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How a Mountain Was Made by Greg Sarris Now Available on Audible

Greg Sarris

About the Book: How a Mountain was Made by Greg Sarris Narrated by Tanis Parenteau Length: 5 hours 39 minutes In the tradition of Calvino’s Italian Folktales, Greg Sarris, author of the award-winning novel Grand Avenue, turns his attention to his ancestral homeland of Sonoma Mountain in Northern California. In 16 interconnected original stories, twin crows Question Woman and Answer Woman take us through a world unlike yet oddly reminiscent of our own: one that blooms bright with poppies, lupines, and clover; one in which Water Bug kidnaps an entire creek; in which songs have the power to enchant; in which Rain is a beautiful woman who keeps people’s memories in stones. Inspired by traditional Coast Miwok and Southern Pomo creation tales, these stories are timeless in their wisdom and beauty, and because of this timelessness, their messages are vital and immediate. The figures in these stories ponder the meaning of leadership, of their place within the landscape and their community. In these stories we find a model for how we can all come home again. At once ancient and contemporary, How a Mountain Was Made is equally at home in modern letters as the ancient story cycle. Sarris infuses his stories with a prose stylist’s creativity and inventiveness, moving American Indian literature in a new and emergent direction. “These are charming and wise stories, simply told, to be enjoyed by young and old alike—'stories need us if they are to come forth and have life too.'” – Kirkus Reviews “Stunning.... Neither an arid anthropological text nor another pseudo-Indian as-told-to fabrication. Instead, Sarris has breathed new life into these ancient Northern California tales and legends, lending them a subtle, light-hearted voice and vision.” – Scott Lankford, Los Angeles Review of Books About the Author: Greg Sarris is author of the anthology Keeping Slug Woman Alive: A Holistic Approach to American Indian Texts, the novel Watermelon Nights, and scripts for screen and stage. He is Chairman of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria and holds the Endowed Chair in Native American Studies at Sonoma State University. ### Contact Details Landis Communications Inc. Brianne Miller +1 650-575-7727 Company Website

December 15, 2021 07:15 AM Pacific Standard Time

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OUT OF OFFICE ALERT: Work Anywhere in the World Courtesy of Velocity Global

Velocity Global

Nationwide contest sends three winners to live anywhere in the world for a full year and keep their current job Velocity Global to showcase the positive impact of remote work by supporting the winners at no cost to their employers Velocity Global, the leading provider of global talent solutions, today announced its Out of Office Year TM contest, which provides three winners the ability to work remotely in their current jobs from anywhere in the world, paid for by Velocity Global. "In this new world of work, you can be the CEO of your own career. Talent can move across the country or across the world on their own terms and their employer can benefit,” said Ben Wright, Velocity Global founder, and CEO. “The ‘Out of Office Year’ demonstrates to employers and employees how simple it is to work from anywhere, all while gaining new life experiences and a broader world view.” Workplace flexibility remains top of mind for workers. According to an August 2021 survey from FlexJobs, 58% of employees reported they wanted to be full-time remote post-pandemic. It’s a desire among business leaders as well. In the 2022 Velocity Global Work in Progress report, 63% of the more than 1,000 tech leaders surveyed said they would prefer to work from a new location such as closer to family or overseas. As employers continue to institute policies around different workplace concepts – remote, in-office, or hybrid – employees are evaluating if those policies align with their priorities. “The ability to work remotely is one of the most important conversations employers can have with their current and potential employees,” said Robert Herjavec, founder and CEO of Herjavec Group and Velocity Global brand ambassador. “I grew a leading cybersecurity company by committing to hire top talent from anywhere. I know the benefits that ‘work anywhere’ brings to a business, but now employees know the benefits it brings to their lives. There’s no turning back and Velocity Global’s Out of Office Year sheds light on how simple it can be to make this benefit a reality.” Out of Office Year Contest Details The contest is open to all U.S. residents interested in moving to another location while keeping their current job. At, applicants submit up to a 60-second video explaining where and why they want to work remotely. Velocity Global will select three applicants and fulfill their dreams of working anywhere. Velocity Global will facilitate the conversation between the employees and their employers regarding worry-free compliance, payroll, and employee support. Velocity Global will support that employee through its global work platform in any of more than 185 countries for one year at no cost to the employer. The employer simply continues to pay the salary, benefits, and other regulatory requirements just as they do now for that employee. The winners and their stories will be chronicled through Velocity Global’s social media channels to inspire other employees and employers to enter the future of work. For more information about the contest or to submit an entry, please visit Applications are now open until January 31, 2022. About Velocity Global Velocity Global accelerates the future of work beyond borders. Its global work platform simplifies the employer and employee experience to employ any talent anywhere with just a click through its proprietary cloud-based workforce management technology, backed by personalized expertise and unmatched global scale. As the largest global Employer of Record (also known as International PEO) in 185 countries and all 50 United States, more than 1,000 brands rely on Velocity Global to build global teams without the cost or complexity of setting up foreign legal entities or state registrations. The company offers additional services including Independent Contractor Compliance to assess a workforce, and Agent of Record (AoR) to streamline payments to contractors. Velocity Global was named a “Leader” in Global Employer of Record services by prominent analyst firm NelsonHall. Founded in 2014, the company has hundreds of employees across six continents. For more information visit Contact Details Velocity Global Eli Rice +1 720-650-4348 Company Website

December 15, 2021 07:01 AM Mountain Standard Time

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The ONLY independent fantasy sports company playable in 34 states, StatHero lets DFS players go H2H against house lineups instead of in short-odds contests with unknown users. The fantasy sports and sports betting hybrid has become a game-changing force in the DFS space with 400% month-over-month growth in deposits and players betting an average of $1,500/yr; THREE TIMES the average spend of industry leading apps DraftKings and FanDuel. It’s this type of explosive growth that drew the attention of Illinois-based BFG Sports Bet, a venture capital fund with over a decade of experience in the highly regulated gaming industry. BFG is leading StatHero’s $4 million Series A Round of funding, on a $37 million valuation. The prospect of high-growth potential is obvious and this marks a significant next step. Monica and Robert Breslow of BFG Sports Bet: “We believe StatHero is the most innovative, exciting, user-friendly DFS platform available on the market today and has potential for tremendous growth. The combination of the gaming market, passion of the founders and the clear innovation of the gameplay itself really set them apart in our eyes. Not to mention the disruption that StatHero has been able to bring to this industry over such a short period of time.” Following a $2 million seed round investment in June of 2020 (also led by BFG) StatHero focused its energy and resources on innovation and development. It has fueled a considerable rise in users and has seen the company’s valuation more than double in the time since. Jason Jaramillo, Founder of StatHero: “This Series A round is so special to me because our original investors made it a priority to double up on their investment of StatHero. 2022 is going to be very big for us.” StatHero’s combination of skill-based games and low barrier of entry has allowed players to dive deeper into games while claiming a well over 50% winning percentage. As the company focuses on the future, a Series B round of funding is on the horizon for next spring. Until then, new products, new leagues and new features will be added to complement the slate of head-to-head contests and PARLAYS. About STATHERO Combining the best of fantasy sports and sports gaming, StatHero is a first of its kind daily fantasy sports platform. The company has exploded in growth since founded in 2019 in large part due it’s simple gameplay, low commitment and instant gratification. Stathero uses the familiar fantasy sports based format to allow players to compete against posted lineups across a variety of professional sports and game types including Survivor Pools, Head-to-Head and Fantasy Parlays. Their patent pending gameplay gives players an advantage unlike any other in fantasy sports. It’s truly daily fantasy the way it was meant to be played - one-on-one. For more information, visit: and follow us on Twitter @StatHeroHq. For media/press inquiries on, please contact: Dianne Quirante, Contact Details STATHERO Dianne Quirante +1 323-654-0001 Company Website

December 15, 2021 06:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Embracing the ‘Long Drink’


Long Drink – or “lonkero” – is a traditional Finnish cocktail that typically consists of gin, grapefruit soda, and tonic. Inspired by the Long Drink, The Boston Beer Company is launching all-new ‘Bevy Long Drink.’ Recently, Annette Fritsch, Senior Director of Product Development at The Boston Beer Company, participated in a satellite media tour to discuss the inspiration of the ‘Bevy Long Drink’ and much more. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: The Long Drink was first created when the Finnish government commissioned a refreshing cocktail to serve guests attending the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki. While inspired by the traditional cocktail, Bevy Long Drink will be the first Long Drink inspired beverage available in the U.S. without spirits. Bevy Long Drink is made with an original malt base containing natural flavors and wild juniper berries and is currently available in two styles, Hard Citrus Refresher and Hard Berry Refresher. Bevy's new hard citrus refresher is made from a delicious and easy-drinking blend of citrus flavors and wild juniper berries for an exceptionally thirst-quenching beverage that's perfect for any occasion. Bevy Long Drink is slightly sweet, tart, refreshing, and packed with flavor, all at 5.8% ABV. Boston Beer, maker of other industry leading alcohol beverages Samuel Adams beer, Twisted Tea, Truly Hard Seltzer, Angry Orchard, and Dogfish Head beer plans to continue its proven track record of innovation to bring Finland's best kept secret to US drinkers. For more information and to find Bevy Long Drink near you, visit About Annette Fritsch: Annette is director of new product development for Boston Beer Company. She loves beer, and yet she was inspired by the great opportunities she envisioned in the rapidly expanding “Beyond Beer” category. She oversaw the development of Truly which attracted an immediate following and was the biggest industry innovation since the introduction of light beers in the 1970s. Always up for a new challenge and anticipating the next big thing, Annette’s most recent project is the development of the first malt-based long drink – or “lonkero” called Bevy, a refreshing and flavorful innovation inspired by the national beverage of Finland. About The Boston Beer Company: The Boston Beer Company, Inc began in 1984 brewing Samuel Adams beer and the Samuel Adams brand is currently recognized as one of the largest and most respected craft beer brands. Our portfolio of brands also includes Truly Hard Seltzer, Twisted Tea, Angry Orchard Hard Cider and Dogfish Head Brewery as well as other craft beer brands such as Angel City Brewery and Coney Island Brewing. For more information, please visit our investor relations website at, which includes links to all of our respective brand websites. About YourUpdateTV: YourUpdateTV is a social media video portal for organizations to share their content. It includes separate channels for Health and Wellness, Lifestyle, Media and Entertainment, Money and Finance, Social Responsibility, Sports and Technology. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

December 14, 2021 05:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

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The Perfect Last-Minute Gift from Style Icon Carolyne Roehm

Greenleaf Book Group

Style icon and lifestyle maven Carolyne Roehm has been part of American design culture for more than four decades, with a career spanning the fashion, gardening, entertaining, publishing, and decorative arts worlds. Her new book collection, Passions (Greenleaf Book Group, Dec 7, 2021), demonstrates Roehm’s ability to find beauty in all phases of life. Passions consists of three volumes of elegant and inspiring images representing aspects of Roehm’s life that define her remarkable career: Flowers and Gardens, Feminine Touch, and Furry Friends. Roehm’s enchanting watercolors and stunning photographs are interspersed with charming quotes and thoughts to add context and small delights to readers’ lives. “I hope this little trio of books about the joy I’ve found in flowers and gardening, allure in feminine style, and love of furry friends delights and inspires you as it has me,” Roehm said. Meant to enliven and endear, these pages are filled with beautiful images that will encourage the stylish friends and family on your holiday list to embrace their own passions in life. “Carolyne is an artist and lives an artist’s life,” said a recent feature from New York Social Diary. “She’s famous to many for being a fashion designer. Her work is beauty. She’s a doer and gets out there and does it herself. But always with the eye for beauty. Beauty to please, to pleasure, and to assure. This book is about that for me, and that is what this artist does.” Pick up your copy of Passions today and stay updated on Carolyne Roehm’s endeavors by visiting About the Author Carolyne Roehm is one of America’s most renowned and beloved fashion, interior, and garden designers. Finding a mentor in Oscar de la Renta, Carolyne worked alongside the couture great for 10 years before launching her own fashion house in 1985. A discerning eye and passion for beauty led her into the world of flowers, where her books are often referred to as the best in their field. Subsequent entertaining and interiors titles cemented her position as one of America’s lifestyle experts. She is a former President of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, with appearances in both the Who’s Who of Women in America and the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame. She was honored by Manolo Blahnik with a shoe in her name and in a fitting tribute legendary designer Bill Blass labeled Carolyne “The ultimate tastemaker.” Regardless of the medium, Carolyne’s unerring eye and innate sense of style has turned out timeless products including clothes, jewelry, shoes, swimwear, fragrance, candles, table linens, home accessories, and luggage. Now the author of twelve books, Roehm’s mission is to teach others how to capture and create beauty in their lives, in both the everyday and out of the ordinary. More about Greenleaf Book Group Greenleaf Book Group is an independent publisher and distributor located in Austin, Texas, dedicated to empowering authors. Greenleaf’s hybrid publishing model is uniquely positioned to offer the benefits of both traditional publishing and self-publishing. To learn more about Greenleaf, visit Contact Details Greenleaf Book Group Sam Ofman +1 512-891-6100

December 14, 2021 11:10 AM Eastern Standard Time

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The Roberto Clemente Museum Tour Experience Sponsored By AARP

Atlantino LLC

Atlantino LLC, producers of the broadcast special “The Roberto Clemente Museum Tour Experience,” announced today that it will air this one-hour special on December 18th and 19th, 2021 via Regional Sports Networks in English and select Hispanic Networks in Spanish. AARP will be the broadcast’s presenting sponsor. The Roberto Clemente Museum Tour Experience will air in multiple markets in the United States and Puerto Rico, at varying dates and times on December 18th and 19th, 2021. The broadcast event will take the audience on a tour through the newly re-opened Roberto Clemente Museum at the Museo del Deporte in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. It will also feature interviews with: Manny Ramirez, Richie Ray, Lou Melendez, Ray Negron, Omar Minaya, Bart Hernandez, Luis Sojo, Leonor Colon, and more! The special broadcast event will air during Prime Time on the following channels and platforms December 18th and 19th in the US: YES Network, NBC Sports, Vme TV, AT&T SportsNet, MASN, BronxNet, Bally Sports, Spectrum TV Noticias en Español, and Mega TV. NESN will also air it on December 26th, 2021. Local air dates and times can be found at “With the 50th anniversary of the passing of Roberto Clemente approaching on December 31st, 2022, this broadcast marks the beginning of a year-long campaign to promote the legacy of Roberto Clemente by encouraging Clemente fans to visit this historic museum exhibit and see first-hand the Clemente memorabilia, art, personal documents, and photos,” according to Broadcast Executive Producer, Ralph Paniagua of Atlantino LLC. "We are proud to continue to highlight the enduring legacy of Roberto Clemente, one of the greatest sports icons of our time,”, said Yvette Peña, AARP's vice president of Hispanic/Latino Audience Strategy, in the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. "Through service, integrity and grace, Clemente continues to be an example for our communities and AARP is committed to keeping that Latino legacy alive," she added. This broadcast event is co-sponsored by Goya Foods and Guaynabo City. Strategic partners, producers, and media allies for this event include FizzyLabs, 3 Eyes LLC, HypeSmack, LatinoBaseball.Com, Museo del Deporte de Puerto Rico, 21 In Rights, Inc, The Roberto Clemente Foundation, and Soundwave Riders. About AARP AARP is the nation’s largest nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to empowering Americans 50 and older to choose how they live as they age. With nearly 38 million members and offices in every state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, AARP works to strengthen communities and advocate for what matters most to families with a focus on health security, financial stability, and personal fulfillment. AARP also works for individuals in the marketplace by sparking new solutions and allowing carefully chosen, high-quality products and services to carry the AARP name. As a trusted source for news and information, AARP produces the nation’s largest circulation publications, AARP The Magazine and AARP Bulletin. To learn more, visit or follow @AARP and @AARPadvocates on social media. About Atlantino LLC Over the past 36 years, Ralph and Joseph Paniagua have built Atlantino into a powerhouse sponsorship and activations platform for Latino sports, entertainment, experiential, and digital. Through Atlantino and the company’s Latino Baseball and Latino Boxing media properties, Ralph has spearheaded Fortune100 brand activations with more than 18 Major League Baseball teams, the Roberto Clemente Foundation, and more recently Golden Boy. Contact Details Heather Lopez +1 305-647-9275 Company Website

December 14, 2021 09:30 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Omdia tech analysts to judge Innovation Awards at ShowStoppers @ CES 2022


Omdia, the global research leader, today announced that its analysts will return to host and judge the Innovation Awards at ShowStoppers® at CES, the press event during the CES tradeshow in Las Vegas. The judges will evaluate new consumer electronics, smart home and robotics, mobility, fitness and health, and productivity products introduced during ShowStoppers, to be held January 5, 2022, 6-10 p.m. at the Wynn Hotel & Casino. “The ShowStoppers event marks an important occasion for Omdia analysts as the first time they will evaluate new technology hitting the market for several years,” said Paul Gagnon, Senior Director of Research for Consumer Electronics and ProAV at Omdia. “We look forward now to seeing how tech has evolved to meet the challenges of Covid – which has been a significant catalyst for change -- and the new products for work, home and play that industry leaders and startups will introduce at ShowStoppers for delivery to consumers and business users.” About the awards The Omdia Technology Innovation Awards distinguishes ingenuity and innovation exhibited by companies and products at ShowStoppers @ CES. This year’s awards will recognize the most innovative products in these categories: Home Entertainment (includes AR, VR & gaming) Smart Home & Robotics (includes drones and smart appliances) Mobility (includes mobile accessories and mobile computing) Fitness, health and wellbeing (includes air quality sensors/sanitizers) Productivity (includes work from home) The judges are renowned Omdia analysts, including: Paul Gagnon, Senior Research Director | Consumer Electronics & ProAV Paul Gray, Senior Research Manager | Home Devices Ken Park, Senior Research Manager | TV & ProAV Nina Rao, Research Analyst | Consumer Electronics Gerrit Schneemann, Principal Analyst | Smart Phone “We are delighted to welcome back the world-class experts at Omdia to weigh in on a new generation of products and services emerging from the pandemic to change how we use tech in daily life and business,” said Dave Leon, partner, ShowStoppers. Award application process Companies exhibiting at ShowStoppers can apply for an award and obtain more detailed information by visiting Companies may submit up to three candidate products, technologies or services for the Omdia Technology Innovation Awards. Omdia and ShowStoppers have agreed to an embargo on any announcements that should not be made public prior to the awards. About Omdia Omdia is a leading research and advisory group focused on the technology industry. With clients operating in over 120 countries, Omdia provides market-critical data, analysis, advice and custom consulting. Omdia was formed in 2020 following the merger of IHS Markit, Tractica, Ovum and Heavy Reading. Sitting at the heart of the Informa Tech portfolio, Omdia reaches over four million technology decision makers, influencers and practitioners that form part of the wider Informa Tech community and has specialist research practices focusing on Enterprise IT, AI, Internet of Things, Communications Service Providers, Cybersecurity, Components & Devices, Media & Entertainment and Government & Manufacturing. For more information about Omdia, please visit Stay connected with Omdia on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. About ShowStoppers Now in its 26th year, ShowStoppers,, is the global leader in producing press and business events spanning the U.S., Europe and Asia. Each event organizes product launches, sneak previews and demonstrations for selected journalists, bloggers, industry and financial analysts, venture capitalists and business executives. Industry leaders, innovators and startups exhibit to generate news coverage and product reviews, make new connections, promote brand and open new markets. ShowStoppers produces official press events at CE Week, IFA and NAB; partners with CTA, IFA, GSMA and CEATEC; and produces events during CES, IFA, MWC, NAB, CE Week, CEATEC and other tradeshows. ShowStoppers TV streams online, broadcasting live press events and conferences, month after month. To learn more about how you and your company can meet the press at ShowStoppers press events in person and online at ShowStoppers TV, contact Lauren Merel,, +1 908-692-6068, or Dave Leon,, +1 845-821-6123. For press registration, please contact Steve Leon,, +1 310-936-8530. Contact Details Andy Reese Director, Marketing at Informa Tech | Omdia +1 408-220-9601 Steve Leon Principal, ShowStoppers +1 310-936-8530 Company Website

December 13, 2021 09:30 AM Eastern Standard Time

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ThriveFantasy Partners with Fanatics to Continue NFL and College Football Growth Strategy


ThriveFantasy, the leading player prop daily fantasy sports and esports platform, announced today it has signed a partnership deal with Fanatics, the fast growing American online retailer of licensed sportswear, sports equipment and merchandise. Through this partnership, Fanatics will provide ThriveFantasy with several co-branded marketing benefits aimed at cross promoting its unique offerings to the growing and active Fanatics fan and user base. Among these services will include advertising on Fanatics social media platforms and co-branded email marketing to its fan base. “Fanatics has become a one-of-a-kind brand in this space. Because of this, it made complete sense to create this type of partnership,” says Adam Weinstein, founder and CEO of ThriveFantasy. “We believe that there is a large cross over between the Fanatics fan base and those who play daily fantasy and esports and we can’t wait to engage, so that ThriveFantasy can become a go to destination for them.” About ThriveFantasy ThriveFantasy is a Daily Fantasy Sports and Esports App for Player Props. Thrive eliminates the countless hours of research users have to spend, by only focusing on the top-tier athletes that have the biggest impact on the game. Follow ThriveFantasy on Instagram (@ThriveFantasy), Twitter (@ThriveFantasy) and Facebook (ThriveFantasy). Download the app today via the App Store and Google Play. App Store Google Play Contact Details Michael Adorno +1 917-399-3743 Company Website

December 13, 2021 09:01 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Vladimir Kirienko appointed as the new CEO (Russia) of VK


VK Company Limited (LSE and MICEX-RTS: MAIL, hereinafter referred to as VK or the Сompany) is pleased to announce that the board of directors of VK has unanimously approved the appointment of Vladimir Kirienko as the new Chief Executive Officer (Russia), effective immediately. Vladimir is replacing Boris Dobrodeev, who, following changes at the shareholder structure in MFT, has announced his intention to step down as the CEO of VK earlier this month. Dmitry Grishin, co-founder and Chairman of the Board of VK, commented: “The board of directors of VK is pleased to welcome Vladimir Kirienko to the team. We are confident that his experience, enthusiasm and level of energy will ensure that VK will strengthen its leadership among the Russian ecosystems. The board supports Vladimir's vision of maintaining VK in top positions in reach and engagement on the domestic Internet market, while also further advancing the company's level of technological innovation and overall user experience. Vladimir has a great track record of launching and successfully developing multiple complex projects, and we are positive he has all the right ingredients to take VK to new heights. We also thank Boris Dobrodeev for the results achieved by VK under his leadership. Boris made a significant contribution to the company’s transformation into an ecosystem under the new unifying VK brand, while also securing the company’s access to multiple new and promising segments such as food tech, ecommerce or online education. We thank him for his energy, tenacity, persistence and wish him success in his future endeavours.” Commenting on his appointment Vladimir Kirienko, CEO of VK (Russia), said: “I am excited to be joining VK as its CEO. It is an honour and a great responsibility to contribute to the development of the ecosystem that serves to make everyday life easier for millions of people by offering accessible and high-quality products and services, while also empowering businesses and entrepreneurs. The company will continue to unlock new markets and test new products as we focus on expanding our reach and user engagement. The company has a powerful platform for further growth, and realizing its full potential as a business, as an employer and a public company is a challenge I am very much looking forward to. As with any new CEO, I will undertake a review of all operations and will report to shareholders as quickly as possible. I have been very impressed with the team I have met thus far and look forward to working with them to ensure an orderly and timely transition.” Biography Vladimir has extensive expertise in direct investments in Russian companies and IT business. Since 2017, he has worked as First Vice President of Rostelecom. From 2016 till 2017 he has held the position of Senior Vice President for Business Development and Management of Rostelecom. Prior to joining Rostelecom, Vladimir was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of LLC Capital since 2011. From 2008 till 2011 he was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nizhegorodpromstroybank. Vladimir Kirienko graduated from the Higher School of Economics, where he studied corporate finance and economics. He received his Executive MBA degree from Skolkovo Moscow School of Management. For further information please contact: Investors Tatiana Volochkovich Phone: +7 495 725 6357 extension: 3434 Mobile: +7 905 594 6604 E-mail: Press - VK Sergei Luchin Mobile: +7 915 223 3571 E-mail:​​​​​ About VK VK develops the ecosystem helping millions of people with their day-to-day needs online. More than 90% of the Russian internet audience use the ecosystem services. The ecosystem enables people to keep in touch (using social networks OK and VKontakte, messaging apps and email service), play video games (via MY.GAMES), get and offer items and services, browse jobs and hire talent (via Youla and VK Jobs), order food and grocery delivery (via Delivery Club, Samokat and Local Kitchen), get a ride (with Citymobil and Citydrive), master new skills (at GeekBrains, Skillbox and other educational services), buy and sell at AliExpress Russia and fulfill other needs. The VK ecosystem features a number of shared elements bringing the services together. Users can sign in to different services with a single VK ID account, pay and earn cash back with the VK Pay platform, get discounts and deals with VK Combo, access their favorite services via the VK Mini Apps platform and the Marusya voice assistant can help with any task. The company offers enterprises to employ its dynamic ecosystem to digitize their business processes, providing a range of solutions from online promotion and predictive analytics to corporate social networks, cloud services and enterprise automation. Contact Details VK COMPANY LIMITED Tatiana Volochkovich +7 905 594-66-04 VK COMPANY LIMITED Sergei Luchin +7 915 223-35-71

December 13, 2021 08:32 AM Eastern Standard Time

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