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Cookie Co. Announces Opening of New Location in Riverside, California

Cookie Co.

Celebrated as a pandemic success story, Cookie Co. has opened its second location in California, located at 195 E. Alessandro Blvd Suite 8C Riverside, CA, 92508. The brand is committed to bringing their gourmet cookies made locally to raving fans across the USA, and is carefully vetting corporate locations and franchise partners. Cookie Co. is rapidly expanding under strict guidelines to maintain the integrity of their beloved cookies with both new corporate and franchise locations. With franchise requests coming in from across the USA, Cookie Co. is working closely with qualified, interested parties to determine the right partnerships during the company’s current growth phase. Riverside, California was a smart next location for the state, as there is a built up demand from patrons in the city, which is neighboring to the original location in Redlands. “We’re excited to see this location in our home state open! There has been significant demand in the area, and now Riverside locals will have our cookies at an even closer proximity to their homes, making a quick stop easy and accessible any day of the week so they can grab their favorites. ” -Elise Thomas, Co-Founder, Cookie Co. About Cookie Co: Gourmet cookies, made locally. Founded in 2020 during the height of the pandemic, Cookie Co. began as a labor of love, offering the simplest of comfort foods – fresh baked cookies. Baked right at home with curbside pick-up in their driveway, Founders Elise and Matt Thomas discovered peace in providing an experience that reminded them of hopeful childhood memories. Opening the first location in August 2020 in Redlands, California, Cookie Co. is known for its signature cookies which are proprietary to the company. Cookie Co. has thrived thanks to raving fans across the community and is now available as a franchise. Interested franchise partners can learn more here. Contact Details Sterling Public Relations Paula Steurer +1 949-200-6566 Company Website

May 12, 2022 04:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time

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Headline: Uno Pizzeria and Grill introduces new Virtual Brand, Detroit Pizza Works

UNO Pizzeria & Grill

Uno Pizzeria and Grill, the inventor of deep dish pizza in Chicago in 1943, has introduced a Virtual Brand called Detroit Pizza Works which features Detroit-style pizza. Detroit-style pizza has grown in popularity over the last few years and has expanded outside of the Detroit area across the U.S. There are distinct characteristics of Detroit-style pizza that make it unique – rectangular in shape, a thick but light and airy dough, a cheese-baked edge, and tomato sauce that is spread like a racing stripe across the top of the pizza. Uno Pizzeria and Grill has developed a recipe that stays true to all of the hallmark details that make Detroit-style pizza unique. Detroit Pizza Works was launched in November of last year on major Delivery apps – Door Dash, Uber Eats and Grubhub. Uno Pizzeria and Grill CEO Erik Frederick enthusiastically stated “The feedback we’ve received from our guests is that we’ve absolutely ‘nailed it.” Frederick continued, “Even though UNO’s is the birthplace of, and is known for deep dish pizza, we also make a spectacular Chicago-style thin crust pizza. Our customers have grown to trust us to provide quality pizza varieties. And if a new great style comes along we will always explore the possibilities to expand our product offerings. With Detroit Pizza Works, we wanted to stay true to the classic Detroit-style pizza and think we have a top-of-the-line pizza to offer. The Virtual Kitchen marketplace gives us the opportunity to open up to entirely new guests and markets.” Based on the overwhelming success of the Detroit Pizza Works virtual brand, UNO is now offering Detroit-style pizza in select restaurants as an LTO for takeout and delivery only. It will be offered for dine in at many UNO restaurants in June. “Everyone loves pizza and we want to give our guests a variety of options to appeal to their individual tastes and occasions. As long as it is awesome pizza, we will always look to expand our horizons.” Frederick concluded. About UNO Pizzeria & Grill Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Uno Restaurant Holdings Corporation includes approximately 80 company-owned and franchised UNO Pizzeria & Grill restaurants located in 18 states, and the District of Columbia, India, and Saudi Arabia. UNO is all about connecting people over pizza – from its famous Chicago Deep Dish, which UNO invented in 1943, to its Chicago Thin Crust, to its gluten-free and vegan pizzas. The Company also operates Uno Foods, a consumer packaged-foods business which supplies supermarkets, airlines, movie theaters, hotels, airports, travel plazas, and schools, with both frozen and refrigerated private-label foods and UNO branded products. For more information, visit Contact Details Chris Dellamarggio +1 339-613-7641 Company Website

May 12, 2022 02:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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The Morris House Hotel

The Morris House Hotel in the City of Philadelphia is pleased to announce it has been inducted into Historic Hotels of America ®, the official program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The Morris House Hotel, along with other iconic and legendary historic hotels and resorts from across the United States of America, Puerto Rico, and Washington D.C., has been recognized by Historic Hotels of America for preserving and maintaining its historic integrity, architecture, and ambiance. “We are delighted to induct The Morris House Hotel, a Federal-style historic house and garden built in 1787, to Historic Hotels of America.” said Lawrence Horwitz, Executive Vice President of Historic Hotels of America and Historic Hotels Worldwide. “We welcome The Morris House Hotel, its owners Michael and Tracey DiPaolo, Eugene and Deborah Lefevre, and their leadership team into Historic Hotels of America.” To be selected for membership in Historic Hotels of America, a hotel must be at least 50 years old; has been designated by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior as a National Historic Landmark or listed in or eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places; and recognized as having historic significance. Julio Ugarte, the General Manager said, “I am very proud of our team and staff to have brought the hotel up to such an extraordinary level of service and comfort, and that we are now included in this prestigious list with other phenomenal iconic hotels.” Designated by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior as a National Historic Landmark, the Morris House Hotelis rich in history and architectural integrity. It was built by the Reynolds Family in 1787 during the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. The signers included two very important members of the Morris family who became the next owners of the house. Many generations of the Morris family have lived in the house for over 150 years. The current owners acquired the property in 2000 and immediately began turning the home and the two ancillary buildings into a first-class hotel. They endeavored to preserve the building’s historic details, while also bringing its facilities up to 21st century standards. About Historic Hotels of America ® Historic Hotels of America is the official program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation for recognizing, celebrating, and promoting the finest historic hotels in the United States of America. To be nominated and selected for membership in this prestigious program, a hotel must be at least 50 years old; designated by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior as a National Historic Landmark or listed in or eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places; and recognized as having historical significance. Of the more than 300 historic hotels inducted into Historic Hotels of America from 44 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, all historic hotels faithfully preserve their sense of authenticity, sense of place, and architectural integrity. To view the Morris House Hotel’s weblink on The Historic Hotels website, see incredible photos, and review its rich history, click on the link below: For more information, please visit Contact Details Historic Hotels of America | Historic Hotels Worldwide Julio Ugarte, GM +1 215-922-2446 Michael and Tracey DiPaolo, Owner +1 215-922-2446 Eugene and Deborah Lefevre, Owner +1 215-922-2446 Katherine Orr - Manager, Marketing Communications +1 202-772-8337 Company Website

May 12, 2022 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Funding update: Marquee tech founders and investors join Ultrahuman’s Series A


Several prolific tech investors and founders have come together to invest in Ultrahuman, a leading metabolic fitness platform that uses glucose biomarkers to help people optimize their lifestyle. Balaji Srinivasan (ex-Coinbase), Nithin Kamath (founder of Zerodha via Rainmatter) and Preethi Kasireddy (ex-a16z) along with several others have invested in Ultrahuman, the world’s most advanced metabolic fitness platform, in an undisclosed funding amount which will be in addition to their recent series A round. Others influential leaders include Groww founders (Harsh Jain, Lalit Keshre, Neeraj Singh and Ishan Bansal), Razorpay founder, Harshil Mathur and RazorpayX GM - Shashank Mehta, Akshay BD (founding team Uber India) and Tanmay Bhat (celebrity content creator and investor) as they support Ultrahuman, a metabolic fitness platform that helps people optimize their metabolism via real-time biomarkers like glucose in combination with HRV, sleep and activity insights. The metabolic health crisis is unarguably one of the largest healthcare crises that exist today. Over a billion people in the world suffer from a metabolic health disorder which contributes to almost 85% of all chronic diseases in the world. By helping people understand how food and exercise affect their metabolic health, people would be able to make informed choices about what they eat and their activity levels. The approach is a geography/diet agnostic way to help people eat and exercise better. Measuring a powerful biomarker like glucose can reveal so much about how a particular food item affects the user’s metabolic health by measuring the glucose response. This response is unique to an individual and it depends on various factors like their gut microbiome, stress levels, time of the day, food ingredient quality, etc. Ultrahuman launched with Ultrahuman M1 - a metabolic health tracking platform that provides intelligent nudges based on glucose biomarkers. This helps people optimize their exercise, sleep and nutrition based on deep insights from the platform. The M1 tracks the wearer’s metabolism as they go about their day using a continuous glucose monitoring device. It triggers timely personalized nudges to the user such as alerts to high glucose variability events leading to oxidative stress and suggestions to optimize it via lifestyle interventions. Nithin Kamath, founder of Zerodha, added: “A big part of living healthier is tracking your diet and eating right, but the problem is doing this accurately is tricky. The approach that Ultrahuman is taking to tackle this problem of improving metabolic fitness by using biomarkers is really interesting. We're excited to join Mohit and Vatsal on their journey.” Ultrahuman has raised over $25M to date. Existing investors include Alpha Wave, Steadview Capital, Nexus Venture Partners, Blume Ventures and Utsav Somani’s iSeed fund, and a range of other angel investors including Tiger Global’s Scott Schleifer. “We’re super excited to welcome some of the world’s foremost founders, investors and biohackers to join our Series A round. The most inspiring aspect of this investment is that most of them are long term users of the platform as well and that strengthens our mission holistically”. said Mohit Kumar, Founder and CEO, Ultrahuman. Ultrahuman was started by Mohit Kumar and Vatsal Singhal who were also co-founders at Runnr which later merged with India’s largest food delivery service Zomato. Mohit is an avid cyclist, biohacker and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast. Vatsal is a cross-fit enthusiast and a biohacker. Mohit was training at one of the largest MMA Camps in the world (Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand). During his training, he observed athletes train smartly via the usage of data, recovery tools and protocols. About Ultrahuman Ultrahuman is the world's most advanced metabolic fitness platform. By using glucose and other biomarkers, Ultrahuman is helping people improve their energy levels, lose fat and avoid metabolic disorders. For more information and updates on Ultrahuman, please visit or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Contact Details Ultrahuman Bilal Mahmood +44 7714 007257 Company Website

May 12, 2022 06:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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StreamLayer Announces Strategic Investment from Las Vegas Sands


StreamLayer, an audience engagement technology company focused on transforming the live sports viewing experience across mobile and other streaming devices, announced today it has received an investment from Las Vegas Sands, the world’s leading developer and operator of integrated resorts. StreamLayer’s next-generation video engagement operating system (VEOS) gives rights holders – ranging from large enterprise media companies to individual teams and leagues who control their streaming rights – the ability to transform video content into highly-engaging interactive viewing experiences on their own native app platforms. With StreamLayer’s VEOS, clients can offer their users a limitless world of hyper-personalized features and viewing options, including watch parties, real-time statistics, and innovative e-commerce and sports betting opportunities, all from within the main video experience. “StreamLayer’s mission is to change the way we watch video,” said StreamLayer CEO John Ganschow, “making it more fun and engaging for consumers, and more profitable for rights owners and their media distribution partners. At a time when the global streaming industry is seeking solutions to attract, retain and monetize their audiences in the face of spiraling content costs, the strategic investment from Sands will allow us to accelerate our development efforts and capitalize on this growing demand.” About StreamLayer StreamLayer is the revolutionary audience engagement platform that redefines the way viewers experience live video. The Company’s proprietary Video Engagement Operating System (VEOS) enables content programmers and broadcast rights holders to transform linear streaming video feeds into highly personalized interactive viewing experiences, seamlessly integrated into their own native app environments. StreamLayer is headquartered in Chicago, IL. Contact Details StreamLayer John Ganschow +1 312-543-0488 Company Website

May 11, 2022 02:00 PM Central Daylight Time

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City Produce Joins FreshEdge


INDIANAPOLIS – FreshEdge, a family of produce and specialty food companies backed by Rotunda Capital Partners, acquired City Produce, a fresh food distributor headquartered in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. For many years, City Produce has been serving North Central Florida, the Florida Panhandle, and central to southern Alabama distributing fresh fruits and vegetables, including an array of fresh-cut offerings, dairy, meats, seafoods, specialty foods, and more. City Produce operates out of two facilities, one in Fort Walton Beach, and a second in Foley, Alabama. The addition expands FreshEdge’s footprint into the southern United States and provides space and logistical support to better serve its customer base as it spreads farther south. City Produce joins Piazza Produce & Specialty Foods, Indianapolis Fruit, Get Fresh Produce, McCartney Produce, Monteverde’s, Valley Produce, Vine Line, Garden Cut, CIBUS Fresh and Papania’s. FreshEdge now operates with more than 2,000 employees, approximately 808,500 square feet of warehouse space, and a fleet of more than 720 trucks. “We welcome Tommy Sundy and his amazing team to the FreshEdge family of companies,” said Steve Grinstead, CEO of FreshEdge. “We are excited for this great company to join FreshEdge as we expand farther into the Southeast.” Terms of the deal, which closed on May 10, 2022, were not disclosed. The transaction strengthens the combined business’s presence in Florida and southern Alabama. “City Produce will be a great addition to our expanding group of ‘best in class’ fresh food distribution companies,” said Greg Corsaro, president and COO of FreshEdge. “We look forward to Tommy’s continued leadership at City Produce.” “Our City Produce team is excited to join the FreshEdge family - knowing we’ll be ‘better together’,” said Tommy Sundy, president. “This is the next step in increasing our footprint, serving customers with expanded offerings and growing for our future.” FreshEdge is backed by Rotunda Capital Partners, a lower middle market private equity firm focused on investments in founder and family held companies. Rotunda seeks to provide opportunities for management teams to reach strategic, financial, and operational objectives. Rotunda entered the food business in 2017 with the acquisition of Indianapolis Fruit and Piazza Produce. FreshEdge was created in 2019 when Get Fresh Produce joined the platform. City Produce represents FreshEdge’s seventh acquisition since Rotunda’s initial investment. Together, Rotunda and FreshEdge intend to continue expanding FreshEdge by welcoming more companies into the group—all focused on high quality produce and specialty food products, along with exceptional service—to create a unique group of complementary entities. About FreshEdge FreshEdge was formed in 2019 through the combination of Get Fresh Produce (founded 1982) and the IF&P Foods family of companies, primarily composed of Indianapolis Fruit (founded 1947) and Piazza Produce (founded 1970). McCartney Produce (Paris, TN) joined the FreshEdge family in November 2020 followed by Valley Produce (Knoxville, TN) in June 2021, Vine Line (Grand Rapids, MI) in October 2021, and Monteverde's (Pittsburgh, PA) in November 2021. Collectively, these leading fresh food distribution companies have nearly 500 years of combined experience serving the grocery and food service industries. FreshEdge includes two Garden Cut branded fresh-cut processing facilities, a tomato re-packer, a USDA fresh kitchen (CIBUS Fresh), and two transportation companies. FreshEdge's fleet resource includes more than 720 trucks servicing the Midwest and beyond from 12 facilities totaling approximately 808,500 square feet of warehouse space. Today, FreshEdge is one of the largest independent fresh food distributors in the United States and a category leader in providing both the foodservice and retail industries with fruit, vegetables, proteins, fresh grab-n-go offerings, dairy, floral, and specialty products. For more information, visit About Rotunda Capital Partners Rotunda Capital Partners is an operationally oriented private equity firm focused on transforming family-founder owned companies into dynamic, data-driven platforms able to achieve and manage significant growth. Since its founding in 2009, Rotunda has partnered with management teams to build great businesses within three primary sectors: value-added distribution, asset-light logistics and industrial & business services. Rotunda strives to achieve replicable results by implementing its Rotunda Performance System to create strategic alignment, develop lean processes and create robust, data-driven infrastructures. For more information, visit Contact Details FreshEdge Greg Corsaro +1 317-981-3440 Rotunda Capital Partners Jill Lafferty +1 847-280-1295 Company Website

May 11, 2022 07:43 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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In the new article, reveals: 10 Athletes Who Lost Fans in the Most Shocking Ways

American Gambler

Professional athletes are idolized for their prowess on the court, field, and track, but they don’t always live up to those high standards when it’s not game time. In a new article, takes a closer look at 10 athletes who have gone through shocking controversies that not only tarnished their reputations and lost them fans, but much more than that. Because of the scandals that they were involved in, many of the athletes took major financial hits, including the most famous cyclist Lance Armstrong, who is estimated to have lost around $75 million due to his longtime doping misconduct, and basketball player Latrell Sprewell, who lost more than $6 million after punching his coach while playing for the Golden State Warriors. Others spent time in jail, such as football player Michael Vick — who went from being the onetime highest-paid player in the NFL to an inmate washing dishes for 12 cents an hour after financing a dog-fighting ring — and track athlete Oscar Pistorius, convicted of murder after shooting his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day 2013. Two women made the list as well, including soccer goalie Hope Solo, who’s been involved in a variety of controversies over the years — from domestic violence to poor sportsmanship — and figure skater Tonya Harding, infamous for her role in attempting to take out rival Nancy Kerrigan before the 1994 Winter Olympics. What all the athletes on the list share is undeniable sporting talent — and the fact that they all disappointed fans through their shocking scandals. For the full list of 10 athletes and their stories, visit: About is a U.S. online gambling platform owned by Raketech Group Holding, licensed to operate in the United States. The community-driven platform’s primary focus is to provide reliable information about iGaming in the U.S. and give insights about legal online betting, poker, casinos, eSports, gambling laws, and more. Contact Details American Gambler Agnieszka Kaszuba +356 7934 4264 Company Website

May 11, 2022 07:39 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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DermTech Helps Detect Skin Cancer Through a Smart Sticker Instead of a Scalpel


A video accompanying this announcement is available at: Would it surprise you to know that one in five Americans develop skin cancer by the age of 70? In fact, more than two people die of skin cancer in the U.S. every hour. It is one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer and one of the most common cancers diagnosed in the U.S. Because of the nation-wide closures of dermatology offices during the pandemic, there was a significant delay in routine cancer screening which impaired referrals for preliminary cancer diagnoses. This means there is a potential backlog of undiagnosed skin cancers. Even prior to the pandemic, only 16 percent of Americans ages 18-29 surveyed in a 2018 study stated that they visited a dermatologist’s office in the past 12 months. What if there were an innovative and painless ways to get your moles checked at home via a telehealth appointment and under clinician supervision? DermTech’s reliable and patient-friendly test, the DermTech Melanoma Test, enhances early melanoma detection by accurately ruling out melanoma. It uses a non-invasive Smart Sticker to gently lift skin cells from the surface of the skin, which are tested for the presence of genomic markers associated with melanoma. A negative test result means there is greater than 99% probability that the mole is not melanoma. The Smart Sticker is simply pressed onto the spot, lifted off and then sent to DermTech’s lab. Patients can access the DermTech Melanoma Test at dermatologists’ offices, through certain primary care providers or remotely via telehealth in 44 states. For more information visit: Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

May 10, 2022 01:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Hustle For Hope, the newest activity-driven fundraising challenge in Kilter’s Miles for Meaning series, will launch on June 1st with $20,000 available in donation prizes for the top performing cancer-related nonprofits or corporations supporting their favorite cancer-related causes, it was announced by Seth Braddock, Kilter Founder & CEO. “Cancer is something that touches most lives in some way. I’m a huge believer in exercise and movement as a powerful preventative and rehabilitative therapy for cancer, which is why bringing Hustle For Hope to life is so exciting to me, because it will enable communities of people to get out and move however they like throughout the month of June while raising awareness and funds for the cancer-cause of their choice.” Kilter is the most inclusive activity-based engagement platform for good. The platform is used by nonprofits, corporations, and brands to unite supporters and employees through everyday health, wellness and lifestyle activities. Hustle For Hope, open to both nonprofits and companies for their supporters and employees, will provide tens of thousands of dollars in donation prizes to nonprofit organizations during National Cancer Survivor Month and engage nonprofit partners as big as American Cancer Society to small family run foundations like Linda W. Daniel Foundation who all have a fair and equal opportunity to win donation prizes. Participants, regardless of location or physical ability, will accumulate miles (steps, run, bike, walk, wheelchair roll) from June 1-21 and can also fundraise for their favorite cause along the way if they so choose. The participating teams will compete to win cash donation prizes sponsored by Kilter & TVP. “When your mission is to ‘Challenge the athlete in you to fight cancer today’, Kilter is the perfect partner” says Laura Daniel of the Linda W. Daniel Foundation. “We are thrilled to partner with Kilter and join Hustle for Hope! It's a great opportunity to build and compete as a community while raising funds to support our efforts.” This annual event will be the first of many in the Miles For Meaning series that focuses on a specific sector of the nonprofit industry for large donation prizes. Registration for interested nonprofits and corporations is open all of May, with many corporate and nonprofit teams already involved. ABOUT KILTER Kilter is the most inclusive activity-based engagement platform for good. The platform allows users to turn their everyday health, wellness and lifestyle activities into opportunities for to drive charitable dollars to their favorite causes, all while building culture and community to make a global impact. With 50+ trackable activities from running to yoga to pickleball to volunteering, plus our best in class user experience, functionality and customer support, employers, nonprofits and event producers will meet their supporters where they are today (on their phones) and easily exceed engagement and impact goals. Learn more at Contact Details Julian Lavelle +1 315-708-3494 Company Website

May 10, 2022 09:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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