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SPARK Microsystems Releases 4K Mouse Reference Design for Wireless Gaming Applications

SPARK Microsystems

SPARK Microsystems, a Canadian fabless semiconductor company specializing in next-generation ultra-wideband (UWB), today announces the availability of its 4K gaming mouse reference design, supporting polling rates up to 4,000 Hz. The project is built with SPARK Microsystems’ software development kit, which allows users to configure and use synchronized wireless links between devices leveraging SPARK’s UWB wireless transceivers. “The SPARK 4K gaming mouse reference design signifies another advancement in our effort to proliferate our products using the unique SPARK UWB technology and support fast time to market for a wide range of gaming applications,” said Frederic Nabki, Co-Founder and CTO, SPARK Microsystems. “Unlike traditional wireless technologies, the ultra-low latency of SPARK UWB enables responsiveness on par with wired controllers and extended play and charge time, allowing gamers to enjoy truly wireless gaming without sacrificing their competitive edge.” In addition to best-in-class specifications, the 4K gaming mouse reference design offers several key features to simplify and accelerate development of a complete wireless mouse: Complete hardware design and schematics for mouse, antenna and USB dongle Software implementation based on latest SPARK SDK and mouse application using NXP LPC55 MCU Wireless link latency of 250 micro-second at 4000 Hz polling rate Required mouse features such as low power business mode, guaranteed delivery of packets for buttons, back-channel for LED data to mouse, concurrency and fallback modes Wireless channel setup and functions including pairing, link configuration and data packet configuration SPARK is offering demos of its 4K gaming mouse throughout CES 2023. The 4K mouse demo will show the high polling rate, low latency, and low power capabilities of SPARK’s UWB technology for wireless gaming devices. SPARK is also demonstrating the low latency, low power, and high data rates of its UWB technology in a variety of other applications, including: Uncompressed 96KSps high quality audio headset reference design Technology demonstration of wireless UWB capabilities including wireless video and multi-channel synchronization of wireless data streams Ultra-low power ranging and proximity detection Ultra-low power IoT sensors UBITO Energy Harvesting Sensor Module using an ultra-low power SPARK transceiver About SPARK Microsystems​ SPARK Microsystems is a fabless semiconductor company that is leading the way towards ultra-low power wireless communications for consumer and IoT-connected devices. With its patented technologies, SPARK Microsystems is bringing to market a high-performance wireless transceiver that allows for orders of magnitude improved power consumption, latency and more accurate ranging and positioning, while providing higher data rates than competing technologies. ​For more information, please visit​ Contact Details Jenna Beaucage +1 508-340-6851 Company Website

December 20, 2022 11:28 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Helmet Catch Hero David Tyree on Tom Brady: His Ability is “Insane”


David Tyree, the former wideout for the New York Giants, has spoken about his former rival Tom Brady in the lead-up to the 15-year anniversary of their iconic showdown. The Super Bowl XLII game would see the New England Patriots' undefeated and untied run come to an end, largely in part to Tyree’s staggering Helmet Catch play. Before the catch, Tyree mostly played in specials games. He had only four receptions for 35 yards and had no touchdowns. He produced a stellar performance in Super Bowl XLII, catching a touchdown in the late stages of the game before catching Eli Manning’s 32-yard throw against his helmet with less than two minutes remaining. The catch was instrumental in securing the Giants a match-winning touchdown. This would become Tyrell’s last catch in the NFL, and he retired after the 2009 season. In contrast, Tom Brady’s career has continued into the 2022 season. In a recent interview, Tyree expressed admiration for Brady’s talent. “It’s really insane when you think about it,” Tyree said. The former wideout mused about Brady’s almost inhuman talent, saying, “whether he has a mutant or a wolverine gene or something behind the TB12 products, I don’t know what’s going on. That dude’s insane, but he is that much of a high-level competitor.” Tyree also reflected on the importance of the week 17 showdown between the Giants and Patriots and its relation to the Super Bowl game. “It was an opportunity to knock down a titan in like the 12th round, right? And so, we went for it… I should have scored a touchdown in that game.” “I stumbled, and it tripped me up on the goal line.” He expressed his gratitude that he was “able to get that moment of redemption in the Super Bowl.” At the same time, Tyree acknowledged that their opposition, captained by Brady, were exceptionally good. On Brady, Tyree added, “I have a lot of respect for him as far as just breaking any kind of trends and ideas about what’s possible at the position.” And while Tyree did acknowledge the “drop of a season” that Brady is having this year, he pointed out that “he’s still playing at a high level.” To say that Tom Brady has had a difficult year would be an understatement. The star player’s private and professional life has been under much scrutiny since Brady announced that he would be retiring shortly after the Super Bowl in February. Then, within weeks, Brady reversed his decision and recommitted to another season. Brady later announced that he would be divorcing his wife of 13 years, Gisele Bündchen. Despite the intense scrutiny of his life, there were high hopes for the quarterback to lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the next Super Bowl. To the frustration of many fans and pundits, Brady has failed to deliver. The Buccaneers lost four matches in a row, which was the first time this happened for Brady since 2002. He also became the most sacked player in NFL history and the 45-year-old has been showing more evidence that the sport has taken a toll on his physical ability. Contact Details Patrick Humphrey +44 7450 292577 Company Website

December 20, 2022 10:30 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Streaming Habits and Trends in the UK 2022/2023


How many services and how much are consumers willing to pay? Streaming trends on social media and interaction What users expect to see more of in the future 1500 UK citizens between the ages of 18 to 54 took part in a survey conducted by PartyCasino on 8 December 2022. The competition for national on-demand TV providers and Netflix has surged in the last 24 months and there are constantly new alternatives and options surfacing on the market. What effect will the abundance have, and how many monthly subscriptions will the UK audience pay for? The results show that 66% of the participants were signed up for 2-3 services (2 services - 38.13%, 3 services - 27.93%), while 9% have 4 subscriptions and only 5% a total of 5 different services. The majority (65%) responded that they have not cancelled any subscriptions in the last 12 months, while 24% have cancelled 1 service and 7% have cancelled 2 subscriptions. Will these numbers change in the next year with customers jumping from various networks and providers, due to what shows and movies are being offered? 74% also responded that the price is a major factor when signing up for a new service. This means that the big draw of what shows are offered might not be the only factor and we could potentially see a price war between the different service providers in the years to come. The survey also reveals how much the participants currently spend on various subscriptions, with some paying up to £200 per month. A few of the questions also targeted some of the biggest TV series that was aired during the year, where a total of 38% answered that they watched the entire season of Stranger Things, released in May 2022. Can you guess what the second most popular show was? See the result for TV series here. For the online based entertainment industry, it is also important to understand what trends can be expected and the survey gives insights into what other streaming habits are trending now, such as live streams on social media, and live gaming events on Twitch and YouTube. The results also indicate that audiences are open to in-app promotions and offers and that recommendations and interaction from other users could be out of interest. The full 15-question survey can be found in its entirety in a blog post by PartyCasino, posted here. Contact Details Intelligiants Ltd Freddie Kvarnebrink +44 7889 314155

December 20, 2022 09:17 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Casino uden ROFUS – Find de bedste Spil uden om Rofus

Online Casinos

ROFUS giver danske spillere mulighed for at udelukke sig fra dansklicenserede casinoer. Det er et fantastisk tilbud til personer med spilafhængighed, men af og til sker det, at nogle spillere fortryder deres registrering i ROFUS og gerne vil spille alligevel. I så fald skal du ud at se på casino uden ROFUS. Dem er der ingen af i Danmark, så de eneste muligheder er udenlandske casino uden licens. Flere af disse tager dog gerne imod danske kundere, og med fine spiludvalg og store bonusser kan der endda være flere grunde til at spille hos de licensløse casinoer. Vi vil ikke anbefale nogle at spille uden om ROFUS, men vi ved, at mange ønsker at gøre det alligevel. Og siden det er tilfældet, skal der selvfølgelig være en guide, der beskriver, hvordan du sikkert kan spille uden om ROFUS, hvordan du kan gøre det sikkert, hvilke udbydere der kan bruges til formålet - på den måde kan vi i hvert fald gøre din oplevelse bedre, hvis du har truffet valget om at spille uden om ROFUS. Bedste online casino uden ROFUS Hvordan bedømmer vi de bedste casinoer med spil uden om ROFUS? Hvad gør et casino til det bedste? Det vil være en individuel sag – for det er forskelligt, hvilke faktorer der har størst betydning for en spiller. Der er dog nogle faktorer, der oftest går igen og igen, for at et casino kan betragtes som et af de bedste. De faktorer, vi mener er relevante, og som vi tager udgangspunkt i, kan du læse mere om her. Det der er essentielt er, hvad der får en spiller ind på et casino med online casino uden dansk licens i første omgang – det er for at spille. Dermed har det stor betydning, hvilke casino uden ROFUS, casinoerne tilbyder, og hvor stort et udbud af spil de tilbyder til deres spillere. Der skal være noget til enhver smag, hvis man skal være et af de bedste casinoer. Det vil oftest kræve en stort udvalg af klassiske casinospil, men også andre typer spil som Live Casino, virtuelle spil, lotto, bingo og livebets, så der også er noget for dem, der søger noget nyt eller anderledes. Det kan ikke forventes, at alle spillere kun søger efter slots, poker og Blackjack. En anden faktor, der også vægtes højt er, hvilke betalingsmuligheder der er hos spil uden om ROFUS. Du kan være helt sikker på, at der er forskellige præferencer for betalingsmetoder hos spillerne, så det kræver, at et casino tilbyder et stort og varieret udvalg af betalingsformer. Mangler en spiller sin foretrukne betalingsform, kan det for nogle spillere være nok grund til at søge videre hen imod et andet casino i stedet. Dertil kommer også udvalget af bonusser og kampagner. Det er klart, at casino med casino uden om ROFUS, der byder på ekstra interessante og mange forskellige bonusser og kampagner kan lokke flere spillere til. De bedste casino uden ROFUS 1) 20Bet 20Bet Casino er et nyt spændende casino med licens fra Malta (MGA), der har masser af byde på. De lokker med vilde bonusser og tilbud, gratis spins, 10% cashback af spillernes tab hver tirsdag og generelt ingen begrænsninger. De har et udvalg med over 3000 slots og Live Casino spil. BESØG NU 2) Lucy’s Casino Lucy’s Casino byder spillere fra mange forskellige lande velkommen med deres MGA-licens. Du finder et kæmpe udvalg af spil, promotions, cashback, bonusser og tilbud, du ikke kan takke nej til. De har betalingsløsninger, der gør det nemt og hurtigt at indsætte og hæve penge. De tilbyder otte forskellige valutaer. BESØG NU 3) Diva’s Luck Divas Luck er et mobilvenlig casino, hvor du hurtigt kan komme i gang med at spille de 1000+ spil, som de tilbyder. Herunder både bordspil og Live Casino med dealere. De har en MGA-licens, og du kan vælge blandt mange betalingsformer. Dog finder du kun en lille udvalg af bonusser. BESØG NU 4) 1Bet Hos 1Bet casino bliver du tilbudt generøse bonusser – uanset om du er en ny eller fast spiller. Både i form af en velkomstbonus, ugentlige bonusser bl.a. reloadbonusser. Det gælder både på casinospil og sportsbetting. Udvalget af betalingsmuligheder, spil og spiludbydere er yderst interessant og kan lokke de fleste spillere til. BESØG NU 5) My Stake My Stake er et mobilvenlig casino, som samarbejder med nogle af de førende softwareudbydere. Du kan lynhurtigt komme i gang med at spille, for du kan klare registreringen på kun 2 min. De byder på et stort udvalg af slots og mange forskellige slags bordspil, samt en lækker velkomstbonus. BESØG NU 6) Nucleon Bet Nucleonbet er et UK casino, der tilbyder et stort og flot udvalg af bonusser og kampagner – både hvis du foretrækker sportsbetting og casinospil. Casinoet tilbyder omkring 500 casinospil med de klassiske spil som slots, poker, BlackJack og roulette, og de tilbyder endnu mere til Odds-spillerne. Casinoet har en UKGC-licens. BESØG NU 7) Mr Sloty Mr Sloty lokker med gode bonusser og kampagner. De har et mindre, men godt udvalg af betalingsmuligheder. Du finder et kæmpe udvalg af slots, bordspil og andre former for spil. Du kan spille Live Casino med helt ægte dealere på skærmen, og du finder også et godt udvalg af virtuelle spil. BESØG NU 8) Crazy Fox Hos Crazy Fox kan du dykke ned i det forholdsvis store udvalg af spil. De har omkring 1200 forskellige spil at vælge imellem. De byder på flere forskellige bonusser og kampagner – bl.a. en 250% velkomstbonus. Dog tilbyder de kun en lille udvalg af betalingsmuligheder, og de har umiddelbart ingen casinolicenser. BESØG NU Typer af spil uden om ROFUS Er du ude efter en helt bestemt type spil, når du skal spille spil uden om ROFUS? Så vil du opleve, at der kan være ret så stor forskel på, hvilke, men også hvor mange forskellige typer spil, et casino med spil uden om ROFUS har. Ligesom der også kan være stor forskel på kvaliteten af de typer spil, som du finder på de forskellige sider med casino uden ROFUS. Du finder både nye casinoer, der lige er kommet på markedet, som ofte byder på spændende bonusser og kampagner. Der er også Live Casino, som er blevet vældig populært, hvor du kan spille fx poker mens du kigger på vaskeægte live dealere på skærmen. Mange spillere foretrækker også at spille på mobilen nu, og det stiller krav til casinoerne om, at deres side er mobilvenligt. Især de mellemstore og større casino med casino uden dansk licens tilbyder stort set alle former og typer af spil, så uanset om du går efter de helt klassiske spil, eller om du er helt tosset med de virtuelle spil, sportsbetting, eller noget helt andet, kan du godt regne med, at du finder det hele hos disse casinoer. Spil, du kan Online Casino uden ROFUS Når du spiller spil uden om ROFUS, vil du ofte opleve at udvalget af spil er rigeligt stort, og at der er mange forskellige spil at vælge imellem. Især på de mellemstore og større casinoer. Udbuddet af spil kan dog være forskelligt. De spil, du kan være sikker på, at nærmest alle online casino uden dansk licens har er slots og poker, og i mange tilfælde også bingo. Mange casinoer tilbyder et kæmpe udvalg af slots – op til flere tusinde, og går du efter at spille poker, kan du glæde dig over, at der er mange forskellige variationer af poker. Udover slots, poker og bingo, vil du også kunne spille andre bordspil som Blackjack eller roulette. Mange steder tilbyder også, at du kan spille Live Casino, og flere og flere steder med spil uden om ROFUS byder også på forskellige virtuelle spil og sportsbetting. Fordele ved casino uden dansk licens Som altid er der både fordele og ulemper ved alt, og det samme gælder, når du spiller spil uden om ROFUS. Hvis du er sikker og nået til den konklusion, at du kan kontrollere og gerne vil spille spil uden om ROFUS, er der nogle fordele ved at spille på et udenlandsk casino. Fx vil du ofte opleve, at jackpotterne og velkomstbonusserne kan være noget højere end på danske casino. Det samme gælder for udvalget af spil. Det ses ofte, at spiludvalget hos mange casinoer med spil uden om ROFUS er lidt eller meget større. Er du samtidig en af casinoets loyale og trofaste spillere, vil du højst sandsynlig også kunne forvente endnu bedre service og ekstra sjove bonusser, tilbud eller konkurrencer. Der er dermed nogle lidt andre muligheder, hvis du vælger at satse dine penge på et casino med spil uden om ROFUS. Ulemper ved casino uden ROFUS Der er også en række ulemper, når du vælger at spille spil uden om ROFUS. En af de essentielle ulemper er, at casino uden dansk licens foregår på et udenlandsk casino, der ikke er pålagt de samme former for krav og regler, som spillemyndigheden har sat op. Selvom regler kan begrænse og kan virke irriterende, er de i bund og grund opstillet for at beskytte spillerne. Derfor bør du være lidt mere forsigtig, inden du satser alle dine penge på et casino med spil uden om ROFUS. Du kan med fordel lave lidt research for at sikre, at det casino, du er landet på, er ordentligt. Du bør også undersøge, om det pågældende casino har nogle andre licenser, og om de opererer inden- eller uden for EU. Det kan nemlig have en betydning i forhold til, om du skal betale skat af dine gevinster. Betalingsmetoder på casino med spil uden om ROFUS Der kan være stor variation i, hvilke betalingsmuligheder du kan benytte dig af på et casino med spil uden om ROFUS. Men heldigvis er der mange af disse casinoer, som byder på et forholdsvis stort og varieret udvalg af betalingsmåder, så der er noget til enhver smag. Fx kan du hos de fleste betale med kreditkort – Visa eller MasterCard, og i mange tilfælde også Maestro. Størstedelen byder også på betalingsformer som E-Wallets, og det er heller ikke usædvanligt, at du kan betale med Paysafecard og almindelige bankoverførsler. Hos nogle casino vil du tilmed også kunne vælge betaling med kryptovaluta. Der kan godt være forskel på, hvor meget der kan overføres – specielt, hvor høje beløb, du kan udbetale af gangen - ligesom der også kan være forskel på, hvor hurtigt transaktionen er, og om du skal betale et gebyr i forbindelse med transaktionen. Licenser på casinoer med Online casino uden ROFUS En casinolicens skal ses som en sikkerhed for, at et casino følger de regler, som den givne licensudbyder stiller krav om. Du kan både støde på casinolicenser inden for- og uden for EU. Har du valgt at spille på et casino uden for EU skal du være opmærksom på, at du skal betale dansk skat af de gevinster, du vinder. Det samme er gældende, når du spiller på et casino, der ikke har nogle licenser. Har du valgt at spille på et casino inden for EU, som tilmed har licenser, er du i de fleste tilfælde fritaget for at betale skat af dine gevinster. Der er mange forskellige casinolicenser på markedet – både inden- og uden for EU. De licenser, du især vil støde på inden for EU er licenser fra Malta og Gibraltar. Disse anses for at være sikre og anerkendte licensudbydere. Bonusser ved Casino uden om ROFUS Når du spiller på et casino med spil uden om ROFUS, vil du hurtigt finde ud af, at der er mange spændende og gode bonusser at hente. Både til nye og til gamle kunder. Det er ikke usædvanligt, at du finder mellem 3-8 forskellige bonusser og kampagner, hvis du har valgt et af de mellemstore eller de større spillesider med spil uden om ROFUS. Den bonus, der er allermest populær er en velkomstbonus. Den finder du stort set på et hvert casino. Dog kan der være stor forskel på, hvor meget du kan forvente at få i velkomstbonus. Ofte vil du få mellem 100-800%, så vælger du en af de gode steder, kan du se frem til en kæmpe velkomstbonus, når du foretager dine første indbetalinger. Der er dog også mange andre former for bonusser og kampagner. Fx kan du også regne med, at der ved mange spil uden om ROFUS er Free Spins og Cash Back bonusser – så har du været uheldig, kan du se frem til at få en vis procentsats tilbage af dine tab. Derudover kan du også støde på bonusser så som Reload bonus, hvor du får ekstra penge på spillekontoen, når du tanker den op. Det er også blevet populært med Krypto Bonusser – som du får, hvis du betaler med krytovaluta såsom Bitcoin. For alle bonusser og kampagner gælder det dog, at der ofte er en lang liste af vilkår og betingelser – og dem bør du læse grundig igennem. Konklusion casino uden dansk licens Der kan være ret meget spænding forbundet med at spille spil uden om ROFUS. Hvis du føler, at det er det rigtige at gøre, kan du glæde dig over de ofte større bonusser og kampagner. Det samme gælder spiludvalget, som oftest også er noget større end på danske casinoer. FAQ for casino uden ROFUS A) Hvad er spil uden om ROFUS? ROFUS er en forkortelse for ‘register over frivillig udelukkende spillere’. Det er dermed spilleren, der tilmelder sig frivilligt, og derefter vil blive udelukket fra casinoer – og generelt alle former for spil, der inkluderer indsatser - i 24 timer, en, tre, seks måneder, eller permanent. B) Er RTP forskellig ved alle casino uden om ROFUS? Spil på online casinoer styres af algoritmer. Computerprogrammet RTP sørger dermed altid for, at udfaldene er forskellige og helt tilfældige. Casinospil har dermed forskellige potentielle udfald, men chancen for at vinde de høje gevinster er selvfølgelig lavere end de lave gevinster. C) Hvordan du undgår Bad Streaks i online casino uden dansk licens? Hvis du lander i en situation, hvor du taber mange spil i streg – og endda uden at være tæt på at vinde, så bør du enten holde en pause, eller skifte mellem de forskellige spil, som du foretrækker at spille. D) Er det sikkert at spille spil uden om ROFUS? I mange tilfælde er det helt sikkert, men i og med, at de ikke er pålagt samme form for regler og krav som et dansk casino, bør du til hver en tid undersøge, om det valgte casino er et ordentligt sted. E) Er det lovligt at spille Online Casino uden ROFUS? Ja. Du skal ikke være bange for at bryde loven, når du spiller spil uden om ROFUS. Så længe, du er opmærksom på, om du skal betale skat af gevinsterne. Det gælder især casinoer uden for EU og casinoer uden licenser. Casinosuden is a platform created by casino players for everyone. We strive to offer fellow players a platform that addresses every aspect of online gambling. The information on this site is for entertainment purposes only. Gambling comes with its fair share of risks and it's important to recognize that when using online gambling sites. The Casino sites listed hold a Curacao gambling license and players from around the world can legally play. Wins are taxed. While we review different gambling sites, you should check with local laws in your area before gambling online. Also, all gambling sites and our guides are rated 18+ only. If you have a gambling addiction problem or anyone you know does, call the National Gambling Helpline at 0808 8020 133. In addition, the following free gambling addiction resources can be of help: Contact Details casinosuden Dean +44 7828 798354 Company Website

December 20, 2022 06:23 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Best CSGO Crash Sites: Crash Gambling Guide, Codes & More

Esports Division

Do you want to play CSGO crash but don’t know where? Then this ranking is exactly what you need. We’ve analyzed the entire market to find and rank the best CSGO crash sites in 2023, along with exclusive bonuses that will take your experience to the next level. If you want to get started, check our ranking below to join your favorite CSGO Crash site today. CSGO Crash Gambling Sites 2023 Here’s our list of the top CSGO crash gambling sites this year, and to make it easier for you to choose your ideal site, we’ve highlighted the best benefits of each platform: CSGOLuck: Best Overall CS:GO Crash Site CSGORoll: Best Giveaways CSGO500: Best For Playing Crash with Crypto Gamdom: Best Rakeback Duelbits: Best for Playing Fast Rounds Roobet: Best for High Rollers If you want to know more about each site in detail, then check our reviews below. CSGOLuck: Best Overall CS:GO Crash Site CSGOLuck has it all to be considered the best CSGO Crash site in 2023. It brings you plenty of bonuses such as free cases, free credits, and even deposit bonuses so you can bet more on Crash. CSGOLuck hosts rounds of Crash every 10 seconds, and the theme makes it pretty fun to play. You have a spaceship traveling through space, going higher and higher until it explodes. After analyzing so many Crash sites, we have to say that CSGOLuck has the most entertaining theme. On top of that, it also offers plenty of other games, such as Roulette and Coinflip, making it one of the complete CS:GO casinos nowadays. CSGORoll: Best Giveaways CSGORoll is one of the pioneers of CS:GO gambling, and as such, it’s one of the best sites for playing CS:GO Crash. It’s licensed, Provably Fair, offers solid bonuses and brings the best giveaways from the entire industry. The giveaways by CSGORoll are worth thousands of dollars ($300K to $500K), and you can win big prizes just by playing CS:GO Crash. Be it a share of the jackpot or a fixed prize by claiming one of the top 10 spots in the leaderboard, you can win in many ways. CSGO500: Best For Playing Crash with Crypto CSGO500 is another solid CS:GO crash gambling site, because the game runs smoothly on this platform with no interruptions, and they also bring solid bonuses such as up to $1000 USD in matched bonuses. And this platform is the best if you want to use cryptocurrencies for playing CS:GO Crash, as it supports several tokens/coins such as BTC, USDT, ETH, DOGE, SOL, XRP, etc. And they process the deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies in a fast and cheap manner. Gamdom: Best Rakeback If all you want is the biggest Rakeback from all the CS:GO crash sites in 2023, then Gamdom is the place to be. It can bring you up to 60% in Rakeback, which is perfect for such a volatile game like Crash. You will be able to keep the risk under control. Gamdom is also a solid crypto Crash site, because it supports several cryptocurrencies and it brings generous welcome bonuses and promos for existing users. Duelbits: Best for Playing Fast Rounds Most of our sites host rounds of CS:GO Crash every 10 to 12 seconds, but if you want a quicker platform, then look no further than Duelbits. This site hosts rounds of Crash every 5 seconds, so you can play up to 720 rounds per hour, bringing you more resources for testing or running your strategy. However, the platform offers even more incentives such as generous welcome bonuses, promotions and a good selection of games, along with crypto payment methods. Roobet: Best for High Rollers Simply put, if you wager more than $5 dollars per round of Crash, then Roobet is the place to be. Thanks to their highly-rewarding VIP Program, you can obtain exclusive bonuses, higher cashback + rakeback, promotions, discounts, and more… but you need to be a high roller ready to wager quite a bit of cash on CSGO Crash. On top of that, Roobet is one of the most reputable CS:GO gambling sites in the industry, with a clean record and plenty of audits to vouch for it. How to Sign Up For a CSGO Crash Casino Even if you have never played at a CS:GO casino or even an online casino before, you can join your first CS:GO Crash site in 5 minutes or less: Pick a CSGO Crash casino from our ranking Join via Steam, email or social media Activate your account Claim your welcome bonus (using your promo code!) Now you can start playing CSGO Crash These online gambling sites on make the sign-up process as easy and fast as possible. And don’t forget to use our exclusive promo codes, which will allow you to claim special welcome bonuses such as free money, free CSGO skins, or extra money on your deposit(s). You can use these free credits to play more rounds of CSGO Crash or increase the size of your bets for more significant profits! How We Chose the Top Websites for Playing CSGOCrash Picking, reviewing and ranking a single CS:GO Crash casino can take days of hard work, since it involves an enormous amount of research and analysis. But we’ve already done it so you don’t have to, because all you have to do is to pick a site from our ranking, and you’ll be good to go! However, if you want to learn more about how we select these sites, then keep reading. Licensing and Fairness First, we check if the CS:GO crash has a valid gambling license, be it from Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar or the Isle of Man. Then, we proceed to check if it’s Provably Fair, which is essential to guarantee that all the results from the rounds of Crash are randomly generated. Suitability for Playing CS:GO Crash For a CS:GO casino to be a great supplier of Crash, it must offer the following benefits: Rounds of Crash every 10-12 seconds Possibility to gather data from the past results of Crash rounds No lag or interruptions Entertaining and fun theme Suitability for playing Crash from your smartphone or tablet Exclusive bonuses for CS:GO Crash. If the site offers all of these features, then we consider it as a solid CS:GO crash site that’s worth checking further. Bonuses and Promotions If you want to make the most out of playing CS:GO Crash, then the site needs to offer you solid welcome bonuses, good promotions for existing users, giveaways, and a loyalty reward program. We search for bonuses such as free CS:GO skins, matched deposit bonuses, free credits, cashback, etc. And we also look for seasonal giveaways, daily/weekly promos for existing users, and easy-to-meet wagering requirements for all offers. Additional Games The focus is on Crash, but it’s also good that a site can offer you additional games so that you can add more variety to your gambling sessions, in case you want or need to. Be it opening CSGO cases, PvP gambling, Roulette or Plinko, our sites are also solid suppliers of these games so that you get more chances for winning CS:GO skins and/or cash. Online Security We also make sure that the Crash site can guarantee your online protection. From implementing user-focused measures such as 2FA and strong passwords to using an SSL certificate and a solid CDN, all of our sites will protect your information, assets, and money. Payment Methods for CS:GO Crash Our CS:GO crash sites also support a wide myriad of payments, such as CS:GO skins, cryptocurrencies, debit cards, credit cards, eWallets, pay by mobile methods, etc. On top of that, our recommended platforms will credit the deposits fast, process withdrawals quickly and will only charge minimal fees (or none at all). Customer Support Finally, our recommended sites can bring you assistance via phone, email, live chat, Discord and even bring you a Knowledge Base to answer your questions on your own. How to Play CS:GO Crash Game: Beginner’s Guide + Strategies If you have never played Crash before and want to learn all about it before getting started, this guide is exactly what you need. Let us show you how to play this game like a pro. What is CS:GO Crash? It’s a game where you place a bet and you let a multiplicator grow as much as possible, and your goal is to get out on time before it crashes. Your win will be determined by the size of your bet and the multiple you quitted with. What is the Best Strategy for Making Money at CS:GO Crash Sites? The best strategy is to only use 0.5% to 1.0% of your bankroll in each bet, and to quit with a multiplicator of 1.50x or less the 90% of the rounds, only aim for high multiples sporadically. Because this is a high risk game, the best approach is to keep a tight bankroll management plan in place. Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) Here you have a list of the most frequently asked questions about CS:GO Crash sites. Is CS:GO Crash legal? Yes, if your jurisdiction considers CS:GO and skins gambling as legal, then you can play at CS:GO Crash casinos without problems. Is CS:GO Crash rigged? No, as long as the CS:GO Crash site is Provably Fair and has been audited. This is the case for all of our recommended sites, so that you can play rounds of Crash with 100% random and fair results. Can I play at CS:GO Crash casinos for free? Thanks to our special promo codes you can play CS:GO Crash for free. Since you can get free money and credits, you can use them to bet on rounds of Crash. Should I only wait for high multiples to cash out? No, because most rounds will crash under the multiple of 2.00x. Therefore, you should mix it up, by cashing out at small multiples while letting some rounds run very high so that you can catch a big prize if you’re lucky enough. Contact Details Acroud Media Gabriel Hall

December 20, 2022 04:11 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Casino non AAMS: i migliori casino online non AAMS sicuri

Online Casinos

I casino non AAMS sono i più apprezzati dai giocatori d'azzardo, anche e soprattutto italiani. Fra le principali caratteristiche che hanno attirato l'attenzione di questi ultimi vi sono i bonus estremamente vantaggiosi e la vastissima offerta di giochi presenti: slots machines dei miglior provider, roulette, blackjack e stanze live nelle quali confrontarsi con veri e propri croupier dal vivo. Migliori casino non AAMS sicuri Migliori casino online non AAMS Nei successivi paragrafi, descriveremo le caratteristiche di rilievo dei migliori casino online non AAMS. Silverplay Casino Silverplay Casino è un casino particolarmente apprezzato dai giocatori italiani dal momento che tutto il sito web è in lingua italiana. I giochi da casino più apprezzati sono le slot machine, la roulette e il blackjack i cui provider sono Novomatic, Netent, Evolution gaming e tanti altri. Visita Il Sito 20Bet Il casino è giovane, innovativo e con bonus davvero interessanti e convenienti. Divas Luck è stato lanciato nel 2021 e, in pochissimo tempo, ha saputo attirare l'attenzione dei giocatori in virtù del bonus di benvenuto offerto, il servizio di assistenza clienti celere ed estremamente efficiente nonché per i numerosi metodi di pagamento accettati. Visita Il Sito National Casino Con un bonus del 100% sino a 500 euro e 50 spin extra per i nuovi iscritti, National Casino entra a far parte della classifica dei migliori casino online non AAMS. Il sito web, è in lingua italiana invece, il servizio di assistenza clienti, via chat, in lingua inglese. A compensare tale piccola mancanza vi è la vasta scelta di giochi ai quali si può accedere. Visita Il Sito 1Bet Con licenza del Curacao e sede legale a Cipro, anche 1Bet è uno dei migliori casino online non AAMS. Con un deposito minimo di soli 20 euro e una serie di premi ricevute per la serietà e professionalità della società che lo gestisce, 1Bet offre ai propri clienti anche la v ersione mobile. Visita Il Sito 4Kasino I giocatori d'azzardo che scelgono di aprire il proprio conto sul casino 4Kasino, sanno che possono contare su promozioni avvincenti, metodi di pagamento diffusi in tutti gli altri casino e ancor di più, un'assistenza clienti 24/24h e soprattutto 7/7 nonché su un sito davvero accessibile anche ai meno esperti. Visita Il Sito ZodiacBet ZodiacBet, è sempre stato un casino dall'ottima reputazione tant'è che, viene recensito come uno dei più sicuri fra quelli esistenti. Nonostante sia non AAMS, accetta anche i giocatori italiani e offre loro bonus e promozioni introvabili. Al casino si può accedere mediante il proprio computer, tablet o anche telefono cellulare: in ogni caso il giocatore vivrà un'esperienza di gioco ottimizzata. Visita Il Sito SlotsDreamer Casino 400% di bnus di benvenuto sino a 1200 euro, bonus crypto e una libreria di giochi assortita come non mai; queste, sono le principali caratteristiche di SlotsDreamer Casino, uno dei pochi che offre un cashback per i clienti che subiscano delle perdite. Visita Il Sito JackMillion Considerati i parametri di valutazione utilizzati per gli altri Casino, anche JackMillion si inserisce a pieno titolo nella classifica dei migliori casino online non AAMS esistenti. La grafica scelta da Luckland Group, consente anche ai meno esperti di vivere un'esperienza online semplice ed intuitiva, senza troppe difficoltà ad avviare la propria sessione di gioco con le slot o la roulette preferita. Visita Il Sito Mr. SlotsClub Mr. SlotsClub, è un casino non AAMS, online, in lingua inglese. Anche il servizio di assistenza clienti, tramite live chat, disponibile 24h/24 e 7/7 è solo in lingua inglese. I giocatori possono confrontarsi con una selezione di slots vasta ed interessante. Fra i metodi di pagamento più diffusi troviamo: Mastercard, Visa, Skirll e Netller. Visita Il Sito Come valutiamo i migliori casinò non AAMS? Con la lettura dei paragrafi precedenti, avrai sicuramente potuto comprendere come e in base a che criteri i casino online non AAMS vengano valutati per essere inseriti nella classifica dei "migliori casino non AAMS online". I criteri presi in considerazione, sono, quindi: l'accessibilità del sito web: i casino che entrano a far parte della classifica, sono quelli che garantiscono una facile ed intuitiva esperienza di navigazione online anche a chi poco se ne intenda di tecnologia. Non tutti i giocatori sono esperti nella navigazione di casino ed è proprio per questo motivo che sono stati menzionati casino che abbiano un sito web ordinato ed intuitivo e che offrano la possibilità a tutti di vivere un'esperienza di gioco facile e divertente; i bonus offerti: nonostante i casino non AAMS in generale siano parecchi convenienti dal punto di vista delle promozioni, quelli selezionati sono in realtà i migliori casino non AAMS online da questo punto di vista. Seppur non tutti offrano un bonus di benvenuto senza deposito, le promozioni sono estremamente convenienti soprattutto per i nuovi iscritti; il servizio di assistenza clienti: quasi tutti i casino online non AAMS menzionati nella classifica offrono un servizio di assistenza clienti in lingua italiana. Il servizio, disponibile h24 e 7/7, in ogni casino descritto, è celere ed efficiente: un operatore esperto risponde, via chat, per risolvere qualsiasi problema si presenti al giocatore; versione browser e mobile: benché a molti non interessi la versione per dispositivi mobili, al giorno d'oggi tale caratteristica è molto importante per un casino che si rispetti. I casino inseriti nella lista dei migliori, appena descritta, non solo posseggono un sito web con un'ottima grafica ma anche una versione per dispositivi mobili che si rispetti. I giocatori, quindi, possono accedere al proprio conto online in qualsiasi posto si trovino e in qualsiasi momento vogliano giocare. Le promozioni dei casino non AAMS Cosi come abbiamo già detto nei paragrafi precedenti, i casino non AAMS sono famosi per le promozioni che offrono ai propri clienti. Di fatto, rispetto agli altri casino esistenti, quelli non AAMS offrono: molte più promozioni; promozioni più convenienti; bonus di benvenuto senza deposito; bonus per l'utilizzo di criptovalute; cashback giornaliero ed extra giornaliero. Per iniziare, i nuovi giocatori iscritti ai casino non AAMS online, possono beneficiare di bonus di benvenuto con o senza deposito; in alcuni casi l'attivazione avviene in automatico, in altri è sufficiente riportare, al momento dell'iscrizione, il codice del bonus che si intende utilizzare nell'apposita casella. In aggiunta ai tradizionali bonus offerti dai casino, in quelli non AAMS vi sono anche quelli dedicati alle criptovalute; chi effettua il primo deposito mediante bitcoin o altre monete digitali, ha a disposizione, a seconda del casino scelto, una specifica promozione (es: 300% di bonus sino a 200 euro in criptovalute). Tale offerta, è conveniente per chi è solito utilizzare le criptovalute e si vuole avvicinare, mediante le stesse, anche al mondo dei casino online. Un'altra promozione che non può non essere menzionata è quella del cashback; i giocatori che abbiano subito delle perdite hanno la possibilità di recuperare una percentuale delle stesse mediante l'attivazione del rispettivo bonus: cashback giornaliero o extra giornaliero. Metodi di pagamento nei casino non AAMS Una caratteristica dei casino non AAMS è sicuramente la varietà dei metodi di pagamento previsti. I giocatori, hanno sempre a disposizione diverse possibilità fra le quali: Visa; Mastercard; Netller; Skrill; Paysafecard; EcoPayz ed altri ancora. A differenza dei casino tradizionali, in questo caso, pochissimi casino non AAMS amettono quale metodo di pagamento il circuito Payapal. Seppur questo possa essere motivo di indecisione da parte dei giocatori italiani, vi sono tantissime altre opzioni fra le quali scegliere. Ognuno dei metodi di pagamento previsti è comunque sicuro; le transazioni vengono tracciate e sono possono essere sempre visualizzate nella sezione del proprio conto, una volta fatto accesso al proprio account. Ѐ bene precisare che, a seconda del metodo di pagamento scelto, vi potrebbero essere, così come nei casino AAMS, dei costi di commissione differenti, per le transazioni, nonché tempistiche diverse di elaborazione delle stesse. Per esempio, in alcuni casi il deposito è istantaneo così come il prelievo; in altri, per quest'ultimo, è necessario attendere dai 2 ai 4 giorni. Tali informazioni vengono fornite affinché tu possa scegliere il metodo di pagamento che più reputi sicuro e, allo stesso tempo, conveniente per il tuo conto sul casino online non AAMS. I giochi nei casino non AAMS I casino online non AAMS offrono ai propri clienti tantissimi giochi. Ogni giocatore, può usufruire, anche della cosiddetta "versione demo"; con quest'ultima, viene offerta una prova gratuita mediante la quale il giocatore ha la possibilità di comprendere se quello specifico gioco faccia al caso suo e soddisfi le sue esigenze prima di investire del denaro. Fra i giochi più utilizzati nei casino non AAMS ci sono sicuramente le slots machines insieme alla roulette, nelle sue versioni e il blackjack. Effettivamente, i giochi presenti nelle sezioni appena menzionate sono stati sviluppati dai migliori provider in circolazione e, questo, fa sì che l'esperienza di gioco sia divertente e di ottima qualità. Quasi tutti i casino non AAMS online prevedono anche la cosiddetta "sezione live"; i giocatori possono far ingresso in delle stanze virtuali e, confrontarsi con altri giocatori e con croupier dal vivo. Tale opzione, fa sì che i clienti possano vivere la stessa esperienza che vivrebbero in un casino fisico, direttamente da casa propria. Le diverse categorie di giochi presenti, inoltre, sono organizzate, dal punto di vista grafico, in modo da essere facilmente accessibili; mediante il pulsante "filtro" inoltre, i giocatori possono immediatamente cercare il titolo del gioco a cui vogliono giocare o, visualizzare le slots, per esempio, a seconda delle caratteristiche di gioco selezionate. Vantaggi dei casino non AAMS Seppur sia oramai chiaro quali e quanti siano i vantaggi dei casino non AAMS è bene elencarli con ordine: bonus estremamente vantaggiosi; vasta selezione di giochi disponibili; Retourn To Player elevato; servizio di assistenza clienti disponibile tramite live chat 24/24h e 7/7; tantissimi metodi di pagamento accettati tra i quali, quelli mediante criptovalute; cashback giornaliero ed extra giornaliero; procedura di iscrizione estremamente facile; procedure di deposito e prelievo facili e veloci. Chi decide di iscriversi ad un casino non AAMS e aprire il proprio conto online sullo stesso, sa, quindi, che può usufruire di tantissimi vantaggi, spesso neppure esistenti in piccola parte nei casino tradizionali. Svantaggi dei casino non AAMS Al fine di costruire una recensione del tutto oggettiva dei casino non AAMS, è giusto riportare anche i piccoli svantaggi che i giocatori potrebbero avere nell'iscriversi a questi ultimi. In particolare, ci riferiamo a difficoltà di tipo linguistico qualora il sito del casino fosse disponibile solo in lingua inglese così come il servizio di assistenza clienti. Un altro svantaggio potrebbe essere quello di non poter effettuare i pagamenti (deposito e future transazioni) mediante il circuito Paypal, quasi sempre assente fra i metodi di pagamento previsti da i casino non AAMS. Licenze casino non AAMS La dicitura "non AAMS", indica che il casino in questione non è in possesso della licenza rilasciata dall'Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli al fine di operare regolarmente, in Italia, nel settore del gioco d'azzardo. Benchè tali casino non siano quindi abilitati ad operare in Italia, i giocatori italiani possono accedervi liberamente ed avviare le proprie sessioni di gioco. Di fatto, gli stessi casino posseggono licenze rilasciate da altri operatori ed autorità straniere come, per esempio, l' eGaming Authority del Curacao o dello Stato di Malta. Tali licenze fanno si che i casino siano sicuri e che rispettino tutti i requisiti previsti dalla normativa. Conclusioni Con la lettura di questa guida interamente dedicata ai casino non AAMS e alle loro caratteristiche, avrai sicuramente avuto l'opportunità di conoscere dei casinò innovativi, interessanti ed anche estremamente convenienti. I punti di forza quali i bonus offerti e la quantità di giochi disponibili, per ogni sezione, hanno fatto sì che tantissim i giocatori italiani decidessero di aprire il loro conto in questi casino a discapito di quelli AAMS. Al giorno d'oggi, i casino non AAMS, si inseriscono fra i casino esistenti come quelli più vantaggiosi, sotto ogni punto di vista anche perché riescono a ricreare la stessa atmosfera presente nei casino fisici. FAQI casino non AAMS sono sicuri? Tutti i casino non AAMS pur non essendo in possesso della licenza ADM, hanno ottenuto la concessione ad operare nel settore del gioco d'azzardo da altre Autorità per cui, sono in possesso di tutti i requisiti necessari affinché possano essere definiti sicuri. I casino non AAMS sono legali? I casino non AAMS, non posseggono la licenza ADM e quindi, in Italia, non sono considerati legali come nei Paesi stranieri in cui l'Autorità ha erogato la concessione. Nonostante questo, i giocatori italiani possono accedervi liberamente ed avviare le proprie sessioni di gioco online in qualsiasi momento dal proprio computer o altro dispositivo mobile. Quali sono i mgiliori casino non AAMS? Fra i migliori casino non AAMS vi sono sicuramente Silverplay Casino, Divas Luck, Casinozer, Wazamba, Rabona, 4Kasino, ZodiacBet, SlotsDreamer Casino, JackMillion e Mr. SlotsClub. Ognuno di questi, per le caratteristiche in suo possesso, è entrato a far parte della lista dei cosiddetti "migliori casino non AAMS online"; si tratta, non a caso, dei casino più frequentati anche dai giocatori italiani. Casinononaams is a platform created by casino players for everyone. We strive to offer fellow players a platform that addresses every aspect of online gambling. The information on this site is for entertainment purposes only. Gambling comes with its fair share of risks and it's important to recognize that when using online gambling sites. The Casino sites listed hold a Curacao gambling license and players from around the world can legally play. Wins are taxed. While we review different gambling sites, you should check with local laws in your area before gambling online. Also, all gambling sites and our guides are rated 18+ only. If you have a gambling addiction problem or anyone you know does, call the National Gambling Helpline. Contact Details CNAAMS Dean +44 7828 798354 Company Website

December 20, 2022 01:29 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Playmaker Named One of the Best Employers in Sports by Front Office Sports


Playmaker, a leading social media sports and entertainment content platform, was included on Front Office Sports’ 2022 Best Employers in Sports list. The list recognizes companies across the sports industry who exhibit strong leadership, as well as a commitment to diversity and inclusion, employee wellbeing and philanthropy. Playmaker became the first social media-based content platform to receive the honor since TwitterSports was included on the inaugural list in 2019. Despite a series of market challenges brought on throughout 2022, Playmaker’s year was highlighted by strong growth across several key areas of the business. The rising sports media platform saw a 300% jump in year-over-year revenue anchored by significant growth across its 30 social media channels, reaching more than 18 million followers and gaining new strategic partnerships with companies such as Pepsi, PointsBet and No House Advantage. Playmaker supported its financial growth by investing in people — specifically operational, marketing and financial employees — as well as new popular and emerging content creators such as Adam Garfield, Cam Smith and Nyrie Iskandarian. This expansion of talent brought Playmaker’s headcount from 12 to 60 in 2022 – a 400% increase. “Putting our team in a position to both have a great time and thrive professionally has been a priority of Playmaker’s since our inception in 2018,” said Playmaker CEO Brandon Harris. “Empowering employee innovation, creativity and freedom enabled us to post our most successful year to date. The value in this type of constructive work environment is underscored not only by positive results, but also our staggering employee retention rate of 95%. We’re looking forward to capitalizing on the momentum we’ve created for ourselves and providing a new perspective on how sports fans engage with content in the future.” Front Office Sports established its annual list in an effort to recognize premier organizations across the burgeoning sports industry that are doing the best for their employees. Winners are selected following an application process analyzing employee sentiment in response to a set of open-ended questions designed to uncover how employees truly feel about their employer. Notable previous winners of the Front Office Sports Best Employers in Sports Award include: the Denver Broncos, Charlotte Hornets, LaLiga, Opendorse and Tipico, among others. About Playmaker Founded in 2018, Playmaker is a new-age media, talent & merchandise company. The company currently influences more than 18 million followers across its social media, 50+ athletes under management and more than 20 original shows on Snap Discover. In addition to its flagship sports content, Playmaker operates independent branded verticals including betting, entertainment, basketball and esports. For more information, please visit Playmaker’s official website. Contact Details HPL Digital Sport for Playmaker Alex Shapiro +1 732-770-9395 Company Website

December 19, 2022 12:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Why New Year's Resolutions Fail

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Studies show that by February, 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions have been abandoned. So how do you make sure yours are among the 20 percent that are kept longer than a couple of months? Psychologists say it’s important to focus not on the goal but on the process of change. New Year’s resolutions often fail because they encourage a goal-oriented, rather than a process-oriented approach. It’s not about achieving a single goal, it’s about developing a habit or set of habits that result in the desired goal(s). “The process of change starts with understanding that a behavior is producing negative consequences,” says Dr. Michele Nealon, Psy.D., President of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. “Then comes the internal negotiation—evaluating the pros and cons of changing. When you decide to change, then comes preparation, and this is critical—set yourself up for success.” “Next, decide your action steps and how you plan to maintain or modify these steps over time,” she adds. “Finally, plan for falling off the wagon—and get right back on track.” According to Dr. Nealon, this process can take weeks or months, so that is another reason why New Year’s resolutions often don’t work. “It’s difficult to wake up one day and suddenly decide you will change a long-held habit or practice,” she says. “Better to give yourself some time to think over the entire process and make sure that you are committed to change." She offers five tips for increasing chances of successful change include: Make change actionable and measurable Create a plan for incremental change; taking small steps to start Challenge yourself to be accountable or find an accountability partner Be forgiving; when you inevitably fall off the wagon, get back up About The Chicago School of Professional Psychology: Integrating theory with hands-on experience, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology provides education rooted in a commitment to innovation, service, and community for thousands of diverse students across the United States and globally. Founded in 1979, the nonprofit, regionally accredited university now features campuses in iconic locations across the country (Chicago, Southern California, Washington, D.C., New Orleans, Dallas) and online. To spark positive change in the world where it matters most, The Chicago School has continued to expand its educational offerings beyond the field of psychology to offer more than 30 degrees and certificates in the professional fields of health services, education, counseling, business, and more. Through its engaged professional model of education, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and an extensive network of domestic and international professional partnerships, The Chicago School’s students receive real-world training opportunities that reflect their future careers. The Chicago School is proud to be a part of TCS Education System, a nonprofit, integrated system of colleges and universities that works collaboratively to advance student success and community impact. To learn more, visit Contact Details Vivien Hao +1 323-893-4743

December 19, 2022 09:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

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Where Will Odell Beckham Jr Sign - Former Giants WR Weighs In


David Tyree, the former wide receiver for the New York Giants, has offered his opinion on whether Odell Beckham Jr will return to his former team. Beckham JR has been given the green light to return after recovering from an ACL injury incurred during his Super Bowl-winning performance for the Los Angeles Rams in 2022. There is much speculation about whether Beckham Jr will return to the Rams, the Giants, or sign with the Dallas Cowboys. Speaking to, Tyree stated, “I do believe he’s going to come back [to The Giants]”, adding that he will likely stick around for “a few great years because he’s that immensely talented.” Beckham Jr was first drafted by the Giants in 2014 and played with the team until 2018 before he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns. Tyree was working for the Giants in the player development team during this period, so he has intimate knowledge of Beckham Jr’s potential. Tyree has also decried the frenzy surrounding Beckham Jr’s return and potential singing. “It kind of sucks that there was this media skirmish, and this is the time to avoid any kind of distraction… He’s just positioned himself so well in his run with The Rams and he deserves this opportunity.” Beckham Jr has admitted that he’s been in contact with the Giants, the Rams, the Bills, and the Packers about potential deals. As hopes for The Rams’ playoff contention slip away, speculation seems to favor either a Giants return or Cowboys signing. Both teams offer appealing prospects to the star wide receiver. While the Cowboys' current offense is satisfactory, it isn’t exactly inspiring. However, the Cowboy's defense is one of the best in the league, with the best pass-rush grade and a high coverage grade. If Beckham Jr wants to secure another Super Bowl ring, the Cowboys could be a legitimate option. The Giants too have been performing strongly this season, though Beckham Jr's history with the team may be enough to inspire a return. He would undoubtedly add plenty of value to the team’s flagging offense, and a high-figure contract may be enough to lure him back in. In any case, David Tyree has acknowledged that a return after his injury may still bring challenges for the player. “It’s not another easy decision coming off ACL, right? It’s like it’s the dream homecoming, but it’s not as easy as you would like it to be when you look at where The Giants are capitalized.” Tyree Discusses “Best Catch” Comparisons In the same interview, David Tyree discussed the differences between his iconic helmet catch for the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII and the one-handed catch by Beckham Jr in 2015. Tyree’s catch took place within the last two minutes of the Super Bowl game and would lead to a match-winning touchdown. It would be one of the biggest NFL upsets in history and ended a 19-game winning streak for the New England Patriots. When quizzed on whose catch was better, Tyree said “I don’t think there’s a better,” but that “it’s almost not comparable.” Tyree surmised that his catch was the more significant of the two, as it led to a Super Bowl win. Contact Details Patrick Humphrey +44 7450 292577 Company Website

December 19, 2022 11:30 AM Eastern Standard Time

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