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FTN Network Leverages Strong Q1 2023 Growth to Close $500k Bridge Round From Techstars Sports Accelerator


FTN Network, a data company specializing in delivering affordable, customizable, extraordinarily detailed and accurate data for betting, season-long fantasy and daily fantasy today announced the closing of its $500,000 Bridge Round, which oversubscribed; with the help of Techstars, a global accelerator for technology startups. FTN was selected to participate in the Techstars Sports Accelerator Powered by Indy program in Indianapolis in April 2022. FTN is now actively raising a $3–5 million seed round to help expedite and scale the company, building on its robust early growth in traffic, subscription revenues and social media engagement. More specifically: Q1 2023 traffic was up 54% (year-over-year) across the FTN network of sites. Q1 2023 subscription revenue was up 34% (year-over-year) across the FTN network of sites. FTN YouTube views are up 32% (year-over-year) and overall subscribers are up 31% (year-over-year). FTN Podcast Network downloads are up 25% (year-over-year) “Our goal and mission with FTN was to create a fantasy and sports betting data company that allowed any user — from those with a limited budget to a top-of-the-line sportsbook — the flexibility to use our data and tools in ways that fit their specific needs. We never wanted to box our customers into a rigid system. Our exemplary year-over-year results are proof that our vision is filling a great need in the market,” said Kevin Adams, CEO of FTN Network. “The closing of our bridge round from the Techstars Accelerator is going to help us invest in areas of our business where we’re seeing strong engagement, create new strategic partnerships with providers, tech companies and sportsbooks, and expand our talent pool with new developers and advisors to continue scaling and building one of the most innovative sites in the industry.” In recent months, FTN has signed strategic partnerships with companies such as Sorare, Bettle and Prediction Strike, and rolled out two significant new tools which are gaining popularity with users and achieving significant traction in Google search results. First, its Same Game Parlay Tool on takes APIs from the six largest US sportsbooks and compares a user's same game parlay line with FTN Data projections to create “True Odds.” This allows the user to stay away from bad payouts and shop for the best odds. Second is their Player Prop Tool, which shows the best player prop bets available using their FTN Data projections to calculate win%, edge and expected value while offering the best line on the market to place that bet. This allows users to leverage FTN Data to make the most educated player prop bets as possible. “As we look toward our next round of funding, our sights are focused on scaling our existing products and services, and integrating the NBA and PGA into FTN Data, all while expanding into the business-to-business (B2B) market with FTN Data. By investing in more charters (people watching games and collecting data in real time) we’ll have the ability to push our data to clients quicker, creating an opportunity for our users to make smarter and faster decisions,” said Stefano Vaccarino, FTN’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We at FTN are relentless in our approach to innovation and our goal of providing the most customizable data sets and products for each customer or corporation.” For more information on FTN’s products and services, please visit its network of sites:, and About FTN Network FTN Network is a data and entertainment network for fantasy sports and betting. Founded in 2020, FTN Network’s family of sites include Fantasy, Daily Fantasy (DFS), Betting and Data. The company has over 50 content contributors to serve the fantasy sports and betting needs of fans across key sports, including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA, eSports, Racing and more. About Techstars The Techstars worldwide network helps entrepreneurs succeed. Founded in 2006, Techstars began with three simple ideas — entrepreneurs create a better future for everyone, collaboration drives innovation, and great ideas can come from anywhere. Now we are on a mission to enable every person on the planet to contribute to, and benefit from, the success of entrepreneurs. In addition to operating accelerator programs and venture capital funds, we do this by connecting startups, investors, corporations and cities to help build thriving startup communities. Techstars has invested in more than 2,500 companies with a combined market cap of more than $220B. Contact Details Hot Paper Lantern Sterling A. Randle +1 801-319-6153

May 01, 2023 12:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Lily, The First Non-Alcoholic Single Canned Beverage Featuring the Rare & Ancient Adaptogen, Egyptian Water Lily to Launch This Spring


The first in its category, Lily, a functional non-alcoholic beverage, was created by two native New Yorkers committed to finding a guilt-free way to soothe their anxiety. Over the course of two years they developed a formula designed to gently unwind that tension, leaving consumers with a mood boosting feeling. Every can of Lily harnesses the power of the ancient adaptogen providing tranquility from the Egyptian Water Lily, which was cherished by pharaohs for thousands of years. This flower is packed with rare antioxidants known for sparking creativity and aiding in restoring energy levels, sleep quality, soothing anxiety, stress relief, blood circulation & detoxification. With only 32 calories, 3 grams of sugar, 40% of your daily recommended antioxidants, and no artificial ingredients, each can is something you can feel good about. The drink’s bright and refreshing taste has a base of organic Italian blood orange juice sourced from the lush volcanic soil surrounding Mt. Etna in Sicily. Also in the brew is organic black tea leaves and invigorating Korean Red Ginseng root. The ginseng, a powerful adaptogen, provides an abundance of essential B vitamins (B1, B6, B12). The black and gold tea leaves are sourced from the fertile Yunnan province of China, and deliver a nutty flavor to go along with mind stabilizing L-theanine. Lily’s co-founders and childhood friends Bradley Morgan and Isaac Lliguin, grew up in Manhattan and frequently struggled with coping from the daily stressors of their high pressure jobs. “I was working from 7AM to midnight as the lead producer for a daily TV show on VICE in Brooklyn. After years of commuting between boroughs and working late hours, the stress really started to affect my health. The responsibilities for creating a new television show every day felt endless: writing, producing, editing, while managing high profile talent and staff. And the more weed I smoked, the less it seemed to help with the stress. With the guidance of holistic medicine professionals, I began my search for natural solutions,” says co-founder Bradley Morgan. In the summer of 2020, Bradley was introduced to the Egyptian Water Lily in a tiny Chinatown tea shop. After experiencing the blissful and anxiety reducing qualities of the flower, the path to creating Lily had begun. With other flavors currently in development, Lily is excited to continue their journey of sharing the benefits of this special flower with everyone who knows what it feels like to be a bit overwhelmed with modern day life. Available in 4-pack ($20), 8-pack ($40) and 24-pack ($120) options, the slim and sleek designed 11.5oz cans are available nationwide online and at select health and wellness stores throughout the tri-state area. To learn more about Lily and retailers, please follow along on Instagram @drinklily or visit ABOUT LILY: Co-founded by New York City kids and childhood friends, Isaac Lliguin and Bradley Morgan, Lily, the functional beverage brand was founded in 2023. After years of development, Lily is the first on the market and in the non-alcoholic category to harness the powers of the Egyptian Water Lily and was first concieved as a result of needing to find an energy boosting and stress relief alternative. With only 32 calories, 3 grams of sugar, 40% of your daily recommended antioxidants, and no artificial ingredients, each can is something you can feel good about. The drink’s base is organic Italian blood orange juice with organic black tea leaves and Korean Red Ginseng root. The ginseng, a powerful adaptogen, provides an abundance of invigorating B vitamins (B1, B6, B12) along with mind-stabilizing L-theanine. Contact Details DrinkLily Gabrielle Perez Company Website

May 01, 2023 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Connected Mom - Spring into Summer Gadgets

News Media Group, Inc.

Contact Details News Media Group Karl Wayne +1 334-440-6397 Company Website

May 01, 2023 06:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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USDA’s ‘Defend the Flock’ Campaign Addresses How to Help Keep Your Backyard Chickens Safe from Bird Flu


Over the last several years, more people have turned to raising chickens at home. But a highly infectious bird flu called Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) has created challenges for backyard growers, already affecting more than 58 million birds nationwide. Recently, Dr. Julie Gauthier, the Assistant Director of Poultry Health at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, participated in a nationwide satellite media tour to discuss the crisis and how their ‘Defend the Flock’ campaign is helping address the issue. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: The U.S. poultry industry is one of the largest in the world and an important sector of our agricultural economy. Disease outbreaks can devastate flocks, impact trade, cause job and financial losses, and affect prices on eggs, prepared poultry, and other staples. The Defend the Flock education program offers free tools and resources to help everyone who handles or works with poultry follow proper biosecurity practices. These practices will help keep your birds healthy and reduce the risk of avian influenza and other infectious diseases. Tips include: · Keep flocks away from open water and wild birds that can carry disease · Separating your poultry from the rest of your property, using only one entry and exit point · Clean regularly and wear dedicated clothes and shoes when tending to your flock · Clean equipment and vehicles with soap and water before and after they are near your flock · Don’t share tools, poultry supplies or equipment with other flock owners · Report sick birds and know the warning signs, including lower egg production, soft-shelled or misshapen eggs, and runny nose, sneezing and trouble breathing. Report any signs of illness or unexplained deaths to your veterinarian, animal health official, or call the USDA at 866-536-7593 For more tips and advice to keep your chickens safe, search online for ‘Defend the Flock’ About Dr. Julie Gauthier Dr. Julie Gauthier is Assistant Director for Poultry Health and a Veterinary Medical Officer at the U.S. Department of Agriculture/APHIS. The doctor is a Veterinary Medicine Prevention Officer for the U.S. Army Reserve where she has served for more than five years. Dr. Gauthier received her Master’s in Public Health from the Yale School of Public Health and her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Michigan State University. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

April 27, 2023 10:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Winners (WNRS) Reports Best Ever Annual Revenue Increase of Almost 400% in 2022 for its Sports Gambling Research, Data, Advice, Analysis and Prediction Services


Winners, Inc. (OTC: WNRS) through its operating subsidiaries provide sports betting enthusiasts with high-quality content, analysis, research, data, and guidance for popular betting sports, reported revenues for the year ending December 31 st, 2022, of $109,080 compared to revenues of $27,483 for the year ending December 31 st, 2022, representing an increase of almost 400%. 2022 was a year testing various marketing initiatives to determine how best to allocate marketing $ to significantly increase revenues in 2023 and beyond. The Financial and Disclosure Statement can be viewed in its entirety at OTC Markets. Recently, Winners (WNRS) reported it had executed a definitive agreement with Horse Races Now (“HRN”), a leading entity in the Horse Racing Industry, and with Next Play Digital (“NPD”), a leading digital marketing agency with expertise in sports betting marketing, content and optimization for the competitive sports betting and gaming sectors to market sportsbook services and opportunities to its database of over 380,000 Users of its Horse-Racing App to expand its handicapping services into this Multi-Billion Dollar industry. The parties shall have a split of fees. Brian Foy, CMO of Winners stated, “After the acquisition of my company The Longshot Report by Winners, football season was just starting, so we had to first lay out and build the proven funnel and foundation all while proving the revenue model. We have been implementing and working on this subscription model for four plus years now, so with experience and historical data it was seamless to implement VegasWinners picks into the funnel. Subscription revenues are continuing to come in daily and we don’t see a stop to them anytime soon.” Wayne Allyn Root, CEO of Winners, stated, "This was our first-ever test of a digital marketing campaign to sell our handicapping advice to sports gamblers. We’ve been a leader in the sports handicapping industry for 38 years. In all that time, we only advertised on television and radio. Today digital marketing is the only cost-effective way to advertise. We purchased The LongShot Report last year. Brian Foy, its CEO, is an expert in digital marketing. We decided to use the four months of NFL 2022 as a test. We tested with a very small amount of money. We were literally shocked by the results. The response to Brian's digital marketing campaign was outstanding. It was beyond our wildest expectations. We spent very little money and received back very favorable sales CPA (“cost per acquisition”) from September to December 2022. And without spending any further money, we produced subscription renewal sales from January through March 2023. And in our off-season (post-March Madness), subscription renewals continue to come in. We've found a winning formula. This fall, we plan to invest substantial money into digital marketing. And we now have a second powerful revenue stream, as we now have signed affiliate revenue-sharing partnerships for sports with many of the biggest names in the casino and sportsbook industry." VegasWinners is a licensed sports gambling affiliate that intends to drive traffic to gaming operators for commission. Currently licensed in several states and awaiting make applications in others, it is the intent of VegasWinners to get licensed in all states that allow online sports gambling. To date, online sports gambling is legal in; Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wyoming and Ontario. Globally, sports betting accounted for US$83.65 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.3% from 2023 to 2030 as reported by Grand View Research. The demand for sports betting is driven by factors such as the major shift in the regulatory landscape of the global gambling sector, the penetration of connected devices, and the developing digital infrastructure. Online sports betting gained popularity during the pandemic due to an upsurge in eSports and similar forms of betting and an increased usage and accessibility of smartphones which accounted for nearly 70% of online betting in 2020 according to a recent survey from Uplatform ABOUT WINNERS, INC. Winners, Inc. (OTC: WNRS) through its subsidiaries is engaged in the business of sports gambling research, data, advice, analysis and predictions utilizing all available media, advertising formats and its database of users. Revenues are expected to accelerate due to the explosion of legalized sports handicapping since the 2018 Supreme Court decision granting States have the right to approve sports. Its Subsidiaries: VegasWinners is a registered sports gambling affiliate that intends to drive traffic to gaming operators for commission and is currently registered in West Virginia, Indiana, Colorado, New Jersey, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and able to operate in New York, Nevada, Mississippi, Wyoming, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana and has made application in several additional states; The LongShot Report is a rapidly growing internet/online subscription-based company that gives advice on sports picks for fantasy and sports betting including football, basketball, baseball, hockey and golf. For more information, please visit websites VegasWinners and The LongShot Report and on Social Media at Twitter. SAFE HARBOR STATEMENT This press release contains forward-looking statements that can be identified by terminology such as "believes," "expects," "potential," "plans," "suggests," "may," "should," "could," "intends," or similar expressions. Many forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual results to be materially different from any future results implied by such statements. These factors include, but are not limited to, our ability to continue to enhance our products and systems to address industry changes, our ability to expand our customer base and retain existing customers, our ability to effectively compete in our market segment, the lack of public information on our company, our ability to raise sufficient capital to fund our business, operations, our ability to continue as a going concern, and a limited public market for our common stock, among other risks. Many factors are difficult to predict accurately and are generally beyond the company's control. Forward-looking statements speak only as to the date they are made, and we do not undertake to update forward-looking statements to reflect circumstances or events that occur after the date the forward-looking statements are made. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: Brian Foy Chief Marketing Officer SOURCE: Winners, Inc. Contact Details Winners, Inc. Company Website

April 27, 2023 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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AmeriLife’s LeadStar Announces Latest Platform Enhancement Backed by RGI Solutions, Combining Best-in-Class Leads Platform with Enterprise-Wide Direct Mail Leads Solution


LeadStar, the proprietary, private leads platform created with and exclusively for AmeriLife -affiliated agents, announced today that it has partnered with data-driven business solutions company RGI Solutions to develop LeadStar Direct, the latest enhancement to LeadStar that will sit alongside its Marketplace platform and deliver agents fully compliant direct mail lead campaigns and a CRM solution. LeadStar Direct, which is slated to be launched later this summer, will initially allow agents to seamlessly order Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Final Expense lead mailers that are tested, fully compliant, and have 100 percent data availability with no territorial blackouts – all in one central location and without having to juggle multiple leads vendors. Leveraging the proven success of RGI Solutions, all lead cards in LeadStar Direct will be continuously tested and optimized to generate the performance required to deliver more sales at a lower cost for agents. Additionally, agents using LeadStar Direct will have access to award-winning customer support should they need it. This support, alongside LeadStar Marketplace’s seamless onboarding for real-time data leads and both inbound and warm-transfer customer calls, will provide agents with the tools they need to start selling quickly and confidently on all channels. “Our agents spoke and we listened, and with both cost and compliance being top of mind today, LeadStar Direct is coming online at the perfect time,” said William DeCourcy, senior vice president of Growth Marketing and Customer Acquisition for AmeriLife and founder of LeadStar. “We’re excited to deliver premier direct mail lead options to agents, through an Amazon-like storefront, which includes competitive pricing, worry-free compliance, and a best-in-class user experience that is the hallmark of the LeadStar platforms.” “We’re thrilled to join forces with LeadStar and AmeriLife to bring this much-needed program to market,” added Nathan Addesa, president of RGI Solutions. “RGI has been longtime partners with a number of AmeriLife’s affiliated companies. This enterprise partnership will drive end-to-end efficiencies and total compliance for everyone in the AmeriLife network.” Launched in October 2022 in partnership with Fluent and SalesRiver (formerly known as Leadrilla), LeadStar Marketplace delivers exclusive, real-time leads as well as inbound and warm-transfer calls – directly to field agents – at the industry’s best prices. With the ability to customize lead volume and types against individual agents’ needs, LeadStar Marketplace empowers agents with unmatched flexibility, reliability and performance to accelerate their sales and grow their businesses. Now, together with LeadStar Direct, agents will have access to one of the best one-stop-shop lead solutions in the market today. “The launch of LeadStar and LeadStar Marketplace was a major milestone not only for AmeriLife’s affiliated agents, but the industry as well,” said Ovi Vitas, Chief Marketing Officer for AmeriLife. “LeadStar Direct is yet another reminder to our partners that we remain laser focused on their needs, working tirelessly to deliver tools and technology that will truly move the needle for the growth of their business.” ### About RGI Solutions With over 40 years of experience, RGI Solutions has helped thousands of clients in the insurance industry. RGI’s focus is to help clients grow their top line revenue. Our innovative cost per lead program generates consistent flows of direct mail leads to agents, carriers and marketing organizations. RGI also helps companies grow thought its Agent Boost solution. This recruitment program cost effectively sources highly qualified agents for our clients. For more information, visit us at About AmeriLife AmeriLife’s strength is its mission: to provide insurance and retirement solutions to help people live longer, healthier lives. In doing so, AmeriLife has become recognized as the leader in developing, marketing, and distributing life and health insurance, annuities and retirement planning solutions to enhance the lives of pre-retirees and retirees across the United States. For more than 50 years, AmeriLife has partnered with top insurance carriers to provide value and quality to customers served through a distribution network of over 300,000 insurance agents and advisors and 120 marketing organizations and insurance agency locations nationwide. For more information, visit, and follow AmeriLife on Facebook and LinkedIn. Contact Details Media Jeff Maldonado +1 321-297-1112 Partnership Inquiries Patrick Nichols +1 727-726-0726 Company Website

April 26, 2023 01:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Unleash Your Inner Adventurer


Are you looking for a vacation destination that offers endless adventure and relaxation? Well, look no further than northeastern North Carolina’s charming lake and river towns. Wit Tuttell, executive director of Visit NC, and Bruce Tyler, co-founder of Weldon Mills Distillery, recently conducted a satellite media tour to talk about the hidden gems and local hotspots that make this region so special. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: With spring in full flow, Visit North Carolina rolls out Dream Big in Small Town NC in the state’s Northeast Lakes & Rivers region, an area dotted with waterside gems, refreshing views and resonant history. Travelers can try their luck with sweepstakes prizing as they follow the Dream Big initiative’s roadmap to under-the-radar destinations that will welcome a boost in visitation and interest in longer stays. “Halifax, Henderson, Tarboro, Warrenton — these towns and others invite travelers to cozy up and connect,” said Wit Tuttell, executive director of Visit North Carolina. “Their appeal is immediate as well as timeless with fresh vitality springing from the big dreams of hometown heroes and newly arrived visionaries. Now is a perfect time for travelers to discover places worth knowing.” Dream Big in Small Town NC, created by the General Assembly as the Rural Tourism Recovery Pilot Program, targets 16 counties at risk for population loss as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative began with a focus on five Scenic Mountain counties and now continues in Edgecombe, Halifax, Vance and Warren counties, whose bodies of water include Kerr Lake, Lake Gaston, and the Tar and Roanoke rivers. The final phase, beginning in June, will zero in on seven Inner Banks counties. Easily reached from exits along Interstates 85 and 95, the Northeast Lakes & Rivers destinations combine distinctive culture with landmark history plus natural beauty and recreation. Start the getaway dream by entering the sweepstakes for a chance to win: · A $1,000 voucher from program partner Airbnb. · Three $100 gift cards for a choice of restaurants, shops and activities. · A $500 gift card from Visit NC to assist with travel expenses. For outdoor lovers, the rivers and lakes create ample reason to explore, Tuttell said. In Henderson, Kerr Lake and its 850 miles of shoreline have a dozen local access points, including eight in a state recreation area known for hiking and birding as well as water activities. At Lake Gaston, between Warrenton and Roanoke Rapids, adventure seekers can sign up for lessons from international wakeboarding champion Adam Fields’ AF Wake. Tarboro visitors can access the scenic Tar River Paddle Trail, and distance paddlers can embark on the Roanoke River State Trail from Weldon. Stunning views of history and nature reward hikers and bikers at Medoc Mountain State Park and on the Roanoke Canal Museum & Trail, which makes loaner bikes available. “There’s joy in these outdoor activities plus a sense of wonder from the historic moments since the time of the Tuscarora,” Tuttell said. “In Halifax, North Carolina became the first colony to call for independence from Britain. Weldon was home to the world’s longest railroad, which played an outsize role in Civil War history. The Roanoke Canal Trail includes stops on the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom. Princeville became one of the first towns in the country chartered by Black residents, and Warren County is recognized as the ‘birthplace of environmental justice’ based on a 1982 protest.” If economic growth has favored urban areas in recent decades, the Lakes & Rivers towns have been fortified by a deep-rooted community spirit and sense of possibility. Ambitious locals who left have returned with big ideas for revitalizing and reinventing the places where they grew up. Homecoming enterprises include Tarboro’s On the Square restaurant and Tarboro Brewing, Halifax’s Hen & the Hog and Halifax Studios, and Littleton’s Blue Jay Bistro, Main Street Wines and Daphne’s Coffee Shop plus the revitalized Lakeland Cultural Arts Center. Near Norlina, Seven Springs Farm & Vineyard opened in 2020 to become a popular spot for music events and wine tastings. Lori Medlin, president and CEO of the Halifax County Convention & Visitors Bureau, cites a pair of entrepreneurs who were inspired to turn a former sleepwear factory in Weldon into a distillery. Almost immediately after opening in 2019, Weldon Mills Distillery gained national attention with its award-winning bourbons and other spirits. The founders of Sylvan Heights Bird Park in Scotland Neck arrived by way of Great Britain. And in nearby Vance County, downtown Henderson attracted an achiever who opened The Eleanor on Belle hotel and a shop called Gear and Beer. “Small towns are best explored at leisure,” Tuttell said. “Between the outdoors and the distinctive downtowns, there’s infinite opportunity to dream big in our Lakes & Rivers destinations.” Dream Big comes with a two-facet approach to economic development: a tourism promotion to infuse revenue into local economies plus appeal to people interested in relocation. As a unit of the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina, Visit NC is coordinating Dream Big with the N.C. Department of Commerce and other private and public entities involved in growing the state’s first-in-talent workforce. Funded with $1.5 million from the American Rescue Plan Act, the initiative has a dedicated presence on, complete with links for job postings in the Scenic Mountains ( Graham, Haywood, Madison, Mitchell and Yancey ) and Inner Banks ( Chowan, Gates, Hertford, Martin, Perquimans, Tyrrell and Washington ) as well as the Northeast Lakes & Rivers. The Dream Big homepage also links to the Airbnb website with content to help travelers plan trips and find short-term rental properties in each region. Beyond the exposure from the satellite media tour and sweepstakes, Dream Big will reach the traveling public via @VisitNC’s social media channels. A digital content creator campaign is bringing selected tastemakers to the destinations to engage followers in the local culture and lifestyle appeal for people interested in a long-term change of scenery. Program partner Airbnb, which is also promoting the campaign on its social media channels, is using its inventory of short-term rental properties to host the content creators. “North Carolina is full of unmatched opportunities for big dreams to take hold,” Tuttell said. “We want people to bring them here and make them real.” · For a quick look at enticements in Dream Big destinations, click here. · Find photos from Dream Big destinations here. About Wit Tuttell Wit Tuttell was named Executive Director of Visit North Carolina in November 2013. He oversees the strategic planning, policy development and marketing initiatives for North Carolina's official state tourism office and the industry sectors it serves. North Carolina's state tourism office, formerly the North Carolina Division of Tourism, Film, and Sports Development, was transferred to the non-profit Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina in October 2014 and renamed Visit North Carolina. Tuttell has been in North Carolina tourism since 2006. During this time, the office has been recognized with numerous national awards for excellence in marketing and advertising. He has served as chair of the board of directors of Travel South USA and serves on the board of the U.S. Travel Association. In 2022, Tuttell was named State Tourism Director of the Year by the National Council of State Tourism Directors. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the tourism industry including working for Universal Studios Florida and the Orlando/Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau Inc. He graduated from the University of Florida and was also a reporter for the Anchorage (Alaska) Times. About Bruce Tyler Attorney Bruce Tyler, a 26-year Army veteran, and Michael Hinderliter opened Weldon Mills Distillery in 2019. Their quest to create a distillery in a historic building with character led them to Weldon, a historic town on the Roanoke River that's known as the “rockfish capital of the world.” Weldon Mills quickly became a regular award winner at competitions, including the East Coast Craft Spirits Awards, the Microliquor Spirit Awards, the SIP Awards and the San Diego International Wine and Spirits Challenge, which named Weldon Mills the Distillery of the Year for 2022. Best known for its bourbons (The All Malt, Reserve, Select and Soldier's Cut, which honors the 82nd Airborne Division and raises money for Gold Star Families), Weldon Mills also crafts vodka, gin, tequila and other spirits. Tyler is vice president of the Distillers Association of North Carolina Board of Directors. About Visit North Carolina: Visit North Carolina is part of the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina. Established in 2014, the EDPNC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that oversees the state's efforts in business and job recruitment and retention, international trade, and tourism, film and sports development. The mission of Visit North Carolina is to unify and lead the state in developing North Carolina as a major destination for leisure travel, group tours, meetings and conventions, sports events and film production. For more information on North Carolina’s destinations and travel assets, go to Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

April 26, 2023 11:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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OYO USA Clocks 48% Growth in Revenue from Bookings on its Own Platforms


Global travel tech company OYO’s US business witnessed a 48% growth in revenue from bookings on its own platform, such as the app, website, mobile web and call centers in Q4 2022 vs same period in 2021. OYO’s app led the growth with a 99% surge in revenue from bookings in Q4 2022 vs same period in 2021. The company had earlier disclosed that its app is the second most downloaded travel app with over 100 million downloads globally. Growth in revenue from bookings via the company’s call centers saw a 59% increase for the same period. Talking about the improved direct demand, Gautam Swaroop, CEO OYO International said, “US is a highly competitive travel & hospitality market. Driving revenue from bookings onto one's own platform and channels is always a demanding task. While bookings through online travel agents such a and play an important role in increasing revenues for our hotel partners, direct demand through OYO’s own platforms leads to better margins for our hoteliers. We have improved direct bookings through simple yet effective measures to bring in operational efficiencies and create a strong business impact. We saw a 3x growth in app conversions and a 2x growth in conversions from the call center using product, price optimizations and by creating operational efficiencies, performance management & better incentive structures in the organization.” Nikhil Heda, Head of Business Development, OYO USA added, “We have focused on things that matter to travelers while planning their stays and improving reach and readability of our communication. As a result, we have seen 1.4X growth in our email opens and 2X growth in click throughs of notifications on our app. This has resulted in a significant improvement in demand via OYO’s own channels. Optimizations such as focusing on the right SEO keyword and improving property reviews on Google have also resulted in improved direct bookings, in turn resulting in substantial savings in OTA commissions for our owners.” Commenting on their experience of working with OYO, Ajay Patel, owner of OYO Hotel Eloy Casa Grande, Arizona said, “We have been seeing 1.5X growth in RevPar from bookings via OYO’s app and call center. Over the last 6 months this has resulted in us paying lower commissions. Typical OTA commissions range anywhere between 15% to 18% and reduced reliance on other channels have helped us save over 50% of the commissions.” OYO offers hotels access to a large base of regular customers through its app and website, and also lists hotels on multiple Online Travel Agents (OTAs) to boost booking demand and, revenue. OYO’s best-in-class Artificial Intelligence-enabled pricing software automatically drives the best booking prices across all channels, based on room type, seasonality and other factors, therefore, enabling such increase in online revenues. Earlier this year OYO said that it is planning to add over 100 hotels in the US in 2023. This is nearly double the number of hotels the company added to its portfolio in 2022. OYO will focus on adding more hotels in the states of Oregon, Washington, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia and Florida. Texas continues to be the largest and fastest growing market for OYO in the US, while it also has sizable concentration of hotels in Oregon, South and North Carolina, Florida & Georgia. In 2022, the company saw a ~23% increase in new hotels added to its portfolio in the US vs 2021. OYO has started offering hotels the flexibility of not having to invest heavily in redoing the hotel to join the OYO platform, something that other budget hotel chains insist on. Therefore, the initial investment to join OYO is minimal. It has been focusing instead on standardizing service led components such as customer support and booking experience. The company helps ensure great experience for customers, with ease of search and a quick booking experience, highly competitive room prices as per market demand patterns, automated tools such as Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots to quickly resolve customer queries, loyalty programmes and easy refund, if needed. OYO’s US operations recently announced that it has outpaced the budget hotel segments growth in per available room revenue (RevPar) with an 18% rise in 2022 vs pre-covid year, 2019. The budget hotel segment in the meanwhile, grew by only 6% in the US. Disclaimer: Oravel Stays Limited is proposing, subject to applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, receipt of requisite approvals, market conditions and other considerations, to make an initial public offering of its equity shares (the “Equity Shares”) and has filed the Draft Red Herring Prospectus (“DRHP”) with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (“SEBI”). The DRHP is available on the website of SEBI at, websites of the Stock Exchanges, i.e., BSE Limited and National Stock Exchange of India Limited at and, respectively, and is available on the websites of the Global Coordinators and Book Running Lead Managers, i.e., Kotak Mahindra Capital Company Limited, J.P. Morgan India Private Limited and Citigroup Global Markets India Private Limited at, and; the websites of the Book Running Lead Managers, i.e., ICICI Securities Limited, Nomura Financial Advisory and Securities (India) Private Limited, JM Financial Limited and Deutsche Equities India Private Limited at,, and, respectively. Investors should note that investment in equity shares involves a high degree of risk and for details relating to the same, refer to the Red Herring Prospectus which may be filed with the Registrar of Companies in the future, including the section titled “Risk Factors”. Potential investors should not rely on the DRHP filed with SEBI for making any investment decision. The Equity Shares offered in the Fresh Issue (as defined in the DRHP) and the Offer for Sale (as defined in the DRHP) have not been and will not be registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”) and, may not be offered or sold within the United States except pursuant to an exemption from, or in a transaction not subject to, the registration requirements of the Securities Act and applicable state securities laws. Accordingly, the Equity Shares are only being offered and sold (i) within the United States only to “qualified institutional buyers” (as defined in Rule 144A under the Securities Act) in transactions exempt from, or not subject to, the registration requirements under the Securities Act, and (ii) outside the United States in offshore transactions in reliance on Regulation S under the Securities Act and pursuant to the applicable laws of the jurisdictions where those offers and sales are made. There will be no public offering of the Equity Shares in the United States. Contact Details Anupriya +91 97911 63065 Company Website

April 26, 2023 09:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Онлайн казино България - Най-добрите онлайн казино сайтове

AM Europe

Увеличаващият се брой сайтове за онлайн казина отразява бързото разрастване на индустрията. Поради широката популярност на онлайн казината, се появиха няколко сайта за измама, за да се възползват от нищо неподозиращи комарджии. Ето защо играчите трябва да знаят признаците на надеждно онлайн казино и за какво да внимават. Това, което следва, е списък с характеристики, които могат да се очакват от легитимен сайт за онлайн хазарт, както и съвети как да ги забележите. TSARS - със своят невероятен дизайн и функции, тази платформа привлича любители на онлайн залозите от целия свят. Посетете уебсайта на това онлайн казино и се убедете сами! CASOO - невероятните анимации и пъстрите цветове на това онлайн казино са нещото, което грабва окото още от влизането в главната страница на платформата. След това можете да се насладите на многото игри и промоции, които тя предлага. SLOTWOLF - това казино е с вълча тематика, като предлага разнообразни функции и промоции. Някои от тях са ВИП оферти, турнири и промоционални игри. AXECASINO - това казино е с викингска тематика и в него ще намерите едни от най-добрите слот и казино игри, предоставени от най-известните разработчици на софтуер. KINGBILLY - това казино е специално предназначено за хората, които искат да са крале на своите залози. Включете се сега и се възползвайте от начален бонус до 5000лв и 250 безплатни завъртания! KAKADUCASINO - това казино взема своето вдъхновение от една от най-красивите и енергични птици, предлагайки на своите играчи непрестанно забавление! CROCOSLOTS - впуснете се в едно незабравимо преживяване в джунглата на този казино сайт, търсейки съкровища и преживявайки невероятни приключения. GUNSBET - Бонус за добре дошли 100% до 300 € + 100 безплатни завъртания N1CASINO - N1 Interactive е онлайн казино сайт, който има обещаващо бъдеще. SLOTHUNTER - Кешбэк за слотове! 15% до 100 евро! Лицензирани онлайн казина в България Всяка платформа за онлайн казино залагания в България трябва да получи лиценз от Националната агенция за приходите съгласно Закона за хазарта в страната. Това показва дали платформата отговаря или не на изискванията на контролните органи във всяка страна и дали разкрива или не своите приходи и разходи. В допълнение, НАП изисква онлайн казиното да отговаря на критериите за определяне съгласно Правилата за отговорни искове, преди да предостави такъв лиценз на оператора. С регулаторния орган може да се свържете незабавно, ако попаднете на платформа, която не посочва ясно, че притежавате лиценз или е един от сайтовете, забранени от агенцията по приходите. НАП не е единственият регулаторен орган, който може да лицензира онлайн казина. Лицензи от Комисията на Кюрасао, Комисията на Гибралтар, Великобритания, Комисията на Канауаке, Комисията на Малта, Комисията на Олдърни и др. също може да бъдат притежавани от платформите за залози. Ако казиното, в което искате да играете, има лиценз от една от тези организации, които са сред най-строгите в бизнеса, тогава можете да играете там с пълно спокойствие. Как да изберете най-доброто онлайн казино в България Разумният избор е по-важен, отколкото бихте си представили, ако искате да се забавлявате в онлайн казино. Как можете да стоите далеч от сайтове, които използват измамни тактики, като лъскави, но в крайна сметка незадоволителни игри и бонуси, за да ви заблудят да се разделите с трудно спечелените пари? Ще разгледаме някои от основните неща, за които трябва да внимавате, за да можете да изберете правилното онлайн казино за вас. Хиляди и хиляди сайтове сега предоставят първокласни онлайн казино услуги благодарение на усилията на огромна мрежа от разработчици на софтуер и утвърдени платформи за онлайн залози. Тези, които харесват тръпката от хазарта, но нямат време или пари да отидат в истинско казино, сега могат да се отдадат на някои от най-добрите казино игри, без да напускат уюта на собствения си дом, благодарение на растежа на онлайн казината. Нека да видим някои от факторите, които ще ви помогнат да разграничите хубавите от лошите казина. Сигурност Безопасността на играчите е една от основните грижи, когато става въпрос за онлайн казина. Именно заради това можете да бъдете сигурни, че казино платформите, които ние ви предлагаме гарантират, че вашите данни са защитени благодарение на използването на последна технология защитни стени и криптиращ софтуер. Разнообразие от игри За да забавлява клиентите си за дълги периоди от време, всяко топ онлайн казино ще има голям избор от слот и казино игри. Най-големите казина на пазара си партнират с най-реномираните разработчици на софтуер, които от своя страна предлагат на играчите най-вълнуващите и иновативни игри от целия свят. Игрите с крупие на живо започват да се появяват заедно с по-конвенционалните казино игри като покер, бакара и слотове, предоставяйки на играчите удобството да играят любимите си игри от всяко място, заедно с истинска казино атмосфера. Те ви позволяват да започнете разговори с крупието и други играчи, обогатявайки усещането, че сте част от играта. Разплащателни методи За да започнете да играете на предпочитаните от вас казино игри, първо трябва да направите депозит. Това става с помощта на различни опции за плащане, предлагани от онлайн казината. Дните на чакане да се направи депозит или теглене са далече отминали, днешните най-добри казина използват авангардна технология, за да гарантират, че клиентите никога не трябва да чакат парите си. Опциите за депозит в най-добрите онлайн казина често включват банкови преводи, кредитни/дебитни карти и електронни портфейли. Има сайтове за онлайн хазарт, които позволяват на играчите да използват криптовалути и NFT както за депозити, така и за тегления, задоволявайки нуждите на ентусиастите на крипто активи. Достъп чрез мобилни устройства За удобство на своите играчи, водещите български онлайн казина предоставят или оптимизирани за мобилни устройства версии на своите уебсайтове, или специални мобилни приложения. Стига да имате достъп до стабилна интернет връзка и мобилно устройство с уеб браузър, можете да играете, когато и където решите. По-голямата част от геймърите сега играят на мобилни устройства, поради което дизайнерите са се погрижили техните игри да са напълно съвместими с всички популярни платформи. Това означава, че да играете, да речем, на телефона си, няма да ви създаде проблеми и няма да усетите никакво неудобство или разлика в качеството или количеството на игрите. Промоционални оферти и бонуси Всевъзможни видове бонуси са налични в повечето онлайн казина. Безплатни завъртания и промоционални оферти за регистрация са само част от многото начини, по които онлайн казино платформите привличат нови играчи. Поради тази причина, този вид промоции често се предлагат от най-популярните онлайн казина. Почти всеки сайт за онлайн казино игри се стреми да предостави изключителни, единствени по рода си оферти, за да се открои от конкуренцията и да привлече повече клиенти. Един от най-добрите бонуси, които можете да откриете на пазара е казино бонус без депозит. Това означава, че веднага щом създадете акаунт в онлайн казиното, вие ще получите безплатни средства в своя акаунт. Изискванията за залог на бонусите в онлайн казината са бърз и лесен начин за оценка на тяхната стойност. Възможно е да има ограничения за това кога и как може да се използва бонус, като максимален брой игри или ограничение на игрите, на които можете да играете, докато е активен бонусът. Добра идея е да научите изискванията за различните бонуси, които едно казино може да предложи, преди да създадете акаунт. Казино бонуси и промоции предлагани от онлайн казината Както вече споменахме, казино бонусите са един от най-често срещаните начини, чрез които онлайн казината привличат нови играчи към своите платформи. Ето защо е много важно да знаете кои са най-добрите видове бонуси и кои от тях ще можете да срещнете в топ онлайн казината. Начален бонус Бонусът за регистрация често идва с допълнителни предимства за играча. Когато играч направи своя първоначален депозит в някои казина, той има право на бонус за добре дошъл или още познат като Начален бонус. Докато някои бонуси от този вид са ограничени до първоначалния депозит, други платформи за хазарт дават няколко бонуса в хода на първите няколко депозита. Можете да получите този вид оферта само веднъж, когато създавате акаунт в определено онлайн казино. Кешбек бонус Един от най-разпространените видове казино бонуси е кешбек бонусът. Тези награди имат за цел да компенсират парите, които играчите губят за определен период от време. Това е подходът на казиното да ви покаже, че ви оценява и иска да ви помогне да започнете да печелите. Процентът, който играчите получават, обикновено се определя предварително и варира от оферта до оферта. Той може да се приложи или към загубената сума по време на игра, или към първоначалния залог. Този бонус, подобно на много други, се предлага в няколко различни варианта. В резултат на това, някои кешбек бонуси могат да ви възстановят неограничена сума пари, докато други ще го направят под формата на бонус средства, които може да са предмет на изисквания за залагане и други условия. Възможно е да има ограничение във времето за наличността на някои оферти. Бонус презареждане Ако сте играли в казиното преди и сте направили депозит, може да имате право на бонус за презареждане. Този бонус е начин казината да благодарят на редовните си играчи, че продължават да играят в сайта им и да използват услугите им. Този вид бонус не изисква от вас да създадете нов акаунт, за да можете да го получите. Софтуер и онлайн казино игри Днес можете да намерите стотици сайтове, които са посветени единствено на онлайн хазарта, и всеки от тях предлага голям избор от казино игри, разработени с най-новите технологии. Тези онлайн казина, които използват водещите разработчици на казино игри са си спечелили солидна репутация сред играчите, като редовно надминават високите си стандарти в обслужването на клиентите и подбора на игри, давайки им най-доброто както от класическия, така и от най-модерния свят на казиното. Нека да се потопим по-нататък в детайлите около най-добрите разработчици на онлайн казино игри. Pragmatic Play Компанията Pragmatic Play, основана през 2015 г., вече се е утвърдила като лидер в своята област. Повече от 250 игри, включително слотове, игри на маса, скреч карти, видео покер и други, са произведени от компанията. Цялата ѝ библиотека от игри е изградена върху предоставянето на единствено по рода си и напълно завладяващо игрово изживяване във всички платформи, с които разработчика работи. Това е важна част от изживяването, което геймърите търсят, поради което игрите са достъпни на всички основни езици и валути, а освен това могат да бъдат играни и на всички мобилни устройства. Също така е добре известно, че Pragmatic Play се ангажира да обслужва регулирани пазари. Комисията по хазарта на Обединеното кралство, Органът по хазарта на Малта и правителството на HM на Гибралтар са само част от престижните регулаторни органи, които са издали на фирмата лицензи за хазарт, което й позволява да работи на над 20 световни пазара. Play’n GO Когато хората мислят за висококачествени казино игри, те веднага се сещат за Play'n GO. Фирмата е активна на пазара от 1997 г., като бързо изгради своето име на пазара за онлайн казино гири. Има много нови и завладяващи слот машини, игри на маса, бинго и игри с фиксирани коефициенти въведени от доставчика оттогава. KISS Reels of Rock, Hugo's Adventure и много други маркови слотове, вдъхновени от живота и кариерите на популярни групи и телевизионни програми, са налични в колекцията на компанията. Play'n GO печели признания от най-престижните институции в индустрията на последователна основа. Многобройни награди бяха присъдени на компанията, включително “Доставчик на годината” на SBC Awards и “Доставчик на годината” в International Gaming Awards. Microgaming С почти 25 години зад гърба си, Microgaming е истински ветеран в игралния бизнес. Фирмата беше новатор в областта на разработката на софтуер за онлайн казина. Microgaming се превърна в носител на множество награди, като продължава да разширява границите на онлайн хазарта със своите нови игри. Казино игрите с виртуална реалност (VR) на Microgaming предоставят на потребителите ново игрово измерение, когато се използват с VR слушалките Oculus Rift. Това печелите на компанията наградата за иновация на годината в цифровите игри на 2015 Global Gaming Awards. Наградата е доказателство за отдадеността на Microgaming към разработването на иновативни нови подходи към казино забавленията. Приложения и мобилни устройства Появата на мобилни устройства направи революция в онлайн казино индустрията. Играчите вече могат да се наслаждават на любимите си игри на всяко устройство, не само на настолни компютри и лаптопи. Индустрията на мобилните казино се разраства с феноменална скорост, тъй като все повече и повече хора харесват удобството, което техните смартфони и таблети им предлагат. С мобилните казина геймърите могат да се наслаждават на любимите си игри бързо и лесно от всяко място и по всяко време. Мобилните казино платформи позволяват на играчите да имат достъп до акаунтите си от всяко място, без да трябва да отделят значителна част от времето си. Това дава възможност на играчите да се насладят на няколко рунда на блекджек или да завъртят барабаните, когато им е удобно. Мобилните казина дават голям избор от игри, бонуси и специални оферти, които карат все повече хора да използват своите мобилни устройства, за да удовлетворят жаждата си за забавления. Изгряващата слава на мобилните казина може да се дължи отчасти на повишената сигурност, която предоставят. Всички данни на играчите и паричните сделки са криптирани с помощта на най-съвременни мерки за сигурност. Това е много важно за всички, които някога са се притеснявали, че парите или самоличността им ще бъдат откраднати, когато играят онлайн казино игри. Ограниченията за сумата, която може да се депозира в мобилните казина, могат да бъдат мощно оръжие в борбата срещу пристрастяването към хазарта. Широкото разпространение на смартфони и таблети също е от решаващо значение за развитието на мобилната казино индустрия. Все повече и повече казина се грижат за мобилните потребители, като предлагат приложения и уеб сайтове, които са оптимизирани за по-малките екрани на мобилните устройства. Мобилните версии на популярни онлайн платформи за залагане в България са популярни сред играчите, тъй като интерфейсът е сравним с този на настолните, а всички игри вървят безпроблемно, без накъсвания или понижаване на качеството. Разплащателни методи в България За да могат да функционират онлайн казината в България те трябва да използват модерни методи за разплащане, чрез които потребителите им да могат бързо, лесно и безпроблемно да депозират и теглят средства. Ето защо ние ще ви посочим едни от най-известните начини, чрез които вие можете безопасно да направите депозит в своя казино акаунт. PayPal PayPal се използва широко в България като средство за захранване на сметки за онлайн залагания. Предоставя почти безкрайни възможности за бизнес сделки, много висококачествени и надеждни услуги, удобство и сигурност на потребителите на онлайн казина. Skrill Skrill е платформа за онлайн плащания и парични преводи, който съществува от 2001 г. Клиентите могат да финансират своите казино портфейли, като използват функциите, които Skrill предлага. В сравнение с други услуги, Skrill се откроява с ниските си транзакции и стабилна надеждност за правене на депозити, тегления и трансфери. Cashterminal В цялата страна има банкомати на Cashterminal, които можете да използвате, за да направите плащане към своя онлайн казино акаунт в определени платформи. Този метод на плащане се приема от по-голямата част от букмейкърите в България. За да направите депозит, просто изберете желания сайт от списъка, въведете идентификационните си данни и потвърдете депозита си. Ако решите да захранвате сметката си в букмейкъра с кеш терминал, средствата ви ще бъдат изпратени незабавно, което означава, че ще можете бързо и безпроблемно да започнете да използвате своят казино акаунт. Поддръжка към клиента в онлайн казината в България Отделите за обслужване на клиенти на онлайн казината са от решаващо значение за техния успех. Тези екипи са там, за да помогнат на играчи, които имат проблеми или въпроси относно определени функции или промоции, налични в онлайн казино платформите. Повечето онлайн казина използват най-новите технологии, когато изработват своите платформи, но това не е гаранция, че няма да се натъкнете на проблем. Когато това стане, потребителите трябва да знаят, че имат достъп до професионалисти, които ще могат незабавно разрешат всеки техен проблем. Ако има някакви въпроси или притеснения, те трябва да бъдат адресирани незабавно. Това е възможно само ако платформата има средствата да поддържа потребителите във всички достъпни канали за комуникация. Чат на живо, имейл и безплатен телефонен номер са най-ефективните начини за комуникация с клиентите. Услугата, която една компания може да предостави на своите клиенти, е значително подобрена от наличието на различни начини за изпращане на запитвания и оплаквания, това дава на клиентите усещане за сигурност и професионално отношение. Сигурността на играчите и техните лични данни Растежът на индустрията за онлайн хазарт е пряко свързан с подобренията в технологиите. Защото без него залагащите не биха могли да залагат или да участват в най-новите казино игри. Изглежда обаче, че тези разработки са помогнали на казината в областта на киберсигурността. Последното нещо, което всяко уважавано онлайн казино иска, е личната информация на клиентите му да попадне в неподходящи ръце. Защитени сървъри, защитни стени и криптиране на данни са трите стълба на сигурността, които всяко уважавано онлайн казино използва, за да защити личната информация на своите клиенти. Заключение За любителите на хазарта, които ценят ефективността или просто нямат толкова много свободно време, появата на онлайн казина е благодат. Този вид залагане ще ви освободи от ограниченията на времето и мястото, позволявайки ви да се насладите на любимите си игри, когато и където решите. Често Задавани Въпроси Кое е най-доброто онлайн казино в България? Що се отнася до онлайн хазарта и спортните залагания в България, препоръчваме Efbet. Сайтът се грижи за тези, които винаги са в движение, като предоставя както мобилно приложение, така и богат избор от спортни залагания. Къде мога да намеря най-новите бонус оферти? Ако искате да сте в крак с всички най-нови отстъпки, безплатни предложения и промоции, можете да се абонирате за нашия сайт. Кое е най-надеждното онлайн казино? Всяко казино, което виждате изброено тук, е щателно проверено и е 100% сигурно и безопасно за игра. Къде мога да намеря най-новите казино игри? Можете да разгледате нашите списъци с най-добрите нови казино игри или да следите предпочитаните от вас разработчици, като посещавате техните уебсайтове. Какви са таксите при теглене на средства от казината в България? Таксите, свързани с извършването на депозити и тегления, варират в зависимост от използвания метод за разплащане. Ето защо е изключително важно да проверите правилата и условията на избрания от вас метод на плащане в допълнение към този на казиното. Кои са най-сигурните методи за разплащане в казината в България? Някои от най-сигурните начини за финансиране на вашата казино сметка в България са банкови преводи или депозити чрез дебитни/кредитни карти. 18+ Contact Details Маргарита Вампирска +359 2 735 7227

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