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Playmaker Named One of the Best Employers in Sports by Front Office Sports


Playmaker, a leading social media sports and entertainment content platform, was included on Front Office Sports’ 2022 Best Employers in Sports list. The list recognizes companies across the sports industry who exhibit strong leadership, as well as a commitment to diversity and inclusion, employee wellbeing and philanthropy. Playmaker became the first social media-based content platform to receive the honor since TwitterSports was included on the inaugural list in 2019. Despite a series of market challenges brought on throughout 2022, Playmaker’s year was highlighted by strong growth across several key areas of the business. The rising sports media platform saw a 300% jump in year-over-year revenue anchored by significant growth across its 30 social media channels, reaching more than 18 million followers and gaining new strategic partnerships with companies such as Pepsi, PointsBet and No House Advantage. Playmaker supported its financial growth by investing in people — specifically operational, marketing and financial employees — as well as new popular and emerging content creators such as Adam Garfield, Cam Smith and Nyrie Iskandarian. This expansion of talent brought Playmaker’s headcount from 12 to 60 in 2022 – a 400% increase. “Putting our team in a position to both have a great time and thrive professionally has been a priority of Playmaker’s since our inception in 2018,” said Playmaker CEO Brandon Harris. “Empowering employee innovation, creativity and freedom enabled us to post our most successful year to date. The value in this type of constructive work environment is underscored not only by positive results, but also our staggering employee retention rate of 95%. We’re looking forward to capitalizing on the momentum we’ve created for ourselves and providing a new perspective on how sports fans engage with content in the future.” Front Office Sports established its annual list in an effort to recognize premier organizations across the burgeoning sports industry that are doing the best for their employees. Winners are selected following an application process analyzing employee sentiment in response to a set of open-ended questions designed to uncover how employees truly feel about their employer. Notable previous winners of the Front Office Sports Best Employers in Sports Award include: the Denver Broncos, Charlotte Hornets, LaLiga, Opendorse and Tipico, among others. About Playmaker Founded in 2018, Playmaker is a new-age media, talent & merchandise company. The company currently influences more than 18 million followers across its social media, 50+ athletes under management and more than 20 original shows on Snap Discover. In addition to its flagship sports content, Playmaker operates independent branded verticals including betting, entertainment, basketball and esports. For more information, please visit Playmaker’s official website. Contact Details HPL Digital Sport for Playmaker Alex Shapiro +1 732-770-9395 Company Website

December 19, 2022 12:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Why New Year's Resolutions Fail

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Studies show that by February, 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions have been abandoned. So how do you make sure yours are among the 20 percent that are kept longer than a couple of months? Psychologists say it’s important to focus not on the goal but on the process of change. New Year’s resolutions often fail because they encourage a goal-oriented, rather than a process-oriented approach. It’s not about achieving a single goal, it’s about developing a habit or set of habits that result in the desired goal(s). “The process of change starts with understanding that a behavior is producing negative consequences,” says Dr. Michele Nealon, Psy.D., President of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. “Then comes the internal negotiation—evaluating the pros and cons of changing. When you decide to change, then comes preparation, and this is critical—set yourself up for success.” “Next, decide your action steps and how you plan to maintain or modify these steps over time,” she adds. “Finally, plan for falling off the wagon—and get right back on track.” According to Dr. Nealon, this process can take weeks or months, so that is another reason why New Year’s resolutions often don’t work. “It’s difficult to wake up one day and suddenly decide you will change a long-held habit or practice,” she says. “Better to give yourself some time to think over the entire process and make sure that you are committed to change." She offers five tips for increasing chances of successful change include: Make change actionable and measurable Create a plan for incremental change; taking small steps to start Challenge yourself to be accountable or find an accountability partner Be forgiving; when you inevitably fall off the wagon, get back up About The Chicago School of Professional Psychology: Integrating theory with hands-on experience, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology provides education rooted in a commitment to innovation, service, and community for thousands of diverse students across the United States and globally. Founded in 1979, the nonprofit, regionally accredited university now features campuses in iconic locations across the country (Chicago, Southern California, Washington, D.C., New Orleans, Dallas) and online. To spark positive change in the world where it matters most, The Chicago School has continued to expand its educational offerings beyond the field of psychology to offer more than 30 degrees and certificates in the professional fields of health services, education, counseling, business, and more. Through its engaged professional model of education, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and an extensive network of domestic and international professional partnerships, The Chicago School’s students receive real-world training opportunities that reflect their future careers. The Chicago School is proud to be a part of TCS Education System, a nonprofit, integrated system of colleges and universities that works collaboratively to advance student success and community impact. To learn more, visit Contact Details Vivien Hao +1 323-893-4743

December 19, 2022 09:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

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Where Will Odell Beckham Jr Sign - Former Giants WR Weighs In


David Tyree, the former wide receiver for the New York Giants, has offered his opinion on whether Odell Beckham Jr will return to his former team. Beckham JR has been given the green light to return after recovering from an ACL injury incurred during his Super Bowl-winning performance for the Los Angeles Rams in 2022. There is much speculation about whether Beckham Jr will return to the Rams, the Giants, or sign with the Dallas Cowboys. Speaking to, Tyree stated, “I do believe he’s going to come back [to The Giants]”, adding that he will likely stick around for “a few great years because he’s that immensely talented.” Beckham Jr was first drafted by the Giants in 2014 and played with the team until 2018 before he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns. Tyree was working for the Giants in the player development team during this period, so he has intimate knowledge of Beckham Jr’s potential. Tyree has also decried the frenzy surrounding Beckham Jr’s return and potential singing. “It kind of sucks that there was this media skirmish, and this is the time to avoid any kind of distraction… He’s just positioned himself so well in his run with The Rams and he deserves this opportunity.” Beckham Jr has admitted that he’s been in contact with the Giants, the Rams, the Bills, and the Packers about potential deals. As hopes for The Rams’ playoff contention slip away, speculation seems to favor either a Giants return or Cowboys signing. Both teams offer appealing prospects to the star wide receiver. While the Cowboys' current offense is satisfactory, it isn’t exactly inspiring. However, the Cowboy's defense is one of the best in the league, with the best pass-rush grade and a high coverage grade. If Beckham Jr wants to secure another Super Bowl ring, the Cowboys could be a legitimate option. The Giants too have been performing strongly this season, though Beckham Jr's history with the team may be enough to inspire a return. He would undoubtedly add plenty of value to the team’s flagging offense, and a high-figure contract may be enough to lure him back in. In any case, David Tyree has acknowledged that a return after his injury may still bring challenges for the player. “It’s not another easy decision coming off ACL, right? It’s like it’s the dream homecoming, but it’s not as easy as you would like it to be when you look at where The Giants are capitalized.” Tyree Discusses “Best Catch” Comparisons In the same interview, David Tyree discussed the differences between his iconic helmet catch for the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII and the one-handed catch by Beckham Jr in 2015. Tyree’s catch took place within the last two minutes of the Super Bowl game and would lead to a match-winning touchdown. It would be one of the biggest NFL upsets in history and ended a 19-game winning streak for the New England Patriots. When quizzed on whose catch was better, Tyree said “I don’t think there’s a better,” but that “it’s almost not comparable.” Tyree surmised that his catch was the more significant of the two, as it led to a Super Bowl win. Contact Details Patrick Humphrey +44 7450 292577 Company Website

December 19, 2022 11:30 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Daniel Jones Deserves a New Deal – Former Giant & ‘Helmet Catch’ WR Speaks Up


David Tyree, the former wide receiver for the New York Giants, has shared his opinion that current Giants quarterback Daniel Jones should be offered another contract. Although Tyree admits that it will be a complex decision to make, Jones has certainly “earned the right to another opportunity.” In his interview with, Tyree highlighted Jones’ recent season as indicating a valuable talent. Speaking of his achievements on the field this year, he said that the coaching staff is likely to have noticed that “we can trust [him to deliver] … and I think that’s a tribute to him.” He also noted that despite not getting a fifth-year option, Jones “performed when the pressure was on, with a team and a coach that believes in him.” The 2022 season marked the fourth and final year of Jones’ rookie quarterback contract. If the team were to extend the option, his contract would be worth around $23 million. Depending on his performance at the end of this season, Jones may still be offered a long-term deal. A contract would then cost the team roughly $30 million. As of December 20, 2022, he has made 57 touchdowns for the Giants since being signed in 2019. Jones’ future will be decided in large part by head coach Brian Daboll. According to Tyree, Jones has led what is the Giants’ “dismal” offense, and that outside of him, “there is not a lot of talent around that offense in a lot of different positions.” That said, Tyree acknowledged that the Giants have had to overcome “so many injuries…. It’s a miracle that they’re still sitting at six and three… The offensive line wasn’t even supposed to be playing as well as they played, and they still endured injuries. They should just give Brian Daboll the award at this point.” Daniel Jones’ 2022 Performance So Far As 2022 draws to a close, the Giants' chances of appearing in the playoffs are closer to becoming reality. After the team beat the Washington Commanders 20-12, the Giants need only to win one more of their next three games. This victory ended a four-game losing streak for the Giants. One of the biggest surprises was the performance of Daniel Jones. Jones has previously struggled in prime-time games for the Giants, with the team losing their last 11 prime-time games. A more consistent and considered performance saw Jones master an impressive touchdown drive in the second quarter. This will hopefully be a return to form for Jones after a spotty run of performances in recent weeks. His first nine games were lauded for being highly efficient, with a marked increase in care for the ball this year than in his previous three seasons. In his first nine games, Jones tossed only two interceptions in 237 throws, an impressive feat shared only by Tom Brady. Although it looks as though Jones' prospects for an extended contract are likely, it’s possible that this will be denied if the Giants don’t make it to the playoffs. Whether the Giants can achieve this, David Tyree is hopeful. “I think they can get in as a wild card, my Giants. But… they have to pull off miracles’ week in and week out to get a win, and with the roster thinned out, it gets tough.” Nevertheless, Tyree remains loyal to his former team. “Go Giants always. I’ll pick them to win eight, nine times out of ten. Contact Details Patrick Humphrey +44 7450 292577 Company Website

December 19, 2022 10:58 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Travel Technology Association Files Comments with U.S. Department of Transportation on Airline Ticket Refunds and Consumer Protections

Travel Tech

The Travel Technology Association (Travel Tech), the voice of the travel technology industry and a consistent advocate for public policy that supports a competitive and transparent marketplace, filed comments today in response to the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on “Airline Ticket Refunds and Consumer Protections,” – Docket No. DOT-OST-2022-0089. "On behalf of consumers and our member companies that serve them, the Travel Technology Association is proud to stand with the U.S. Department of Transportation in assuring once and for all that airline travelers are made whole when their flights are canceled,” said Travel Tech President and CEO Laura Chadwick. “You get what you pay for, and when you don't, you should get your money back." "We welcome the Department's decision to define what constitutes a ‘canceled flight’ and ‘significant change to flight itinerary.’ These definitions will bring much-needed uniformity and clarity to what have been fraught and stressful experiences for travelers facing weather or airline staffing issues," Chadwick continued. "Great customer service, whether before, during, or after a trip, is key to the value Travel Tech members offer. These definitions will help online travel agents better support their customers navigating frustrating flight cancellations and the labyrinth of airline customer service systems." The Travel Technology Association’s full comments may be viewed at: In its comments, the Travel Technology Association explains that ticket agents are already bound to issue refunds “promptly” after airlines provide the authorization and funds to do so. In its draft rule, the Department proposes that customers receive refunds within seven days. However, it takes up to eleven days to secure refunds from airlines' payment and refund systems. "To require refunds before the funds are returned by the airline – as the proposed rule currently demands – would impose an undue financial burden and risk on ticket agents. We encourage the Department to revise this part of its proposal to reflect that airlines’ payment and refund systems are beyond the control of ticket agents.” ### About Travel Tech The Travel Technology Association (Travel Tech) is the voice of the travel technology industry, advocating for public policy that promotes transparency and competition in the marketplace to encourage innovation and preserve consumer choice. Travel Tech represents the leading innovators in travel technology, including global distribution systems, online travel agencies and metasearch companies, travel management companies, and short-term rental platforms. To schedule an interview with a Travel Tech spokesperson, contact Dan Rene of kglobal at 202-329-8357 or Contact Details kglobal Dan Rene +1 202-329-8357 Company Website

December 19, 2022 10:15 AM Eastern Standard Time

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CleverTap appoints Satyadeep Mishra as Chief Human Resources Officer


CleverTap, the World's #1 Retention Cloud today announced the appointment of Satyadeep Mishra as their new Chief Human Resources Officer. He joins from the hospitality-technology platform, OYO where he worked as the Chief Human Resources Officer for its technology, product, global functions and international markets teams. With over two decades of experience working with the likes of Jio, Barclays and Bajaj Finserv among others, Satya brings with him a demonstrable history of leading teams and conceptualizing innovative HR strategies across domains of talent acquisition, training & development, and performance management. He also played a pivotal role in the transformational growth journey of Jio’s core telecom and digital initiatives. “We are excited to have Satya onboard. Having nurtured some of the industry’s leading experts, quality talent has always been a top priority for CleverTap. And with Satya’s immense experience, I have no doubt that he will lead our People Strategy and continue to build on our culture which puts employees first, as we go from strength to strength in our journey as global MarTech leaders”, said Sidharth Malik, Chief Executive Officer, CleverTap. “It's an absolute pleasure to be part of such a dynamic and exuberant team. The growth of CleverTap over the past few years is a testament to the capabilities and dedication of everybody involved with the team. The roles that HR functions play, not just in people strategy, but even in business, have become significant for more companies, especially within the era of work from anywhere. I am elated to be working with like-minded individuals that understand the importance of retaining and nurturing bright talent. I am confident that together, we can scale new heights and break conventional barriers while creating value not only for our customers but also for our employees the world over”, said Satyadeep Mishra, Chief Human Resource Officer, CleverTap. About CleverTap CleverTap is the World's #1 Retention Cloud that helps app-first brands personalize and optimize all consumer touch points to improve user engagement, retention, and life-time value. It's the only solution built to address the needs of retention and growth teams, with audience analytics, deep-segmentation, multi-channel engagement, product recommendations, and automation in one unified product.The platform is powered by TesseractDB™ - world’s first purpose-built database for customer engagement, offering both speed and economies of scale. CleverTap is trusted by 1500 customers, including Gojek, ShopX, Electronic Arts, TED, English Premier League, TD Bank, Carousell, AirAsia, Papa John’s, and Tesco. Backed by leading investors such as Sequoia India, Tiger Global, Accel, and CDPQ the company is headquartered in Mountain View, California, with presence in San Francisco, New York, São Paulo, Bogota, London, Amsterdam, Sofia, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, and Jakarta. For more information, visit or follow on LinkedIn and Twitter. Forward-Looking Statements Some of the statements in this press release may represent CleverTap's belief in connection with future events and may be forward-looking statements, or statements of future expectations based on currently available information. CleverTap cautions that such statements are naturally subject to risks and uncertainties that could result in the actual outcome being absolutely different from the results anticipated by the statements mentioned in the press release.Factors such as the development of general economic conditions affecting our business, future market conditions, our ability to maintain cost advantages, uncertainty with respect to earnings, corporate actions, client concentration, reduced demand, liability or damages in our service contracts, unusual catastrophic loss events, war, political instability, changes in government policies or laws, legal restrictions impacting our business, impact of pandemic, epidemic, any natural calamity and other factors that are naturally beyond our control, changes in the capital markets and other circumstances may cause the actual events or results to be materially different, from those anticipated by such statements. CleverTap does not make any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness or updated or revised status of such statements. Therefore, in no case whatsoever will CleverTap and its affiliate companies be liable to anyone for any decision made or action taken in conjunction Contact Details Sony Shetty Company Website

December 19, 2022 07:59 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Giving the Gift of Home Services


The last few years have changed the value we put in our homes and how we see our homes as we spend more time there. And fittingly homeowners have taken on a lot of work to make their homes better suited to them. Recently, Angie Hicks, Chief Customer Officer of Home Services at Angi and Co-Founder of Angie’s List, participated in a nationwide satellite media tour to discuss giving the gift of home services. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: According to Angi’s new State of Home Spending report, the top improvement projects completed in 2022 by American homeowners were: Painted an interior space - 33.6%; Remodeled a bathroom - 28.9%; Installed new flooring - 27.8%; Installed a smart home device - 22.9%; Painted/stained home exterior - 22.9%; Remodeled a kitchen - 21.4%; Installed new landscaping - 20.0%; Added/replaced windows - 18.2%; Repaired a roof - 18.1% In addition to all of that remodeling and improvement work, 38% of US homeowners completed routine home maintenance. These projects include tasks like landscaping, yard work, interior cleaning, gutter cleaning, window washing and more. This holiday season, people will be looking for cost effective gifts and gifting home projects is a great way to stay on budget and show your friends and family how much you care. In fact, from a recent study by Beyond Finance, 4 out of 5 people said inflation has affected their holiday spending plans, with 53% saying they plan on buying fewer or less expensive gifts. Taking on projects, either DIY or by hiring a pro is like self-care for your home and this holiday season is a perfect time to gift that care. With budget on the brain, here are a few great DIY home projects. Lawn care - gift your family or loved ones bi-monthly lawn mowing, repaint a space, plant a garden, tackle some existing projects. You can also hire a pro to come in and complete some work too. A great gift would be to hire a cleaner following the holidays to start the year with a clean home or hire a handyman for a few hours to tackle that honey-do list. Or if you are looking for an easy gift for that homeowner friend or relative who always seems to be doing work, the gift of Angi Key, our membership program, is perfect. At $30 a year, this membership program not only offers a discount on services booked through Angi, but also comes with an Angi Home Specialist, a dedicated advisor to help with any home needs. For more information, visit About Angie Hicks Since 1995, Angie Hicks has been dedicated to helping consumers get the real scoop on local service companies and health providers. Inspired by the frustrations her co-founder had trying to find reliable contractors in suburban Columbus, Ohio, she started Angie's List 'now Angi' to help homeowners find who they should hire and who they should avoid. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

December 16, 2022 01:43 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Preparing the next generation of nurses highlighted in PATIENT SAFETY

Patient Safety Authority

The nursing field offers huge career opportunities. But with a critical nursing shortage and new complexities for those entering the profession, how can we ensure the next generation of nurses can handle whatever might come their way? What does it take to successfully transition them from classroom into practice? These are some of the questions addressed in the December issue of PATIENT SAFETY. “We need to prepare our nurses to learn in a new way and adapt how they make decisions, even at the bedside,” says Cedar Crest College senior instructor Eileen Fruchtl, MSN. She explores issues such as simulation technology, testing for decision making, core curricula and the expanding roles of nurses in the article, Onward and Upward: The Future of Nursing Education. “Most people don’t see the complexity of what a nurse does at the bedside, what they have to have in their knowledge base to keep patients safe,” she says. “The core curriculum integrates things that didn’t even exist years ago—like informatics. We see a lot more in politics and advocacy, leadership and management, and communities.” Fruchtl explains that nurses drive the healthcare system through their work in policy making, insurance, education, and in the community. “A lot of students don’t realize the extent of the opportunities they’ll have.” Transitioning students from academia into safe practice is the subject of another article based on a study conducted by faculty at Commonwealth University, Bloomsburg Campus, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Nursing and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Their research revealed new nurses’ challenges including lack of skill dexterity, absence of mentors, and imposter syndrome. Enhancing academic curriculum, cooperative efforts between practice nurses and faculty, and improving nurse residency programs can narrow the academic practice gap, the authors conclude. Other topics in this issue of PATIENT SAFETY include: How a peer support program improves care for all – Jefferson Health’s RISE program is a psychological first-aid, peer-support team for distressed healthcare workers and providers in the immediate wake of a stressful or traumatic workplace event. Jefferson’s program leads, John Olsen and Dr. Scott Cowan, explain the program’s genesis, its positive impact, and how it can be replicated in other institutions. An inside look to healthcare in prison – Erica Benning, Bureau of Healthcare director for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PA DOC), discusses healthcare delivery for almost 40,000 incarcerated individuals: what can be done in-house, how her team handles inmates with mental illness, their COVID response, and more. PATIENT SAFETY is the peer-reviewed journal of the Patient Safety Authority. A scientific publication, PATIENT SAFETY humanizes patient harm with stories, opinion pieces, and magazine-quality design. It has a readership of more than 45,000 people in 164 countries. About PSA Established under the Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error (MCARE) Act of 2002, the PSA, an independent state agency, collects and analyzes patient safety data to improve safety outcomes and help prevent patient harm. Contact Details Bev Volpe +1 609-230-4696 Company Website

December 16, 2022 12:52 PM Eastern Standard Time

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SWMBRD Sports announces company has started mass production of its proprietary Swimboard

SWMBRD Sports Inc

Contact Details Proactive Canada Proactive Canada +1 604-688-8158

December 16, 2022 07:30 AM Pacific Standard Time

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