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Introducing the SIGMA 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art, the First Full-Frame F1.8 Zoom Lens for Mirrorless Camera Systems


SIGMA Corporation of America, the US subsidiary of SIGMA Corporation (CEO: Kazuto Yamaki. Headquarters: Asao-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Japan) is pleased to announce the SIGMA 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art lens. This is the world's first zoom lens with a constant F1.8 aperture for full-frame mirrorless camera systems. Available for Sony E-mount and L-Mount, this new wide-to-standard zoom spans several popular focal lengths from 28mm to 45mm, with image quality comparable to prime lenses. The SIGMA 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art was developed as a full-frame successor to the SIGMA 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM | Art (for APS-C DSLR cameras), which in 2013 became the first lens in the world to achieve F1.8 throughout the entire zoom range. While offering the convenience of a zoom, this new lens does not compromise on optical performance. By effectively arranging 3 aspherical lens elements and 5 SLD glass elements, this lens suppresses various aberrations and achieves performance comparable to single focal length lenses, even surpassing the SIGMA 24mm F1.4 DG DN | Art and SIGMA 50mm F1.4 DG DN | Art, which have an established reputation for their optical quality. In particular, the 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art focuses on suppressing axial chromatic aberration, which is often noticeable in large-aperture lenses, to achieve images with minimal coloration on both the focus plane and bokeh, and to demonstrate high optical performance from open aperture. The minimum focusing distance is 30cm (11.8 inches) throughout the entire range, and the maximum magnification ratio of 1:4 is achieved at the 45mm focal length. Featuring internal zoom and HLA (High-response Linear Actuator) autofocus, and an optical design that minimizes focus breathing, the SIGMA 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art is well-suited for video work, including gimbal setups, thanks to its balanced design. The click/de-click switch and lockable aperture ring are designed to suit a variety of personal capture preferences, and the dust- and splash-resistant design also makes it suitable for shooting stills and video out in the elements. The SIGMA 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art lens will be available for $1,349 through authorized retailers in the US in late June 2024. Learn more at the SIGMA America website: Exclusively for mirrorless cameras | Compatible with full-frame cameras A | Art SIGMA 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art The world's first* F1.8 full-frame mirrorless zoom. *as of June 2024 by SIGMA The world's first* full-frame, F1.8 maximum aperture zoom lens Excellent optical performance comparable to that of a prime lens High-speed AF and innovative features Supplied accessories: CASE, LENS HOOD LH878-06, FRONT CAP LCF-82 III, REAR CAP LCR Available mounts: L-Mount, Sony E-mount Launch date: June 20, 2024 * Product appearance and specifications are subject to change. * This product is developed, manufactured and sold based on the specifications of E-mount which was disclosed by Sony Corporation under the license agreement with Sony Corporation. * L-Mount is a registered trademark of Leica Camera AG. #SIGMA #SIGMA2845mmF18Art #SIGMAArt #SIGMAArtZoom #SIGMADGDN The SIGMA 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art is the world's first full-frame zoom lens with a constant maximum aperture of F1.8, delivering sharpness and clarity comparable to that of a prime lens. Already the pioneer of unique, large-aperture zoom lenses including the SIGMA 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM | Art and the SIGMA 24-35mm F2 DG HSM | Art, SIGMA introduces another fast, portable and versatile tool to its Art lineup. In addition to its unprecedented brightness, the SIGMA 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art delivers sharpness and clarity comparable to that of a prime lens throughout its entire zoom range. Also equipped with fast and precise AF and superior operability, this innovative optic turns a new page in the history of zoom lenses and their creative possibilities. It is a lens that will inspire full-frame filmmakers, while bringing unparalleled versatility to stills photographers. * As of June 2024 by SIGMA [Key Features] 1. The world's first* full-frame, F1.8 maximum aperture zoom lens SIGMA has successfully developed the world's first full-frame zoom lens with a maximum aperture of F1.8. The SIGMA 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art incorporates an inner zoom mechanism, a minimum focusing distance of 30cm across the entire zoom range, and a filter size of φ82mm. Despite its advanced feature-set, the lens weighs less than 1kg, making it a portable and versatile option for either hand-held shooting or a gimbal setup. Constant maximum aperture of F1.8 Once a privilege reserved only for prime lenses, the maximum F1.8 aperture allows full-frame camera users to expose hand-held in low light and produce beautiful bokeh, while enjoying the flexibility of a zoom. This unique optical achievement has been created through SIGMA's accumulated optical design experience and advanced production technology at the company's sole production base in Aizu, Japan. Practical and stable inner zoom Employing an inner zoom mechanism, the overall length of the lens remains constant when the focal length or focus distance changes. This means the lens is easy to use when shooting hand-held, highly stable when mounted on a tripod or gimbal, and more resistant to dust and water contamination. Consistent close focus The minimum focusing distance is a constant 30cm across the entire zoom range, with a maximum magnification ratio of 1:4 at the telephoto end, providing excellent close-up shooting capabilities. As well as offering precise focus in confined spaces, the lens can therefore be used close to a subject without affecting sharpness when using the zoom. Premium build at a lighter weight By rights, such a fast zoom should be big and heavy, but while the lens's rigidity and durability protect its sophisticated optical design, this is achieved at a weight of less than 1kg. What's more, this reliable photographic tool uses a versatile filter size of φ82mm, meaning no compromise in portability or convenience. 2. Excellent optical performance comparable to that of a prime lens With each optical aberration meticulously corrected throughout the zoom range, the SIGMA 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art rivals prime lenses for clarity and definition. Thanks to its advanced coatings, the lens produces clear images, even in backlit environments, while focus breathing is thoroughly suppressed, bringing expressive power to filmmakers and photographers. The pinnacle of optical quality in a zoom Through the effective arrangement of 5 SLD elements and 3 aspherical elements, aberrations are rigorously corrected. Axial chromatic aberration, which is particularly noticeable with large-aperture lenses, has been thoroughly suppressed, and the lens delivers clear images with minimal coloration, from sharply focused details to large, smooth bokeh. Suppression of focus breathing When using regular lenses, the angle-of-view can change as focus moves from near to far, affecting precise composition. With the SIGMA 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art this focus breathing is suppressed, enabling natural focus pulls when shooting video. Minimal flare and ghosting Flare and ghosting, which reduce image quality, have been largely eliminated using advanced simulation technology, ensuring the lens renders rich, high-contrast results in all conditions. In addition, in order to keep flare and ghosting to a minimum, the lens uses SIGMA's Nano Porous Coating and Super Multi-Layer Coating, producing superior resistance to backlighting and enabling clear, saturated images in all lighting conditions. 3. High-speed AF speed and innovative features The SIGMA 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art delivers a range of professional features as impressive as its outstanding optical performance. With high-speed and adaptable AF, a durable weather-resistant structure, a de-clickable aperture ring, smooth manual focusing and on-barrel AFL buttons, all features combine to create a versatile photographic tool capable of responding to any situation. Faster focus with a linear motor The lens's AF mechanism uses an HLA (High-response Linear Actuator) to combine accelerated focusing speed with exquisite precision. And because the motor is near-silent it allows video recording without noise. Precise and comfortable manual focusing To deliver delicate and accurate manual focus, the lens employs a bi-wire driven focus ring with optimum torque setting, high resolution and an adjustable rotation angle between 90° and 720°*. This allows filmmakers to pull focus with organic smoothness, and photographers to focus manually with outstanding accuracy. * Only for L-Mount, and with compatible cameras. Aperture ring refinements The lens is equipped with an aperture ring as well as an aperture ring click switch and an aperture ring lock switch, allowing for aperture operation suitable for various shooting situations. Equipped with two AFL buttons Located on the side and on top of the barrel, two customizable* AFL buttons can be easily reached in either horizontal or vertical shooting positions. * Assignment of functions is limited to supported cameras and assignable functions vary depending on the camera. Built to withstand the elements In addition to a dust- and splash-resistant body*, the frontmost surface of the lens is coated with a water- and oil-repellent coating so that it can be used safely even in harsh outdoor environments. * The product is designed to be dust- and splash-resistant but is not waterproof. When using the lens near water, etc., take care not to allow large amounts of water to splash on it. If water gets inside the lens, it may cause a major malfunction and render the lens unrepairable. Includes locking petal-type hood A petal-type hood is included to shield the lens from light. It has a locking mechanism for secure attachment and can be reversed for easier storage. [ Additional Features ] Lens construction: 18 elements in 15 groups (5 SLD, 3 aspherical elements) Inner zoom Inner focus system High-speed AF HLA (High-response Linear Actuator) Compatible with Lens Aberration Correction * Only cameras that are compatible with the function are allowed to use this function. Also, the items that can be corrected may vary depending on the camera, or automatic correction may be performed. * On a camera that allows selecting ON/OFF for lens aberration correction, set the various aberration corrections to ON (AUTO) from the camera menu. Supports DMF and AF+MF Compatible with AF assist (for Sony E-mount only) Nano Porous Coating Super Multi-Layer Coating Water- and Oil-Repellent Coating (front element) Aperture ring Aperture ring click switch Aperture ring lock switch AFL button (2 locations) * Assignment of functions is limited to supported cameras and assignable functions vary depending on the camera. Focus Mode switch Support for switching between linear and non-linear focus ring settings (for L-mount only) * Only cameras that are compatible with the system are allowed to use the system. Dust- and Splash-Resistant Structure * The product is designed to be dust- and splash-resistant but is not waterproof. Take care not to allow large amounts of water to splash on the lens. If water gets inside the lens, it may cause a major malfunction and render the lens unrepairable. Petal-type hood with lock LH878-06 Compatible with SIGMA USB DOCK UD-11 (sold separately / for L-Mount only) Designed to minimize flare and ghosting Every single lens undergoes SIGMA's proprietary MTF measuring system 11-blade rounded diaphragm High-precision, durable brass bayonet mount Mount Conversion Service available "Made in Aizu, Japan" craftsmanship [ Key Specifications ] The following specifications are for L-Mount. Lens Construction: 18 elements in 15 groups (5 SLD, 3 aspherical elements) Angle of view: 75.4 - 51.3° Number of diaphragm blades: 11 (rounded diaphragm) Minimum aperture: F16 Minimum focusing distance: 30cm / 11.9 in. Maximum magnification ratio: 1:4 at 45mm Filter size: 82mm Dimensions (Max. Diam. x Length): 87.8 x 151.4mm / 3.5 x 6.0 in. Weight: 960g / 33.9 oz. [ Product Barcode ] Product Name Barcode L-Mount: 0085126 612696 Sony E-mount: 0085126 612658 [ Accessories: Supplied ] LENS HOOD LH878-06: 0085126 941444 FRONT CAP LCF-82 III: 0085126 930028 REAR CAP LCR II (for L-Mount): 0085126 937256 REAR CAP LCR II (for Sony E-mount): 0085126 929879 [ Accessories: Optional ] SIGMA USB DOCK UD-11 for L-Mount: 0085126 878696 SIGMA WR CERAMIC PROTECTOR 82mm: 0085126 931834 SIGMA WR PROTECTOR 82mm: 0085126 930974 SIGMA PROTECTOR 82mm: 0085126 931100 SIGMA WR UV FILTER 82mm: 0085126 930714 SIGMA WR CIRCULAR PL FILTER 82mm: 0085126 930844 [ Information ] SIGMA Corporation: SIGMA Global Network: Product Information: [ About SIGMA Corporation ] Craftsmanship. Precision. Dedication. Since 1961, SIGMA has been devoted to the pursuit of advancing photographic technology. Unique to the industry, the family-owned business produces its high-quality, award-winning still photo and cinema camera lenses, DSLR and mirrorless cameras, flashes, filters and accessories from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Aizu, Japan. In 2012, the company introduced SIGMA Global Vision with three distinct lens lines: Art, Contemporary and Sports. Designed for industry camera mount systems including Canon, Fujifilm, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony and SIGMA, each lens is handcrafted and tested in Japan to ensure a high-performance, premium product that is purpose-built to last. In 2016, the SIGMA Cine lens lineup was launched, further cementing SIGMA as an innovator in imaging engineering. Embodying the core optical DNA that has defined the SIGMA benchmark of excellence, SIGMA Cine lenses meet the needs of advanced 6k and 8k cinema production. Forming the landmark L-Mount alliance alongside Leica and Panasonic in 2018, SIGMA continues its storied tradition of imaging excellence through groundbreaking innovations such as the native L-mount SIGMA fp and fp L full-frame mirrorless digital cameras, announced in July 2019 and March 2021 respectively. These products, along with dozens of award-winning SIGMA Global Vision lenses available in native L-Mount format, demonstrate SIGMA's continued commitment to the creative community through expanded product offerings. With the fp, fp L and these lenses, even more users can now leverage SIGMA's renowned optical formula to achieve their creative vision with ease. For more information about SIGMA America, please visit and SIGMA Blog. Follow SIGMA America (Photo): Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Follow SIGMA Ameica (Cine): Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Contact Details SIGMA Corporation of America Jack Howard +1 631-201-7381 SDDPR Stacey Doss Company Website

June 03, 2024 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Tron and Ethereum Lose Momentum, Raboo Set To Surge 10x in June

Total Media

Although the crypto market is generally bullish, popular tokens like Tron and Ethereum are not performing as expected. Tron's protracted legal battles with the SEC and the delay in the official trading of the Ethereum ETF have been identified as probable causes. Meanwhile, investors remain confident in the revolutionary memetoken Raboo (RABT), which is currently gaining momentum in its presale, with over $1.5 million worth of the token sold already. Also, with a potential to surge by 10x in June, Raboo is rapidly becoming one of the best cryptos to invest in this year. Tron’s legal battles slow down momentum after price slump Tron continues to face significant legal challenges from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC lawsuit against Tron, which has slowed down its market activity, alleges that Tron's TRX token is a security. The SEC further claimed that the sales of these tokens were not legal since they are unregistered securities offerings. Tron has firmly disputed these claims, stating that the SEC's allegations are "tenuous at best." Furthermore, Tron claims that the SEC is not a "worldwide regulator" and that its attempt to apply U.S. securities laws to "predominantly foreign conduct" goes "too far." This stance is consistent with the firm's headquarters being in Singapore. The ongoing legal challenges have impacted Tron's momentum given that Tron has been down by more than 6% for a month. Crypto analysts have identified its ongoing legal battles as the root of this decline, given that investors have become increasingly cautious about investing in Tron’s platform with the ongoing regulatory issues. Ethereum’s ETF trading delay slows price growth Ethereum's recent rally has fizzled out, indicating a loss of momentum even though backers of the project continue to affirm that it is still one of the best crypto to invest in this year. The token is expected to witness increased trading activity due to the approval of spot Ethereum exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), however, the ETFs are yet to commence trading officially as investors await the respective Form S-1 approval for each fund. This development has led crypto analysts to speculate that the uncertainty that accompanies such inactive moments could spell trouble for Ethereum's price, particularly given the high futures open interest that rose to its highest level ever on May 28. The recent approval of 19b-4s forms issued by the Ethereum ETF issuers does not mean that trading in Ethereum ETFs has begun. The S-1 forms, which include detailed financial and risk information, are yet to be approved by the SEC and could take weeks. This delay in trading has contributed to the lack of market activity which has slowed down growth and has led crypto analysts to believe that Ethereum would continue to lose momentum in the meantime. Raboo tipped to 10X in June as AI meme coin surges on massive adoption Raboo, the new AI meme coin, is expected to surge 10x in June, according to analysts. This prediction is based on the token's unique social-fi model, which allows holders to earn extra tokens by competing in challenges and giveaways. Crypto enthusiasts also stand the chance to earn returns by engaging the platform. Raboo's integration of AI technology continues to drive its growth, positioning it as one of the best altcoins to buy in 2024. While massive purchase of its presale token that has now exceeded the $1.5 million mark is projected to inspire a 10x surge in June, crypto analysts have also predicted that Raboo's price will grow 233% during the presale and 100x on launch day. This rapid growth is attributed to the token's innovative features that are designed to attract memecoin enthusiasts. Raboo's surge in June is expected to be 10x after being tipped as the best altcoin to buy in 2024. Raboo is well-positioned to become one of the best altcoins in the industry as more crypto enthusiasts join the platform, increasing its strong community while its innovative features continue to captivate investors. Investors looking for a high-growth opportunity should consider Raboo, which is expected to 100x this year. Conclusion Tron and Ethereum continue to face challenges amidst ongoing lawsuits and reduced trading activity that has inspired a loss of momentum for both tokens. Meanwhile, Raboo, an innovative memecoin that has been tipped as the best crypto to buy in 2024, continues to attract more investors after record surge positioning it for massive returns in June and lucrative returns for investors upon launch. You can participate in the Raboo presale here Telegram: Twitter: Contact Details Total Media Solutions

June 02, 2024 02:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Dads and Grads Gift Ideas

News Media Group, Inc.

Contact Details News Media Group Jennifer Rivera +1 954-667-9647 Company Website

May 30, 2024 03:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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The Crucial Role of Gut Health Transforming Gut Health through Nutrition


Is your diet supporting your gut health effectively? Recently, Registered Dietician and MyFitnessPal Scientific Advisory Council member, Maya Feller, conducted a satellite media tour to explain better eating habits that support gut health to enhance your focus, energy, mood, sleep, and weight. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: According to a recent MyFitnessPal survey 1 86% of people say they’re aware of the importance of maintaining gut health and 43% actively seek out gut health-related information. However, only 18% consider themselves to be “very” knowledgeable about what contributes to gut health. In response, the no. 1 global nutrition and food tracking app, MyFitnessPal collaborated with MyFitnessPal Scientific Advisory Council Member Dr. Janese Laster, to create the Gut Health Nutrition Plan, available now to all members for free in the MyFitnessPal app. Those who opt into the week-long plan will have access to nutrition ideas and suggestions, quizzes that test knowledge and assess current eating habits, and daily check-ins that encourage reflection on progress and current knowledge to help enable behavior change and fuel motivations. MyFitnessPal’s survey found that despite 85% of people trying to incorporate a variety of fruits and vegetables into their diet to improve gut health, only 2% are consuming more than 20 fruits and vegetables each week. To bring even more awareness to a person’s food intake, MyFitnessPal introduced a free feature, Food Group Insights, which gives members an overview of the number of foods they logged in a week categorized by food groups. And for those wondering how to get gut-healthy foods on their plate, MyFitnessPal introduced a new gut health recipe collection featuring high-fiber recipes that include a variety of fruits and vegetables. To learn more, download the MyFitnessPal app on iOS and Android or visit MYFITNESSPAL.COM About Maya Feller Maya Feller, MS, RD, CDN is the founder and lead dietitian at Maya Feller Nutrition. In her practice, her team provides medical nutrition therapy and nutrition coaching for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, mood disorders, developmental disabilities, disordered eating, and more. Maya believes in providing inclusive nutrition education from an anti-bias patient-centered, culturally humble approach to help people make informed food choices. Maya shares her approachable, food-based solutions with millions of people through regular speaking engagements, writing, her social platforms, and as a national nutrition expert on Good Morning America, is a Healthline Medical Advisor, and on the advisory board for SHAPE and Parents, as well as appearing on TODAY Show, Tamron Hall, and in The New York Times, mindbodygreen, Well+Good, Food Network, Martha Stewart, Real Simple, Good Housekeeping, Cooking Light, Eating Well, Prevention, Glamour, SELF, and more. She is the author of Eating from Our Roots: 80+ Healthy Home-Cooked Favorites from Cultures Around the World (goop Press, January 24, 2023). About MyFitnessPal MyFitnessPal is the #1 global nutrition and food tracking app for achieving health goals, especially weight management. Since 2005, MyFitnessPal has empowered over 200 million users in over 120 countries to improve their health by tracking their food, recording exercise activity, and logging their weight. As one of the world's most trusted resources on nutrition, MyFitnessPal's mission is to help people around the world reach their health goals through better food choices by providing knowledge, motivation and a sense of progress. With one of the largest food databases in the world comprising over 19 million foods, access to over 500 recipes, more than 50 workout routines and exercise demos, and over 40 connected fitness partners, MyFitnessPal provides users with tools for positive healthy change. The MyFitnessPal app is available on the App Store and Google Play store. To learn more, visit or follow MyFitnessPal on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and Twitter. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Survey fielded in April 2024 with 4000 people across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

May 30, 2024 11:34 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Just in Time for Father’s Day

SR Portables

Sunpower Renewables Pty. Ltd., just launching in the United States, just in time for Father’s Day. This Australian renewable energy solutions company has developed modern, efficient, and smart solar energy products that allow customers to achieve energy independence while being cost effective, long lasting, and environmentally friendly. These ‘Australian Made’ products, with cutting-edge technology, are designed for industrial, commercial, residential, and off-grid applications. “We are so excited to have our solar powered generators available in the United States, these items are created to empower every consumer to generate, store and use solar energy anytime, anywhere,” said Rahul Kale, founder of Sunpower Renewables. “These state-of-the-art, simple-to-use, and light-weight portable solutions have proven to be more sustainable & viable, both commercially and technically, than traditional solar and renewable alternatives.” SR Portables renewable energy generation and storage devices, ranging from hand-held to grid connected products, allow users to generate and store energy (from the grid, solar or external generators) and then intelligently release it to appliances based on user-programmed preferences to reduce the total electricity costs for the user. “From camping and powering homes to defense and humanitarian aid, these solar powered generators are your one-stop-shop for replacing portable diesel generators and home inverters,” said Kale. Sunpower Renewables are an all-in-one solution, fully integrating all the different components of the solar plant with additional features like an in-built Inverter, MPPT charge controller, a pure sine wave UPS, a reversible net meter and an in-built Li-Ion battery pack for energy storage. Integrating all these components into a single, compact, portable, plug and play product, which offers energy storage is a game changer for the renewable energy industry. Available on AMAZON, starting at $289. ### About Sunpower Renewables Pty. Ltd., Our core team of world-renowned energy experts recognized glaring gaps in the restrictive use of renewable energy across the globe. What began as a journey to implement existing options within the renewable energy ecosystem became the genesis for a revolutionary, new-age, sustainable concept. Inspired by the Latin phrase ‘avia pervia’ we set upon simplifying solar energy to make it easily available and usable to everyone. Our main objective was to provide energy independence to customers through accessible & easy-to-use renewable energy solutions with efficient energy storage for continuous power supply even during peak consumption. Contact Details absolute R relations Colleen Mathis Company Website

May 30, 2024 07:29 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Super League Enterprises Reports Strong Q1 2024 Financials, Expands Marketing via Gaming Platforms

Super League Enterprise Inc

Super League Enterprises CEO Ann Hand joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share the company's impressive first-quarter 2024 financial results. Super League generated solid revenue of $4.2 million, marking a 27% increase compared to the same quarter last year and aligning with consensus forecasts. Hand noted that the first-quarter revenues also reflected the typical seasonality the company experiences at the start of the year. Super League remains focused on accelerating its path to profitability through more aggressive productization, which the company expects to drive up margins in the second half of the year. Hand emphasized the importance of this strategic focus, as it positions the company to maximize revenue potential and improve financial performance in the coming quarters. Super League leverages popular gaming platforms like Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft to create marketing channels aimed at Generation Z and Alpha audiences. These platforms are viewed as the next generation of social media, offering brands innovative ways to engage with young audiences through 3D engagement and personalized experiences. Super League primarily targets Roblox due to its large user base, especially among users under 18 years old, but also utilizes platforms like Fortnite to reach older audiences. The company's strategy includes segmenting audiences within these gaming platforms to tailor experiences to specific interests. For example, Super League can target different games within Roblox to appeal to varied user preferences, enhancing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. This segmentation approach allows brands to reach their desired demographics more precisely, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates. Recent partnerships have further demonstrated Super League's ability to drive both engagement and sales for major brands. Collaborations with companies like Skechers, Kraft Lunchables, and Chipotle have yielded successful outcomes. Notably, a Chipotle campaign resulted in 130,000 burritos given away in just 30 minutes, setting a record day for app downloads and digital sales. These partnerships highlight Super League's capacity to create impactful marketing initiatives that resonate with young consumers. Hand also discussed the company's ongoing efforts to expand its portfolio of partnerships and enhance its marketing capabilities. By leveraging the immersive nature of gaming platforms, Super League provides brands with unique opportunities to connect with their target audiences in meaningful ways. This approach not only drives brand awareness but also fosters deeper customer loyalty and engagement. Contact Details Proactive North America +1 604-688-8158

May 29, 2024 10:43 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Tractor Supply Presents on SHARE Series

SHARE Series

Contact Details SHARE Series Dan Aldridge +1 404-740-0638 Company Website

May 29, 2024 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Alta Global Group: Hype Acquisition Will Help Unlock The Unparalleled Opportunity To Convert 640 Million Combat Sports Fans To Participants

RazorPitch MMA

The martial arts and combat sports industry is on the rise, fuelled by the popularity of MMA, currently one of the world's fastest-growing sports. The rising popularity of the sport has opened up significant opportunities, with a recent IBIS sport report revealing that there were 45,000+ martial arts and MMA gyms by 2023 in the US which generated over $12.6 billion. That number is, however, expected to skyrocket to more than 67,000 by the end of next year, which illustrates just how massive an opportunity this could be for players in the sector. Alta Global Group (NYSE:MMA) is well positioned to benefit from this growth as it enables the broader global martial arts and combat sports industry to maximize their monetization opportunities by increasing consumer participation in the sport. Through, powered by the Alta Community Platform, Alta offers martial arts and combat sports programs such as the Warrior Training Program and UFC Fight Fit Program, supported by strategic partnerships with gyms, coaches, athletes, and influencers to facilitate effective communication, curated content, and easy onboarding. The platform enhances both digital and in-gym experiences, enabling seamless community engagement. The renowned Warrior Training Program, running in gyms across the US, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, operates through a revenue-sharing model with gym owners, culminating in a sanctioned amateur MMA final fight night, catering to beginners seeking fitness and lifestyle changes. Alta also owns, following a recent acquisition in November 2023. This acquisition has given its portfolio significant strength through leveraging’s top 3 global ranking, 530,000 user profiles, 15 million views, and over 5 million social media followers to actively engage fans and help support gyms, coaches, and participants. Here’s a clearer snapshot of its digital reach: In what is no doubt another major corporate milestone, Alta recently reaffirmed its commitment to unlocking the unparalleled opportunity to convert 640 million MMA sports fans to participants by announcing its strategic acquisition of Hype for an undisclosed sum. Hype is essentially a subscription based mobile marketing platform designed specifically for small businesses looking to supercharge their growth by harnessing the power of social media. This mobile-first platform combines the functionalities of a mobile website builder, like Linktree, with the core email and SMS marketing capabilities of CRM systems like HubSpot, while also providing an integrated payment system. Being a mobile-first solution makes Hype perfectly suited for owner-operators who manage much of their business on their phones, making it especially ideal for combat sports gyms. For Alta, Hype’s value proposition is that it’s going to help gyms grow participation in combat sports by allowing the gyms to increase engagement with their members, acquire and retain them without the hassle of bundling different products and platforms. That means that gyms can become more efficient and better positioned to grow their own revenues. Fortunately, Alta has been able to bring on the development team as well as the founder, Nick Chen. With Hype's expert team now joining Alta, the company gains invaluable in-house technology expertise, replacing the previously outsourced team and fortifying Alta's capability to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions for the combat sports sector without additional costs. To better illustrate why Hype’s acquisition is so compelling for Alta, consider this. The platform was previously funded by venture capital, receiving over $22 million in investment, including for the launch, which reaffirms investor confidence in the potential of the product. So far, Hype has processed over $40 million in payments through its platform, helped businesses collect over 4 million contacts, and is currently generating approximately $200,000 annually in recurring revenue. By integrating this technology into its existing platform, Alta estimates it could accelerate its technology roadmap by at least 18 months, delivering many millions of dollars in technology capex and development cost savings, while reducing customer acquisition costs for its partner gyms. Alta CEO and founder Nick Langton underscored the significance of the acquisition: "This acquisition represents a pivotal moment for Alta. To be able to put this technology in the hands of our valued gym partners, we believe will be a game changer for them to grow revenues and more effectively engage with their members. We expect this transaction to materially accelerate Alta's mission to convert more fans into participants and drive more shared revenue opportunities. Under Nick Chen's leadership, the Hype team has created a market-leading platform that we believe is perfect for owner operators who run their businesses on their feet from their mobile devices. We believe this is the perfect tool to help combat sports gym owners supercharge their business." As mentioned before, it's not only gyms that will benefit from this platform. Hype's technology solution extends well beyond the martial arts and combat sports sector. It has proven utility and established customers, giving Alta the ability to unlock further opportunities by targeting small businesses globally as well as potentially applying the platform to other local and community sports. In fact, Hype reimagines a future of multiple product categories simultaneously across a $100 billion market for small business software. Following the acquisition, Alta will distribute the Hype product offering across its extensive community of over 500 partner gyms and thousands of coaches and athletes globally across the Alta Platforms. Alta believes that this acquisition presents a significant opportunity to launch a new SaaS offering for its gym, coach, and talent partners, further increasing the embedded revenue opportunity that exists from each gym, coach, and talent relationship on our platform. The company has already proven that its Warrior Training Programs deliver at least $24,000 in gross revenue per program. Therefore, Hype’s acquisition will only fuel further revenue growth. According to Alta’s projections, each active gym could potentially generate $88,000 in annual revenue now that the company is launching new membership tiers. As of January 2024, the company had over 500 active gyms globally that had claimed their profile and signed T&C’s on the platform, illustrating the scale of the revenue potential here. Alta currently has a market capitalization of only about $41 million, but it certainly appears there’s room for movement to the upside going forward. It is also important to note that Hype’s acquisition ties in well with its recent successes in creating iconic partnerships with some of the most high-profile and respected identities in MMA, who are helping it to amplify its brand and drive platform adoption. These include the company’s recently announced investment from five-time MMA world champion Conor McGregor. McGregor's investment and endorsement come at a pivotal moment as Alta embarks on rolling out its transformational Warrior Training Program across the US. He will be lending his support to Alta's flagship 20-week Warrior Training Program. In a recent video post on social media, McGregor urged MMA fans to embrace martial arts training through, emphasizing the platform's role in providing a space for learning and camaraderie. He highlighted as an essential organization in the martial arts space, supporting MMA gyms worldwide, underscoring's commitment to fostering a vibrant community of martial artists and combat sports enthusiasts while revolutionizing training experiences globally. Disclaimers: RazorPitch Inc. "RazorPitch" is not operated by a licensed broker, a dealer, or a registered investment adviser. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investment advice. The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 provides investors a safe harbor in regard to forward-looking statements. Any statements that express or involve discussions with respect to predictions, expectations, beliefs, plans, projections, objectives, goals, assumptions, or future events or performance are not statements of historical fact may be forward looking statements. Forward looking statements are based on expectations, estimates, and projections at the time the statements are made that involve a number of risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results or events to differ materially from those presently anticipated. Forward looking statements in this action may be identified through use of words such as projects, foresee, expects, will, anticipates, estimates, believes, understands, or that by statements indicating certain actions & quote; may, could, or might occur. Understand there is no guarantee past performance will be indicative of future results. Investing in micro-cap and growth securities is highly speculative and carries an extremely high degree of risk. It is possible that an investors investment may be lost or impaired due to the speculative nature of the companies profiled. RazorPitch has been retained by the company to assist in the production and distribution of this content. RazorPitch is responsible for the production and distribution of this content. It should be expressly understood that under no circumstances does any information published herein represent a recommendation to buy or sell a security. This content is for informational purposes only, you should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. Nothing contained in this article constitutes a solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or offer by RazorPitch or any third party service provider to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments. 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Halving of BTFS Storage Rewards


Singapore, May 28, 2024 – To sustain the growth and success of the BitTorrent ecosystem, BTFS is set to implement a halving on the next round of rewards for storage miners on the BTFS network. From 00:00 (UTC) June 25, 2024, the daily rewards for storage miners on the BTFS network will be halved from 15 billion BTT to 7.5 billion BTT. The BitTorrent File System (BTFS) is a decentralized file storage system that utilizes blockchain technology and peer-to-peer transmission. It allows users to store their files across multiple nodes in a distributed manner, enhancing file security and reliability. BTFS also offers rapid file transfer and access, giving users greater convenience in managing and sharing files. By integrating key features of the BitTorrent Chain (BTTC), such as cross-chain connectivity and multichannel payment options, BTFS significantly enhances user experience. Currently, the BTFS network is experiencing rapid growth with over 8 million nodes across the network, including more than 6 million super miners, according to BTFS SCAN. To support the efficient operations of these nodes, BTFS initiated a rewards program and has provided an aggregate of 25 trillion BTT since the launch of BTFS Mainnet in 2019. Every two years, the BTFS rewards halving will occur causing the rewards for all storage miners across the network to be cut in half. (Halving roadmap) Moreover, halving will also prompt miners to improve node performance by optimizing node operation and reducing waste. In addition, an upgrade of the official website for the BTFS technical community and the release of BTFS v3.0 Mainnet will be scheduled in sync with the halving. These developments are expected to improve the efficiency of the BTFS protocol, expand the user base, and enhance its overall functionality. Looking ahead, BTFS is committed to continuously refining its storage rewards strategies. The goal is to expand the network of nodes participating in file storage on BTFS, providing developers with an efficient, secure, and reliable storage solution boosting both the capacity and the transaction efficiency of the BTTC network. About BTFS The BitTorrent File System (BTFS) is both a protocol and a web application that provides a content-addressable peer-to-peer mechanism for storing and sharing digital content in a decentralized file system, as well as a base platform for decentralized applications (Dapp). The BTFS team has been working on the latest network operations and BTT market sentiment, etc., to make a series of dynamic adjustments such as upload prices and airdrop reward schemes. About BitTorrent Founded with a leading peer-to-peer sharing technology standard in 2004, BitTorrent, Inc. is a consumer software company based in San Francisco. Its protocol is the largest decentralized P2P network in the world, driving 22% of upstream and 3% of downstream traffic globally. Its flagship desktop and mobile products, BitTorrent and µTorrent, enable users to send large files over the internet, connecting legitimate third-party content providers with users. With over 100 million active users, BitTorrent products have been installed on over 1 billion devices in over 138 countries worldwide. Since November 2018, TRON (TRX), Binance (BNB), and Bitcoin (BTC) holders have the opportunity to purchase one-year subscriptions of BitTorrent or µTorrent products, including Ads Free and Pro for Windows. Pro includes anti-virus and anti-malware screening, file converting and playability in HD. Users can visit or to learn more. Website | Telegram | Medium | X | Media Contact John Chen Contact Details John Chen

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