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Best Private Facebook Viewer Apps and Tools

Spark Metro

The desire for privacy and security on social media platforms like Facebook is paramount. Whether it's for personal reasons or investigative purposes, many individuals seek ways to view Facebook private profiles discreetly. To address this need, a variety of private Facebook viewer apps and tools have emerged in the market. In this comprehensive guide, we've carefully selected the best available options from the many programs and tools. Read on to discover the top choices and gain insights into the advantages of using these solutions. In a Rush? Check Out the Top 3 Private Facebook Viewer Apps! 👑 mSpy - Renowned for its comprehensive access to private Facebook profiles and posts. It's lauded for its user-friendly interface, discreet operation, and extensive monitoring features. 🚀 uMobix - Known for its real-time updates and monitoring capabilities. It allows seamless access to private Facebook profiles, including message and photo tracking. 🕵️ SpyBubble - Gains recognition for its effectiveness in discreetly monitoring Facebook profiles and activities, with a range of features including private profile access and message monitoring. Best Private Facebook Viewer Apps mSpy mSpy has earned its reputation as a renowned and trusted private Facebook viewer app, known for its comprehensive solutions in the realm of monitoring and accessing private profiles seamlessly. This user-friendly application has gained widespread popularity among users seeking discreet access to private Facebook content. Key Features Private Profile Access: mSpy allows you to view private Facebook profiles without the target user ever knowing. It operates stealthily, ensuring your privacy. Message Monitoring: This app enables you to access private messages, including chats and conversations, providing valuable insights. Geolocation Tracking: mSpy offers real-time location tracking, making it useful for tracking someone's movements discreetly. Social Media Monitoring: In addition to Facebook, mSpy can monitor other social media platforms, providing a comprehensive view of the target's online activity. Pros User-friendly interface. Extensive features beyond Facebook. Excellent customer support. Reliable and discreet operation. Cons Physical Access Needed. mSpy is a powerful tool for viewing private Facebook profiles while offering a range of additional monitoring capabilities. It's ideal for those who prioritize ease of use and comprehensive monitoring options. 👉 Try mSpy Now 👈 uMobix uMobix is a comprehensive private Facebook viewer app known for its real-time monitoring capabilities. It offers seamless access to private profiles and conversations while maintaining your anonymity. With uMobix, you can monitor social media activity, track the target's location, view web browsing history, and keep an eye on app usage. Due to our practical knowledge, it's compatible across various platforms and provides a convenient solution for discreetly accessing private Facebook content. Key Features Private Profile Viewing: uMobix facebook profile spy viewer enables users to access private Facebook profiles and view posts, photos, and other content without the target individual being alerted. Message Tracking: The app provides access to private messages and conversations, allowing for comprehensive monitoring of Facebook communication. GPS Location Tracking: uMobix offers real-time location tracking, making it useful for keeping tabs on the target's movements discreetly. Keylogger Functionality: It includes a keylogger feature, recording keystrokes on the target device, offering insights into messages and passwords. Pros Intuitive user interface. Extensive Facebook monitoring features. Effective stealth mode. Regular updates for reliability. Cons Rooting or jailbreaking may be necessary for certain advanced features. uMobix stands out as a dependable private Facebook viewer app with a user-friendly interface and powerful monitoring capabilities. It is suitable for individuals who prioritize comprehensive Facebook tracking and require a discreet solution. 👉 Try uMobix Now 👈 SpyBubble SpyBubble is a well-established private Facebook viewer app designed for discreet monitoring of Facebook profiles and activities. It has gained recognition for its effectiveness and wide range of monitoring features. SpyBubble offers a comprehensive solution for those who wish to view private Facebook content without detection, making it a popular choice among users seeking to monitor social media activities. Key Features Private Profile Access: SpyBubble fb private profile viewer allows users to view private Facebook profiles, including posts, photos, and other content, while remaining undetected by the target user. Message Monitoring: The app provides access to private messages and chats, offering insights into conversations and interactions on Facebook. Call and Text Monitoring: SpyBubble extends its monitoring capabilities to calls and text messages, enabling users to track all forms of communication. GPS Location Tracking: It offers real-time location tracking, making it useful for keeping track of the target's movements. Pros Comprehensive monitoring features. Easy-to-use interface. Effective stealth mode. Reliable customer support. Cons Compatibility Issues. SpyBubble is a robust private Facebook viewer app with a reputation for effectiveness and a wide range of monitoring capabilities. It caters to individuals looking for a discreet way to monitor Facebook and other communication channels. 👉 Try SpyBubble Now 👈 EyeZy EyeZy is a versatile and efficient private Facebook viewer app that offers discreet access to private Facebook profiles and content. It has gained recognition for its ease of use and effective monitoring capabilities, making it a preferred choice for those seeking to view private Facebook information without detection. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, EyeZy is a valuable tool for monitoring social media activities. EyeZy stands out as an efficient private Facebook viewer app with a focus on ease of use and comprehensive monitoring capabilities. Key Features Private Profile Access: EyeZy allows users to view private Facebook profiles and access posts, view private facebook photos, and other content while maintaining stealth. Message Monitoring: The app provides access to private messages and conversations, offering insights into Facebook communication. Keylogger Functionality: EyeZy includes a keylogger feature, recording keystrokes on the target device, allowing users to access messages and passwords. Real-Time Alerts: It offers real-time alerts for specific keywords or actions, ensuring users are promptly notified of relevant activity. Pros Intuitive and user-friendly interface. Comprehensive Facebook monitoring features. Effective stealth mode. Real-time alerts for proactive monitoring. Cons Lacks certain advanced features available in other apps. 👉 Try EyeZy Now 👈 Cocospy Cocospy is a robust and reliable private Facebook viewer app designed for discreet monitoring of Facebook profiles and activities. It has gained a reputation for its effectiveness and comprehensive range of monitoring features. Cocospy offers a comprehensive solution for individuals who wish to view private facebook without being friends and without being detected, making it a popular choice among those seeking to monitor social media interactions discreetly. Key Features Private Profile Access: Cocospy allows users to access private Facebook profiles, including posts, photos, and other content, while maintaining complete stealth. Message and Chat Monitoring: The app provides access to private messages and chats, offering insights into conversations and interactions on Facebook. Social Media Tracking: Cocospy extends its monitoring capabilities to other social media platforms, ensuring comprehensive monitoring of the target's online presence. GPS Location Tracking: It offers real-time location tracking, making it invaluable for tracking the target's movements discreetly. Pros Extensive monitoring features for Facebook and other platforms. User-friendly interface. Effective stealth mode. Reliable customer support. Cons iOS limitations for advanced features. Advantages of Using Private Facebook Viewer When it comes to accessing private Facebook profiles discreetly, utilizing a facebook private profile viewer offers several key advantages. According to our experience, these tools empower users with the ability to view restricted content without raising any alarms, providing a host of benefits that cater to a range of needs and objectives. Let's take a look at them. Access to Private Profiles Without Being Detected One of the foremost benefits of private Facebook viewers is their ability to access private profiles discreetly. This ensures that your monitoring activities remain covert and undetected by the target user. This level of stealth is crucial for maintaining privacy while gaining access to valuable insights. Maintaining Your Privacy Private Facebook viewers are designed with your privacy in mind. They enable you to access private content while safeguarding your identity, ensuring that your actions remain confidential. This privacy-centric approach is essential for users who wish to maintain anonymity while viewing private Facebook profiles. Convenience and Efficiency Private Facebook viewers offer unmatched convenience and efficiency. They streamline the process of accessing private content, providing a hassle-free solution for individuals seeking insights into private profiles. This efficiency is especially valuable for various purposes, including personal curiosity or investigative tasks. Conclusion After extensive testing and evaluation of various private Facebook viewer apps, it's clear that certain options stand out as the best-suited solutions for this task. Among these, apps like mSpy and uMobix have consistently demonstrated their effectiveness and reliability. Whether you require access to private profiles for personal reasons or investigative purposes, these top-performing apps offer the features and performance you need to achieve your objectives with confidence. Contact Details Reviewzenith Alex +1 302-597-6768

December 28, 2023 01:11 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Hearts Connect along the Silk Road, International Voluntary Service Seminar Held in Nanjing

China Volunteer Service Federation

NANJING, CHINA - Media OutReach Newswire - 26 December 2023 - On December 19, the "Hearts Connect along the Silk Road" International Volunteer Service Seminar, organized by the International Volunteer Service Working Committee and hosted by Office of Nanjing Municipal Civic Enhancement Committee, took place in Nanjing, known as the literary hub of the world. Experts, scholars, and youth representatives from international institutions, research institutes, and NGOs in the field of volunteer service gathered in the city to exchange experiences and achievements in promoting sustainable development through voluntary service. The event also marked the release of the "Collection of Results of Gen Z’s International Volunteering Practice." Gao Xin, Youth Development Expert from the UNDP in China, delivered a keynote speech The International Volunteer Service Working Committee was officially established on April 27, 2022, with its secretariat located in Nanjing, showcasing the city's significance in the realm of voluntary service. Addressing the gathering, Jing Disheng, Director of the Office of Nanjing Municipal Civic Enhancement Committee, expressed confidence in Nanjing's role in advancing voluntary service globally and turning it into a vivid representation of modern Nanjing's practices. Releasing Ceremony of the "Collection of Results of Gen Z’s International Volunteering Practice" Duan Guiqing, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Volunteer Service Federation, emphasized the crucial role of voluntary service in building a community with a shared future for humanity. She highlighted the positive impact of international volunteer service in enhancing mutual understanding and communication between China and other nations. Zhu Jingfang, Deputy Director of the International Volunteer Service Working Committee, stressed that international volunteer service is a crucial means for countries to engage in global governance, shape their international image, and enhance international influence. Young people, constituting a vital force in carrying out voluntary service and constructing socialist spiritual civilization, played a central role in the event. With Z-generation youth as the main participants, experts delivered keynote speeches on topics about "Youth Participation in Volunteer Service in Addressing Climate Change, Sustainable Development, and Trends and Practices." They called upon young people to actively engage in voluntary actions and radiate the brilliance of youth. The seminar also witnessed the release of the "Collection of Results of Gen Z’s International Volunteering Practice" on the Xinhua News Agency's application, a national media platform, showcasing 20 cases of international volunteer service from Chinese NGOs, including the Nepal Earthquake Relief, Cambodian Mine Action, Rainbow SENSE Scholarship, International Free Lunch Program, China-Pakistan Medical Congress, Belt and Road Initiative, and Living Water Campaign by Chinese voluntary force such as Guizhou Blue Sky Rescue, Gansu Rainbow Volunteer Club, Red Cross Society of China, Chinese Medical Association, Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China, China Charity Federation, The Amity Foundation, China Foundation for Rural Development, Burundi Agricultural Poverty Reduction, Enlai Foundation, and China Foundation for Peace and Development. These cases illustrated how the collective efforts of young people assisted in rebuilding homes, promoting economic development, and fostering social progress in difficult countries and regions. Representatives from Chinese volunteer force shared the stories Representatives from Chinese volunteer force shared the stories behind international volunteer service cases. Qiu Lili, Founder of the Beijing Peaceland Foundation, shared insights into the involvement of Chinese rescue teams and volunteers in the Tham Luang cave rescue. She revealed the behind-the-scenes analysis and arrangements made by the Chinese rescue teams and volunteers, including underwater route planning. Furthermore, she narrated a compelling story about one of the rescued boys participating in professional training conducted by the Chinese emergency rescue team in Thailand five years later, becoming actively involved in subsequent rescue operations. Wu Dan, Deputy Director of the Overseas Projects Department of the China Red Cross Foundation, shared humanitarian aid experiences in Syria, screening projects for congenital heart disease, and international free lunch initiatives in African countries. Wang Haoyu, Deputy Director of the International Development Department of the China Foundation for Rural Development, discussed their practices in establishing offices in Myanmar, Nepal, Ethiopia, and executing projects. These stories vividly illustrated the path of internationalization for the China Foundation for Rural Development. Concluding the event, a round-table discussion was conducted on the topic of "The Path and Prospects of International Volunteer Service in the New Era," moderated by Zhang Qiang, Professor of Beijing Normal University. Guests, including Liang Jie, Executive Deputy Secretary-General of the Beijing Enlai Foundation; Zhai Yan, Chairman of the Beijing ProBono Foundation; and Feng Pingping, Deputy Director of the Brand Communication Department at the Jiangsu Center of Xinhua News Agency, engaged in a discussion about the future of international volunteer service in the new era. Contact Details Media Contact Ms. Shen

December 26, 2023 08:28 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Matthew and Kelly Stafford Become Ambassadors for Trust & Will, the Leading Estate Planning Company

Trust & Will

Trust & Will, the leading digital estate planning and settlement platform in the US, today announced that Matthew and Kelly Stafford are joining as brand ambassadors and will appear in a new national television commercial talking about the importance of planning for the future. With the support of her husband Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams quarterback, Kelly battled a brain tumor and numerous health scares in recent years, bravely sharing her journey with the public as she confronted her diagnosis and recovered from a complicated surgery. Four years later, and now parents to four children, this is the first time the couple has spoken on-camera about their legacy and why creating an estate plan is vital for families. “I’ve always been a planner, trying to control the things that I can, but I’ve learned firsthand that life can change in a second,” said Kelly Stafford, brain tumor survivor and host of The Morning After podcast. “Setting up an estate plan for our family gave me peace of mind, knowing that even when the unexpected happens, everyone and everything I love would be taken care of.” “An estate plan is a playbook for what you want to happen when you pass. It makes it easier for everybody, not just us, to know our wishes and how we’d want things handled - especially for those who might have to take care of our children,” added Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams quarterback. “As a parent, I don’t want to think about these scenarios, but I know Kelly and I had to. Trust & Will has done an amazing job creating a platform that makes it easy and succinct for people to create an estate plan.” This partnership marks Trust & Will’s first celebrity endorsement and will include a national TV campaign, reaching audiences through linear broadcasting and streaming networks. “Our mission is to help every family leave a legacy, and we couldn't be more proud to partner with such a dynamic couple that has weathered health scares and understands the importance of preparing for the unexpected and safeguarding their family's future,” said Cody Barbo, CEO and Founder of Trust & Will. "The Staffords have shown tremendous belief in our mission and vision. As part of this collaboration, they will receive equity in Trust & Will, aligning their interests with ours and further solidifying their commitment to the continued success of Trust & Will." Trust & Will provides an easy and secure way to create wills and trusts online, with the ability to customize legal estate planning documents that adhere to individual state and county guidelines. The platform uses bank-level encryption that protects customer data and complies with the highest security standards, including SOC 2 and HIPAA. Since launching in 2017, Trust & Will has raised $48M in funding and helped nearly 650,000 families set up an estate plan to create a legacy. To learn more about the partnership and to create an estate plan, visit ABOUT TRUST & WILL Trust & Will is simplifying estate planning and settlement with attorney-approved, legally valid documents and processes designed to adhere to individual state guidelines. Since 2017, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of Trust & Will members leave their legacy with an affordable way to create an estate plan or settle the estate of a loved one. Our platform uses bank-level encryption that protects customer data and complies with the highest security standards, including SOC 2 and HIPAA. Trust & Will is a certified B Corporation and is the official estate planning benefit provider for AARP members, along with several leading financial institutions, who all believe in our mission of helping every family leave their legacy. Trust & Will is an online service providing legal forms and information. Trust & Will is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. Contact Details Danielle Nuzzo +1 631-807-7772 Company Website

December 26, 2023 07:59 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Unbox Real Happiness in 2023: Don't Let Counterfeit Goods Ruin Your Holidays


Click to view video accompanying this release: Counterfeit goods are a problem all year long, but demand for gifts, household goods, and even health products means that the holiday season is an especially busy time for crooks. Counterfeit products cost consumers and the global economy over $500 billion dollars a year. Ahead of this holiday shopping season, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, businesses, and law enforcement are helping to raise awareness among consumers about the dangers of counterfeit goods and how to avoid falling for scams, and instead “unbox real happiness.” Families trying to save money AND create new holiday memories want the best deal possible. However, consumers must remain vigilant to ensure they receive authentic products. As the holiday shopping season kicks off, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and Amazon are helping to raise awareness among consumers about the dangers of counterfeit goods and how to avoid falling for scams and instead “unbox real happiness.” As families do their best to save money and create new holiday memories, they continue to shop online in record numbers looking for the best deals. However, with this convenience, consumers must remain vigilant to be sure they receive authentic products. For more information about what you can do you can do to can do to shop smart this holiday season, make sure to visit Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

December 20, 2023 04:01 PM Eastern Standard Time

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NLPC Files SEC Complaint Against Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway for Having Shareholder Arrested During Annual Meeting For Mentioning Jeffrey Epstein


National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) filed a Complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) today against Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway for silencing and ordering the arrest of the group’s chairman, Peter Flaherty, at the company’s shareholders’ meeting on May 6, 2023 At the meeting, Flaherty spoke in favor of NLPC’s shareholder proposal for an independent chairman. Buffett is currently both Chairman and CEO. Flaherty cited the reputational risk to the company posed by Warren Buffett’s close identification with Bill Gates and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and its “woke” policies to which Buffett has contributed tens of billions. Flaherty pointed to Gates' association with Jeffrey Epstein, even after Epstein had been convicted of sex crimes against minors. From the Complaint: We hereby request that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) initiate a formal investigation, including the issuance of subpoenas, and take appropriate administrative and civil enforcement action against Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (Berkshire), Warren Buffett, its Chairman and CEO, and other Berkshire officers and agents, for their unlawful conduct during the annual shareholders’ meeting in Omaha, Nebraska on May 6, 2023. During his authorized and SEC-mandated presentation in support of Proposal No. 8 for an independent chair, Peter Flaherty, Chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC), was interrupted by a Berkshire executive, had his microphone cut, and was arrested for trespassing because Warren Buffett, its CEO and Chairman, did not like what Mr. Flaherty had to say in support of NLPC’s proposal. In addition to imposing appropriate sanctions, the SEC should issue a cease and desist order against Berkshire from prematurely terminating NLPC’s and any other shareholder’s presentation at future annual shareholder meetings Events since the arrest have confirmed the importance of the issue. Last weekend, the Wall Street Journal published a lengthy story with new details about Epstein’s interactions with Gates and other wealthy individuals. On Monday, a federal judge ensured that the issue will stay alive in the new year when she ordered that the names of Epstein associates be made public. From the Complaint: NLPC further requests that the following enforcement and remedial actions be taken to ensure that NLPC’s rights as shareholders in the Company are protected and to remediate the violation of the rights of all other shareholders that took place by depriving them of the right to hear Mr. Flaherty’s statement supporting the proposal on May 6, 2023: Declare that Berkshire’s actions cutting off the mic of Mr. Flaherty before his allotted three-minutes to speak expired, having him expelled from the annual meeting, and subsequently arrested, constitute a violation of SEC’s rules and policies designed to protect shareholder rights. Order Berkshire to issue an apology on its website to NLPC and Mr. Flaherty for cutting his mic and having him arrested. Order Berkshire to post a video of Mr. Flaherty’s full uninterrupted three-minute prepared remarks on Berkshire’s website for at least three years, along with a written transcript. Issue a Cease and Desist Order that Berkshire shall refrain from prematurely terminating the oral presentation of Mr. Flaherty and any other proponent for an authorized shareholder proxy proposal or interrupting, harassing, or having them expelled from the meeting or arrested at future meetings as long as their presentation is in within the allotted time given by the company. Any and all other relief that the Commission deems just and appropriate. Click here for the Complaint. Click here for Complaint Exhibits. The Complaint includes links to three videos that together provide a complete account of what took place. What Flaherty said before his mic was cut: Security moves in on Flaherty: The arrest: NLPC Counsel Paul Kamenar, who submitted the Complaint, concludes: "Berkshire’s and Mr. Buffett’s actions are an ominous precedent for the rights of shareholders that cannot be allowed to stand. We believe that the silencing and arrest of a shareholder during their presentation on behalf of their proposal at the annual meeting of a public company in the United States is unprecedented, should be sanctioned, and should not allowed to be repeated." NLPC has already filed a proposal on the risks of Berkshire’s business in China for the 2024 annual meeting. Founded in 1991, the National Legal and Policy Center promotes ethics in public life through research, investigation, education and legal action. Contact Details National Legal and Policy Center Dan Rene +1 202-329-8357 Company Website

December 20, 2023 02:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Aniview Becomes Google Certified Publishing Partner


Aniview, a global provider of video advertising technology and monetization solutions, has been awarded Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) status. The Google Certified Publishing Partner program is an exclusive network of advertising technology businesses that gives publishers and advertisers the confidence to know that they're working with an expert in the field. Entry into the program is granted to partners with a proven track record of helping publishers succeed. “This certification further solidifies Aniview as a credible Google partner and innovator, cementing Anview’s industry reputation for providing publishers and advertisers with advanced video advertising solutions that propel their businesses forward,” said Alon Carmel, Chief Executive Officer, Anview. “With this prestigious recognition from Google, Aniview is eager to continue its mission in powering the most efficient and effective advertising across the open web with unrivaled product versatility, open transparency, and customer support.” Aniview joins the program having demonstrated continued success in developing customized end-to-end video advertising solutions, including video player, video ad server, content management system, mobile SDK, and monetization marketplace for online video and CTV/OTT formats. As publishers face mounting headwinds in generating incremental revenue, Aniview has adapted its product stack to better serve the needs of the publisher ecosystem, including AI-based programmatic monetization capabilities. For more information on Aniview, visit About Aniview Aniview is a global adtech and media company whose platform is playing an increasingly central role in delivering efficient and effective video advertising across the open web. The company’s end-to-end solutions are highly flexible and transparent, and they operate on desktop, mobile, in-app, connected TV and over-the-top formats. Aniview’s patented video player technology, high-performance ad server and video marketplace provide flawless video delivery to over 200,000 publishers worldwide and power many of the world’s largest web publishing groups. Founded in 2013, Aniview now delivers, on average, 15 billion ad impressions per month. Contact Details Aniview Vaibhav Pandey

December 18, 2023 08:15 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Reflection Analytics Launches Digital Platform for Comprehensive ESG Audit and Analysis

Reflection Analytics

Reflection Analytics, a technology company delivering ESG investment evaluation, reporting and advisory services, announced today that it has launched Reflect—the first and only platform for investor-focused ESG analysis, serving asset managers, financial advisors, and investors/institutions across six key areas: advisory, due diligence, compliance, portfolio management, auditing and reporting. Launched just two months after the SEC expanded Rule 35d-1, the “Names Rule,” to include ESG terms, Reflect is the market’s only “Names Rule"-compliant software, providing an investor-focused rating that scores companies across 250 data points in 18 ESG sub-themes while also offering asset managers a portfolio management tool to ensure continuous compliance. Under the SEC’s expanded rule, asset managers have 24 months to begin reporting on their alignment, demonstrating that 80% of their investments are in securities that reflect the terms in their name, or risk regulatory fines and fees. Unlike other ESG rating companies, which focus on only financial materiality and from the corporation’s management perspective, Reflect assesses companies from the perspective of an investor’s understanding and reasonable expectations. “The big ESG ratings agencies aren’t evaluating companies from the investor’s perspective—which the expanded SEC ‘Names Rule' requires—but rather are looking at them from a corporate management perspective, which is a real problem,” said Jason Britton, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Reflection Analytics. “With existing rating methodologies, a company like McDonald’s could have a higher ESG rating than a business focused on reducing greenhouse gases and cleaning up waste. With Reflect, asset managers have, for the first time, the ability to assess investments from the investor’s perspective and at a more granular level.” The SaaS tool assesses companies by benchmarking them against their sector peer group and ranking them by quartile performance. Beyond its use as a compliance tool, Reflect is designed to support values-based investing. The Reflect platform allows advisors, investors and institutions to review portfolios based on ESG components that are most important to them while also identifying types of companies to avoid, such as those associated with weapons or alcohol. After analyzing an investment portfolio, Reflect provides a real-time, percentage-match score, rating investments across 18 sub-themes ranging from “not aligned” to “strongly aligned.” Reflect can also weigh an existing portfolio against a curated list of investments, allowing individuals and institutions to compare assets via a side-by-side analysis. With comprehensive data on 6,500 companies—or 98% of the global market capitalization—the patent-pending software can analyze virtually every asset type, including individual equities, bonds and investments in various structures, including ETFs, mutual funds and SMAs. Like a credit-rating score, Reflect provides investors, advisors and asset managers with the most comprehensive, up-to-date ESG information and the assurance it brings. About Reflection Analytics Reflection Analytics’ patent-pending software—Reflect—is the only ESG ratings tool designed to serve asset managers, financial advisors and investors/institutions across six key areas: advisory, due diligence, compliance, portfolio management, auditing and reporting. Unlike other ESG software, which are reliant on rating methodologies rooted in the corporate perspective, Reflect analyzes 250 data points from an investor-focused viewpoint. As the industry’s only “Names Rule-compliant tool,” Reflect helps portfolio managers meet new compliance standards, with the SEC’s expansion of the “Names Rule” to include ESG funds taking effect in less than two years. Reflect maintains comprehensive self-reported and third-party data on 6,500 companies, or 98% of the global market cap. For more information, visit: Contact Details For Reflection Analytics Peter Page Company Website

December 14, 2023 10:05 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Rotunda Capital Partners Announces New IT and Cyber Operating Partner

Rotunda Capital Partners LLC

Rotunda Capital Partners ("Rotunda"), an operationally focused private equity firm that partners with family-founder owned businesses, is pleased to announce the addition of Matt Mitchell to its team of Operating Partners. Mr. Mitchell will be responsible for providing experienced guidance and support with the goal of driving value creation on key IT and cyber related portfolio company initiatives that will enhance the platform to drive organic growth and accelerate the pace of acquisition integration. Mr. Mitchell joins Rotunda with over 30 years of experience working across a broad array of industries to establish digital strategies, architect IT roadmaps and build cyber risk management capabilities designed to maximize value creation. He previously served as Chief Information Officer at Covington & Burling, LLP, a global law firm. Prior to that, he was CIO of AARP, a nationally recognized nonprofit, CIO of Cenveo, a world leader of the distribution and management of print offerings and CIO of Aramark, a leading global education organization with over 3,000 locations. "We fully expect that Matt’s considerable expertise in implementing and leading strategic initiatives in IT will facilitate growth, mitigate risk and accelerate enterprise value creation initiatives within the portfolio," said John Fruehwirth, managing partner of Rotunda. "Rotunda remains committed to investing in our Operating Partner team to enhance the success of our portfolio companies." "I admire Rotunda’s focus on operational excellence, and its commitment to strong partnerships with portfolio companies," said Mr. Mitchell. "I am excited to collaborate with my fellow Operating Partners and management teams to drive value across the portfolio." About Rotunda Capital Partners Rotunda Capital Partners is an operationally oriented private equity firm focused on transforming family-founder owned companies into dynamic, data-driven platforms able to achieve and manage significant growth. Since its founding in 2009, Rotunda has partnered with management teams to build great businesses within three primary sectors: value-added distribution, asset-light logistics and industrial, business, and residential services. Rotunda strives to achieve replicable results by implementing its Rotunda Performance System to create strategic alignment, develop lean processes and create robust, data-driven infrastructures. For more information, visit Contact Details Rotunda Capital Partners Margaux Valle +1 240-962-1707 Company Website

December 12, 2023 01:56 PM Eastern Standard Time

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French fintech Aria lands €15M to bring the digital payment experience to all businesses


B2B payments represent $120 trillion in volume annually around the world but only 7% of this is conducted digitally. Helping businesses upgrade their payments infrastructure and get paid instantly, French fintech Aria is today announcing a €15M funding round to expand their deferred payment infrastructure across the platform economy and B2B marketplaces. The funding round was led by 13books Capital with participation from Adevinta Ventures, Ankaa Ventures, Otium Capital and angel investors including Laurent Ritter (Purple), Mark Ransford and Guillaume Princen (former Stripe exec). Aria enables any merchant, B2B marketplace or vertical SaaS company that sells goods and services online and offline to offer their sellers a wide array of payment methods and terms, and get paid instantly — all in a single platform. Aria is able to connect with B2B marketplaces, transactional SaaS platforms and ERP systems to distribute early payment of supplier invoices and offers deferred payment options for end-clients via their API. Clément Carrier, CEO and co-founder of Aria, commented: “We have solved a big problem for freelancers and the platform economy but we have seen, first-hand, that businesses face a big bottleneck when it comes to payments. Most online business purchases today are completed by credit cards, while transactions via preferred methods for most businesses — like wires, checks, and online banking — remain offline and have to be conducted elsewhere. This is because the process is incredibly challenging, often involving offline quotes and invoices, multiple phone calls and emails, and long payment delays. Aria manages all of this complexity behind a slick checkout experience and makes offering flexible payments methods and terms as easy as using a credit card. The truth is that innovation in B2B commerce payments has lagged far behind the B2C space. We want to modernise wide-ranging aspects of how B2B commerce is conducted in the digital age.” Aria will offer businesses a check out experience akin to B2C users and underlying this the embedded payment infrastructure will cover funding, KYC/KYB, debtor risk analysis, anti-fraud analysis, credit insurance and debt recovery. A detailed dashboard will provide a clear overview of their payments landscape. Founded in 2019 in Paris by co-founders Clement Carrier and Vincent Folny, as ex-freelancers themselves they understood the pain of waiting for slow payment and uncertainty of income freelancers experience. Since launching their deferred payment API in 2021, Aria scaled up quickly to become the leading provider of deferred payments for the contingent workforce platforms in Europe. Aria is working with over 100 platforms to solve the payment gap between when suppliers need to get paid and when buyers want to pay for goods and services. Aria integrates directly into the platform's systems enabling instant direct payments to suppliers across Europe and allowing buyers up to 90 days to pay for services and goods. Over the last 12 months, on the back of growth in France and their UK launch, Aria has now processed over 0.5 Bn€ in payments for over 30k businesses and freelancers with invoices ranging from €500 to €20,000. Aria is supported by a €150m facility from several investors including M&G Investments to advance payments. Aria has partnered with Europe’s largest freelance platforms and marketplaces such as Malt, Brigad and Jump which are now being funded across Europe. Clément Carrier added: “While B2B payment volume is 5x the size of B2C retail payments, only 7% of B2B commerce is transacted online. Aria replaces the outdated method of B2B payments with an online experience that closely resembles B2C. With Aria’s suite of tools, companies can process any payment method, offer flexible net terms financing, and get paid instantly — all in one online platform. Buyers have the flexibility to pay like they would on a consumer website, transacting in a few clicks.” Michael McFadgen, Partner at 13books Capital, commented: “There is so much to like about Aria it’s hard to know where to start. Amazing team, exceptional growth, clear PMF across multiple verticals, highly capital efficient – they have it all. We’re very, very pleased they chose 13books as their partner for the next phase of growth and we look forward to supporting them.” The team at Aria are on a mission to help fully digitise B2B trade by bringing business payments and financing solutions online and closer to them, reducing friction in the buying process. Stefan Grabmann, Principal at Adevinta Ventures added: “Aria has developed a powerful solution enabling businesses and freelancers to receive payments on their own terms. We believe that the future of B2B marketplaces is fintech-enabled, and Aria is spearheading this transformation across Europe.” About Aria Aria is a B2B deferred payment infrastructure for the platform economy. It enables marketplaces, Transactional SaaS & ERPs companies to improve their growth by offering instant payments to their providers while maintaining cash flow until their customer has paid. Founded in 2019 in Paris by co-founders Clement Carrier and Vincent Folny. Since launching their deferred payment API, Aria has grown rapidly across Europe, to become the leading provider of deferred payment for contingent workforce platforms, working with the largest freelance platforms and marketplaces such as Malt, Brigad, StaffMe or Jump. For more information please visit or follow via LinkedIn. About 13bookscapital 13books Capital invests in tomorrow’s financial technology. Founded in 2019 with a mission to back bold founders creating the world-changing financial technology of tomorrow, 13books Capital has invested $130 million in Europe's best fintech founders. Coupled with the experience and knowledge of its network, 13books Capital backs the journey of founders to realise their ambitions to scale globally. About Adevinta Ventures Adevinta Ventures is the investment arm of Adevinta, a leading online classifieds group and champion of sustainable commerce with a focus on Europe. Adevinta Ventures invests in start-ups in the marketplace technology space - giving promising ventures a leg-up whilst boosting economic prosperity in the sector. By leveraging the leading positions of Adevinta's brands (e.g. InfoJobs, leboncoin, Kleinanzeigen,, Fotocasa,, Subito, Marktplaats) Adevinta Ventures adds strong value and is a long-term partner to its portfolio companies. 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