Bakersfield, CA). The study took place with 8 patients in Galveston and 12 patients in California. The link to the full study is here. About Centre for Neuro Skills Centre for Neuro Skills is an experienced and respected world leader in providing intensive rehabilitation and medical programs for those recovering from all types of brain injury. CNS covers a full spectrum of advanced care from residential and assisted living to outpatient/day treatment. Founded by Dr. Mark Ashley in 1980, CNS has seven locations in California and Texas. For more information about Centre for Neuro Skills, visit:, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube. For a video overview of CNS, visit: About University of Texas Medical Branch The Department of Neurology at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) was established in 1973. It has a long-standing history and tradition in the practice and advancement of Clinical Neurosciences by providing the most comprehensive care to patients with neurologic illnesses from Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, epilepsy, neuromuscular disorders, brain tumors, Parkinson’s Disease and other movement disorders, multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune disorders, stroke as well as other acute neurologic injuries. For more information, visit: Editors, please note: Photos, videos and interviews are available by contacting Robin Carr at (415) 971-3991 or Contact Details Landis Communications Inc. Robin Carr +1 415-971-3991 Company Website

April 21, 2021 10:27 AM Pacific Daylight Time

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CIPIO Completes $2M in Pre-seed funding to launch Industry's First Domain Infused Data Apps Platform™ for the B2C Subscription Businesses

CIPIO, a B2C Subscription Customer Success company, today announced the launch of the Industry's first Domain Infused Data Apps Platform™ that solves the massive business problem of retention and growth. Amidst the unprecedented disruption and digital acceleration triggered by COVID-19, this problem has multiplied by ten folds as customer behavior, decision making, and choices have changed dramatically. To accelerate its growth and product innovation, CIPIO completed its $2M pre-seed round in December 2020, led by DX.Partners and an experienced team of investors- including Linda Abraham, Managing Partner of Crimson Capital, Vineet Goel of Visa, Kathy Holmes of Arcola Investment, Ketan Karkhanis CPO of Turvo (ex-Salesforce GM & SVP), Karl Rumelhart, CPO of Gainsight, and the Dean of Big Data-Bill Schmarzo. CIPIO disrupts the B2C Subscription Customer Success category by unifying vast quantities of data from systems of records, customer behavior, and domain infused pre-built data apps. Companies get actionable predictions and recommendations that are directly integrated into engagement systems such as Hubspot to ensure maximum financial outcomes. Gartner predicts that 75% of B2C Businesses will offer Subscription services by the year 2023. "COVID-19 has hyper accelerated this transform across Fitness, OTT, Sports, Entertainment & Media just to name a few. Yet B2C Subscriber churn is 3X the churn in the B2B SaaS market, and B2C Growth rate is 50% lower than the B2B Saas Companies," says Growson Edwards, Co-Founder & CEO of CIPIO. "At CIPIO, we understand the change and disruption B2C Subscription Businesses are facing in this new Hybrid Subscription Economy and are desirous about our mission to help our customers Retain, Grow, and Acquire their subscribers exponentially." "CIPIO's domain centric approach to address the significant gap in today's CDP solution is a game changer. Data Apps are the future of the Hybrid Subscription Economy, and CIPIO's Retention, Growth, and Acquisition Data Apps are directly and rapidly impacting the customer's bottom line," said Ketan Karkhanis, Chief Product Officer at Turvo, and an investor at CIPIO. Ketan previously ran Einstein Analytics at Salesforce and has in depth experience with Customer Success in the B2B SaaS market. “As founders, we are channeling our B2B SaaS Retention & Growth knowhow into our Domain infused Data Apps Platform™ for B2C SaaS,” says Manoj Kumar Goyal, Co-Founder & CPO of CIPIO. Mr. Goyal previously led Oracle’s Customer Data Platform team, served as Marketo’s Chief Product Officer, and is obsessed with delivering ROI. “We are removing 8-12 months of the time and a myriad of domain experts, BI specialists, Data Engineers, and Data Scientists it takes to generate value out of Customer data.” continues Goyal. “Our Data Apps are powered by Domain infused AI Platform that automates all the necessary functions to generate value out of Data with efficient Human Involvement built specifically for our customer.” The company is so confident in delivering the ROI so much that they are giving away their Domain Infused Data Apps Platform™ for free until the customer sees the results of acceleration in retention, growth, and acquisition. Companies can access the Industry's first Domain Infused Data Apps free trial here. About CIPIO: CIPIO is pioneering the Industry's first domain-infused Data Apps Platform™ that humanizes and automates predictions and recommendations to increase Subscriber engagement, retention, and growth for B2C Businesses. CIPIO's early adopters include Crunch Fitness, Industry's Gym, Xponential Fitness, Motor City Church, Pure Barre, Club Pilates, AKT, YogaSix, NCFit, Cyclebar, RowHouse, Stretch Lab, and Stride who have witnessed a significant return on investment in a short time. Contact Details CIPIO Chris Foudy +1 831-238-1905 Company Website

April 21, 2021 12:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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NAMEPA’s Maritime Sustainability Program Receives Global Recognition

North American Marine Environment Protection Association

Green4Sea has announced that the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) has won the 2021 Green4Sea Initiative Award for its CSR/ESG (Corporate Social Responsibility/Environment, Social and Governance) Maritime Sustainability Program. The Green4Sea award is given to an organization that has sparked, realized, or significantly contributed with a specific initiative towards greener shipping. NAMEPA is extremely proud of its contribution to the maritime industry with its CSR/ESG Program being the first known standards program of its kind developed especially for the maritime industry. Successful participants of NAMEPA’s CSR/ESG Program receive the Maritime Sustainability Passport and MSP Seal, signifying a participant has met, or exceeded benchmarks set by the program. The program encompasses the three strategies of CSR/ESG: environment, corporate governance, environment and the human element. “After reviewing the global maritime landscape, and verifying with The Governance and Accountability Institute, we have learned that NAMEPA’s CSR/ESG is the only ESG accreditation standard for maritime,” stated Carleen Lynden Walker, NAMEPA’s Co-Founder and Executive Director. “We are honored that we can provide this opportunity for the industry to be credibly recognized for its high standards on these measures which are important to the public as well as investors in shipping and the industry at large.” The first companies to qualify for NAMEPA’s Maritime Sustainability Passport were Cargill, The American Club and Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC). These three exemplary companies successfully completed all three phases of the program, including supplying supporting documentation for their claims. Their submissions were then evaluated by a team of independent assessors to determine whether they met the criteria of the CSR/ESG Program and were eligible to receive NAMEPA’s MSP Certificate and Seal. Cargill, The American Club and MSC successfully demonstrated to the assessors their qualifications to receive the Maritime Sustainability Passport, and have proven their dedication and continuing efforts to Save Our Seas. “The maritime industry is rapidly recognizing the importance of demonstrating its commitment to sustainability” stated NAMEPA Chairman Joe Hughes, CEO and President of the Shipowners Claims Bureau. “NAMEPA identified the need to provide the industry with a standard guideline of expectations relating to a company’s efforts in CSR/ESG. We are pleased to provide this tool for the industry to support its efforts towards sustainability.” To learn more about NAMEPA’s CSR/ESG Program, visit NAMEPA's CSR/ESG Maritime Sustainability Program - NAMEPA or email with any relevant questions. The program is offered to NAMEPA members at no cost to qualify for the Maritime Sustainability Passport and receive the MSP seal. Non-members are welcome to apply to participate at a cost of $2000 or become NAMEPA members and have the fee waived. To protect the proprietary information of the qualifying companies, NAMEPA offers a non-disclosure agreement. The North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) was officially launched in 2007. NAMEPA is a marine industry-led organization of environmental stewards preserving the marine environment by promoting sustainable marine industry best practices and educating seafarers, students and the public about the need and strategies for protecting global ocean, lake and river resources. For more information, go to Contact Details NAMEPA Carleen Lyden Walker +1 203-255-4686 Company Website

April 21, 2021 12:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Phu Quoc United Center - Vingroup’s super tourism-resort-entertainment complex officially launched


HANOI, VIETNAM - Media OutReach - 21 April 2021 - On April 21st, Vingroup officially opens Phu Quoc United Center – the brand new super tourism-resort-entertainment complex of in Southeast Asia. Setting 5 national records, featuring thousands of annual grand multimedia shows, mini-shows and offering one-of-a-kind experiences, Phu Quoc United Center - Vietnam’s “Sleepless City” - is poised to become a must-go destination in the global tourism map. Covering over 1000 ha in northern Phu Quoc Island, Vingroup’s new “tourism-entertainment universe” is said to be comparable to global tourist hotspots like South Korea’s Jeju, Singapore’s Clark Quay, or Las Vegas in the US. On the occassion of its launch, Phu Quoc United Center also kick-starts a series of boisterous 24/7 events, including 7,200 grand multimedia shows and 12,000 mini-shows every year. Notably, this super tourism complex is holding 5 national records recognized by the Vietnam Record Association, namely Vietnam’s largest complex with diverse entertainment and resort forms, Vietnam’s largest bamboo construction, Vietnam’s first Teddy Bear Museum, 3D multimedia show with the most Vietnamese historical references, Vietnam’s largest floating multimedia show inspired by European culture. Vietnam’s largest bamboo construction - Bamboo Legend - was designed by world-acclaimed architect Vo Trong Nghia and built from more than 32,000 bamboo trunks. Its dome patterns reflect the communal house in Vietnamese villages - a unique, recognizable national trait. Right next to the Vietnamese national pride Bamboo Legend is the world-renowned Teddy Bear Museum. This 1500-square-meter museum is the eighth version of its kind in the world and the very first in Vietnam, housing bears of all kinds and all sizes that can thrill everyone from the very young to the young at heart. The show “The Elite of Vietnam” has been recognized as 3D multimedia show with the most Vietnamese historical references. Comprising nearly 3000 daytime mini-shows and 365 nocturnal events each year, “The Elite of Vietnam” relives Vietnamese lifestyles, tradition and history of ancient times in a citadel, conveying compelling cultural messages. State-of-the-art technology and visual effects incorporated in these shows have embellished Vietnamese culture in the modern entertainment world. “The Color of Venice” super show holds the record of Vietnam’s largest floating multimedia show inspired by European culture. With a 15-thousand-square-meter underground stage and the most advanced equipment for performance, this is one of the most satisfying multimedia shows in Vietnam, recreating an idyllic and picturesque Venice through Valse dances, lighting, music and performances on the water surface that can be found nowhere else. A fitting end to the show trilogy in Phu Quoc United Center is the world-class light water show, called “Once Show” arranged and performed by famous Quantum Creative Studios. Worth 12 million USD, “Once Show” is a breath-taking world a fairytales made from water, lighting, fire, ice, 3D mapping. These non-stop million-dollar shows and 1000 shophouses create a 85-hectare Grand World with various activities all day and night. In this place, the boundaries of time and space seem to blur as visitors embark on a journey from the ancient Vietnamese citadel to a magnificient Venice, from a bustling Shanghai to the Urban Park of contemporary arts, from the splendid Phu Quoc Night Market to a lively tropical square... This is the destination where tourists can eat, play and buy anything in the world from a series of restaurants and shopping streets teeming with domestic and international brands. Grand World’s entertainment zone, bars and clubs as well as Corona Casino also offer various unforgettable moments. An indispensable part of Phu Quoc United Center is the 12,000 rooms ranging from 5-star to mini-hotel segments, with prestigious brand names Vinpearl, VinOasis, VinHoliday, Radison Blue… Also unmissable are VinWonders Phu Quoc - Vietnam’s largest theme park, Vinpearl Safari - Asia's largest semi-wild zoo, Vinpearl Convention Center - 5-star MICE system, Vinpearl Golf - the 18-hole golf course, Vinmec International Hospital... All these are included in Phu Quoc United Center - the very first super resort-entertainment-tourism complex developed as a one stop destination in Vietnam. With exceptional services and distinctive experiences, this all-in-one tourism universe has laid a firm foundation for the night-time economy in Vietnam. Contact Details Vingroup +84 24 3974 9999

April 21, 2021 10:35 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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How 529 College Savings Plans Work by Jennifer Lang Financial Services

Jennifer Lang Financial Services, LLC

Contact Details Jennifer Lang Financial Services, LLC. Jennifer Lang +1 877-487-8926 Company Website

April 20, 2021 10:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Refreshing Your Home (Inside & Out)


Over the last year, the function of our homes has completely changed. These days, the home is where we spend our time, raise our families, work, study, exercise and so much more. With spring here, now is the perfect time to make some changes to help you refresh your home and love where you live. Recently, Angi Home Care Expert, Bailey Carson, teamed with YourUpdateTV on a nationwide satellite media tour to discuss easy ways to refresh your home this spring. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: Whether you’re finally getting around to the home office, looking to redecorate for spring, or preparing the backyard for some outdoor entertainment, Angi has you covered. Here are some tips to get you started: It has been very easy for clutter to build up over the last year, so think about what items you want to donate, discard or keep, and then come up with permanent solutions to eliminate clutter moving forward. Shelving, cabinets, or simple baskets can help create a stress-free environment. Focus on the heart of the home: your kitchen. Improve flow and make your space more efficient by putting in an island, installing shelves in your pantry or simply adding bins and dowels to organize your cabinets. You can also give it all a new feel with a fresh coat of paint, modern backsplash or new hardware like cabinet handles. With spring here, everyone is ready to start spending more time outside. If you have an existing deck or patio, think about it giving it a good power wash or re-staining to get it ready for the season. If a deck or patio is still on your wish list, now is a great time to embark on that project. Just make sure you have the tools, talent and time to do it right – otherwise, it’s best to hire a pro! For more information, download the Angi app or visit About Bailey Carson: Bailey Carson is a Home Expert and the Head of Book Now for ANGI Inc. and its brands including Angi, HomeAdvisor powered by Angi, and Handy. In this role, she oversees all aspects of Book Now services from product and operations to sales and marketing. She transitioned from her prior role as General Manager of Everyday Services for ANGI Inc. About YourUpdateTV: YourUpdateTV is a social media video portal for organizations to share their content. It includes separate channels for Health and Wellness, Lifestyle, Media and Entertainment, Money and Finance, Social Responsibility, Sports and Technology. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

April 20, 2021 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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D8 Holdings to Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin for Delta-8 THC Products

D8 Holdings, Inc.

D8 Holdings, Inc., the market leader in hemp-derived Delta-8 THC —today announced it will start accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin as payment methods on their site. “Our customers are early adopters, many of whom are heavily involved in the crypto market,” said Chris Duffield, CEO of D8. “With $2 trillion dollars sitting in crypto assets, and $45 billion parked in Dogecoin, the ability to accept crypto currency presents a big opportunity for our company.” will integrate Bitpay into their online platform, and all transactions will be settled in Doge. With the click of a button, customers can trade Doge for delta-8 gummies, delta-8 carts and delta-8 disposables as long as they are over 21 years of age. “Anyone paying with crypto will get a free pack of Delta-8 gummies as a bonus. We are looking long-term, and don’t plan on selling a single Doge,” concluded Duffield. About D8 Holdings Inc. The D8 Holdings team based in Colorado and Miami—with satellite offices in Las Vegas and Los Angeles—is an assembly of the top hemp and cannabis minds in the country. With backgrounds in extraction, chemistry, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and legal, the D8 Holdings team came together organically around this elusive, but extremely powerful molecule to create a new category of products. More info at # # # Contact Details D8 Holdings Chris Duffield +1 424-333-2112

April 20, 2021 08:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Paper Culture Partners with Trees for the Future to Help Fight Poverty and Climate Change

Paper Culture

Paper Culture, the pioneers of modern, sustainable wedding invitations, holiday cards, personalized gifts and wall décor has partnered with Trees for the Future to plant fruit-bearing trees and forest gardens in Tabora, Tanzania where almost 70% of the population is living under the poverty line with a major factor being the climate crisis. The world loses trees at a rate of 50 soccer fields per minute due to mono-cropping, land-use change and poor farming practices. As food systems destroy ecosystems it leaves vulnerable communities such as Tabora trapped in a cycle of hunger and poverty. Through Trees for the Future’s Forest Garden Program, Paper Culture has planted fruit-bearing trees and vegetable crops in a region where many farmers have abandoned their land due to a loss of soil fertility and tree cover. “When I look two years back to compare the lives of my family before this program, I see the biggest difference,” says Hamis Ramadhani a 54-year-old farmer. “Through the Forest Garden approach, I have been able to meet my family’s nutritional requirements. On top of that, I am earning income by selling surplus products from my Forest Garden.” “My hope is that Hamis’ story demonstrates the impact of every purchase. When any of us purchase products, why wouldn’t we ask not only what those products can do for us, but also what impact those products have on others,” says Christopher Wu, CEO and Co-Founder of Paper Culture. “Paper Culture is proud to support families like the Ramadhani’s as part of our broader battle against Climate Change.” PROJECT IMPACT: Food Security has increased from 2% to 15% in 1-year High Dietary Diversity has increased from 4% to 11% in 1-year Over 200 Farmers Supported 316,681 Trees Planted 320 Acres Restored 46, 284MT CO2 Sequestered over 20-years About Paper Culture: Paper Culture’s mission is to inspire people through contemporary design and sustainability. For more than a decade Paper Culture has offered modern, customizable, eco-friendly holiday cards, wedding invitations, and stationery printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Paper Culture plants a tree for every order, operates as net carbon neutral as Certified Green Business and has been recognized by the EPA as a Climate Leader. Paper Culture has planted over 1 million trees in its fight against Climate Change. About Trees for The Future Trees for the Future is working to end hunger and poverty for smallholder farmers through revitalizing degraded lands. Learn more about Trees for the Future and see their latest data in their 30th Anniversary Special Edition 2020 Impact Report. Contact Details Pape PR for Paper Culture katharine pape +1 917-515-6165 Company Website

April 20, 2021 08:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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