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Sartorial Pioneer Officine Paladino Aims To Transform The Tailoring Of Menswear Through Sustainability And Digital Solutions

Officine Paladino

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 18 May 2022 - Purveyor of menswear fabrics Officine Paladino is an innovative, contemporary and eco-conscious fabric merchant that aims to inspire and enhance the tailoring experience for the modern man. They do this by curating sustainable high-quality fabrics, as well as offering digital solutions that simplify tailoring for everyone. Founded in 2017, Officine Paladino believes that tailoring and the slow fashion movement can be on trend, versatile and sustainable. They curate high-quality fabrics that weave refined style with versatility and material excellence sourced from accredited mills and farms that practice responsible farming. The fabrics selected are made exclusively with all-natural fibers that minimize the long-term environmental impact. It uses its technical know-how to develop fabrics with innovative high-performance qualities for the modern man. In its latest Eco-Evolution collection, Officine Paladino was one of the first fabric merchants in the world to introduce a crease resistant wool fabric that is both stain and water repellent. According to Vishal Advani, Managing Director of Officine Paladino, "Our vision is simple: Everything Starts with the Fabric. We're all about sustainability in the textile and fashion industry by adopting slow fashion — without a thread of sacrifice to innovation and quality. In fact, our partners must have strong adherence to sustainable practices and environmental care and comply with international guidelines such as REACH." Officine Paladino's sustainable fabric collections are showcased in lookbooks that speak the modern language of menswear today. These lookbooks go beyond the traditional expectations and help consumers visualize the final garment. To make tailoring more approachable, it utilizes digital solutions such as an online Styling Tool that allows users to create a look using any Officine Paladino fabric. This can be shared with their preferred tailor. "We want to redefine tailoring by encouraging customers to think outside the box of what they usually expect from a tailor - such as a classic suit - and expand the idea of made-to-measure and made-to-order to atypical tailoring and other menswear products," said Advani. Officine Paladino has also been favored by icons in menswear including The Bespoke Dudes's Fabio Attanasio and Sartoria Dalcuore. With well-cultivated partnerships among tailors and tailoring-aficionados alike, Officine Paladino aims to showcase the possibility of fashion that stands the test of time via utilizing ethically-sourced, traceable and 100% natural fabrics as well as through digital innovations. Tailors and avid sartorialists can access Officine Paladino's digital lookbooks which offer eagle-eyed trend analysis and stylistic inspiration, while the finer discussions on suiting and sustainable fashion can be discovered on Officine Paladino's Per-Suit blog and newsletter. ABOUT Officine Paladino: Established in 2017, Officine Paladino is Singapore's finest curator of exquisite menswear fabric with innovation in mind and sustainability at heart. Sourcing their fabric from renowned mills in Italy & the UK, Officine Paladino is redefining traditional tailoring with modernity. To date, Officine Paladino is the preferred fabric for Master Tailors from Australia, Canada, Southeast Asia, USA and more. To learn more about its tailoring and distribution network, click here. #OfficinePaladino Contact Details Officine Paladino +65 6935 8186 Company Website

May 18, 2022 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Guide to a Lush Lawn and Bountiful Garden


Lawn and garden season is here, and despite the late start to spring, now is the perfect time to plant and seed for the coming months. Recently, Turf Scientist at Scotts, Phil Dwyer, and Horticulturist at Miracle-Gro, Amy Enfield, participated in a nationwide satellite media tour to discuss their top tips for getting your lawn and garden ready this spring. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: When it comes to lawn care, the key thing is not to wait too long. In most parts of the country, spring has gotten off to a chilly start, but it’s important to not squander these prep weeks. The first thing to do is ask yourself whether you want to grow new grass - whether that is a large area or simply to cover some bare spots in your lawn – or are you simply looking to prevent weeds and have a thicker, healthier lawn overall. That question will help you narrow down what products you should be looking at. There are also several combo products like Scotts Triple Action and Scotts Rapid Grass that can address multiple lawn care needs in one bag. Always remember, lawns love nutrition and need to be fed. Another tip is for people to know the type of grass they have in their yard and a general sense for the condition of the soil. Many products are unique to specific grass types, and you may benefit from a product that enhances the condition of your soil. Finally, if you are planting new grass seed, don’t forget to water daily - it’s the number one mistake homeowners make when growing new grass. As for gardening, it may seem intimidating at first, but with the right products and a little bit of planning, getting beautiful results in your garden is really very simple. In the spring, the first thing to do is walk your garden and flower beds to plot out any new plants and flowers you’d like to add. Take note of how much sunlight touches the different areas you want to plant as sun exposure will really help narrow down your plant selection. Before planting, make sure the quality of the soil is good - whether in an inground flower bed, container, or raised bed. Miracle-Gro has a line of different soils specifically designed for each of these growing environments. And once you’ve planted your garden, don’t forget to feed your plants. As plants grow, they deplete the nutrients in the soil, but Miracle-Gro’s extensive line of plant food will help replenish those nutrients and keep your plants healthy all summer long. You can find more information on and Right now, there is also a limited time promotion running on both websites for 30% off orders over $50, so head over and check it out. About Phil Dwyer: PhD Scotts R&D Lawns Research Principal works to develop new products and ways to help educate homeowners on how to succeed at caring for their lawns. Primary focus at Scotts is on lawn nutrition, disease management, new lawn establishment, water conservation and environmental research. A Graduate from MSU in Turfgrass Management with an MS and PhD in Turfgrass Pathology. About Amy Enfield: PhD Amy has over 25 years of experience in the Lawn & Garden industry. She has a BS and MS in Horticulture from Michigan State University and PhD in Plant & Environmental Sciences from Clemson University. She is responsible for driving live goods research for direct to consumer businesses and specializes in houseplants and succulents Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

May 17, 2022 03:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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BBQ Lovers, Start Your Appetites! Everett and Jones Opening at Graton Resort & Casino

Graton Resort & Casino

Sonoma County’s Graton Resort & Casino announced today that it will open an Everett and Jones Barbeque restaurant in the summer of 2022. It will be the newest addition to the Everett and Jones Barbeque family of restaurants. “Everett and Jones will be a great addition to our diverse family of restaurants,” said Mario Maesano, vice president of marketing of Graton Resort & Casino, the 200-room, 65-acre resort with a full-service gaming experience. “Everett and Jones has long been recognized as one of the top barbecue restaurants in the Bay Area. We are thrilled to welcome them to Graton Resort and Casino.” Renowned for its signature homemade beef links and pork ribs, Everett and Jones started in Oakland with their first location opening at 92nd Avenue. In 1974, Everett and Jones opened a second restaurant on the corner of University and San Pablo Avenues in Berkeley, and a third opened in 1975. Popular dishes include chicken, pork ribs, beef links, beef brisket with side dishes, mac & cheese, BBQ beans, potato salad and green beans. Founder’s story Dorothy Everett started Everett and Jones in Oakland in 1973 with her eight daughters, son and son-in-law, Jones. Dorothy realized if she wanted to get authentic barbeque sauce in the Bay Area, she would need to make it herself. Dorothy and her husband, Cleveland, moved from Alabama to California in 1952 looking for a better life. When Cleveland and Dorothy separated eight years later, Dorothy took care of the children and worked part-time tending a smoke pit at Jenkin’s Bar-B-Que on the famous 7 th Street in West Oakland. She later left Jenkins and became the manager for Flint’s Barbeque. Dorothy borrowed money from her best friend Cora and Harry Mock, of Fair Deal Market to start her own barbecue restaurant, and the first location of Everett and Jones opened. Dorothy named the restaurant after the maiden names of her children. Guide to the Good Life named Everett and Jones one of the top five of the 2022 Best Barbecue Restaurants in San Francisco/Bay Area. Everett and Jones’ “Super Q Barbeque Sauce” is a staple at all three restaurants and available wherever barbecue sauces are sold. About Graton Resort & Casino Located in Sonoma County, Graton Resort & Casino has a commanding presence among the rolling hills of Northern California's wine country. Owned and operated by the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, Graton Resort & Casino features table games, the latest slot machines, upscale and casual dining, plus entertainment options for visitors and locals alike. For more information, please visit ### Contact Details Landis Communications Inc. Brianne Miller +1 650-575-7727 Company Website

May 17, 2022 08:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time

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Introducing NaRaYa and its Sub-Brands: From Humble Beginnings to One of the Most Well-Known Lifestyle Brands in Asia


NaRaYa is a leading lifestyle brand that produces handbags, accessories, clothing and skincare to customers worldwide. The company was founded in 1989 in Bangkok, Thailand, by Mr. Vassilios and his wife, Ms. Wasna Roongsaenthong who started a business trading electrical devices and mechanical gadgets, and then later added textiles and accessories. Over time, NaRaYa's renown grew due to its outstanding craftsmanship and unique designed handbags made from various types of fabrics. NaRaYa is now a fully integrated manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of its products and sub-brands. As of 2022, NaRaYa has established four sub-brands, which include: NaRaYa Silk: Designed clothing and accessories made from silk LaLaMa: Bohemian style clothing and bags NaRaYa Tea Room: Specialty tea shop and light refreshments Darivari: Skincare products. Craftmanship, Quality and Competitive Price NaRaYa has prioritized its manufacturing process, which includes a thorough selection of the best materials for its products, in order to produce a long lasting, quality product. Because of the company's meticulous attention to detail during the production process, NaRaYa products are of excellent quality. NaRaYa has always operated with the same core values, seeking to provide only the best products while adhering to the four principles: Variety, Quality, Value and Versatility. Eco Bag The Simple Bag Travel Bag The Summer Bag Pleated Satin Bag Seamless omni-channel shopping experience both offline and online NaRaYa recognises the importance of offering a seamless shopping experience across numerous touchpoints to its customers. NaRaYa currently sells: in over 15 stores worldwide online through official website and mobile app through other shopping apps like Shopee and LINE MyShop. Supporting the local communities and pursuing a sustainable business NaRaYa’s mission is to grow under the philosophy of creating sustainable Thai products in the global market and are committed to investing in and sourcing sustainable resources to manufacture its products. NaRaYa has always supported various social causes and communities. For over 30 years, NaRaYa has given importance to the development of the well-being of the community through creating job opportunities and generating real income for locals in those communities. NaRaYa’s products are produced by skilled artisans in the provinces, and its purpose is to generate income and economic stability for people in these communities. NaRaYa also aims to present Thai products on a global stage, which creates value and strength for the sustainability of Thai people. ### About NaRaYa NaRaYa is a leading global brand with an extensive portfolio of products including handbags, accessories, clothing, and skincare that appeal to a wide range of customers. Founded in 1989, NaRaYa has grown to become one of the most well-known Thai brands, with over 15 branches worldwide. NaRaYa and its sub-brands are committed to producing high-quality products at affordable prices while also supporting a variety of social causes, local communities, and pursuing a sustainable business to reduce its impact on the environment. For more information about NaRaYa, please visit Contact Details NaRaYa Sakao Praditsuwan +66 66 113 4363 Company Website

May 17, 2022 10:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Kitchen Magic Defines the Hybrid Kitchen

Kitchen Magic

Kitchen Magic outlines the combinations, homeowners are discovering along with the multitude of reasons why a customized hybrid kitchen may be the perfect solution for their next home remodeling project. Top Reasons Why a Hybrid Kitchen Makes Perfect Design Sense Essentially a hybrid kitchen is a design plan that combines both refacing and custom cabinetry. Refacing saves substantially on budget, allowing you to reinvest in other features and upgrades. Additional custom cabinetry or a new island creates valuable additional storage space and that visual change homeowners often want. The new cabinetry added into a hybrid kitchen remodel will perfectly match the refaced, existing cabinet boxes. The result is a highly personalized and transformative kitchen design. This hybrid approach improves the aesthetics and function of a kitchen, while also increasing the property value should you decide to sell down the road. The 2022 cost vs. value report says that a minor kitchen remodel will return 74.7% of the investment Make it personal A hybrid kitchen can include any type of custom-built cabinets, a desk, or a customized display case that matches the refacing cabinets for a unified space. Our design consultants often propose creative ideas for storage solutions, addressing issues you may not have even known you had. A good example of that might be creating a designated storage space for dry goods, spices, cooking essentials, and other everyday items. All of these improvements go a long way in helping you stay organized. How to hybrid Hybrid kitchens are a top trend in Kitchen Magic kitchens, and most homeowners utilize a hybrid design model to one degree or another. Designers do not see that trend slowing since the outcome is a custom solution for every customer. Even with the pandemic in the rear-view mirror, many homeowners still have enhanced storage on their wish lists. We’ve outlined several of the most popular design scenarios for which a homeowner embraces a hybrid design plan: Pass on the peninsula Adding a custom kitchen island instead of a peninsula is more conducive to gatherings. Homeowners with older homes often bid adieu to their kitchen peninsula, as the U-shape is a configuration that tends to "trap" people into a particular prep or dining area. Instead, allow your kitchen design team to create a kitchen island for increased workflow. A kitchen island is also a user-friendly layout for dining and social gatherings. Storage space galore Stock up and add a bank of cabinets, a buffet, a credenza, or a pantry. Copious storage is more critical than ever as remote work and more time at home have become permanent for many. A top request of homeowners is additional storage for dry goods, small appliances, and cooking equipment allowing them to keep stocked up and maintain a high-functioning kitchen. An empty corner can become that creates a personalized focal point for your new kitchen design. Imagine a coffee station, device charging zone, bar area or even a display case as an empty corner becomes your ‘statement’ corner. Working from home A built-in desk offers a welcome addition to working and learning at home. On those days you can avoid the commute, and stay just as functional with an additional work-from-home zone. Reface the existing cabinets and add a custom deck that suits your home office needs. Design details A hybrid kitchen design allows your to claim extra space and even double your existing space with smart storage solutions, Whether you plan to add a pantry, credenza, or a mudroom with cabinets, the sky's the limit with the help of the skilled craftspeople and designers at Kitchen Magic. Up your design game with glass-front cabinets flanked by new pantry cabinets to increase storage and still showcase your new finds. Mix and match colors and textures for a unique design. A woodgrain display cabinet or island can add flair when paired with a white kitchen for a beautiful timeless look. When you're ready At Kitchen Magic, our signature refacing consists of premium North American lumber and solid veneers that set the tone for a quality, functional design. Our custom cabinetry is all USA Made, and hand crafted in our factory in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. To explore how you can transform the way your kitchen looks and functions with a free in-home design consultation. It’s fun, informative, and completely free! Give us a call at 866.437.6147, or click here to schedule your free design consultation with us today! ### ABOUT KITCHEN MAGIC Kitchen Magic is a kitchen remodeling company with headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Nazareth, PA. Kitchen Magic has been family-owned and operated since 1979. Kitchen Magic has transformed nearly 60,000 kitchens using an exclusive cabinet refacing process. Today, Kitchen Magic serves CT, DE, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA, and R.I. Kitchen Magic is recognized by Qualified Remodeler as #1 in kitchen remodeling nationwide eight times, an 11-time Angie's List Super Service Award winner, a 10-time Best of Houzz winner for service & design, and an 8-time winner of The Morning Call's Top Workplace Award Contact Details Kitchen Magic LInda Fennessy +1 866-437-6147 Company Website

May 17, 2022 10:13 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Intus Care Announces Technical Assistance and Consulting Services to Support PACE Programs in Achieving Better Participant and Organizational Outcomes

Intus Care

Intus Care, developer of an innovative predictive analytics platform designed for geriatric health, announced today they now offer Technical Assistance and Consulting (TAC) services. These services are aimed at helping PACE programs achieve growth, streamline operations, improve clinical outcomes, reduce unnecessary service utilization costs, and other functional strategies. Intus Care’s team of leading PACE experts will take a hands-on approach alongside PACE programs’ leadership teams and staff to execute and complete project work plans. Intus Care augments improvement projects with organizational data to assist in identifying valid issues and opportunities within a PACE program. “Everyone at Intus Care is personally invested in PACE’s mission of providing quality care to dual Medicare/Medicaid and special needs participants, and we share a vision with PACE to improve clinical outcomes through data and to grow their unique model of care across the country,” said Robbie Felton, chief executive officer, Intus Care. “We are proud to have cultivated a topnotch team comprised of PACE experts that will work hand-in-hand with our PACE partners to help them develop, optimize, and grow their programs.” PACE North in Traverse City, Michigan, has been one of the first programs to utilize Intus Care’s TAC services. Intus Care’s Chief Strategy Officer, Laura Ferrara, has worked closely with PACE North’s leadership team in preparation for their next CMS audit to facilitate new committees, manage interdisciplinary teams, and leverage data to identify the root causes of high utilization events and mitigate proactively. PACE North assisted five (5) participants who were experiencing recurrent falls to decrease falls by 81% between March and April of 2022 based on updated processes. ( See case study ). “By working with Intus Care, we’ve been able to translate data into actions in order to be more proactive when it comes to protecting at-risk participants,” said Michelle Reardon, quality assurance director, PACE North. “Intus Care’s team have provided us a practical, rather than theoretical, roadmap to success which is highly effective towards achieving better health outcomes for our participants.” Intus Care’s TAC services include (but are not limited to): CMS Audit Preparation, Mock Audit Proposals, and Remediation Quality, Compliance, and Utilization Management Program Development Operational Management and Growth The rollout of TAC services will help PACE programs across the country address organizational issues and implement strategies to incorporate the use of patient data into daily operations. Its technology is currently part of PACE plans in seven (7) states and it has recently entered a Letter of Understanding with the National Pace Association to pursue a strategic partnership. Contact us today to discuss what Intus Care can do for your PACE organization. About Intus Care Intus Care synthesizes data to improve care and reduce hospitalizations for some of the most socially vulnerable and clinically complex patients in today’s healthcare system – senior citizens. The company has created a unique data-driven predictive analytics platform designed for organizations such as PACE programs, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and home care agencies. It easily integrates with existing electronic health records, claims, and financial software to automatically extract and analyze data. By highlighting participant risk and care-focused information, the Intus Care software empowers clinicians, nurses, and other care providers by informing decisions that improve outcomes. Learn more at Contact Details SVM Public Relations Jordan Bouclin and Erika Harris +1 401-490-9700 Company Website

May 17, 2022 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Combatting Planned Obsolescence Trendevice Opens New Stores Across Italy


TrenDevice, a company that sells refurbished phones, tablets, and other devices in retail stores and online, is opening its 3rd store in Rome this month. The company has seen a 147% growth in revenue in Q1 of 2022, and plans to have 6 stores in Italy by the end of the year. In a market where planned obsolescence is the norm, TrenDevice offers a unique sustainable solution. TrenDevice is one of the fastest-growing device refurbishment companies, with a mission to extend the life cycle of high-end hi-tech devices by bridging the gap between manufacturers and consumers. In addition to offering devices to consumers in stores and online, TrenDevice has also recently launched a device rental program for individuals, freelancers, and companies starting at 9,90€ per month. TrenDevice is revolutionizing the device market, offering an alternative to the practices of tech giants like Apple. While these companies base their business on creating new products every year and restricting access to key parts, TrenDevice is working to create a circular economy that puts sustainability at the center of the device market. Their business is seeing results, with more than 100.000 devices sold and over 2.400 tons of CO2 saved. TrenDevice takes care of the whole product lifecycle, providing in-house refurbishment operations done by the company’s specially-trained technicians. They also manage buyback, product testing, stock management, sales support, and all other aspects of the process through their proprietary ERP and CRM solution. TrenDevice was founded by ecommerce veterans Alessandro Palmisano and Antonio Capaldo. The idea for the company was born during a trip to Silicon Valley in 2013, and within the year, revenues were already at 100.000€. In addition to opening additional stores in Italy, they plan to launch e-commerce operations in Belgium in 2022. Contact Details Spriano Communication & Partners, Press Office Fiorella Girardo +39 348 857 7766

May 17, 2022 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Introducing Biebs Brew! The much-anticipated next collab between Justin Bieber and Tim Hortons is a co-created French Vanilla-flavored Cold Brew coffee

Tim Hortons

The wait is almost over – starting June 6, Tim Hortons guests across Canada and the United States can try Justin Bieber’s next Tims-inspired creation! The first part of the Tims x Justin Bieber collab was focused on Justin putting his own spin on his favorite treats at Tim Hortons: bite-sized Timbits donuts. This time, Justin and Tims developed a new twist on what the iconic brand is best known for: brewing the perfect cup of coffee. In product brainstorms with the Tims team for the second collab, Justin shared that he prefers his coffee on ice, which led to working on a new flavor of Tim Hortons Cold Brew, which is made with 100 percent premium Arabica beans and is steeped for 16 hours to enhance the bold and smooth flavor. Also inspired by a slight sweet tooth and his love for hints of delicious vanilla flavoring in his coffee, Justin and our beverage innovation team developed a creamy French Vanilla flavor to go with our Cold Brew. Biebs Brew is the perfect blend of those two beloved Tims flavors. "We couldn't stop at Timbiebs, we needed a Biebs Brew too. And we are bringing both to Tims next month,” said Justin. "Doing a Tim Hortons collab had always been a dream of mine. I grew up on Tim Hortons and it's always been something close to my heart." All three Timbiebs flavors – Chocolate White Fudge, Sour Cream Chocolate Chip, and Birthday Cake Waffle flavors – will return to Tims restaurants in Canada and the United States along with Biebs Brew on June 6. Guests in the US can get a $5 Biebs Bundle*: a large Biebs Brew and a 10-pack of Timbiebs for $5 when ordered through the Tims app. In the US, Tims restaurants will also be bringing back limited quantities of Timbiebs merchandise for guests, including the beanie, fanny pack, and tote bag that were developed in collaboration with Justin. When guests buy any Tims x Justin Bieber merch they get 50% off a second item**. “Timbiebs was a huge success – truly beyond all of our expectations – and what made it so great was the authenticity of the partnership,” said Hope Bagozzi, Chief Marketing Officer for Tim Hortons. “Even before the Timbiebs collaboration, Justin had often shared with fans how he’d grown up with Tim Hortons and was obsessed with the brand. His commitment to working with us to develop a natural and authentic twist on the Tims experience is what made Timbiebs a hit and we know guests are going to love Biebs Brew and his take on Tims Cold Brew.” * No substitutions. Valid on bundle only, if items are added à la carte, promotional price will not apply. Ends 7/5/22. Add'l terms apply: ** Buy 1 item at reg. price, get 1 for 50% off, while supplies last. No substitutions. Tax extra. Cannot be combined w/ any other offer, including food & beverage offers. Not valid on digital orders. “Justin Bieber” and “Biebs” are trademarks of Bieber Time Holdings, LLC. TM & © Tim Hortons, 2022. About Tim Hortons Tim Hortons® is one of North America's largest restaurant chains operating in the quick service segment. Founded as a single location in Canada in 1964, Tim Hortons appeals to a broad range of guest tastes, with a menu that includes premium coffee, hot and cold specialty drinks (including lattes, cappuccinos, espresso, teas and our famous Iced Capp® beverages), fresh baked goods, hot breakfast sandwiches, breakfast snacking items, and other food products. Tim Hortons has more than 4,800 system wide restaurants located in Canada, the United States and around the world. More information about the company is available at Contact Details Alison Brod Marketing & Communications Adrianna Lauricella Company Website

May 17, 2022 04:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Steve Weber Reflects on 30 Years in Business As Minuteman Press Franchise Owner in Norwich, CT

Minuteman Press International Inc

Located at 595 W. Main Street, Minuteman Press in Norwich, Connecticut first opened in August 1992. Owner Steve Weber shares the following insights and advice as he reflects on celebrating 30 years in business: “I guess looking at it from the outside 30 years is quite an accomplishment, especially when you realize I was 40 years old when we started. I think that this milestone means it is almost time to retire. Our success can be attributed to a number of things. For the first 25 years, my wife and partner Gail helped grow the business and keep me on track. Since she has retired, I think our continued success can be attributed to surrounding myself with the best people as well as giving excellent customer service and evolving our business to meet the times. Our equipment and services have definitely evolved. Several years ago, we became an all-digital shop. We have invested in the equipment needed to provide excellent quality with the quick turnaround time our customers expect. We also have great suppliers who can provide old school offset printing when the job calls for it. We have expanded into the ad specialty market and learned the specifics of selling clothing. We have also invested in mailing equipment. This has been an excellent complement to our printing. We never sell a large printing job without asking, ‘What are you doing with this printing?’ Often, the answer has been we are mailing it. Providing mailing has earned us many new customers. Our community is relatively rural. We do not have any trade binderies to help support our business. To that end we have invested in our own bindery. We have a collator / booklet maker, as well as a perfect binder and a small die cutting unit. To complement the mailing services, we also have a folder inserter. We do over 100,000 business cards per month so we added a slitter cutter to automate that service. The machine is relatively slow but we have nicknamed it ‘set it and forget it.’ The person in bindery can set it up and do another job while it is running. We are proof that ‘print is dead’ is not truthful. Our customers still want business cards to hand out and annual reports to distribute. We also work with many nonprofits who have learned that the best return on fundraising is by mailing the information. Email just does not work to this end. Minuteman Press International has guided us every step of the way. From our first meeting with Roy Titus to now working with Nick Titus, we always feel comfortable. We have been fortunate to have Ron Rubin as our New England Regional Vice President. His wisdom and guidance have kept me focused on the goal of success. The proprietary software we used originally developed by Minuteman Press has also evolved. The current FLEX management software has been a great help especially when training employees in our company. We have been fortunate over the years to introduce more than a few other people into the Minuteman Press system. Our son Michael and his wife Lindsey now have 3 Minuteman Press locations of their own in Enfield, CT, Springfield, MA, and Brattleboro, VT. We did a mailing a number of years ago to the printers in our area. We have been able to acquire four different independent businesses who were competitors. It creates a win/win because the owners are typically retiring and they know their clients will be left in good hands. Lastly, this is not a business for an absentee owner. You must work in your business to succeed. After 30 years, I no longer work 50 hours/week, but I am still involved. My staff now does the heavy lifting but when we are bidding a large project, I appreciate them reaching out to me to utilize my years of experience.” For more information on Minuteman Press in Norwich, CT, visit Learn more about #1 rated Minuteman Press franchise opportunities at Contact Details Minuteman Press International Chris Biscuiti +1 631-249-1370 Company Website

May 16, 2022 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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