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Greenland’s Prime Minister to Keynote ZESTAs COP26 Burns Supper

Morgan Marketing & Communications

Prime Minister of Greenland, Múte Bourup Egede, will be delivering the keynote address at ZESTAs COP26 Burns Supper on Monday, November 1 st hosted by SHIFT clean energy. The supper will conclude the first day of Ship ZERO hosted by ZESTAs (Zero Emissions Ship Technology Association) in Glasgow as part of the COP26 activities. It is expected that the Prime Minister will be announcing a major Greenland government initiative relating to fossil fuel use. "With the Arctic warming at a rate three times faster than the rest of the world, we are in Greenland experiencing the drastic changes first-hand “stated the Prime Minister. “The science is alarming and our collective actions must be accelerated. That is why the Government of Greenland has announced an immediate halt to all new oil and gas explorations and are putting all efforts into developing our green energy sources. We believe that Greenland can become an important partner for zero-emission shipping. We have huge untapped hydropower resources that exceed our domestic demand multiple times, which can generate cheap renewable electricity for e-fuels, and we have an infrastructure well suited for being early adapters." “Ship ZERO 0 – Charging to True Zero” is a three-day workshop including robust technical presentations from zero-emissions solutions providers, as well as finance, insurance, classification sectors and regulators. Speakers’ panels, audience Q&A, and brainstorming sessions will follow each session to facilitate collaborative solution building, as well as giving stakeholders an opportunity to examine how solutions will fit with their individual business cases. The event takes place well before COP26 transport day, which will give the team of researchers and stakeholders time to summarize the outcomes to be taken in consideration by regulators beforehand. “We are honored that Prime Minister Egede will be making such a pivotal keynote address as part of our event”, stated Madadh MacLaine, Secretary-General of ZESTAs. “His leadership will resonate around the globe as we address a zero emission future.” Highlights of the ShipZERO conference include a keynote by Peter Thomson, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Fiji to the United Nations as well as the UNSG’s Special Envoy for the Ocean on A healthy planet requires a healthy ocean, a healthy ocean requires clean shipping; Why Zero Emissions Needs Better Battery Safety Standards, delivered by Brent Perry, ZESTAs Board Chair and CEO of SHIFT; and How Financiers, Insurers and Cargo owners can enable innovation and accelerate the transition to true zero emissions from Michael Parker, Chairman of Global Shipping, Citibank and Chairman of the Poseidon Principles Association. Registration is still open, and media are welcome. Go to The Zero Emissions Ship Technology Association promotes the rapid and large-scale uptake of Zero Emissions Ship Technology (ZEST). Zero emissions means zero GHG emissions at the point of use on the vessel with minimal upstream impacts. By combining zero emission technologies, it is possible to achieve zero emissions at the shipboard level faster. With today’s technologies, the shipping industry can achieve fully zero emissions now, particularly on smaller return to base vessels, as well as drastically reduce emissions on larger, ocean-going vessels with more complicated operational profiles. Contact Details Morgan Marketing & Communications Carleen Lyden Walker +1 203-260-0480 Company Website

October 29, 2021 01:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Patients Paying Less for Generic Medicines Year-over-Year: The Safe & Effective Solution for Skyrocketing Prescription Drug Prices


FDA-approved generic and biosimilar medicines are central to America’s health care, filling nine out of ten prescriptions dispensed in the United States. Recently, Dan Leonard, President and CEO of the Association for Accessible Medicines (AAM), partnered with YourUpdate TV on a nationwide media tour to discuss why reliable, affordable, high-quality prescription medication is more important than ever. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: Polling shows drug prices and the cost of health care is the number one concerns for most Americans. These nearly 4 billion generic and biosimilar prescriptions are central to containing costs for patients because unlike other sectors of U.S. health care, their prices are falling year after year. Throughout the pandemic, safe, effective and affordable generic medicines have been readily available to all of America’s patients, whether they are maintaining a chronic health condition or fighting COVID in the hospital. A resilient global supply chain with a strong U.S. presence made sure generic prescriptions were filled even as other consumer goods faced shortages. The Association for Accessible Medicines (AAM), the trade association of generic and biosimilar manufacturers, just released its 2021 Savings Report detailing the economic benefit of generic and biosimilar drugs to America’s patients. Here are five important highlights: U.S. health care system saved $338 billion in 2020 through the use of generic and biosimilar drugs. Generics fill 90% of prescriptions but account for only 18% of prescription spending 93% of generic prescriptions have a copay under $20.Average generic copay is $6 (versus $63 for brand name drugs) Biosimilar medicines, new competitors to expensive biologic drugs, have cut the growth rate of spending on cancer drugs in half To learn more about 2021 U.S. Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Savings Report, visit: About Dan Leonard: President and Chief Executive Officer of the Association for Accessible Medicines (AAM), the nation’s trade association for the makers of generic and biosimilar medicines, which fill 9 out of 10 prescriptions in the United States. Appointed to the position by the AAM Board in summer 2020, Dan is responsible for ensuring the association fulfills its mission to improve the lives of patients and consumers by providing timely access to safe, effective and affordable medicines. Prior to joining AAM, Dan served as president and chief executive officer of the National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC), which sponsors and conducts research on a number of critical health policy issues. NPC plays a leadership role in the evolving areas of value assessment, value-based contracting and the importance of maintaining a robust innovation ecosystem. Before his tenure at NPC, Dan served as executive vice president of advocacy for America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), the trade association representing companies providing health insurance coverage in the United States. Dan has significant experience in politics and government, including time spent with presidential campaigns, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and as a chief of staff on Capitol Hill. Early in his career, Dan worked as a television broadcast journalist and held on-air and management positions at affiliates across the nation. He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Marietta College in Marietta, Ohio, where he currently serves on the Board of Trustees. Dan received a master’s degree in government from Johns Hopkins University. He lives in Annapolis, Maryland, with his wife, Susan. They have two children and enjoy sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. About YourUpdateTV: YourUpdateTV is a social media video portal for organizations to share their content. It includes separate channels for Health and Wellness, Lifestyle, Media and Entertainment, Money and Finance, Social Responsibility, Sports and Technology. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

October 28, 2021 05:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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As MY.GAMES develops its international strategy, 77% of revenue now comes from outside the Russian region & CIS, with the US, France and Germany holding the largest share. Globally MY.GAMES’ revenue is up 13% (RUB 32bn / $434.5m USD) and EBITA by 34% (RUB 6.5bn / $88.7m USD) compared to 9 months in 2020. Global gaming brand MY.GAMES (part of VK) today announced its results for Q3 2021 - with revenues growing 2.3% YoY in Q3 (to RUB 10.1bn / $137.2m USD) and EBITDA growing 23% (to RUB 2.4bn / $33.3m USD) and performance still benefiting the company’s exceptional growth in 2020. The share of revenue coming from markets outside of the Russian territories stood at 77% (versus 75% in Q3 2020), with the US, Germany and France holding the largest share of international revenue. MY.GAMES has worked throughout Q3 to diversify their global portfolio through M&A and investments and made four investments in new studios - VOX, Tworogue Games, Breach Studios and Wideview Games. In September, the company consolidated Mamboo Games, which publishes hyper-casual and hybrid casual titles, and develops its own games. In total Mamboo Games has added 30 more projects to the MY.GAMES portfolio. Since its launch in 2017, MY.GAMES Venture Capital has closed 47 deals, and in July 2021 the investment division was listed as one of the top 15 strategic investors in a global industry report by analytical platform InvestGame. MY.GAMES now has a total of 14 internal studios and 20 new titles in active development across PC, console and mobile platforms. Vasily Maguryan, CEO at MY.GAMES commented: “The year 2020 has set a high bar for the entire games industry. We maintained this level of performance and showed twofold growth without new product launches while increasing our audience within the year by 150 million, reaching 890 million. This became possible thanks to our diversified portfolio, continuous updates in products, and strengthened positions in the mobile gaming market - one of the key drivers for new audiences.” Overall Highlights for Q3: The Games segment of Q3’s EBITDA stood at RUB 2.4bn ($33.3m USD) and delivered 23% YoY growth, with a margin of 24% versus 20% in Q3 2020. The segment is firmly on track to deliver margin growth for the year, along with further growth. Average MAU stood at 21mn in Q3 with a 4.32% share of monthly paying users and APRU of RUB 160 (+7% YoY). US highlights below: PC regs up 29% y/y w MAU up 19% CB MAU up 18% y/y L2S MAU up 3% y/y Rush Royale revenue up 8% q/q War Robots MAU up 15% y/y Highlights for the mobile portfolio are: Mobile games made up a 75% share of the Q3 total (versus 73% in Q3 2020). War Robots, Warface, Hustle Castle, Rush Royale and Grand Hotel Mania were the largest revenue contributors for the quarter. The top-5 revenue-generating mobile titles in Q3 remained War Robots, Rush Royale, Hustle Castle, Grand Hotel Mania and Left to Survive, with the most recently launched (December 2020) Rush Royale now ranked second in terms of quarterly revenue. War Robots (2014, Pixonic studio) shooter had 200mn registered users in September, with average monthly revenue of ~RUB 850mn in Q3 and significant positive EBITDA contribution. Rush Royale (2020, IT Territory studio) tower defence game reached ~14mn downloads with average monthly revenue reaching a new record of >RUB 400mn in September, being the most successful launch in MY.GAMES history, and was launch as cloud game on Facebook Gaming in the US and Canada. Hustle Castle (2017, Nord studio) RPG title exceeded 71mn in downloads, with >RUB 300mn in average monthly revenue in Q3. The Nord Studio also operates Zero City (~19mn downloads, ~RUB 100mn in average monthly revenue). American Dad! Apocalypse Soon continued to scale, with ~10mn in cumulative downloads as of the end of Q3. Grand Hotel Mania (2020, Deus Craft studio) time management game approached 13mn installs, with nearly RUB 200mn in average monthly revenue in Q3. Left to Survive (2018, Whalekit studio) shooter reached 42mn downloads and exceeded RUB 150mn in average monthly revenue in Q3. Another title from this studio, Warface: Global Operations (2020), reached 20mn downloads. Left to Survive was also awarded a Best of Galaxy Store Awards. Tacticool (2019, Panzerdog) top-down PvP mobile shooter game reached 21mn downloads and achieved nearly RUB 100mn in average monthly revenue in Q3. Highlights for the PC and Console portfolio are: The Warface (2013, PC/console/mobile) first-person shooter franchise reached 120mn players worldwide across all platforms and remains a top-3 revenue generator for MY.GAMES. Warface cross-play via console platforms connects over 24mn of players to the same server, with growth supported by the rollout of the new Heist season on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in September, to be soon extended to Nintendo Switch. Lost Ark (PC, licensed from Smilegate) MMORPG reached 3mn in registered users. Tactical action MMO Conqueror's Blade (2019, PC, licensed from Booming Tech) reached 3.5mn in users in Q3. Free-to-play MMO Skyforge (2017, PC, Allods Team) reached 13.2mn in registered users. MY.GAMES and the third-party developer (The Farm 51 studio) launched Early Access to tactical online multiplayer FPS World War 3, which is expected to go for global launch in Q1 2022. In Q3 MY.GAMES continued to port its mobile titles to PC on MY.GAMES Store as part of internal cross-selling and cross-integration, with Tacticool and Grand Hotel Mania ported in Q3. About MY.GAMES: MY.GAMES is an international gaming brand and a leading online entertainment company. MY.GAMES comprises 11 regional offices in Russia, Europe and the US, over 1,800 staff, and 14 development studios. MY.GAMES creates titles for the PC, consoles, and mobile devices. The company operates over 80 projects, with more than 150 titles in its portfolio including War Robots, Hustle Castle, Left to Survive, Skyforge, and Allods Online. MY.GAMES portfolio includes renowned titles like Warface, ArcheAge, Perfect World, Revelation Online, Conqueror's Blade, Lost Ark, and more. Contact Details Renaissance PR Emily Britt +44 7530 081191 Renaissance PR Stefano Petrullo +44 7828 692315 Renaissance PR Sophie Carter +44 7810 848320 Company Website

October 28, 2021 09:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Cyvatar Named Finalist in Computing Security Excellence Awards 2021


Cyvatar today announced that it has been chosen as a finalist in Computing’s Security Excellence Awards 2021 for the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Security Solution Award. Computing celebrates the achievements of the IT industry's leading security companies, solutions, products, and personalities that keep every other part of the industry operating. Award categories include product- and project-related recognition, organizational achievements, and accolades for outstanding individual success. Computing selected Cyvatar for its cybersecurity-as-a-service (CSaaS) platform, designed with SMEs in mind. SMEs are increasingly at the mercy of ransomware attacks, phishing scams, and other cyber threats, but unlike larger orgs, most SMEs don’t have the budget or expertise to invest in comprehensive in-house security programs. Moreover, they struggle to show value from the security tools they do buy. Cyvatar CSaaS democratizes cybersecurity, making the best protection accessible and affordable for any SME regardless of budget, even if they have no cybersecurity expertise in-house. Customers can select the membership and pricing that meet their desired business outcomes in seconds; a freemium model ensures they can achieve tangible results fast with no out-of-pocket costs--an industry first. And they can cancel anytime--another industry first. “We don’t throw technology over the wall and expect our customers to figure it out themselves the way many product companies do,” said Corey White, Cyvatar co-founder and chief executive. “We deliver all three pillars of cybersecurity—the teams, technology solutions, and best practices—to SMEs that would not otherwise be able to implement them. Our subscription model ensures they don’t end up buying solutions they can’t use or don’t need, and our platform lets them see at a glance what’s going on in their environment to give them the best cyber prevention available.” Cyvatar offers its proprietary ICARM™ (install, configure, assess, remediate, maintain) methodology to deliver smarter, more efficient solutions, allowing SMEs to achieve security compliance and cyber-attack prevention faster and more effectively. ICARM ensures SMEs won’t get crushed under the weight of too many products, and guaranteed outcomes mean they get maximum value from their technology spend. Choose the Cyvatar membership with the best outcomes for your business today. About Cyvatar Cyvatar is committed to effortless cybersecurity for everyone. As the industry’s first subscription-based, cybersecurity-as-a-service (CSaaS) company, it’s our mission to transform the way the security industry builds, sells, and supports cyber solutions. We empower our members to achieve successful outcomes by providing expert practitioners, market-leading technologies, and proven best practices to guarantee business results. Our approach is rooted in a proprietary ICARM (installation, configuration, assessment, remediation, maintenance) methodology that delivers measurable security solutions for superior compliance and cyber-attack prevention, all bundled into a fixed monthly subscription that members can cancel anytime. Cyvatar is headquartered in Irvine, California, with locations around the world. Begin your journey to security confidence at and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. Contact Details Cyvatar Dan Chmielewski +1 949-231-2963 Company Website

October 28, 2021 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Spiceology Lands on Shelves at Ace Hardware, Making Ace The Helpful FLAVOR Place


Spiceology Inc., the fastest growing spice company in America, has announced a partnership with Ace Hardware that enables Ace retailers to carry the leading spice company’s innovative signature blends and collaboration products, further bolstering the nationwide retailer's reputation as a flavor and grilling destination. The entire 23 item Spiceology planogram can now be ordered through the Ace Retail Service Center. In the first 30 days, over 400 franchises stocked their shelves with Spiceology. In the last five years, Ace has seen a 36% growth in BBQ, and expects to see this trend continue. The addition of Spiceology is another step toward being a trusted resource for every type of griller and home cook. “At Ace, we consider ourselves an important part of each of our local communities, and we want to provide our customers with everything they need to make their homes a better place,” said Paige Roszkowski, BBQ Fuel & Accessories Associate Merchant. “We are not just a hardware store anymore, and we’ve reworked our focus internally to give growing sections of the business the deserved attention, including our grilling sections. We’ve seen immense growth in the BBQ space, and we’re excited to have Spiceology on our shelves, showing that premium quality blends should be a staple in everyone’s household.” According to Ace CMO Kim Lefko, in 2020, Ace attracted younger shoppers, more new home buyers, and more women than ever before. And while Ace carries other grilling spice blends, the addition of Spiceology’s diverse and easy-to-use blends highlights the company’s expansion from the grill to the kitchen. As a premium spice and flavor company, Spiceology’s products are made with Grade A ingredients and are ultra-versatile for whatever you are grilling, cooking or creating. Spiceology’s flavor experts develop innovative and easy-to-use blends and recipes, empowering Ace customers to go from home cook to home chef with just a few tablespoons. “We’re changing the way people eat and experience flavor,” said Maria Emmer-Aanes, Vice President of Retail and Grocery at Spiceology. “We admire Ace’s connection to the community, and we are excited to have our products available for their customers, showing just how important it is to have high-quality ingredients in your home to experiment with flavor. Just as Ace stores are a one-stop shop for a growing and more diverse clientele, our ultra-versatile spice blends can be the new go-tos customers reach for in the kitchen and around the grill.” Spiceology - AceNet Direct (Vendor #56309). ABOUT SPICEOLOGY Founded in 2013, Spiceology is the fastest-growing spice company in America and is on a mission to bring the magic back to spices, the world’s first currency. The chef-owned and operated, one-stop spice shop develops innovative blends and offers over 400 ingredients that are ground fresh in small-batches and shipped fresh to consumers and chefs. Spiceology’s “experiment with flavor” ethos is not only embraced through excellent ingredients and unique combinations, but also through responsible business practices designed to create a better world with diversity, equity and inclusion at the heart of the workforce. Spiceology products can be found on, in specialty retailers and grocers, in restaurants around the US, and as far away as Australia and Dubai. Visit for more information or to place an order, or follow Spiceology on Facebook and Instagram. For recipe inspiration, visit here. ABOUT ACE HARDWARE Ace Hardware is the largest retailer-owned hardware cooperative in the world with more than 5,200 locally owned and operated hardware stores in approximately 70 countries. Headquartered in Oak Brook, Ill., Ace and its subsidiaries operate an expansive network of distribution centers in the U.S. and have distribution capabilities in Ningbo, China; Colon, Panama; and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since 1924, Ace has become a part of local communities around the world and known as the place with the helpful hardware folks. For more information, visit or Contact Details Cassidy Levine +1 908-770-7880 Company Website

October 28, 2021 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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2021 Jewellery World Awards names Honourees

Jewellery World Awards (JWA)

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 27 October 2021 - Organised by Informa Markets Jewellery since 2012, the Jewellery World Awards (JWA), formerly known as JNA Awards, unveiled its highly anticipated roster of Honourees for its 2021 edition. Following this announcement, the 2021 JWA also staged its three-part webinar series under "Leading Through Changes and Uncertainty," sponsored by Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company (PNJ). The esteemed panel of independent judges spent the last few weeks reviewing and assessing entries from 10 countries and regions, across five continents. In the end, 33 entries were shortlisted as Honourees from a highly-qualified pool of entries. Letitia Chow, Chairperson and founder of JWA at Informa Markets Jewellery, said, "Despite the ongoing challenges brought by the pandemic, we are encouraged by the responses and number of participants this year, with a third being first-time entrants. Through this programme, we hope to highlight and bring out the positives of the trade, as we continue to promote the core values of innovation and excellence." The judging panel includes James Courage, former Chief Executive of Platinum Guild International and former Chairman of the Responsible Jewellery Council; Albert Cheng, CEO of Singapore Bullion Market Association and International Advisor of Shanghai Gold Exchange; Lin Qiang, President and Managing Director of the Shanghai Diamond Exchange; Dr. Mark Lee, Research Director of Asia Pacific Institute for Strategy; and Nirupa Bhatt, Senior Advisor to the Gemological Institute of America India. "Entrants this year have showcased the industry's ability to protect and support the workforce in the time of COVID-19. Their innovative approach in utilising online channels to reach out to customers also has helped them navigate these challenging times," Courage shared. Cheng said, "I am happy to see that most participants reported steady sales revenues in the past three years, except for a slight dip in 2019. Indeed, the jewellery industry has demonstrated resilience in the time of the pandemic. I am also pleasantly surprised with their prompt and creative responses in tackling obstacles, as well as with their ability to identify and pursue new opportunities." "As one of the judges, I noticed how important the JWA is to the international jewellery industry. Whether they're startups or large enterprises, those who participated made each category highly competitive with their unique strategies and breakthroughs – making it very difficult for the panel to choose this year's Honouree," Lin remarked. Dr. Lee noted that "COVID-19 further accelerated the industry's digital transformation, and proved itself essential, not just for growth, but also for survival. I was impressed to see the candidates' passion, innovative approach and their contributions despite the challenging conditions before them. Innovation and sustainable strategies are very important in this rapidly changing world, and this year's entrants brought these to the forefront at JWA." Bhatt also commended the entrants' efforts in engaging customers and their use of technology. "Not only is the industry resilient, it is also unstoppable when it comes to reaching out to its customers. As seen in this year's entries, technology is a big enabler, especially in the last two years when manufacturers in the jewellery business continued to engage consumers by incorporating technology into their marketing strategies," she said. The 2021 JWA Ceremony and Gala Dinner will be held at JGT Dubai (Jewellery Gem Technology Dubai) on 21 February 2022, Monday. The 2021 JWA is supported by Headline Partners Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group and Shanghai Diamond Exchange, alongside Honoured Partners KGK Group and Guangdong Land (Shenzhen) Ltd. For full list of JWA 2021 Honourees: please visit #JewelleryWorldAwards Contact Details Informa Markets JWA Marketing +852 2516 2184

October 27, 2021 08:50 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Article thumbnail News Release's NFL Analysis Highlights Key Trends in October and November, an educational gambling website created to help fans learn how to bet on sports, casino games, and more, has identified new key trends in the NFL for fans interested in betting on games in October and November. On the money lines, underdogs have performed fairly well. In week one, the underdogs (plus money teams) went 8 to 8, followed by 5 to 11 and 9 and 9 performances during week two and week three, respectively. In terms of the point spread, the underdogs have fared well, with many big spreads and many close games. evaluates data as it becomes available to provide more insight into underdog trends as the season progresses. There have been some results regarding home-field advantage thus far. After week three of the NFL season, there were 13 teams that remained unbeaten at home: five of them were 2 to 0 and eight were 1 to 0. Five teams were 1 to 1, while 13 teams were winless at home: six were 0 to 2, and seven were 0 to 1. According to this story on, the week three game between the Baltimore Ravens and Detroit Lions was the most one-sided wager of the early season ― an unexpected statistic as the latter of the two teams currently sits at the bottom of the NFC North, still winless after three weeks of play. At the time of kickoff, 98% of all money line wagers were on the Ravens at -400: those include all parlays as well. As the game neared a close, most of those bets were on the brink of losing before Justin Tucker (placekicker for the Baltimore Ravens) kicked a record-breaking 66-yard field goal to win the game 19 to 17 in the last second of the contest. In doing so, he saved countless parlays and straight bets. It is expected that the total number of bets placed in the September will be a record-breaking figure. Arizona only recently joined the sports betting scene and has already reported record-shattering numbers. New Jersey, the undisputed king of sports betting, posted over $650 million in wagers during August, with no NFL contests in motion at the time. New Jersey is projected to be the first state in the U.S. to break $1 billion in wagers in a given month during this NFL season. This would be a staggering accomplishment for the garden state, to say the least. As more and more states legalize sports betting, these kinds of records will be continuously toppled until the industry settles. The best paying single bets have undoubtedly been the props or a money line upset. So far in 2021, there have been four games that underdogs of +240 or more won: week 1, Pittsburgh (+240) beat Buffalo, week two, Las Vegas (+260) beat Pittsburgh, and Tennessee (+250) beat Seattle, and week four, Los Angeles Chargers (+240) beat Kansas City. All of those games had potential payouts of $340 on a $100 wager at the minimum. " NFL online betting has experienced a significant upswing in popularity this year," said Cristian Campan, Product Owner of "Our insider analysis and betting tips are helping newcomers and gambling veterans alike boost their odds week after week. We are a prime resource for any fans looking to learn how to bet with their heads and maximize their chances for success this season." The most lucrative NFL games for bettors are the ones they win. With the bonus offers now, such as PointsBet's $1,500 risk-free points bet wager (promo code: HOWTOBET), bettors can possibly win up to 20 times their wager. Winnings could be as high as $30,000. Please visit for more online betting tips. About Raketech Raketech was founded as an online poker affiliate that focused on lead generation for the Scandinavian market. Today, Raketech is an award-winning iGaming affiliate company with its sights set on areas that the team finds fun, exciting, and important. Raketech also powers, a reliable, user-friendly, educational gambling site providing "Data-Driven Betting Guides" in all its forms. Contact Details Cristian Campan +45 50 30 42 66 Company Website

October 27, 2021 08:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Puzzle & Casino Games Are the Most Played by American Mobile Users

In June, London-based data research and analytics group, YouGov, released a study concerning the most played mobile gaming genres in the US and UK markets. The research conducted between May 2020 and May 2021 showed that people still play mobile games with pretty much the same degree of regularity as they did during 2020, even after the pandemic shock has mostly worn off. The US currently has 139 million mobile gamers, and the UK has 20 million. Games account for 43% of all downloaded apps, with 62% of users installing one within a week of getting a new smartphone. 2.6 billion people use their mobile devices to play games, with residents of Asia accounting for 48% of this figure. Android apps by far command this sphere, with 78% of the market share. The data accumulated through the YouGov survey revealed that puzzle games dominate the US and UK markets. In the latter region, action titles trailed behind mobile puzzles. Amongst American mobile gamers, card and casino games were the second most popular option, according to the iGaming news site OUSC. When categorizing puzzle apps, the YouGov study encompassed titles like Bejeweled Blitz and Candy Crush Saga in this genre. One in seven Brits stated that they play these games frequently, and the same held for one in six US smartphone gamers. Under the card and casino categorization, fall options like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, slots, and poker games. These use free-play chips and feature in-app purchases. One in nine Americans surveyed said that they play them a few times during a month. This type of software aims to mimic that available at online casinos, which provide money prizes. Action games also ranked high in playability in both markets. These mostly got consumed by Generation Z members, who listed titles like Cut the Rope, and Subway Surfers as their preferred action choices. In the US, one in five Generation Z Americans surveyed stated that they love partaking in gaming fun, enjoying titles from this genre. Yet, only one in fourteen US Generation X members reiterated the same sentiments. That group claimed that it is partial to puzzle apps, and statistics showed that they were more than twice as likely to partake in card and casino action on their phones than their Generation Z counterparts. Naturally, gender and demographic differences were also evident amongst those surveyed, with subtle differences displayed clearly in both territories, the US and UK. However, even gender-based preferences ran parallel in these two markets. Across the board, females preferred puzzle and word and number games. Men shared this sentiment, but not with the same propensity. Per the poll, they were also twice as likely to play action games compared to women, displaying a similar affinity for titles in the adventure genre. Females claimed a total disinterest in these gaming options, as only 4% said they installed such apps. Interestingly, Baby Boomers showed a disproportionately high interest in hidden object games compared to other generations. In essence, these are a sub-genre of puzzle games, where players must locate an item hidden within a given space. The methodology used in YouGov’s research mainly relied on rolling surveys and data collection rather than single questionnaires. Its accumulated information for this and other studies stems from online interviews with people of all races, genders, ages, education levels, and religions. Equal representation was paramount in reaching conclusive and accurate results. YouGov is a London-based analytics and research data group founded in 2000 by Nadhim Zahawi and Stephan Shakespeare. In 2005, YouGov became a public company, and it got listed on the London Stock Exchange under its Alternative Investment Market sub-section. Its research aims to feature demographically accurate sample sizes that it draws from a panel of twelve million people in countries around the globe. Their online methods are more cost-effective than telephone or face-to-face options. The Pew Research Center claims that YouGov continuously outperforms the competition in the data research field, displaying far greater accuracy than any other entity active in this sector. Their surveys get referenced from media companies worldwide, and they have remained the most quoted market research source in Great Britain. Contact Details David Trujillo +57 315 2586249 Company Website

October 27, 2021 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Shatterproof and The Hartford Release Largest and Most Expansive Addiction Stigma Survey Ever Fielded


Today, Shatterproof and its collaborator The Hartford published the largest, most expansive survey ever fielded on addiction stigma of nearly 8,000 U.S. residents. The findings are striking. More than three-quarters of the American public believe that a substance use disorder (SUD) is not a chronic medical illness and over half of respondents hold the belief that SUDs are caused by bad character or lack of moral strength, according to the national research. The Shatterproof Addiction Stigma Index, a first-of-its-kind measurement tool, was designed to assess attitudes about substance use and people who use substances. It used more than 50 validated stigma measures to gauge perceptions of those with a SUD, including the degree to which they have internalized this exclusion. The Index is designed to track progress regularly and hold our nation accountable for continual improvement. The lack of understanding about addiction by the general public creates a desire for social distance. According to the survey, nearly half (45%) of the public is unwilling to live next to or be close friends with someone with a SUD. Similarly, 45.8% of respondents don't want a person in recovery marrying into their family – highlighting how these beliefs entrench deep feelings of exclusion and shame for individuals with a SUD throughout their lives, regardless of their recovery status. “What’s at stake is real. For millions of people across the country, fighting pervasive stigma is a matter of survival,” said Gary Mendell, CEO of Shatterproof. “We must change the way our institutions operate, the way we view our friends and neighbors, and how those with a SUD view themselves. We must end discrimination, strengthen the road to recovery, and offer hope of a bright future. And measuring our progress is essential.” Dr. Melissa Anderson, MD, PharmD, a Shatterproof Ambassador from Kentucky and a person in long-term recovery, has experienced stigma in both the health care and workplace settings. Following a severe dog bite incident, she found herself as a patient in the hospital system where she’d previously been employed as both a pharmacist and a resident physician. “Former co-workers greeted me with jeers, joking that the ‘doctor-turned-junkie’ was back. During my 8-hour ER stay, I did not receive the standard of care for my injuries - neither antibiotics nor analgesics were administered, after I requested non-opioid agents, despite standard facility protocols and the easily-observed severity of my injuries,” said Dr. Anderson. “It was made abundantly clear from both their actions and language team that this health care team felt the disease of addiction, even one in recovery, made me an individual less deserving of compassion and care. That was July 2015 and I have not been a formal recipient of health care since.” Nearly half (44%) of health care professionals surveyed endorsed the harmful belief that medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) is substituting one drug for another. This is compared to the about 41% of the public that expressed the same belief. Moreover, one in four health care professionals do not agree that more providers should offer MOUD to increase accessibility. “The work to end addiction stigma is far from over, and we are proud to partner with Shatterproof on establishing this important research that will drive future public policies and workplace practices,” said Christopher J. Swift, chairman and CEO of The Hartford, a leading workers’ compensation and disability insurer and founding partner of Shatterproof. “We believe efforts involving all levels of government, the business community, and neighborhood organizations are necessary to end the ongoing addiction crisis, create open and inclusive cultures, and break down stigma that impedes human achievement.” Nearly a million people have been lost to addiction in the last two decades and in 2020 alone, more than 93,000 Americans died of an overdose, representing the most overdoses ever recorded. More than 20 million American adults suffer from the disease of addiction per year. Addiction is a treatable disease, but due to stigma most people do not seek the help they need and equally tragically, internalize feelings of shame and lose hope that they can recover and lead healthy, full lives. Creation of the Index was supported by Ipsos alongside Dr. Brea Perry and Dr. Anne Krendl from Indiana University. ### About Shatterproof: Shatterproof is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to reversing the addiction crisis in the United States. Shatterproof harnesses the models of business, the rigor of science and the power of a national movement to create change and save lives through three pillars of work: revolutionizing the addiction treatment system, breaking down addiction-related stigmas and supporting and empowering our communities. To learn more visit Contact Details Shatterproof Holly A Jespersen +1 646-334-1024 Frontwood Strategies Nell Callahan +1 202-262-0721 Company Website

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