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A world first: SmartFrame and Adobe-led CAI work in collaboration to validate image provenance and protect images from misuse online

SmartFrame Technologies

SmartFrame Technologies, the first-to-market image-streaming technology provider, today announced the world’s first test of end-to-end image authentication and protection in collaboration with the Adobe-led Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI). It’s estimated that over 2.5 billion images are either stolen or have their copyright infringed every day, which robs content creators of their livelihood and empowers those intent on spreading fake news and misinformation on social media platforms and elsewhere online. With trillions of digital photographs readily available online, no meaningful protection, and the proliferation of easy-to-use editing software, image theft, manipulation, and misrepresentation has become a very real threat to our society. That’s why SmartFrame has been working with the Adobe-led CAI to create a solution that combines robust image protection with provenance authentication, fit for a digital world that has become like the Wild West when it comes to image theft and misuse. Putting the technologies to the test The CAI is showcasing what the eventual future of trusted image capture for consumers will look like through use of a prototype device. This device uses Truepic’s groundbreaking native integration of hardware-secured photo capture, powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865 5G Mobile Platform. The device was given to renowned photographer David Yarrow, who shot to fame with his iconic image of soccer player Diego Maradona holding aloft the World Cup in 1986, to test out the enhanced end-to-end image authentication and protection systems resulting from the collaboration between SmartFrame Technologies and the CAI. “The shoot was in Dinokeng Game Reserve with Kevin Richardson, who’s known as the lion whisperer,” says Cameron Yarrow, who was part of the production team on the shoot. The aim was to create a powerful portrait of a lion’s face. However, wild animals don’t always pose for photographs, so having Kevin on hand was key. By selecting ‘Secure Mode’ on the CAI-enabled device, the team could easily attach essential data to the image at the point of capture, proving the image’s origin. It’s also possible to add further details to this through the CAI function found within image-editing software, recording edits made in post-production. Such seamless integration meant the process of creating the image was exactly the same as what the team was already used to. The difference became apparent when publishing the image as a SmartFrame, as demonstrated in the link below. With a simple tap of the info icon in the top-left-hand corner of the SmartFrame, it’s possible to view the image’s attribution and history data, with the option of viewing further details on a dedicated verification page. The CAI data function combines seamlessly with SmartFrame’s interactive image-streaming interface. This new way to display images online supports high-quality images up to 100MP in resolution, and uses a wide range of immersive functions to present them in all their glory. These include a full-screen viewing mode, together with the ability to zoom in to explore the finest details, all without affecting page-loading times. More importantly, however, SmartFrames provide advanced security against image theft. Dragging and dropping is made impossible, while right-clicks and screenshots are met with image-obscuring copyright warnings. Furthermore, built-in captions ensure permanent attribution. This not only helps to prevent image piracy, but also raises awareness of copyright restrictions. Through the use of deterrent messages, users are reminded that the image they are viewing is subject to copyright and are instead encouraged to share it legally using the Embed and Share functions. By sharing images in this way, they will carry all the enhanced viewing and security features, together with permanent attribution and CAI provenance data outlined above, wherever they are embedded. This means publishers can benefit from increased engagement and dwell times, image owners can monitor and control their valuable assets, and users can enjoy an extra level of protection against disinformation, leading to a higher level of trust. This pioneering collaboration is taking sure steps towards a safer online environment. Rob Sewell, CEO of SmartFrame Technologies, comments: “This marks the beginning of a new era in image publishing, where users have greater transparency and photographers can once again ensure their art is being used in the way it was intended. By working together, we can create a digital world where it’s okay to believe what you see.’’ Read more about the test and see the first ever CAI-enabled SmartFrame here SmartFrame applications outside of image protection: SmartFrame offers numerous additional benefits, such as its in-image contextual and cookie-less advertising system. Content owners can capitalise on the interest in their images and get paid when these are viewed, while publishers can embed images on their sites and gain a share of the revenues from the display of these ads. Advertisers, meanwhile, can reach new and relevant audiences, with ads that are contextually targeted to the image content, webpage and location of the viewer, all within a highly viewable premium ad unit placement. About SmartFrame Founded in 2015, SmartFrame Technologies is a London-based software provider with an aim to redefine the digital image standard. Its SmartFrame platform allows content owners and brands to protect their assets and present them in the best possible way, while also allowing publishers to source and embed high-quality images, and for everyone involved to generate new revenue streams by way of in-image advertising. About Adobe Adobe is the global leader in digital media and digital marketing solutions. Our creative, marketing and document solutions empower everyone – from emerging artists to global brands – to bring digital creations to life and deliver immersive, compelling experiences to the right person at the right moment for the best results. In short, Adobe is everywhere, and we’re changing the world through digital experiences. About the CAI The Content Authenticity Initiative is a group working together to fight misinformation and add a layer of verifiable trust to all types of digital content, starting with photo and video, through provenance and attribution solutions. We’re creating a secure end-to-end system for digital content provenance through open-source development, cross-industry collaboration, and interoperability of tools. Additional image access information. To get images associated with the article follow link below: Contact Details SmartFrame Technologies Jill Kent +44 7760 470309

December 02, 2021 06:10 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Oprah’s Favorite Things with Gayle King and Adam Glassman


A video accompanying this announcement is available at: 2021 marks the 25 th anniversary of Oprah’s Favorite Things and Gayle King, co-host of " CBS Mornings " and editor-at-large of Oprah Daily and Adam Glassman, creative director of Oprah Daily conducted a nationwide media tour to discuss highlights from this year’s list. Spotlighting small businesses and the inspiring stories of the owners behind the products has been part of the mission of Oprah’s Favorite Things from the very start. This is the biggest list ever with 110 items and most of the items selected are from small businesses, women-owned brands or companies owned by people of color. Some of the highlights include: Rebel Girls Books, Crayon Case Notepad iShadow Palettes, Fab Fête White Corn & Truffle Cheese Soufflé, Henry Masks and Oprah’s The Life You Want Planner. Part weekly planner, part intention journal, this beautiful book created by the Oprah Daily editors and Oprah will inspire you to make self-reflection and setting intentions a daily practice—and help you answer the ultimate question, “How do I become more of me?” Starting in January 2022, Oprah will host monthly livestream events exclusively for Oprah Daily Insiders to guide us through each of these topics. We’ll have surrounding content and conversation on every single day to support your journey. Oprah Daily Insiders receive unlimited access to, as well as special deals and discounts on Oprah-related events, access to their favorite stories and interviews from the magazine archives of O, The Oprah Magazine, and the chance to connect with other readers. Access to the membership program is $50, which also includes a subscription to the new O Quarterly. We have more fun surprises planned in the coming months so head to to join now or become an Oprah Daily Insider here. You can pick up the Winter Issue of O Quarterly featuring Oprah’s Favorite Things on newsstands now or head to to sign up to be an Oprah Daily Insider or shop the list on Oprah Daily and Amazon. To see the full list of items please visit For more information, visit About YourUpdateTV: YourUpdateTV is a social media video portal for organizations to share their content. It includes separate channels for Health and Wellness, Lifestyle, Media and Entertainment, Money and Finance, Social Responsibility, Sports and Technology. About Oprah Daily: Building on the mission and legacy of O, The Oprah Magazine — which for two decades guided its loyal audience toward living their best lives — Oprah Winfrey and Hearst Magazines introduced Oprah Daily, which includes, a new destination with thoughtful digital storytelling; O Quarterly, a new print edition that will publish four times a year; and Oprah Daily Insider, a special membership-only community, where readers can connect live with Oprah other O personalities, including Editor-at-Large Gayle King, Creative Director Adam Glassman and more. Follow Oprah Daily on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

December 01, 2021 05:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

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iTradeNetwork Features Blue Book Ratings and Scores in iTradeMarketplace


As a recently established Blue Book Registered Developer, iTradeNetwork, the food and beverage industry’s largest network with over 8,000 food and beverage trading partners, is delivering real-time access to Blue Book Ratings and Scores through the iTradeMarketplace platform. Now iTradeMarketplace users who are also Blue Book Services subscribers can view a company’s Blue Book Rating and Blue Book Score within the iTradeMarketplace platform. This integration provides maximum efficiency for end-users to view critical Blue Book information before a business transaction. “As we worked with our produce customers to build the iTradeMarketplace features, we repeatedly heard the need to have quick, easy access to Blue Book Ratings and Scores. This integration delivers on that vital industry need,” said Nathan Romney, chief product officer of iTradeNetwork. “We welcome iTradeNetwork as a Blue Book Registered Developer,” said Mark Erickson, Senior Vice President of Blue Book Services. “Our mission is to provide Blue Book content where, when and how members need it. So, the arrangement with iTradeNetwork is a very good fit and provides a useful complement to the suite of content, analytics and tools now available via Blue Book Online Services.” A free 30-day trial of the data integration is available for iTradeMarketplace users who do not currently subscribe to Blue Book Services. About Blue Book Services, Inc. Since 1901, Blue Book Services, Inc. has been the leader in providing the domestic and international fresh produce and exempt transportation industries with timely, accurate and reliable credit and marketing information. Produce suppliers, buyers, brokers and transporters alike rely on Blue Book ratings, reports, and information to make safe, informed and profitable business decisions. Blue Book Service also includes a full range of dispute resolution services, including collections, mediations, and arbitrations. About iTradeNetwork iTradeNetwork, Inc. is the leading global provider of supply chain management solutions for the food and beverage industry. Built upon deep industry expertise, a rich data foundation and the industries’ most extensive trading partner network, iTradeNetwork’s collaborative solutions allow distributors, manufacturers, operators, retailers, suppliers and wholesalers of all sizes to reduce cost, grow revenue and strengthen trading partner relationships. Today, iTradeNetwork’s growing customer list includes more than 8,000 companies globally. For more information, visit: Media, please note: Visual assets, including photos, are available. To interview ITN’s CEO Rhonda Bassett-Spiers or for other interview requests, please contact Robin Carr at (415) 971-3991 or ### Contact Details Landis Communications Inc. Robin Carr +1 415-971-3991 Blue Book Services, Inc. Jeff Lair +1 630-668-3500 Company Website

December 01, 2021 07:51 AM Pacific Standard Time

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VBox Communications

Presenting at CES® 2022 – January 5-8, 2022 Venetian Expo/Eureka Park – Booth #61708 (TECH WEST) VBox Communications, an expert in live broadcast TV streaming and recording, announced the expansion of capabilities for its ATSC 3.0 Android TV Gateway —which now includes clear, seamless and high-quality streaming of live or recorded ATSC 3.0 broadcast signals to companion devices running Android TV OS. VBox Communications will be presenting at CES ® 2022 in the Venetian Expo/Eureka Park section of Tech West – Booth #61708, from January 5-8, 2022. VBox’s quad-tuner ATSC 3.0 Android Gateway enables any Android-compliant companion device with Dolby AC-4 decoding capabilities to receive, record and play ATSC 3.0 broadcast signals over any local network, including these notable enhancements: Streaming HEVC 4K video and Dolby AC-4 audio to companion devices Content recasting to multiple network-connected devices (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and TV screens) DVR-recorded content access and viewing from any Android-compatible connected device Enhanced Electronic Service Guides (ESG) Advanced Emergency Alerts Broadcast applications testing environment. SDK provision to enable 3 rd -party development In addition, the company has also launched a testing kit that includes an ATSC 3.0 broadcast receiver device, accompanied by an SDK. “We invite broadcasters, service providers, application developers, and system integrators to participate in our new ATSC 3.0 Testbed program, designed to help evaluate the performance and test the latest developments in the ATSC 3.0 market,” said Jonathan Rind, VBox’s Marketing Director. VBox devices – including SDKs – are available for testing, evaluating and analyzing both linear ATSC 1.0 & 3.0 broadcast signals, as well as “beyond TV” ATSC 3.0 functionality, such as ESGs, advanced emergency alerting, broadcast apps, etc. The company has also a planned product for the evolving 5G Broadcast standard. More information about the ATSC 3.0 Android Gateway can be found at: or by contacting VBox: About VBox: VBox Communications ( is an expert in Digital TV, offering products that deliver live TV broadcasts (e.g. DVB-T/T2, DVB-C, DVB-S/S2, ISDB-T/ATSC) to IP, combined with OTT video streaming services, for home and business use. VBox’s innovative, end-to-end firmware, software, and hardware solutions empower telcos, STB/streamer OEMs, and integrators to harness the benefits of converged live broadcast and IP- based TV – while helping grow revenues, streamlining communications and reducing costs. Contact Details VBox Communications Jonathan Rind +972 9-950-2821 Company Website

December 01, 2021 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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UK SMEs forge ahead with cautious optimism as post-pandemic business confidence grows

Stockwood Strategy

Despite lingering anxieties about the pandemic and a variety of economic and commercial issues, the majority of SMEs believe it is now imperative to begin building back from the crisis. They are ready to step up their business investment, with ambitious plans for recruitment, renewal of equipment and machinery, and both domestic and international expansion. Fintech business lender MarketFinance asked 2,000 SME owners across the UK about their outlook for 2022 and beyond, gauging their short and long-term plans for business investment and growth. MarketFinance has today released a comprehensive research report of its findings. Confidence Analysis of the survey results has shown that business confidence amongst SMEs is improving, with many firms now focused on recovery and growth. With pandemic disruptions now largely settled, half of SMEs (48%) expect their turnover to stabilise or to increase over the next 12 months. Similarly, 50% of SMEs expect demand for their products or services to stabilise or to increase over the next six months. MarketFinance’s research has found that the majority of SMEs (63%) expect their business to grow over the next three years Investment With survival mode no longer a necessity and cash flow pressures beginning to ease, the vast majority of SMEs (70%) now feel confident enough to increase business investment over the next 12 months. A quarter of SMEs plan to hire new staff, while 24% expect to purchase new equipment and machinery. When asked how they were factoring borrowing into their investment plans, 23% of SMEs said access to a broader range of borrowing options could enable them to increase investment even further. Borrowing The research findings demonstrate that borrowing will play a key role in recovery and growth with 62% of SMEs saying that prudent borrowing could help them fund growth. However, three quarters (71%) of SMEs do not believe traditional banking products are the most obvious and convenient way to borrow for investment. Despite this lack of alignment between current finance needs and the options available through traditional routes, more than a third of SMEs (37%) are looking to take on new borrowing facilities. Growth With confidence high and a sense of having moved beyond recovery and into a new stage of growth, many businesses are looking forward to seizing a host of opportunities in 2022. Almost all SMEs surveyed (81%) plan to invest in sustainability, while 30% say they are considering merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the year ahead – more than twice as many as those primarily focusing on organic growth (14%). Over a third of businesses (34%) say they already sell overseas, or have plans to begin doing so. That figure is highest amongst the largest businesses surveyed (turnover between £5m and £6.5m) but even amongst smaller enterprises significant numbers are focused on export. Anil Stocker, CEO at MarketFinance, commented: “ It’s clear that the business environment has shifted and SMEs are looking ahead with a quietly confident and cautiously optimistic view. UK businesses intend to ramp up growth through domestic and international expansion, digital transformation and even M&A activity. But as they reset their post-pandemic goals for a post-pandemic, they’ll need to be confident of their funding base. Given that so many SMEs are looking outside of traditional routes in their search for finance, we’re particularly proud to have been accredited by the British Business Bank as one of the few alternative providers under The Recovery Loan Scheme. Schemes like the RLS are a golden opportunity for SMEs looking to gear up for growth, providing easily accessible funding at a lower cost across a wide range of products. We expect to see a large number of SMEs taking advantage of the scheme over the next 6 months as their growth and expansion efforts gain momentum and they invest in ambitious plans for 2022 and beyond.” About MarketFinance MarketFinance is a fintech business lender which believes that SMEs are building the world. By making finance frictionless, they’re solving the cash flow issues getting in the way of progress. MarketFinance uses smart technology to deliver better access to faster, more affordable finance; with one-to-one help whenever businesses need it. Since 2011, MarketFinance has advanced over £2.6 billion worth of invoices and loans, enabling thousands of UK businesses to bridge today’s funding gaps and fuel tomorrow’s big ambitions. MarketFinance is an accredited Recover Loan Scheme lender and has a wide-reaching network of strategic partners including Barclays Bank UK PLC, Tide, Equals Group and Ebury. MarketFinance is backed by Barclays Bank UK PLC, Mouro Capital, Paul Forster (co-founder of European venture capital fund Northzone (invested in Klarna, iZettle and Trustpilot), Viola Capital and private equity group MCI Capital (also invested in iZettle, Azimo and Gett). Further information visit: Contact Details MarketFinance Bilal Mahmood +44 7714 007257 Company Website

December 01, 2021 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Monteverde’s Joins FreshEdge

Rotunda Capital Partners LLC

FreshEdge, a family of produce and specialty food companies backed by Rotunda Capital Partners, acquired Monteverde’s, a fresh produce distributor located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Monteverde’s operates out of a 61,500 square-foot facility. The addition expands FreshEdge’s footprint further into the eastern United States and provides space and logistical support to better serve its increasing customer base. Monteverde’s joins a growing alliance that includes Piazza Produce & Specialty Foods, Indianapolis Fruit, Get Fresh Produce, McCartney Produce, Leonardo’s Produce, Valley Produce, Vine Line, Garden Cut, CIBUS Fresh and Papania’s. FreshEdge now operates with 1,775 employees, approximately 731,500 square feet of warehouse space, and a fleet of more than 670 trucks. “We welcome Steve Monteverde and his dedicated team to the FreshEdge family of companies,” said Steve Grinstead, CEO of FreshEdge. “Monteverde’s will be a great addition to our expanding group of ‘best in class’ fresh food distribution companies.” Terms of the deal, which closed on November 30, 2021, were not disclosed. The transaction strengthens the combined business’s presence in western Pennsylvania and the tri-state region that includes Ohio and West Virginia. “We are excited for this great company to join FreshEdge and look forward to continuing Monteverde’s ‘Tradition of Excellence’,” said Greg Corsaro, president and COO of FreshEdge. “By joining FreshEdge, Monteverde’s can continue to be locally managed while enjoying multi-regional distribution advantages and national procurement opportunities,” said Steve Monteverde, fourth-generation owner. Steve Monteverde, the Monteverde family, and Monteverde’s President Gloria Garofalo will continue to lead the company. FreshEdge is backed by Rotunda Capital Partners, a lower middle market private equity firm focused on investments in founder and family held companies. Rotunda seeks to provide opportunities for management teams to reach strategic, financial, and operational objectives. Rotunda entered the food business in 2017 with the acquisition of Indianapolis Fruit and Piazza Produce. FreshEdge was created in 2019 when Get Fresh Produce joined the platform. Monteverde’s represents FreshEdge’s seventh acquisition since Rotunda’s initial investment. Together, Rotunda and FreshEdge intend to continue expanding FreshEdge by welcoming more companies into the group—all focused on high quality produce and specialty food products, along with exceptional service—to create a unique team of complementary entities. About FreshEdge FreshEdge was formed in 2019 through the combination of Get Fresh Produce (founded 1982) and the IF&P Foods family of companies, primarily comprised of Indianapolis Fruit (founded 1947) and Piazza Produce (founded 1970). Collectively, the three leading fresh food distribution companies have nearly 150 years of combined experience serving the grocery and food service industries. In addition, FreshEdge includes two Garden Cut branded fresh-cut processing facilities, a tomato re-packer, a USDA fresh kitchen (CIBUS Fresh), and two transportation companies. FreshEdge’s fleet resource includes more than 670 trucks servicing the Midwest and beyond from twelve facilities totaling approximately 731,500 square feet of warehouse space. Today, FreshEdge is one of the largest independent fresh food distributors in the United States and a category leader in providing both the foodservice and retail industries with fruit, vegetables, proteins, fresh grab-n-go offerings, dairy, floral, and specialty products. About Rotunda Capital Partners Rotunda Capital Partners is a private equity firm that invests equity capital in established, lower middle market companies. Rotunda partners with management to build data-driven growth platforms within its targeted sectors, including value-added distribution, asset light logistics and industrial/business services. Founded in 2009, the firm has a long history of helping management teams achieve their goals for growth. The Rotunda team actively provides guidance and draws on deep industry and financial relationships to contribute to the successful execution of Rotunda’s companies’ strategic plans. The firm has offices in Bethesda, MD and Evanston, IL. For more information, visit Contact Details FreshEdge Greg Corsaro +1 317-981-3440 Rotunda Capital Partners Jill Lafferty +1 847-280-1295 Company Website

December 01, 2021 07:34 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Paralyzed Veterans of America says air travel often dangerous and inhumane for people with disabilities


A video accompanying this announcement is available at: As the busiest travel season of the year kicks off, Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) is sounding the alarm about serious issues people with disabilities still face when traveling by plane. Broken wheelchairs, injuries from improper transfers to and from airline seats, and no access to in-flight restrooms are common problems paralyzed veterans, and others with disabilities, routinely experience when flying. Air travel remains decades behind public spaces on land, even 35 years after the Air Carrier Access Act mandated changes. PVA has been fighting for accessibility for all people with disabilities for 75 years and is asking the public to help push for change. On November 17, in conjunction with YourUpdate TV, Charles Brown, the national president of Paralyzed Veterans of America conducted a nationwide media tour to address these issues. Charles was critically injured two years ago after improperly trained airline personnel dropped him onto the jetbridge during a transfer from his wheelchair to an aisle chair to board the plane. The fall broke his tailbone and caused an infection that he barely survived. He spent months in the hospital recovering. Charles says he and other paralyzed veterans frequently experience horrendous conditions when they fly. “It is unacceptable that 35 years after the legislation was passed, someone in a wheelchair still can’t access a bathroom on an airplane and risks serious injury or death because airline personnel are not properly trained,” said Brown. “These are basic safety and civil rights issues, and every American should be outraged.” Accessibility issues affect 65 million Americans with disabilities, which could include someone in your family now or in the future, and this number will grow as the population ages. To learn more about accessible travel and to support PVA’s fight, visit About Paralyzed Veterans of America: For 75 years, Paralyzed Veterans of America has been the only Veterans service organization dedicated solely to helping Veterans with spinal cord injuries and disorders (SCI/D), and diseases like MS and ALS. Our team of legislative advocates, architects, medical professionals, lawyers and other highly trained professionals strive to ensure that every Veteran regains the freedom, independence and quality of life they fought for. PVA is a major support system for our nation’s paralyzed heroes, their families and caregivers, ensuring quality healthcare, securing earned benefits, fighting for disability civil rights, making America more accessible, helping Veterans find meaningful careers, empowering them through sports, recreation and wellness programs, and funding both research and education in search for a cure and improved care and autonomy for individuals with paralysis. Operating more than 70 offices in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, PVA helps paralyzed Veterans and all people with disabilities live fuller, more productive lives. About YourUpdateTV: YourUpdateTV is a social media video portal for organizations to share their content. It includes separate channels for Health and Wellness, Lifestyle, Media and Entertainment, Money and Finance, Social Responsibility, Sports and Technology. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

November 30, 2021 05:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

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2021 Indigenous Taipei Fabulous Taipei is On

Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei City Government

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 30 November 2021 - 2021 Indigenous Taipei Fabulous Taipei events kicked off with "Campaign Naming and Theme Song Selection" and "Linban Song Competition" before reaching a climax on November 28, when the song and music performances and Youth Night took place via HANASPACE, where 20 groups performed consecutively for 8 hours, bringing the audience a most joyous Indigenous Taipei Fabulous Taipei. On top of Taipei indigenous associations, indigenous community colleges, university indigenous clubs, and Art Fly groups, Nov. 28 saw a total of 16 groups performing songs and dances featuring indigenous cultures. The evening was further packed with famous indigenous singer ABAO and Power Station, and award-winning indigenous band MAFANA, and Moteng Inku, pushing this year's Indigenous Taipei Fabulous Taipei events to the climax. Amongst the exciting program Nov. 28, the winners of "Campaign Naming", "Theme Song Selection", and "Linban Song Competition" of the year were announced, with the winner of "Linban Song Competition" invited to perform live on stage. Hope that more people recognize "linban song" (songs sung by afforestation squads in the past) as the music culture of urban indigenous peoples, understand the history and context of "linban song", and sing the songs of indigenous peoples in Taipei. Taipei City is vibrant with diversified cultures, and the contribution from indigenous peoples is what makes this city great. This year, Indigenous Taipei Fabulous Taipei has played creativity to the max, and the winning campaign name and theme song will become the brand and spotlight of future Indigenous Taipei Fabulous Taipei. After the song and music performances featuring culture and the Youth Night filled with indigenous power, the Taipei Indigenous Annual Expo will follow on December 1 at Ketagalan Culture Center. The series of events not only demonstrate the unique charism of indigenous peoples in Taipei but highlight Taipei as a city friendly to diversified cultures. Contact Details Johnson Wu

November 30, 2021 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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College of DuPage and Nassau Community College Meet in Dec. 4 Inaugural NJCAA Division III Football Championship

COD Newsroom

The top-ranked College of DuPage Chaparrals (8-2 overall) take on the No. 2-ranked Nassau Community College Lions (6-3) of Garden City, N.Y., Dec. 4 in the debut of the National Junior College Athletic Association’s Division III Championship at the Red Grange Bowl. The inaugural championship game, which kicks off at noon at COD’s Bjarne Ullsvik Stadium on COD’s Glen Ellyn campus, 425 Fawell Blvd., offers a rematch against the top two teams in the division. The Chaps, under first-year head coach Matthew Rahn, enter the championship having won five straight games after suffering a 17-15 loss at Nassau on Oct. 16. The Chaps outscored their opposition 195-53 in those five games with three victories over NJCAA Division I opponents. “For our program, our kids and our staff, this is a huge opportunity to showcase and enhance our brand on a national level,’’ Rahn said. “We’re pleased that the NJCAA got it right in terms of a match-up between ourselves and Nassau. The two programs’ schedules mirror each other with a majority of games against Division I programs. It’s going to be a great game for all involved.’’ The Lions, coached by Jamel Ramsay, opened the season with five straight victories, then closed the season with losses in three of their final four games including a 9-7 loss to No. 6 and unbeaten Division I Monroe College. The Chaps feature the No. 1 rushing offense in the country, averaging 209.9 yards a contest. Sophomore Darrell Smith (Kankakee, Kankakee High School) leads the team in rushing with 744 yards on 109 carries with three touchdowns. Teammate Taveon Porter (Chicago, Bremen High School) follows at 454 yards and a team-leading six touchdowns. Nine Chaparrals have scored touchdowns on the ground. Three Chaps have surpassed 600 yards in all-purpose yards. Smith leads with 815, followed by Porter (748) and sophomore halfback Chase Mendoza (Saginaw, Michigan, Swan Valley High School), who has 124 yards rushing, 355 receiving, 101 on punt returns and 65 kickoff return yards for 645 total yards. Freshman quarterback Brooks Blount (Waukesha, Wisconsin, West High School) threw 80 of 137 passing and needs one more yard to break 1,000 through the air with nine touchdowns and seven interceptions. Against Ellsworth College on Nov. 12, he rushed for three touchdowns in the first quarter of a 44-28 victory. Sophomore wide receiver Lazerick Eatman (Chicago, Immaculate Conception High School) leads the Chaps in receiving with 26 receptions, 382 yards and four touchdowns. Freshman Matthew Brown (Aurora, West Aurora High School) joins Eatman and Mendoza as the other receiver with at least 300 yards (23 catches for 319 yards). Sophomore defensive end Tom Trieb (Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove High School) has been a force all season long, ranking second in the division in sacks (13) along with 53 tackles. Freshman linebacker Chase Graham (Sterling, Newman Central High School) leads the Chaps in tackles with 55. The Chaps allowed just 244.9 yards per game, ranking second in the division. As noted, the two programs played Oct. 16 with the host Lions defeating the Chaps 17-15. The Lions took the lead for good on a 30-yard field goal with 12:30 remaining in the game. COD had four possessions in the final 12-plus minutes, but could not sustain a drive. Porter led the Chaps’ ground game with 142 yards on 10 carries and had 251 all-purpose yards and a pair of touchdowns. The national championship game recognizes the feats of the late Red Grange, one of football's all-time greats and arguably the game's greatest all-time offensive player. The Wheaton native, nicknamed the "Galloping Ghost" and the "Wheaton Iceman," is a charter member of both the Pro (1963) and College (1951) Football Halls of Fame. His single-greatest feat remains almost fantasy — scoring four touchdowns in the opening 12 minutes versus Michigan in the University of Illinois Memorial Stadium dedication game on Oct. 18, 1924. All told in that game, Grange was responsible for six touchdowns against the Wolverines and totaled 409 all-purpose yards. Grange went on to earn three All-American honors at Illinois and became the first major signing by Chicago Bears owner and head coach George Halas. Later that year, Halas took Grange and the Bears on a coast-to-coast tour in which the club played 16 games in nine weeks. That effort is thought to have saved the National Football League and fortified Grange as a household name in America, among the likes of such legends as Babe Ruth and Jack Dempsey. “College of DuPage is proud to continue its tribute to the legendary Red Grange and honored to have been selected as host of the inaugural NJCAA Division III championship game,” said COD President Dr. Brian Caputo. “The opportunity to play in this debut game is a testament to the strength of our football program. Our players have seen tremendous success this season and the College is behind them as they get set to take on Nassau.” College of DuPage is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association, National Junior College Athletic Association Region IV and North Central Community College Conference (N4C). The College’s Athletics program offers nine men’s and nine women’s sports teams each year, including outdoor track and field, indoor track and field, cross country, football, volleyball, golf, basketball, tennis, baseball, softball and soccer. Home games are generally played on the Glen Ellyn campus, 425 Fawell Blvd. Official Merchandise FineDesigns is the official merchandiser for the NJCAA Division III Football Championship at the Red Grange Bowl. To pre-order any of the merchandise, use this website link. Game notes Although this is first national championship game for the division, the Red Grange Bowl provided a venue for both COD and Nassau post-season action. The Chaps were unbeaten in three appearances, the last during the 2019 season — a 14-0 victory over Itasca Community College. The Lions played in 2018 against Northland Community College and earned a resounding 46-6 victory. Tickets Tickets are $10 and are available for sale (cash only) at the point of entry. The game will be livestreamed at with Jim Tirey providing the play-by-play. Contact Details Mark Reinhiller +1 630-942-3761

November 29, 2021 01:30 PM Central Standard Time

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