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Black Falcon Drone: Why Is It Trending In The United States?

Spark Metro

In this ever-evolving landscape of innovation, drones have emerged as indispensable tools, transforming the art of capturing moments into an exhilarating experience. Beyond mere gadgets, these flying marvels are the keys to unlocking a richer visual narrative, providing photographers, videographers, and adventurers with the ability to perceive the world from awe-inspiring perspectives. As we navigate through a sea of drone brands, our focus sharpens on the Black Falcon Drone – a technological marvel designed to soar above the rest. In the vast expanse of the United States and Canada, this drone stands out as a beacon of possibility. The question shifts not to whether one needs a drone but rather, how one has not yet harnessed the revolutionary potential of this cutting-edge technology. Join us on a journey as we delve into the heart of Black Falcon Drone Reviews, merging our passion for technology with an authentic review of its capabilities. In this reviews, we aim to uncover whether the Black Falcon Drone truly lives up to its name, offering a unique blend of innovation and performance that elevates it to new heights in the world of aerial storytelling. What's Black Falcon Drone? (Black Falcon 4K Drone Reviews) The Black Falcon Drone is a cutting-edge aerial photography and adventure recording device, seamlessly blending innovation and practicality. Designed for both beginners and enthusiasts, it captures high-definition images at 60 frames per second, excelling in fast-paced action scenarios. Its user-friendly nature, highlighted in numerous reviews, extends from an intuitive design for novices to sophisticated features like anti-collision sensors for seasoned users. Boasting a durable ABS plastic build, the drone's lightweight and aerodynamic design enhance flying performance, reaching speeds up to 30mph. Its long-lasting battery and high-definition FPV capabilities allow live streaming to smartphones. Technologically advanced, the pre-programmed drone integrates electrical motors, a central processing unit, and sensors for stability. Operational simplicity extends to the remote control, utilizing modern radio frequencies for seamless communication. Multiple sensors, including accelerometers and gyroscopes, ensure stability in various weather conditions. The flight controller intelligently processes sensor data for speed regulation, while features like 360-degree capture, atmospheric pressure sensing, and anti-collision sensors contribute to its unrivaled capabilities in the realm of aerial storytelling. MUST SEE: Click Here Now To Get The Black Falcon Drone Directly From The Official Website Features Of Black Falcon Drone Foldable Blades: Enhancing portability, the drone features foldable blades for easy transport and protection. High-Definition Videos: With the ability to record video at 60 frames per second and capture high-resolution photos, Black Falcon 4k drone ensures crystal-clear imagery, capturing every detail of your adventure. Panorama Mode: Standout capabilities include panorama mode for comprehensive visuals and slow-motion features for cinematic footage. Cinematic Slow-Motion Mode: Praised in reviews, this mode transforms ordinary scenes into stunning, high-definition slow-motion sequences, adding a dramatic flair to your captured memories. Compact and Portable Design: The innovative foldable style makes it easily portable, with flexible blades protecting it during transit—an appreciated convenience highlighted in reviews. Durable Components: Made with durable components, the Black Falcon Drone ensures reliability and resilience during flights. Silent Operation: Ideal for wildlife enthusiasts, the drone operates quietly, allowing discreet photography and videography without disturbing natural scenes. Long Battery Life: Boasting a longer battery life, the Black Falcon Drone is a boon for adventurers, providing the freedom to immerse yourself in outdoor activities without constant recharging concerns. 3D Flip: Experience aerobatics with the drone's 3D flip feature, adding excitement and creativity to your aerial maneuvers. Advanced Gravity Sensor and Stabilization: Equipped with a gravity sensor and digital image stabilization, it caters to both beginners and pros, enabling the capture of professional-grade videos and photos effortlessly. One Key Return: The convenience of one-key return simplifies navigation, ensuring the drone returns to a designated point with a single command. Wash Configuration and Set Up: The drone's user-friendly design includes easy wash configuration and set-up, enhancing the overall user experience. Benefits (Black Falcon Drone Reviews ) Enduring Battery Life: Enjoy longer flight times, maximizing each journey for capturing footage. Value for Money: Striking a balance between cost and quality, it offers advanced features at an affordable price, bringing professional-grade technology to a wider audience. Superior Range: Noted in reviews, the remarkable transmission range allows users to cover more ground and capture stunning aerial shots from significant distances. Portability: The compact, foldable design makes it an ideal travel companion, easy to carry and deploy wherever adventure calls. User-Friendly Experience: From intuitive controls to intelligent flight features, the drone caters to beginners and seasoned pilots alike. Its user-friendliness is frequently highlighted in reviews. Remarkable 4K Camera Quality: With a 4K UHD camera at the forefront, the drone excels in capturing breathtaking images and videos, placing it at the forefront of drone photography and videography. Is Black Falcon Drone Any Good? Certainly! The Black Falcon Drone has earned its reputation as a standout in the drone market, primarily owing to its impressive capabilities. It holds the distinction of being the most powerful drone currently available. At the heart of its prowess is a stabilized camera that sets a new standard for capturing visuals in high definition. The drone's stabilized camera is a game-changer, delivering not only clarity but also the assurance of smooth and steady footage. This feature is particularly crucial for those who prioritize quality when shooting movies or images. The ability to produce HD-quality movies and images places the Black Falcon Drone in a league of its own, making it an exceptional choice for individuals who seek to elevate their photography and videography to new heights. What truly sets the Black Falcon 4k Drone apart is its proficiency in capturing gorgeous photographs with unique viewpoints. The stabilized camera goes beyond mere image clarity; it ensures that each shot is a masterpiece, allowing users to explore and experiment with perspectives that might be challenging with conventional cameras. This aspect of the drone makes it a valuable tool for photographers and content creators who are keen on pushing the boundaries of creativity. How Does Black Falcon Drone Work? Remote Controller: Utilizing a remote controller, the pre-programmed Black Falcon Drone ensures ease of use for operators. This controller serves as the command hub, allowing users to navigate and control the drone effortlessly. Programmable Features: To match specific recording needs, users can pre-set programs on the drone using the remote controller. This customization ensures that the drone operates precisely as desired during recording sessions. GPS Modules and Gravity Sensors: The inclusion of GPS modules and gravity sensors enhances the functionality of the Black Falcon Drone. These technologies contribute to precise navigation and responsive control, allowing the drone to operate with accuracy. Wireless Connectivity: The drone stands out by wirelessly connecting to a smartphone, providing users with the ability to capture landscapes in real-time. This wireless connectivity facilitates convenient control and monitoring of the drone's activities. User-Friendly Features: Foldable Blades: The inclusion of foldable blades adds to the user-friendly nature of the Black Falcon Drone. This design feature not only enhances portability but also protects the drone during transport. One-Key Return: The one-key return feature simplifies the drone's navigation, allowing it to return to a designated point with a single command. Wi-Fi Connectivity: Wi-Fi connectivity further enhances user convenience, enabling seamless communication between the drone and connected devices. Smartphone Integration: Users can connect the Black Falcon Drone to their smartphones for navigation and photography purposes. This integration allows for the control of the quadcopter and facilitates the capture of images and videos directly from the connected smartphone. 360-Degree Video Recording: The drone excels in recording videos from all angles, providing users with a comprehensive and immersive visual experience. Flight Duration Adjustment: The operator can easily alter the duration of the flight after takeoff by selecting options on the setup screen. This feature adds flexibility to the recording process, allowing for dynamic adjustments during flight. Is Black Falcon Drone Legit Or A Scam? The Black Falcon Drone is considered a legitimate and innovative product, debunking concerns of it being a scam. Its user-friendly design, including configurable controls and Wi-Fi connectivity, caters to both novice and experienced drone pilots, reducing the learning curve. The drone's lightweight and foldable blades add to its credibility, offering portability without compromising functionality. Its versatility across various applications, from photography to real estate showcasing, further establishes its legitimacy, proving its value beyond specialized markets. With advanced features, a One Key Return function, long battery life, and positive user experiences, the Black Falcon Drone stands out as a genuine and inventive tool for capturing unique perspectives. How To Use Black Falcon Drone? Unboxing and Charging: Carefully remove the drone from its packaging immediately. Plug in the drone for charging, ensuring it's connected for at least sixty minutes. This ensures a fully charged battery for optimal performance. Refer to the Guidebook: Once charged, consult the provided guidebook for detailed instructions. Familiarize yourself with the drone's features, controls, and safety guidelines outlined in the guidebook. Download the Required Program: Use your smartphone to scan the QR code provided in the guidebook or on the drone's packaging. This will lead you to the official Black Falcon Drone application. Download and install it on your smartphone. Connect Drone to Smartphone: Establish a connection between the drone and your smartphone through the installed application. Follow the application's instructions to ensure a seamless connection. Capture Photos and Videos: With the connection established, you're ready to use the quadcopter to capture stunning pictures and videos. Explore the various settings and features provided by the Black Falcon Drone for a versatile recording experience. Utilize GPS for Outdoor Use: When using the drone outdoors, activate the GPS feature on your smartphone. This ensures that you can locate your drone easily and enhances overall control and safety during outdoor flights. Store Safely: After your drone adventure, store the Black Falcon Drone in a cool and safe location. Proper storage helps maintain the drone's condition for future use. Price Of Black Falcon Drone And Where To Buy In The United States And Canada The Black Falcon drone can be gotten directly from the official website at the following prices: Single Black Falcon Drone: $99 Two Black Falcon Drones: $138 (at $69 each) Four Black Falcon Drones: $236 (at $59 each) CLICK HERE NOW TO GET THE BLACK FALCON DRONE DIRECTLY FROM THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE Black Falcon Drone Consumer Reports: What are Customers Saying? With an impressive 4.8-star rating across various platforms, including Amazon, Reddit, Quora, and more, the Black Falcon Drone has garnered a wave of positive reviews from satisfied customers in both the United States and Canada. Alex T. (United States): "I recently got the Black Falcon Drone, and it's blown me away! The 4K camera delivers stunning visuals, and its user-friendly controls make it a breeze to operate. Definitely worth the investment.” Emily L. (Canada): "Just took my Black Falcon on a weekend adventure, and I'm impressed! The battery life is excellent, allowing me to capture breathtaking views without worrying about recharging. Solid performance overall." Black Falcon Drone 4K Reviews: FAQs Is installing an application necessary for controlling the Black Falcon 4K Drone with a smartphone? Yes, it is necessary to install the Black Falcon 4K Drone App on your smartphone to operate it. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS processors, allowing live feeds and FPV signals to be sent via your phone when connected. How can I purchase the Black Falcon Drone: on Amazon or Official Website? The Black Falcon Drone is exclusively available on their official website, not on Amazon or other similar retail websites. What is the maximum flying distance of the Black Falcon 4K drone? The drone can fly up to 100 meters above ground with a maximum transmission distance of 2km. How fast can the Black Falcon 4K drone fly? The top speed for the Falcon Drone is approximately 30 miles per hour, making it an excellent option for those seeking speed. Is it difficult to fly the Black Falcon Drone 4K? No, the easy-to-use controls make the Black Falcon 4K Drone an excellent choice for beginners. It also features an altitude-hold feature, keeping the drone at the same altitude even when power is removed. What is the return policy for the Black Falcon Drone? Black Falcon Drone offers a 30-day guarantee for your peace of mind. What should be done in the event of a collision with another object? The Black Falcon 4k drone is equipped with a sensor that automatically recognizes objects and surfaces, altering its flight path to avoid collisions. Is the Black Falcon Drone appropriate for first-time users? Yes, both novice and expert drone pilots can operate the Black Falcon 4k Drone as it was designed with user-friendliness in mind. How long does the battery of the Black Falcon Drone last? The Black Falcon Drone boasts an impressive sixty minutes of flight time, thanks to its 3.7V 500mAh LiPo battery, providing users with ample time to capture high-quality footage. Can I use my smartphone to operate the Black Falcon Drone? Yes, the drone features Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to pair it with their smartphones for convenient control, photography, and navigation. Does the Black Falcon Drone have the ability to avoid obstacles? Indeed, the drone is equipped with gravity sensors, enabling it to identify and avoid obstacles, ensuring a safe and controlled flight. Is it safe to travel with the Black Falcon Drone? Absolutely, the drone's foldable shape and portability make it an ideal travel companion, allowing for convenient transportation without sacrificing functionality. What Can Black Falcon Drone Be used For? The Black Falcon Pro drone can be used for aerial photography, videography, travel documentation, event coverage, wildlife monitoring, real estate showcasing, surveying, night sky photography, educational purposes, search and rescue operations, environmental monitoring, construction site monitoring, and recreational racing. Who made Black Falcon Drone And In Which Country Was it Produced? The Black Falcon Drone is created by Black Falcon, a company based in the USA. It is engineered and manufactured in the United States, specifically from the company's manufacturing unit in New Jersey. Final Verdict On Black Falcon Drone Reviews Truly, Black Falcon Drone stands out as a compelling choice in the realm of consumer drones, particularly for users in the United States and Canada. The extensive exploration of its features, functionality, and user experience reveals a drone that goes beyond being a mere gadget, offering a doorway to a new realm of photography and cinematography. Based on the comprehensive review of the Black Falcon Drone, it emerges as a legitimate and innovative device that caters to a diverse audience. Its combination of user-friendly design, advanced features, and competitive pricing positions it as a noteworthy contender in the drone market. CLICK HERE NOW TO GET THE BLACK FALCON DRONE DIRECTLY FROM THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE Contact Details Reviewzenith Alex +1 302-597-6768

December 28, 2023 01:21 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Hearts Connect along the Silk Road, International Voluntary Service Seminar Held in Nanjing

China Volunteer Service Federation

NANJING, CHINA - Media OutReach Newswire - 26 December 2023 - On December 19, the "Hearts Connect along the Silk Road" International Volunteer Service Seminar, organized by the International Volunteer Service Working Committee and hosted by Office of Nanjing Municipal Civic Enhancement Committee, took place in Nanjing, known as the literary hub of the world. Experts, scholars, and youth representatives from international institutions, research institutes, and NGOs in the field of volunteer service gathered in the city to exchange experiences and achievements in promoting sustainable development through voluntary service. The event also marked the release of the "Collection of Results of Gen Z’s International Volunteering Practice." Gao Xin, Youth Development Expert from the UNDP in China, delivered a keynote speech The International Volunteer Service Working Committee was officially established on April 27, 2022, with its secretariat located in Nanjing, showcasing the city's significance in the realm of voluntary service. Addressing the gathering, Jing Disheng, Director of the Office of Nanjing Municipal Civic Enhancement Committee, expressed confidence in Nanjing's role in advancing voluntary service globally and turning it into a vivid representation of modern Nanjing's practices. Releasing Ceremony of the "Collection of Results of Gen Z’s International Volunteering Practice" Duan Guiqing, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Volunteer Service Federation, emphasized the crucial role of voluntary service in building a community with a shared future for humanity. She highlighted the positive impact of international volunteer service in enhancing mutual understanding and communication between China and other nations. Zhu Jingfang, Deputy Director of the International Volunteer Service Working Committee, stressed that international volunteer service is a crucial means for countries to engage in global governance, shape their international image, and enhance international influence. Young people, constituting a vital force in carrying out voluntary service and constructing socialist spiritual civilization, played a central role in the event. With Z-generation youth as the main participants, experts delivered keynote speeches on topics about "Youth Participation in Volunteer Service in Addressing Climate Change, Sustainable Development, and Trends and Practices." They called upon young people to actively engage in voluntary actions and radiate the brilliance of youth. The seminar also witnessed the release of the "Collection of Results of Gen Z’s International Volunteering Practice" on the Xinhua News Agency's application, a national media platform, showcasing 20 cases of international volunteer service from Chinese NGOs, including the Nepal Earthquake Relief, Cambodian Mine Action, Rainbow SENSE Scholarship, International Free Lunch Program, China-Pakistan Medical Congress, Belt and Road Initiative, and Living Water Campaign by Chinese voluntary force such as Guizhou Blue Sky Rescue, Gansu Rainbow Volunteer Club, Red Cross Society of China, Chinese Medical Association, Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China, China Charity Federation, The Amity Foundation, China Foundation for Rural Development, Burundi Agricultural Poverty Reduction, Enlai Foundation, and China Foundation for Peace and Development. These cases illustrated how the collective efforts of young people assisted in rebuilding homes, promoting economic development, and fostering social progress in difficult countries and regions. Representatives from Chinese volunteer force shared the stories Representatives from Chinese volunteer force shared the stories behind international volunteer service cases. Qiu Lili, Founder of the Beijing Peaceland Foundation, shared insights into the involvement of Chinese rescue teams and volunteers in the Tham Luang cave rescue. She revealed the behind-the-scenes analysis and arrangements made by the Chinese rescue teams and volunteers, including underwater route planning. Furthermore, she narrated a compelling story about one of the rescued boys participating in professional training conducted by the Chinese emergency rescue team in Thailand five years later, becoming actively involved in subsequent rescue operations. Wu Dan, Deputy Director of the Overseas Projects Department of the China Red Cross Foundation, shared humanitarian aid experiences in Syria, screening projects for congenital heart disease, and international free lunch initiatives in African countries. Wang Haoyu, Deputy Director of the International Development Department of the China Foundation for Rural Development, discussed their practices in establishing offices in Myanmar, Nepal, Ethiopia, and executing projects. These stories vividly illustrated the path of internationalization for the China Foundation for Rural Development. Concluding the event, a round-table discussion was conducted on the topic of "The Path and Prospects of International Volunteer Service in the New Era," moderated by Zhang Qiang, Professor of Beijing Normal University. Guests, including Liang Jie, Executive Deputy Secretary-General of the Beijing Enlai Foundation; Zhai Yan, Chairman of the Beijing ProBono Foundation; and Feng Pingping, Deputy Director of the Brand Communication Department at the Jiangsu Center of Xinhua News Agency, engaged in a discussion about the future of international volunteer service in the new era. Contact Details Media Contact Ms. Shen

December 26, 2023 08:28 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Unbox Real Happiness in 2023: Don't Let Counterfeit Goods Ruin Your Holidays


Click to view video accompanying this release: Counterfeit goods are a problem all year long, but demand for gifts, household goods, and even health products means that the holiday season is an especially busy time for crooks. Counterfeit products cost consumers and the global economy over $500 billion dollars a year. Ahead of this holiday shopping season, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, businesses, and law enforcement are helping to raise awareness among consumers about the dangers of counterfeit goods and how to avoid falling for scams, and instead “unbox real happiness.” Families trying to save money AND create new holiday memories want the best deal possible. However, consumers must remain vigilant to ensure they receive authentic products. As the holiday shopping season kicks off, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and Amazon are helping to raise awareness among consumers about the dangers of counterfeit goods and how to avoid falling for scams and instead “unbox real happiness.” As families do their best to save money and create new holiday memories, they continue to shop online in record numbers looking for the best deals. However, with this convenience, consumers must remain vigilant to be sure they receive authentic products. For more information about what you can do you can do to can do to shop smart this holiday season, make sure to visit Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

December 20, 2023 04:01 PM Eastern Standard Time

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NLPC Files SEC Complaint Against Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway for Having Shareholder Arrested During Annual Meeting For Mentioning Jeffrey Epstein


National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) filed a Complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) today against Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway for silencing and ordering the arrest of the group’s chairman, Peter Flaherty, at the company’s shareholders’ meeting on May 6, 2023 At the meeting, Flaherty spoke in favor of NLPC’s shareholder proposal for an independent chairman. Buffett is currently both Chairman and CEO. Flaherty cited the reputational risk to the company posed by Warren Buffett’s close identification with Bill Gates and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and its “woke” policies to which Buffett has contributed tens of billions. Flaherty pointed to Gates' association with Jeffrey Epstein, even after Epstein had been convicted of sex crimes against minors. From the Complaint: We hereby request that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) initiate a formal investigation, including the issuance of subpoenas, and take appropriate administrative and civil enforcement action against Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (Berkshire), Warren Buffett, its Chairman and CEO, and other Berkshire officers and agents, for their unlawful conduct during the annual shareholders’ meeting in Omaha, Nebraska on May 6, 2023. During his authorized and SEC-mandated presentation in support of Proposal No. 8 for an independent chair, Peter Flaherty, Chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC), was interrupted by a Berkshire executive, had his microphone cut, and was arrested for trespassing because Warren Buffett, its CEO and Chairman, did not like what Mr. Flaherty had to say in support of NLPC’s proposal. In addition to imposing appropriate sanctions, the SEC should issue a cease and desist order against Berkshire from prematurely terminating NLPC’s and any other shareholder’s presentation at future annual shareholder meetings Events since the arrest have confirmed the importance of the issue. Last weekend, the Wall Street Journal published a lengthy story with new details about Epstein’s interactions with Gates and other wealthy individuals. On Monday, a federal judge ensured that the issue will stay alive in the new year when she ordered that the names of Epstein associates be made public. From the Complaint: NLPC further requests that the following enforcement and remedial actions be taken to ensure that NLPC’s rights as shareholders in the Company are protected and to remediate the violation of the rights of all other shareholders that took place by depriving them of the right to hear Mr. Flaherty’s statement supporting the proposal on May 6, 2023: Declare that Berkshire’s actions cutting off the mic of Mr. Flaherty before his allotted three-minutes to speak expired, having him expelled from the annual meeting, and subsequently arrested, constitute a violation of SEC’s rules and policies designed to protect shareholder rights. Order Berkshire to issue an apology on its website to NLPC and Mr. Flaherty for cutting his mic and having him arrested. Order Berkshire to post a video of Mr. Flaherty’s full uninterrupted three-minute prepared remarks on Berkshire’s website for at least three years, along with a written transcript. Issue a Cease and Desist Order that Berkshire shall refrain from prematurely terminating the oral presentation of Mr. Flaherty and any other proponent for an authorized shareholder proxy proposal or interrupting, harassing, or having them expelled from the meeting or arrested at future meetings as long as their presentation is in within the allotted time given by the company. Any and all other relief that the Commission deems just and appropriate. Click here for the Complaint. Click here for Complaint Exhibits. The Complaint includes links to three videos that together provide a complete account of what took place. What Flaherty said before his mic was cut: Security moves in on Flaherty: The arrest: NLPC Counsel Paul Kamenar, who submitted the Complaint, concludes: "Berkshire’s and Mr. Buffett’s actions are an ominous precedent for the rights of shareholders that cannot be allowed to stand. We believe that the silencing and arrest of a shareholder during their presentation on behalf of their proposal at the annual meeting of a public company in the United States is unprecedented, should be sanctioned, and should not allowed to be repeated." NLPC has already filed a proposal on the risks of Berkshire’s business in China for the 2024 annual meeting. Founded in 1991, the National Legal and Policy Center promotes ethics in public life through research, investigation, education and legal action. Contact Details National Legal and Policy Center Dan Rene +1 202-329-8357 Company Website

December 20, 2023 02:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

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LiveChat’s new Webflow App Now Available for Users of Both Platforms

LiveChat, Inc.

The integration of LiveChat with the Webflow platform is now accessible to customers of both companies. This collaboration results from Text, the parent company of products such as LiveChat, ChatBot, and HelpDesk, partnering with Webflow, the creator of the no-code website-building platform currently used by approximately 3.5 million users. Thanks to the collaboration between Webflow and Text, adding LiveChat as a new communication channel has become remarkably simple for Webflow users. This addition can be facilitated through both the Text Marketplace and the Webflow Marketplace. “ We’re thrilled to welcome the LiveChat App to the Webflow Marketplace, ” said Dan Brown, Senior Director of Corporate Development at Webflow. “ We know that businesses are under increased pressure to offer real-time support and engagement, and believe this seamless integration between Webflow and LiveChat will help more businesses meet their customers where they are. ” “We are proud that LiveChat is the first product in its category directly integrated with Webflow and available on the Webflow Marketplace. As a result, we create significant added value for users who, with just one click, will be able to open a new communication channel and, as a result, monetize their online business more effectively and improve customer satisfaction, " added Szymon Klimczak, Chief Growth Officer at Text. Webflow is the world’s leading visual development platform for building powerful websites without writing code. LiveChat (owned by Text, formerly LiveChat Software) is a full-service customer support platform that assists businesses in capturing leads and making purchasing easier. Today, over 37,000 companies in more than 150 countries trust the platform to communicate with and engage clients. LiveChat’s Webflow App empowers Webflow users to swiftly and efficiently incorporate a new communication channel with their clients. With this integration, websites built on Webflow can now offer interactive and immediate customer support through LiveChat, leading to increased user engagement and stronger customer relationships. LiveChat boasts around two hundred integrations that can collaborate with various vital business solutions. It also consolidates communication from multiple channels in one place and gathers information for later analysis. The combination of LiveChat and Webflow data enables advanced analysis and reporting. Users can now monitor the effectiveness of online communication in the context of user behavior on the website, allowing for a more precise adjustment of customer service strategies. Key benefits of the LiveChat app offered to Webflow users: Proactive customer support. Communicate and engage with customers using a customizable chat with real-time data, interactive greetings, message templates, chatbots, and more. Over 200 tools to integrate with LiveChat. Connect the platform with CRMs, data analytics tools, email campaign software, and more to streamline processes and provide even better CX. Be where customers are. Access customer queries from various channels in one place, saving time on switching tabs while communicating with customers the way they like. ABOUT TEXT Operating in the “customer service” business, Text is one of the leaders in the global market for live chat solutions. Its LiveChat product supports companies in customer service, online sales support, and lead generation - allowing its partners to stay in touch with their customers anywhere and anytime. Text’s other products include ChatBot, HelpDesk, KnowledgeBase, and OpenWidget. LiveChat is used by over 37 thousand companies in 150 countries, the ChatBot product has over 2,800 customers in more than 30 countries, and the Helpdesk product has over 1,000 customers. Contact Details Text SA PR Team Company Website

December 20, 2023 10:40 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Aniview Becomes Google Certified Publishing Partner


Aniview, a global provider of video advertising technology and monetization solutions, has been awarded Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) status. The Google Certified Publishing Partner program is an exclusive network of advertising technology businesses that gives publishers and advertisers the confidence to know that they're working with an expert in the field. Entry into the program is granted to partners with a proven track record of helping publishers succeed. “This certification further solidifies Aniview as a credible Google partner and innovator, cementing Anview’s industry reputation for providing publishers and advertisers with advanced video advertising solutions that propel their businesses forward,” said Alon Carmel, Chief Executive Officer, Anview. “With this prestigious recognition from Google, Aniview is eager to continue its mission in powering the most efficient and effective advertising across the open web with unrivaled product versatility, open transparency, and customer support.” Aniview joins the program having demonstrated continued success in developing customized end-to-end video advertising solutions, including video player, video ad server, content management system, mobile SDK, and monetization marketplace for online video and CTV/OTT formats. As publishers face mounting headwinds in generating incremental revenue, Aniview has adapted its product stack to better serve the needs of the publisher ecosystem, including AI-based programmatic monetization capabilities. For more information on Aniview, visit About Aniview Aniview is a global adtech and media company whose platform is playing an increasingly central role in delivering efficient and effective video advertising across the open web. The company’s end-to-end solutions are highly flexible and transparent, and they operate on desktop, mobile, in-app, connected TV and over-the-top formats. Aniview’s patented video player technology, high-performance ad server and video marketplace provide flawless video delivery to over 200,000 publishers worldwide and power many of the world’s largest web publishing groups. Founded in 2013, Aniview now delivers, on average, 15 billion ad impressions per month. Contact Details Aniview Vaibhav Pandey

December 18, 2023 08:15 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Reflection Analytics Launches Digital Platform for Comprehensive ESG Audit and Analysis

Reflection Analytics

Reflection Analytics, a technology company delivering ESG investment evaluation, reporting and advisory services, announced today that it has launched Reflect—the first and only platform for investor-focused ESG analysis, serving asset managers, financial advisors, and investors/institutions across six key areas: advisory, due diligence, compliance, portfolio management, auditing and reporting. Launched just two months after the SEC expanded Rule 35d-1, the “Names Rule,” to include ESG terms, Reflect is the market’s only “Names Rule"-compliant software, providing an investor-focused rating that scores companies across 250 data points in 18 ESG sub-themes while also offering asset managers a portfolio management tool to ensure continuous compliance. Under the SEC’s expanded rule, asset managers have 24 months to begin reporting on their alignment, demonstrating that 80% of their investments are in securities that reflect the terms in their name, or risk regulatory fines and fees. Unlike other ESG rating companies, which focus on only financial materiality and from the corporation’s management perspective, Reflect assesses companies from the perspective of an investor’s understanding and reasonable expectations. “The big ESG ratings agencies aren’t evaluating companies from the investor’s perspective—which the expanded SEC ‘Names Rule' requires—but rather are looking at them from a corporate management perspective, which is a real problem,” said Jason Britton, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Reflection Analytics. “With existing rating methodologies, a company like McDonald’s could have a higher ESG rating than a business focused on reducing greenhouse gases and cleaning up waste. With Reflect, asset managers have, for the first time, the ability to assess investments from the investor’s perspective and at a more granular level.” The SaaS tool assesses companies by benchmarking them against their sector peer group and ranking them by quartile performance. Beyond its use as a compliance tool, Reflect is designed to support values-based investing. The Reflect platform allows advisors, investors and institutions to review portfolios based on ESG components that are most important to them while also identifying types of companies to avoid, such as those associated with weapons or alcohol. After analyzing an investment portfolio, Reflect provides a real-time, percentage-match score, rating investments across 18 sub-themes ranging from “not aligned” to “strongly aligned.” Reflect can also weigh an existing portfolio against a curated list of investments, allowing individuals and institutions to compare assets via a side-by-side analysis. With comprehensive data on 6,500 companies—or 98% of the global market capitalization—the patent-pending software can analyze virtually every asset type, including individual equities, bonds and investments in various structures, including ETFs, mutual funds and SMAs. Like a credit-rating score, Reflect provides investors, advisors and asset managers with the most comprehensive, up-to-date ESG information and the assurance it brings. About Reflection Analytics Reflection Analytics’ patent-pending software—Reflect—is the only ESG ratings tool designed to serve asset managers, financial advisors and investors/institutions across six key areas: advisory, due diligence, compliance, portfolio management, auditing and reporting. Unlike other ESG software, which are reliant on rating methodologies rooted in the corporate perspective, Reflect analyzes 250 data points from an investor-focused viewpoint. As the industry’s only “Names Rule-compliant tool,” Reflect helps portfolio managers meet new compliance standards, with the SEC’s expansion of the “Names Rule” to include ESG funds taking effect in less than two years. Reflect maintains comprehensive self-reported and third-party data on 6,500 companies, or 98% of the global market cap. For more information, visit: Contact Details For Reflection Analytics Peter Page Company Website

December 14, 2023 10:05 AM Eastern Standard Time

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William DeCourcy Named AmeriLife’s Chief Lead Generation Officer


AmeriLife Group, LLC (“AmeriLife”), a national leader in developing, marketing, and distributing life and health insurance, annuities, and retirement planning solutions, announced today that it has named William “Bill” DeCourcy to the newly created role of Chief Lead Generation Officer. Previously AmeriLife’s senior vice president of AmeriLife’s Growth Marketing & Customer Acquisition team, DeCourcy is charged with nurturing and growing AmeriLife’s suite of lead acquisition and performance platforms while ensuring a rigorous approach to generating, securing and managing leads without compromising quality. ‘While we remain relentlessly focused on consistency and volume in support of our affiliates and their agents, it’s also critical that our leads platforms and services adhere to the ever-changing and highly regulated compliance landscape,” said DeCourcy. “I’m excited for this new opportunity and grateful for AmeriLife’s continued focus and investment on what is – without question – the lifeblood of our insurance agents.” Over the course of his career at AmeriLife, DeCourcy has helped pioneer many impactful lead generation efforts, such as helping to establish its direct-to-consumer martech space; creating AmeriLife’s first, real-time lead generation and distribution platform, LeadStar; and representing AmeriLife as president of the Insurance Marketing Coalition. Prior to AmeriLife, DeCourcy worked in progressively senior performance marketing and business insights roles with Marriott Vacations Worldwide, Consumers Energy and Electronic Arts (EA). He holds an MBA from the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin. “Over the past year, AmeriLife has made significant strides in the lead acquisition and performance space,” said Ovi Vitas, Chief Marketing Officer for AmeriLife. “The company has introduced new platforms – such as LeadStar and yourDigitalLab – providing agents, marketers, and principals with diverse, high-quality leads, from mail and digital to self-generated and inbound, and more. We look forward to continuing to enhance and expand these always-on platforms to better serve our business under Bill’s leadership.” ### About AmeriLife AmeriLife’s strength is its mission: to provide insurance and retirement solutions to help people live longer, healthier lives. In doing so, AmeriLife has become recognized as a leader in developing, marketing, and distributing life and health insurance, annuities and retirement planning solutions to enhance the lives of pre-retirees and retirees across the United States. For more than 50 years, AmeriLife has partnered with top insurance carriers to provide value and quality to customers served through a distribution network of over 300,000 insurance agents and advisors and 120 marketing organizations and insurance agency locations nationwide. For more information, visit, and follow AmeriLife on Facebook and LinkedIn. Contact Details Media Jeff Maldonado +1 321-297-1112 Partnership Inquiries Patrick Nichols +1 727-726-0726 Company Website

December 13, 2023 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Rotunda Capital Partners Announces New IT and Cyber Operating Partner

Rotunda Capital Partners LLC

Rotunda Capital Partners ("Rotunda"), an operationally focused private equity firm that partners with family-founder owned businesses, is pleased to announce the addition of Matt Mitchell to its team of Operating Partners. Mr. Mitchell will be responsible for providing experienced guidance and support with the goal of driving value creation on key IT and cyber related portfolio company initiatives that will enhance the platform to drive organic growth and accelerate the pace of acquisition integration. Mr. Mitchell joins Rotunda with over 30 years of experience working across a broad array of industries to establish digital strategies, architect IT roadmaps and build cyber risk management capabilities designed to maximize value creation. He previously served as Chief Information Officer at Covington & Burling, LLP, a global law firm. Prior to that, he was CIO of AARP, a nationally recognized nonprofit, CIO of Cenveo, a world leader of the distribution and management of print offerings and CIO of Aramark, a leading global education organization with over 3,000 locations. "We fully expect that Matt’s considerable expertise in implementing and leading strategic initiatives in IT will facilitate growth, mitigate risk and accelerate enterprise value creation initiatives within the portfolio," said John Fruehwirth, managing partner of Rotunda. "Rotunda remains committed to investing in our Operating Partner team to enhance the success of our portfolio companies." "I admire Rotunda’s focus on operational excellence, and its commitment to strong partnerships with portfolio companies," said Mr. Mitchell. "I am excited to collaborate with my fellow Operating Partners and management teams to drive value across the portfolio." About Rotunda Capital Partners Rotunda Capital Partners is an operationally oriented private equity firm focused on transforming family-founder owned companies into dynamic, data-driven platforms able to achieve and manage significant growth. Since its founding in 2009, Rotunda has partnered with management teams to build great businesses within three primary sectors: value-added distribution, asset-light logistics and industrial, business, and residential services. Rotunda strives to achieve replicable results by implementing its Rotunda Performance System to create strategic alignment, develop lean processes and create robust, data-driven infrastructures. For more information, visit Contact Details Rotunda Capital Partners Margaux Valle +1 240-962-1707 Company Website

December 12, 2023 01:56 PM Eastern Standard Time

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